xref: /illumos-joyent/manifest (revision f829b2b3)
4# The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5# Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
6# You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
8# You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9# or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
10# See the License for the specific language governing permissions
11# and limitations under the License.
13# When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
14# file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
15# If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
16# fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
17# information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
22# Copyright 2020 Joyent, Inc.
23# Copyright 2017 ASS-Einrichtungssysteme GmbH
25# This lists all the files that illumos-joyent delivers as part of a build.
26# Keep this sorted as by LC_ALL=C sort -u -k2.
28s bin=usr/bin
29d boot 0755 root sys
30d boot/acpi 0755 root sys
31d boot/acpi/tables 0755 root sys
32d boot/fonts 0755 root sys
33f boot/fonts/10x18.fnt 0444 root bin
34f boot/fonts/10x18b.fnt 0444 root bin
35f boot/fonts/10x20.fnt 0444 root bin
36f boot/fonts/10x20b.fnt 0444 root bin
37f boot/fonts/11x22.fnt 0444 root bin
38f boot/fonts/11x22b.fnt 0444 root bin
39f boot/fonts/12x24.fnt 0444 root bin
40f boot/fonts/12x24b.fnt 0444 root bin
41f boot/fonts/14x28.fnt 0444 root bin
42f boot/fonts/14x28b.fnt 0444 root bin
43f boot/fonts/16x32.fnt 0444 root bin
44f boot/fonts/16x32b.fnt 0444 root bin
45f boot/fonts/6x12.fnt 0444 root bin
46f boot/fonts/6x12b.fnt 0444 root bin
47f boot/fonts/8x14.fnt 0444 root bin
48f boot/fonts/8x14b.fnt 0444 root bin
49f boot/fonts/8x14v.fnt 0444 root bin
50f boot/fonts/8x16.fnt 0444 root bin
51f boot/fonts/8x16b.fnt 0444 root bin
52f boot/fonts/8x16v.fnt 0444 root bin
53f boot/fonts/Gallant19.fnt 0444 root bin
54f boot/fonts/fonts.dir 0444 root bin
55d boot/forth 0755 root root
56f boot/forth/menu.rc 0444 root root
57d boot/solaris 0755 root sys
58f boot/solaris/bootenv.rc 0644 root root
59d boot/solaris/devicedb 0755 root sys
60f boot/solaris/devicedb/master 0644 root sys
61d dev 0755 root sys
62s dev/allkmem=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:allkmem
63s dev/arp=../devices/pseudo/arp@0:arp
64s dev/bl=../devices/pseudo/bl@0:bl
65s dev/bpf=../devices/pseudo/bpf@0:bpf
66s dev/bridgectl=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:bridge
67s dev/conslog=../devices/pseudo/log@0:conslog
68s dev/console=../devices/pseudo/cn@0:console
69d dev/cpu 0755 root root
70d dev/cpu/self 0755 root root
71s dev/cpu/self/cpuid=../../../devices/pseudo/cpuid@0:self
72s dev/crypto=../devices/pseudo/crypto@0:crypto
73s dev/cryptoadm=../devices/pseudo/cryptoadm@0:cryptoadm
74s dev/dld=../devices/pseudo/dld@0:ctl
75d dev/dtrace 0755 root root
76d dev/dtrace/provider 0755 root root
77s dev/dtrace/provider/dcpc=../../../devices/pseudo/dcpc@0:dcpc
78s dev/dtrace/provider/fasttrap=../../../devices/pseudo/fasttrap@0:fasttrap
79s dev/dtrace/provider/fbt=../../../devices/pseudo/fbt@0:fbt
80s dev/dtrace/provider/lockstat=../../../devices/pseudo/lockstat@0:lockstat
81s dev/dtrace/provider/profile=../../../devices/pseudo/profile@0:profile
82s dev/dtrace/provider/sdt=../../../devices/pseudo/sdt@0:sdt
83s dev/dtrace/provider/systrace=../../../devices/pseudo/systrace@0:systrace
84s dev/dump=../devices/pseudo/dump@0:dump
85d dev/fd 0555 root root
86s dev/fm=../devices/pseudo/fm@0:fm
87s dev/fssnapctl=../devices/pseudo/fssnap@0:ctl
88s dev/full=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:full
89s dev/icmp6=../devices/pseudo/icmp6@0:icmp6
90s dev/icmp=../devices/pseudo/icmp@0:icmp
91s dev/igb=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:igb
92s dev/ip6=../devices/pseudo/ip6@0:ip6
93s dev/ip=../devices/pseudo/ip@0:ip
94s dev/ipauth=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipauth
95s dev/ipf=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipf
96s dev/ipfev=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipfev
97s dev/ipl=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipf
98s dev/iplookup=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:iplookup
