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READMEH A D30-Jan-2021260 54

create-agent-corpus.shH A D30-Jan-2021740 4518

id_dsaH A D30-Jan-20211.3 KiB2221

id_dsa-cert.pubH A D30-Jan-20211.1 KiB21

id_dsa.pubH A D30-Jan-2021589 21

id_ecdsaH A D30-Jan-2021492 98

id_ecdsa-cert.pubH A D30-Jan-2021739 21

id_ecdsa.pubH A D30-Jan-2021161 21

id_ecdsa_skH A D30-Jan-2021858 1514

id_ecdsa_sk-cert.pubH A D30-Jan-2021769 21

id_ecdsa_sk.pubH A D30-Jan-2021236 21

id_ed25519H A D30-Jan-2021387 87

id_ed25519-cert.pubH A D30-Jan-2021661 21

id_ed25519.pubH A D30-Jan-202182 31

id_ed25519_skH A D30-Jan-2021496 98

id_ed25519_sk-cert.pubH A D30-Jan-2021693 21

id_ed25519_sk.pubH A D30-Jan-2021156 21

id_rsaH A D30-Jan-20211.8 KiB2827

id_rsa-cert.pubH A D30-Jan-2021957 21

id_rsa.pubH A D30-Jan-2021381 21


1This is preparatory data for fuzzing testing including scripts and test keys,
2corresponding to ../fixed-keys that are used in the fuzz tests and consequent
3fuzzing seed corpora. They should not be changed unless the affected seed
4corpora are also regenerated.