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ForwardedConfig.ccH A D10-May-20194 KiB190118

Http1ClientSession.ccH A D13-Jun-202015.7 KiB578394

Http1ClientSession.hH A D13-Jun-20203.6 KiB13068

Http1ServerSession.ccH A D29-Jun-20206.7 KiB241159

Http1ServerSession.hH A D11-Apr-20207.1 KiB257151

Http1Transaction.ccH A D06-Nov-20193.8 KiB14596

Http1Transaction.hH A D11-Oct-20192.3 KiB7633

HttpBodyFactory.ccH A D13-Jun-202039.1 KiB1,165731

HttpBodyFactory.hH A D10-May-20198.8 KiB265124

HttpCacheSM.ccH A D20-Feb-202013.4 KiB381239

HttpCacheSM.hH A D20-Dec-20195 KiB215146

HttpConfig.ccH A D29-Jun-2020111.2 KiB1,8861,355

HttpConfig.hH A D29-Jun-202031.2 KiB923575

HttpConnectionCount.ccH A D20-Dec-201915 KiB466374

HttpConnectionCount.hH A D20-Dec-201914.3 KiB441255

HttpDebugNames.ccH A D20-Feb-201923.8 KiB672542

HttpDebugNames.hH A D23-Oct-20181.7 KiB4417

HttpPages.ccH A D19-Dec-201911.1 KiB460330

HttpPages.hH A D10-May-20192.1 KiB8740

HttpProxyAPIEnums.hH A D11-Apr-20202.4 KiB7332

HttpProxyServerMain.ccH A D08-Nov-201912 KiB379237

HttpProxyServerMain.hH A D08-Nov-20191.6 KiB5514

HttpSM.ccH A D02-Jul-2020298.8 KiB8,2395,694

HttpSM.hH A D02-Jul-202022.3 KiB752533

HttpSessionAccept.ccH A D24-Aug-20193.3 KiB10048

HttpSessionAccept.hH A D29-May-20206 KiB203109

HttpSessionManager.ccH A D29-Jun-202018.2 KiB454318

HttpSessionManager.hH A D11-Apr-20203.9 KiB12147

HttpTransact.ccH A D19-Jun-2020362.9 KiB8,9295,927

HttpTransact.hH A D22-May-202038.9 KiB1,108853

HttpTransactCache.ccH A D20-Dec-201951 KiB1,400848

HttpTransactCache.hH A D20-Dec-20193.4 KiB8430

HttpTransactHeaders.ccH A D20-Dec-201944.5 KiB1,250872

HttpTransactHeaders.hH A D20-Dec-20196.5 KiB13873

HttpTunnel.ccH A D29-Jun-202051.7 KiB1,6601,164

HttpTunnel.hH A D06-Feb-202017.1 KiB581370

HttpUpdateSM.ccH A D27-Mar-20197 KiB223135

HttpUpdateSM.hH A D27-Mar-20192.2 KiB7832

HttpUpdateTester.ccH A D31-Aug-20193 KiB12985

Makefile.amH A D01-Aug-20193.2 KiB12185

README.viaH A D10-May-20172.6 KiB8466

RegressionHttpTransact.ccH A D12-Sep-20185.3 KiB13990

TestUrl.ccH A D30-Jan-20173.3 KiB11574

stats.memoH A D17-Feb-20177.9 KiB248192

test_http_client.plH A D09-Mar-20198.4 KiB306175

test_proxy.plH A D09-Mar-20198.6 KiB301159

test_socket_close.ccH A D24-Apr-201915.2 KiB629456

testheaders.ccH A D12-Sep-20184.7 KiB13472


1      [u<client-stuff> c<cache-lookup-stuff> s<server-stuff> f<cache-fill-stuff> p<proxy-stuff>] e<error-codes>
3      client stuff
4         E    error in request
5         I    IMS
6         N    no-cache
7         C    cookie
8         S    simple request (not conditional)
10      cache lookup stuff
11         M    miss
12         A    in cache, not acceptable
13         S    in cache, stale
14         H    in cache, fresh
15         R    in cache, fresh RAM hit
17      server stuff
18         E    error in response
19         N    not-modified
20         S    served
22      cache fill stuff
23         D    cached copy deleted
24         W    written into cache (new copy)
25         U    updated cache
27      proxy stuff
28         N    not-modified
29         S    served
30         R    origin server revalidated
32      error codes
33         N    no error
34         A    authorization failure
35         C    connection to server failed
36         D    dns failure
37         F    request forbidden
38         H    header syntax unacceptable
39         M    moved temporarily
40         R    cache read error
41         S    server related error
42         T    connection timed out
44      For example:
46      [u lH o  f  pS eN]     cache hit
47      [u lM oS fF pS eN]     cache miss
48      [uN l oS f  pS eN]     no-cache origin server fetch
50     -------------------------------------------------------
52      Then there are the detailed via codes which follow a ":"
54      t<tunneling information>c<cache type><cache lookup result>p<parent proxy conn info>s<server conn info>
56      tunneling information
57         F    tunneling due to a header field (such as presence of If-Range header)
58         M    tunneling due to a method (e.g. CONNECT)
59         O    tunneling because cache is turned off
60         U    tunneling because of url (url suggests dynamic content)
62      cache type
63         C    cache
64         L    cluster (not used)
66      cache lookup result
67         N    conditional hit (client sent conditional, fresh in cache, returned 304)
68         H    cache hit
69         I    conditional miss (client sent conditional, fresh in cache, returned 412)
70         M    cache miss (url not in cache)
71         S    cache hit, but expired
72         C    cache hit, but config forces revalidate
73         U    cache hit, but client forces revalidate (e.g. Pragma: no-cache)
74         D    cache hit, but method forces revalidated (e.g. not anonymous)
76      pp conn info
77         S    connection opened successfully
78         F    connection open failed
80      server conn info
81         S    connection opened successfully
82         F    connection open failed