99s dev/ipmpstub=../devices/pseudo/dlpistub@0:ipmpstub
100s dev/ipnat=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipnat
101s dev/ipscan=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipscan
102s dev/ipsecah=../devices/pseudo/ipsecah@0:ipsecah
103s dev/ipsecesp=../devices/pseudo/ipsecesp@0:ipsecesp
104s dev/ipstate=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipstate
105s dev/ipsync=../devices/pseudo/ipf@0:ipsync
106s dev/kbd=../devices/pseudo/conskbd@0:kbd
107s dev/keysock=../devices/pseudo/keysock@0:keysock
108s dev/kmdb=../devices/pseudo/kmdb@0:kmdb
109s dev/kmem=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:kmem
110s dev/kssl=../devices/pseudo/kssl@0:kssl
111s dev/kstat=../devices/pseudo/kstat@0:kstat
112s dev/ksyms=../devices/pseudo/ksyms@0:ksyms
113s dev/llc1=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:llc1
114s dev/lo0=../devices/pseudo/ipnet@0:lo0
115s dev/lockstat=../devices/pseudo/lockstat@0:lockstat
116s dev/lofictl=../devices/pseudo/lofi@0:ctl
117s dev/log=../devices/pseudo/log@0:log
118s dev/logindmux=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:logindmux
119s dev/mem=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:mem
120s dev/mouse=../devices/pseudo/consms@0:mouse
121s dev/msglog=../devices/pseudo/sysmsg@0:msglog
122s dev/nsmb=../devices/pseudo/nsmb@0:nsmb
123s dev/null=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:null
124s dev/openprom=../devices/pseudo/openeepr@0:openprom
125s dev/physmem=../devices/pseudo/physmem@0:physmem
126s dev/pm=../devices/pseudo/pm@0:pm
127s dev/poll=../devices/pseudo/poll@0:poll
128s dev/pool=../devices/pseudo/pool@0:pool
129s dev/poolctl=../devices/pseudo/pool@0:poolctl
130s dev/power_button=../devices/pseudo/power@0:power_button
131s dev/ppm=../devices/pseudo/ppm@0:ppm
132s dev/ptmajor=../devices/pseudo/ptm@0:ptmajor
133s dev/ptmx=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:ptm
134s dev/ptyp0=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp0
135s dev/ptyp1=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp1
136s dev/ptyp2=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp2
137s dev/ptyp3=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp3
138s dev/ptyp4=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp4
139s dev/ptyp5=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp5
140s dev/ptyp6=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp6
141s dev/ptyp7=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp7
142s dev/ptyp8=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp8
143s dev/ptyp9=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyp9
144s dev/ptypa=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypa
145s dev/ptypb=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypb
146s dev/ptypc=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypc
147s dev/ptypd=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypd
148s dev/ptype=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptype
149s dev/ptypf=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptypf
150s dev/ptyq0=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq0
151s dev/ptyq1=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq1
152s dev/ptyq2=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq2
153s dev/ptyq3=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq3
154s dev/ptyq4=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq4
155s dev/ptyq5=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq5
156s dev/ptyq6=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq6
157s dev/ptyq7=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq7
158s dev/ptyq8=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq8
159s dev/ptyq9=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyq9
160s dev/ptyqa=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqa
161s dev/ptyqb=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqb
162s dev/ptyqc=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqc
163s dev/ptyqd=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqd
164s dev/ptyqe=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqe
165s dev/ptyqf=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyqf
166s dev/ptyr0=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr0
