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1ATS (Apache Traffic Server) Inliner plug-in
4This is a global transformation plug-in that inlines base64 images on text/html responses.
7   1. Detects the response to have header "Content-Type" set to "text/html".
8   2. Without impacting streaming, scans the mark-up looking for "src" attributes
9    into "img" tags.
10   3. For each detected http/https url, checks for a "#inline" at its end.
11   4. Checks on ATS cache if the url exists.
12   5. In case the url exists into the cache. Inliner replaces the image with a 1x1
13      base64 pixel and starts retrieving the content from the cache.
14   6. Once the image is retrieved, buffers its content into memory.
15   7. At the end of the original document, Inliner outputs a little JavaScript
16      snippet.
17   8. Inliner outputs every image found into the cache into a JavaScript function
18      call.
19   9. Once the JavaScript gets executed by the browser, the 1x1 pixels
20      are replaced by their actual content.
21  10. For the images which do not exist into the cache, Inliner preserve their
22      original url and retrieves their content into background, also converting
23      them to their base64 representation.
25Please use "inliner" tag for debugging purposes.
27Please add the inliner library into ATS plugins.conf configuration file.
29No special configurations are required