167s dev/ptyr1=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr1
168s dev/ptyr2=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr2
169s dev/ptyr3=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr3
170s dev/ptyr4=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr4
171s dev/ptyr5=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr5
172s dev/ptyr6=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr6
173s dev/ptyr7=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr7
174s dev/ptyr8=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr8
175s dev/ptyr9=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyr9
176s dev/ptyra=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyra
177s dev/ptyrb=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyrb
178s dev/ptyrc=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyrc
179s dev/ptyrd=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyrd
180s dev/ptyre=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyre
181s dev/ptyrf=../devices/pseudo/ptc@0:ptyrf
182s dev/ramdiskctl=../devices/pseudo/ramdisk@1024:ctl
183s dev/random=../devices/pseudo/random@0:random
184s dev/rawip6=../devices/pseudo/icmp6@0:icmp6
185s dev/rawip=../devices/pseudo/icmp@0:icmp
186s dev/rts=../devices/pseudo/rts@0:rts
187d dev/sad 0755 root root
188s dev/sad/admin=../../devices/pseudo/sad@0:admin
189s dev/sad/user=../../devices/pseudo/sad@0:user
190s dev/sdp=../devices/pseudo/sdp@0:sdp
191s dev/smbios=../devices/pseudo/smbios@0:smbios
192s dev/spdsock=../devices/pseudo/spdsock@0:spdsock
193s dev/sppp=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:sppp
194s dev/sppptun=../devices/pseudo/clone@0:sppptun
195s dev/srn=../devices/pseudo/srn@0:srn
196s dev/stderr=fd/2
197s dev/stdin=fd/0
198s dev/stdout=fd/1
199s dev/syscon=../devices/pseudo/cn@0:syscon
200s dev/sysevent=../devices/pseudo/sysevent@0:sysevent
201s dev/sysmsg=../devices/pseudo/sysmsg@0:sysmsg
202s dev/systty=../devices/pseudo/cn@0:systty
203s dev/tcp6=../devices/pseudo/tcp6@0:tcp6
204s dev/tcp=../devices/pseudo/tcp@0:tcp
205s dev/ticlts=../devices/pseudo/tl@0:ticlts
206s dev/ticots=../devices/pseudo/tl@0:ticots
207s dev/ticotsord=../devices/pseudo/tl@0:ticotsord
208s dev/tty=../devices/pseudo/sy@0:tty
209s dev/ttyp0=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp0
210s dev/ttyp1=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp1
211s dev/ttyp2=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp2
212s dev/ttyp3=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp3
213s dev/ttyp4=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp4
214s dev/ttyp5=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp5
215s dev/ttyp6=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp6
216s dev/ttyp7=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp7
217s dev/ttyp8=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp8
218s dev/ttyp9=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyp9
219s dev/ttypa=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypa
220s dev/ttypb=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypb
221s dev/ttypc=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypc
222s dev/ttypd=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypd
223s dev/ttype=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttype
224s dev/ttypf=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttypf
225s dev/ttyq0=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq0
226s dev/ttyq1=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq1
227s dev/ttyq2=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq2
228s dev/ttyq3=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq3
229s dev/ttyq4=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq4
230s dev/ttyq5=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq5
231s dev/ttyq6=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq6
232s dev/ttyq7=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq7
233s dev/ttyq8=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq8
234s dev/ttyq9=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyq9
235s dev/ttyqa=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqa
236s dev/ttyqb=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqb
237s dev/ttyqc=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqc
238s dev/ttyqd=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqd
239s dev/ttyqe=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqe
240s dev/ttyqf=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyqf
241s dev/ttyr0=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr0
242s dev/ttyr1=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr1
243s dev/ttyr2=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr2
244s dev/ttyr3=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr3
245s dev/ttyr4=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr4
246s dev/ttyr5=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr5
247s dev/ttyr6=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr6
248s dev/ttyr7=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr7
249s dev/ttyr8=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr8
250s dev/ttyr9=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyr9
251s dev/ttyra=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyra
252s dev/ttyrb=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyrb
253s dev/ttyrc=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyrc
254s dev/ttyrd=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyrd
255s dev/ttyre=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyre
256s dev/ttyrf=../devices/pseudo/ptsl@0:ttyrf
257s dev/ucode=../devices/pseudo/ucode@0:ucode
258s dev/udp6=../devices/pseudo/udp6@0:udp6
259s dev/udp=../devices/pseudo/udp@0:udp
260s dev/urandom=../devices/pseudo/random@0:urandom
261s dev/vni=../devices/pseudo/dlpistub@0:vni
262s dev/winlock=../devices/pseudo/winlock@0:winlock
263s dev/wscons=../devices/pseudo/wc@0:wscons
264s dev/zero=../devices/pseudo/mm@0:zero
265s dev/zfs=../devices/pseudo/zfs@0:zfs
266d devices 0755 root sys
267d etc 0755 root sys
268f etc/.login 0644 root sys
269s etc/.syslog_door=../var/run/syslog_door
270s etc/TIMEZONE=default/init
271d etc/acct 0755 adm adm
272f etc/acct/holidays 0644 root bin
273s etc/aliases=./mail/aliases
274d etc/amd64 0755 root sys
275f etc/auto_home 0644 root bin
276f etc/auto_master 0644 root bin
277d etc/bash 0755 root sys
278f etc/bash/bash_completion 0644 root sys
279d etc/bash/bash_completion.d 0755 root sys
280f etc/bash/bash_completion.d/dladm 0644 root sys
281f etc/bash/bash_completion.d/zone_alias 0644 root sys
282f etc/bash/bash_completion.d/zones 0644 root sys
283d etc/brand 0755 root sys
284d etc/certs 0755 root sys
285d etc/cron.d 0755 root sys
286f etc/cron.d/.proto 0744 root sys
287f etc/cron.d/at.deny 0644 root sys
288f etc/cron.d/cron.deny 0644 root sys
289d etc/cron.d/crontabs 0755 root sys
290f etc/cron.d/crontabs/root 0600 root root
291f etc/cron.d/queuedefs 0644 root sys
292d etc/crypto 0755 root sys
293d etc/crypto/certs 0755 root sys
294d etc/crypto/crls 0755 root sys
295f etc/crypto/kcf.conf 0644 root sys
296f etc/crypto/kmf.conf 0644 root sys
297f etc/crypto/pkcs11.conf 0644 root sys
298f etc/dacf.conf 0644 root sys
299d etc/dat 0755 root sys
300f etc/dat/dat.conf 0644 root sys
301f etc/datemsk 0444 root sys
302d etc/default 0755 root sys
303f etc/default/autofs 0644 root sys
304f etc/default/cron 0644 root sys
305f etc/default/devfsadm 0644 root sys
306f etc/default/dhcpagent 0644 root sys
307f etc/default/fs 0644 root sys
308f etc/default/ftp 0644 root sys
309f etc/default/inetinit 0644 root sys
310f etc/default/init 0644 root sys
311f etc/default/ipsec 0644 root sys
312f etc/default/keyserv 0644 root sys
313f etc/default/login 0644 root sys
314f etc/default/mpathd 0644 root sys
315f etc/default/nfs 0644 root sys
316f etc/default/nfslogd 0644 root sys
317f etc/default/nss 0644 root sys
318f etc/default/passwd 0644 root sys
319f etc/default/power 0644 root sys
320f etc/default/su 0644 root sys
321f etc/default/syslogd 0644 root sys
322f etc/default/tar 0644 root sys
323f etc/default/telnetd 0644 root sys
324f etc/default/utmpd 0644 root sys
325d etc/dev 0755 root sys
326f etc/device.tab 0444 root root
327d etc/devices 0755 root sys
328d etc/devices/dli 0755 root root
329f etc/devlink.tab 0644 root sys
330d etc/dfs 0755 root sys
331f etc/dfs/dfstab 0644 root sys
332f etc/dfs/fstypes 0644 root root
333f etc/dfs/sharetab 0444 root root
334f etc/dgroup.tab 0444 root sys
335d etc/dhcp 0755 root sys
336f etc/dhcp/inittab 0644 root sys
337f etc/dhcp/inittab6 0644 root sys
338f etc/dispadmin.conf 0644 root sys
339d etc/dladm 0755 dladm netadm
340f etc/dladm/datalink.conf 0644 dladm sys
341f etc/dladm/flowadm.conf 0644 dladm netadm
342f etc/dladm/flowprop.conf 0644 dladm netadm
343f etc/dladm/secobj.conf 0660 dladm netadm
344f etc/driver_aliases 0644 root sys
345f etc/driver_classes 0644 root sys
346f etc/dumpadm.conf 0644 root other
347f etc/dumpdates 0664 root sys
348d etc/fm 0755 root sys
349d etc/fm/fmd 0755 root sys
350f etc/format.dat 0644 root sys
351d etc/fs 0755 root sys
352d etc/fs/dev 0755 root sys
353f etc/fs/dev/mount 0555 root bin
354d etc/fs/hsfs 0755 root sys
355f etc/fs/hsfs/mount 0555 root bin
356d etc/fs/nfs 0755 root sys
357s etc/fs/nfs/mount=../../../usr/lib/fs/nfs/mount
358d etc/fs/ufs 0755 root sys
359f etc/fs/ufs/mount 0555 root bin
360d etc/fs/zfs 0755 root sys
361s etc/fs/zfs/mount=../../../sbin/zfs
362s etc/fs/zfs/umount=../../../sbin/zfs
363f etc/group 0644 root sys
364d etc/gss 0755 root sys
365f etc/gss/gsscred.conf 0644 root sys
366f etc/gss/mech 0644 root sys
367f etc/gss/qop 0644 root sys
368f etc/hba.conf 0644 root bin
369s etc/hosts=inet/hosts
370f etc/ima.conf 0644 root bin
371d etc/inet 0755 root sys
372f etc/inet/datemsk.ndpd 0444 root sys
373f etc/inet/hosts 0644 root sys
374d etc/inet/ike 0755 root sys
375f etc/inet/ike/config.sample 0444 root sys
376d etc/inet/ike/crls 0755 root sys
377d etc/inet/ike/publickeys 0755 root sys
378f etc/inet/inetd.conf 0644 root sys
379f etc/inet/ipaddrsel.conf 0644 root sys
380s etc/inet/ipnodes=hosts
381f etc/inet/ipsecalgs 0644 root sys
382f etc/inet/ipsecinit.sample 0444 root sys
383f etc/inet/netmasks 0644 root sys
384f etc/inet/networks 0644 root sys
385f etc/inet/ntp.conf 0644 root sys
386f etc/inet/protocols 0644 root sys
387d etc/inet/secret 0700 root sys
388f etc/inet/secret/ike.preshared 0600 root sys
389d etc/inet/secret/ike.privatekeys 0700 root sys
390f etc/inet/secret/ipseckeys.sample 0600 root sys
391f etc/inet/services 0644 root sys
392f etc/inet/slp.conf.example 0644 root sys
393s etc/inetd.conf=inet/inetd.conf
394d etc/init.d 0755 root sys
395f etc/init.d/PRESERVE 0744 root sys
396f etc/init.d/README 0644 root sys
397f etc/init.d/acct 0744 root sys
398f etc/init.d/dodatadm.udaplt 0744 root sys
399f etc/init.d/pppd 0744 root sys
400f etc/init.d/sysetup 0744 root sys
401f etc/inittab 0644 root sys
402f etc/ioctl.syscon 0644 root sys
403d etc/ipadm 0755 netadm netadm
404f etc/ipadm/ipadm.conf 0644 netadm netadm
405d etc/ipf 0755 root sys
406f etc/ipf/ipf.conf 0644 root sys
407f etc/ipf/smartos_version 0444 root sys
408f etc/issue 0644 root sys
409f etc/iu.ap 0644 root sys
410d etc/krb5 0755 root sys
411f etc/krb5/krb5.conf 0644 root sys
412f etc/krb5/warn.conf 0644 root sys
413f etc/ksh.kshrc 0644 root sys
414s etc/log=../var/adm/log
415f etc/logadm.conf 0644 root sys
416d etc/logadm.d 0755 root sys
417f etc/logadm.d/fmd.logadm.conf 0444 root sys
418f etc/logindevperm 0644 root sys
419f etc/mach 0644 root sys
420f etc/magic 0444 root bin
421d etc/mail 0755 root mail
422f etc/mail/Mail.rc 0644 root mail
423f etc/mail/aliases 0644 root mail
424d etc/mail/cf 0755 root mail
425f etc/mail/helpfile 0644 root mail
426f etc/mail/local-host-names 0644 root mail
427f etc/mail/mailx.rc 0644 root mail
428s etc/mail/main.cf=sendmail.cf
429f etc/mail/sendmail.cf 0444 root mail
430s etc/mail/sendmail.hf=helpfile
431f etc/mail/submit.cf 0444 root mail
432s etc/mail/subsidiary.cf=sendmail.cf
433f etc/mail/trusted-users 0644 root mail
434f etc/mailcap 0644 root bin
435f etc/mailer.conf 0644 root sys
436f etc/mime.types 0644 root bin
437f etc/minor_perm 0644 root sys
438f etc/mnttab 0444 root root
439f etc/motd 0644 root sys
440f etc/mpapi.conf 0644 root bin
441f etc/name_to_major 0644 root sys
442f etc/name_to_sysnum 0644 root sys
443d etc/net 0755 root sys
444d etc/net/ticlts 0755 root sys
445f etc/net/ticlts/hosts 0644 root sys
446f etc/net/ticlts/services 0644 root sys
447d etc/net/ticots 0755 root sys
448f etc/net/ticots/hosts 0644 root sys
449f etc/net/ticots/services 0644 root sys
450d etc/net/ticotsord 0755 root sys
451f etc/net/ticotsord/hosts 0644 root sys
452f etc/net/ticotsord/services 0644 root sys
453f etc/netconfig 0644 root sys
454s etc/netmasks=inet/netmasks
455s etc/networks=inet/networks
456d etc/nfs 0755 root sys
457f etc/nfs/nfslog.conf 0644 root sys
458f etc/nfssec.conf 0644 root sys
459f etc/nscd.conf 0644 root sys
460f etc/nsswitch.ad 0644 root sys
461f etc/nsswitch.conf 0644 root sys
462f etc/nsswitch.dns 0644 root sys
463f etc/nsswitch.files 0644 root sys
464f etc/nsswitch.ldap 0644 root sys
465f etc/nsswitch.nis 0644 root sys
466d etc/opt 0755 root sys
467f etc/pam.conf 0644 root sys
468f etc/passwd 0644 root sys
469f etc/path_to_inst 0444 root root
470f etc/power.conf 0644 root sys
471d etc/ppp 0755 root sys
472f etc/ppp/chap-secrets 0600 root sys
473f etc/ppp/myisp-chat.tmpl 0644 root sys
474f etc/ppp/options.tmpl 0644 root sys
475f etc/ppp/options.ttya.tmpl 0644 root sys
476f etc/ppp/pap-secrets 0600 root sys
477d etc/ppp/peers 0755 root sys
478f etc/ppp/peers/myisp.tmpl 0644 root sys
479d etc/ppp/plugins 0755 root sys
480f etc/ppt_matches 0444 root root
481f etc/profile 0644 root sys
482f etc/project 0644 root sys
483s etc/protocols=inet/protocols
484f etc/publickey 0644 root bin
485d etc/rc0.d 0755 root sys
486h etc/rc0.d/K50pppd=etc/init.d/pppd
487d etc/rc1.d 0755 root sys
488h etc/rc1.d/K50pppd=etc/init.d/pppd
489d etc/rc2.d 0755 root sys
490f etc/rc2.d/README 0644 root sys
491f etc/rc2.d/S20sysetup 0744 root sys
492h etc/rc2.d/S47pppd=etc/init.d/pppd
493f etc/rc2.d/S81dodatadm.udaplt 0744 root sys
494f etc/rc2.d/S89PRESERVE 0744 root sys
495d etc/rc3.d 0755 root sys
496f etc/rc3.d/README 0644 root sys
497d etc/rcS.d 0755 root sys
498f etc/rcS.d/README 0644 root sys
499d etc/rcm 0755 root sys
500d etc/rcm/scripts 0755 root sys
501f etc/remote 0644 root bin
502f etc/resolv.conf 0644 netadm netadm
503f etc/rpc 0644 root sys
504d etc/rpcsec 0755 root sys
505d etc/saf 0755 root bin
506f etc/saf/_sactab 0644 root sys
507f etc/saf/_sysconfig 0644 root sys
508d etc/saf/zsmon 0755 root sys
509d etc/sasl 0755 root sys
510f etc/sdp.conf 0644 root sys
511d etc/security 0755 root sys
512d etc/security/audit 0755 root sys
513d etc/security/audit/localhost 0755 root sys
514s etc/security/audit/localhost/files=../../../../var/audit
515f etc/security/audit_class 0644 root sys
516f etc/security/audit_event 0644 root sys
517f etc/security/audit_warn 0740 root sys
518f etc/security/auth_attr 0644 root sys
519d etc/security/auth_attr.d 0755 root sys
520f etc/security/auth_attr.d/SUNWcs 0644 root sys
521f etc/security/crypt.conf 0644 root sys
522d etc/security/dev 0755 root sys
523f etc/security/dev/audio 0400 root bin
524f etc/security/dev/fd0 0400 root bin
525f etc/security/dev/sr0 0400 root bin
526f etc/security/dev/st0 0400 root bin
527f etc/security/dev/st1 0400 root bin
528f etc/security/device_policy 0644 root sys
529f etc/security/exec_attr 0644 root sys
530d etc/security/exec_attr.d 0755 root sys
531f etc/security/exec_attr.d/SUNWcs 0644 root sys
532f etc/security/exec_attr.d/SUNWsmbfs 0644 root sys
533f etc/security/extra_privs 0644 root sys
534f etc/security/kmfpolicy.xml 0644 root bin
535d etc/security/lib 0755 root sys
536f etc/security/lib/audio_clean 0555 root sys
537f etc/security/lib/fd_clean 0555 root sys
538f etc/security/lib/sr_clean 0555 root sys
539f etc/security/lib/st_clean 0555 root sys
540f etc/security/policy.conf 0644 root sys
541f etc/security/priv_names 0644 root sys
542f etc/security/prof_attr 0644 root sys
543d etc/security/prof_attr.d 0755 root sys
544f etc/security/prof_attr.d/SUNWcs 0644 root sys
545s etc/services=inet/services
546f etc/shadow 0400 root sys
547d etc/skel 0755 root sys
548f etc/skel/.bashrc 0644 root other
549f etc/skel/.kshrc 0644 root other
550f etc/skel/.profile 0644 root other
551f etc/smhba.conf 0644 root sys
552d etc/sock2path.d 0755 root sys
553f etc/sock2path.d/driver%2Fnetwork%2Fbpf 0644 root sys
554f etc/sock2path.d/driver%2Fnetwork%2Fsdp 0644 root sys
555f etc/sock2path.d/system%2Fkernel 0644 root sys
556s etc/sulogin=../sbin/sulogin
557d etc/svc 0755 root sys
558d etc/svc/profile 0755 root sys
559f etc/svc/profile/generic.xml 0444 root sys
560f etc/svc/profile/platform.xml 0444 root sys
561d etc/svc/volatile 0755 root sys
562d etc/sysconfig 0755 root root
563d etc/sysevent 0755 root sys
564d etc/sysevent/config 0755 root sys
565d etc/sysevent/devfsadm_event_channel 0755 root root
566f etc/syslog.conf 0644 root sys
567f etc/system 0644 root sys
568s etc/termcap=../usr/share/lib/termcap
569d etc/tm 0755 root sys
570f etc/ttydefs 0644 root sys
571f etc/ttysrch 0644 root sys
572d etc/usb 0755 root sys
573f etc/usb/config_map.conf 0644 root sys
574f etc/user_attr 0644 root sys
575d etc/user_attr.d 0755 root sys
576f etc/user_attr.d/SUNWcs 0644 root sys
577s etc/utmpx=../var/adm/utmpx
578d etc/versions 0755 root sys
579f etc/versions/build 0644 root other
580f etc/vfstab 0644 root sys
581s etc/wtmpx=../var/adm/wtmpx
582d etc/xdg 0755 root sys
583d etc/xdg/autostart 0755 root sys
584d etc/zfs 0755 root sys
585d etc/zones 0755 root sys
586f etc/zones/Joyent.xml 0444 root bin
587f etc/zones/SUNWblank.xml 0444 root bin
588f etc/zones/SUNWdefault.xml 0444 root bin
589f etc/zones/SYSbhyve.xml 0444 root bin
590f etc/zones/index 0644 root sys
591s etc/zprofile=profile
592f etc/zshrc 0644 root bin
593d kernel 0755 root sys
594d kernel/amd64 0755 root sys
595f kernel/amd64/genunix 0755 root sys
596d kernel/cc 0755 root sys
597d kernel/cc/amd64 0755 root sys
598f kernel/cc/amd64/cc_cubic 0755 root sys
599f kernel/cc/amd64/cc_newreno 0755 root sys
600f kernel/cc/amd64/cc_sunreno 0755 root sys
601d kernel/crypto 0755 root sys
602d kernel/crypto/amd64 0755 root sys
603f kernel/crypto/amd64/aes 0755 root sys
604f kernel/crypto/amd64/arcfour 0755 root sys
605f kernel/crypto/amd64/blowfish 0755 root sys
606f kernel/crypto/amd64/des 0755 root sys
607s kernel/crypto/amd64/dprov=../../../kernel/drv/amd64/dprov
608f kernel/crypto/amd64/ecc 0755 root sys
609f kernel/crypto/amd64/edonr 0755 root sys
610f kernel/crypto/amd64/md4 0755 root sys
611f kernel/crypto/amd64/md5 0755 root sys
612f kernel/crypto/amd64/rsa 0755 root sys
613f kernel/crypto/amd64/sha1 0755 root sys
614f kernel/crypto/amd64/sha2 0755 root sys
615f kernel/crypto/amd64/skein 0755 root sys
616f kernel/crypto/amd64/swrand 0755 root sys
617d kernel/dacf 0755 root sys
618d kernel/dacf/amd64 0755 root sys
619f kernel/dacf/amd64/net_dacf 0755 root sys
620d kernel/drv 0755 root sys
621f kernel/drv/aac.conf 0644 root sys
622f kernel/drv/acpi_drv.conf 0644 root sys
623f kernel/drv/adpu320.conf 0644 root sys
624f kernel/drv/aggr.conf 0644 root sys
625f kernel/drv/amdzen.conf 0644 root sys
626d kernel/drv/amd64 0755 root sys
627f kernel/drv/amd64/aac 0755 root sys
628f kernel/drv/amd64/acpi_drv 0755 root sys
629f kernel/drv/amd64/adpu320 0755 root sys
630f kernel/drv/amd64/afe 0755 root sys
631f kernel/drv/amd64/aggr 0755 root sys
632f kernel/drv/amd64/ahci 0755 root sys
633f kernel/drv/amd64/amd8111s 0755 root sys
634f kernel/drv/amd64/amdzen 0755 root sys
635f kernel/drv/amd64/amdzen_stub 0755 root sys
636f kernel/drv/amd64/amdnbtemp 0755 root sys
637f kernel/drv/amd64/amr 0755 root sys
638f kernel/drv/amd64/arcmsr 0755 root sys
639f kernel/drv/amd64/arp 0755 root sys
640f kernel/drv/amd64/asy 0755 root sys
641f kernel/drv/amd64/ata 0755 root sys
642f kernel/drv/amd64/atge 0755 root sys
643f kernel/drv/amd64/audio 0755 root sys
644f kernel/drv/amd64/axf 0755 root sys
645f kernel/drv/amd64/bcm_sata 0755 root sys
646f kernel/drv/amd64/bfe 0755 root sys
647f kernel/drv/amd64/bge 0755 root sys
648f kernel/drv/amd64/blkdev 0755 root sys
649f kernel/drv/amd64/bnx 0755 root sys
650f kernel/drv/amd64/bnxe 0755 root sys
651f kernel/drv/amd64/bridge 0755 root sys
652f kernel/drv/amd64/ccid 0755 root sys
653f kernel/drv/amd64/chxge 0755 root sys
654f kernel/drv/amd64/clone 0755 root sys
655f kernel/drv/amd64/cmdk 0755 root sys
656f kernel/drv/amd64/cn 0755 root sys
657f kernel/drv/amd64/conskbd 0755 root sys
658f kernel/drv/amd64/consms 0755 root sys
659f kernel/drv/amd64/coretemp 0755 root sys
660f kernel/drv/amd64/cpqary3 0755 root sys
661f kernel/drv/amd64/cpuid 0755 root sys
662f kernel/drv/amd64/cpunex 0755 root sys
663f kernel/drv/amd64/crypto 0755 root sys
664f kernel/drv/amd64/cryptoadm 0755 root sys
665f kernel/drv/amd64/cxgbe 0755 root sys
666f kernel/drv/amd64/dcpc 0755 root sys
667f kernel/drv/amd64/devinfo 0755 root sys
668f kernel/drv/amd64/dld 0755 root sys
669f kernel/drv/amd64/dlpistub 0755 root sys
670f kernel/drv/amd64/dmfe 0755 root sys
671f kernel/drv/amd64/dnet 0755 root sys
672f kernel/drv/amd64/dprov 0755 root sys
673f kernel/drv/amd64/dr_sas 0755 root sys
674f kernel/drv/amd64/dtrace 0755 root sys
675f kernel/drv/amd64/e1000g 0755 root sys
676f kernel/drv/amd64/ehci 0755 root sys
677f kernel/drv/amd64/eibnx 0755 root sys
678f kernel/drv/amd64/fasttrap 0755 root sys
679f kernel/drv/amd64/fbt 0755 root sys
680f kernel/drv/amd64/fcp 0755 root sys
681f kernel/drv/amd64/fcsm 0755 root sys
682f kernel/drv/amd64/fm 0755 root sys
683f kernel/drv/amd64/fp 0755 root sys
684f kernel/drv/amd64/hid 0755 root sys
685f kernel/drv/amd64/hubd 0755 root sys
686f kernel/drv/amd64/hxge 0755 root sys
687f kernel/drv/amd64/i40e 0755 root sys
688f kernel/drv/amd64/i8042 0755 root sys
689f kernel/drv/amd64/icmp 0755 root sys
690f kernel/drv/amd64/icmp6 0755 root sys
691f kernel/drv/amd64/igb 0755 root sys
692f kernel/drv/amd64/intel_nb5000 0755 root sys
693f kernel/drv/amd64/intel_nhm 0755 root sys
694f kernel/drv/amd64/intel_nhmex 0755 root sys
695f kernel/drv/amd64/ip 0755 root sys
696f kernel/drv/amd64/ip6 0755 root sys
697f kernel/drv/amd64/ipd 0755 root sys
698f kernel/drv/amd64/ipnet 0755 root sys
699f kernel/drv/amd64/ippctl 0755 root sys
700f kernel/drv/amd64/iprb 0755 root sys
701f kernel/drv/amd64/ipsecah 0755 root sys
702f kernel/drv/amd64/ipsecesp 0755 root sys
703f kernel/drv/amd64/iptun 0755 root sys
704f kernel/drv/amd64/iscsi 0755 root sys
705f kernel/drv/amd64/iscsit 0755 root sys
706f kernel/drv/amd64/iwn 0755 root sys
707f kernel/drv/amd64/iwscn 0755 root sys
708f kernel/drv/amd64/ixgb 0755 root sys
709f kernel/drv/amd64/ixgbe 0755 root sys
710f kernel/drv/amd64/kb8042 0755 root sys
711f kernel/drv/amd64/keysock 0755 root sys
712f kernel/drv/amd64/ksensor 0755 root sys
713f kernel/drv/amd64/kmdb 0755 root sys
714f kernel/drv/amd64/kssl 0755 root sys
715f kernel/drv/amd64/llc1 0755 root sys
716f kernel/drv/amd64/lockstat 0755 root sys
717f kernel/drv/amd64/lofi 0755 root sys
718f kernel/drv/amd64/log 0755 root sys
719f kernel/drv/amd64/lsimega 0755 root sys
720f kernel/drv/amd64/marvell88sx 0755 root sys
721f kernel/drv/amd64/mega_sas 0755 root sys
722f kernel/drv/amd64/mlxcx 0755 root sys
723f kernel/drv/amd64/mm 0755 root sys
724f kernel/drv/amd64/mpt 0755 root sys
725f kernel/drv/amd64/mpt_sas 0755 root sys
726f kernel/drv/amd64/mr_sas 0755 root sys
727f kernel/drv/amd64/myri10ge 0755 root sys
728f kernel/drv/amd64/nfp 0755 root sys
729f kernel/drv/amd64/nge 0755 root sys
730f kernel/drv/amd64/ntxn 0755 root sys
731f kernel/drv/amd64/nulldriver 0755 root sys
732f kernel/drv/amd64/nv_sata 0755 root sys
733f kernel/drv/amd64/nvme 0755 root sys
734f kernel/drv/amd64/nxge 0755 root sys
735f kernel/drv/amd64/oce 0755 root sys
736f kernel/drv/amd64/ohci 0755 root sys
737f kernel/drv/amd64/openeepr 0755 root sys
738f kernel/drv/amd64/options 0755 root sys
739f kernel/drv/amd64/overlay 0755 root sys
740f kernel/drv/amd64/pchtemp 0755 root sys
741f kernel/drv/amd64/pci_pci 0755 root sys
742f kernel/drv/amd64/pcieb 0755 root sys
743f kernel/drv/amd64/physmem 0755 root sys
744f kernel/drv/amd64/pmcs 0755 root sys
745f kernel/drv/amd64/poll 0755 root sys
746f kernel/drv/amd64/power 0755 root sys
747f kernel/drv/amd64/profile 0755 root sys
748f kernel/drv/amd64/pseudo 0755 root sys
749f kernel/drv/amd64/ptc 0755 root sys
750f kernel/drv/amd64/ptsl 0755 root sys
751f kernel/drv/amd64/pvscsi 0755 root sys
752f kernel/drv/amd64/qede 0755 root sys
753f kernel/drv/amd64/qlc 0755 root sys
754f kernel/drv/amd64/qlge 0755 root sys
755f kernel/drv/amd64/ramdisk 0755 root sys
756f kernel/drv/amd64/random 0755 root sys
757f kernel/drv/amd64/rge 0755 root sys
758f kernel/drv/amd64/rtls 0755 root sys
759f kernel/drv/amd64/rts 0755 root sys
760f kernel/drv/amd64/sad 0755 root sys
761f kernel/drv/amd64/scsa2usb 0755 root sys
762f kernel/drv/amd64/scsi_vhci 0755 root sys
763f kernel/drv/amd64/sd 0755 root sys
764f kernel/drv/amd64/sdhost 0755 root sys
765f kernel/drv/amd64/sdt 0755 root sys
766f kernel/drv/amd64/ses 0755 root sys
767f kernel/drv/amd64/sfe 0755 root sys
768f kernel/drv/amd64/sfxge 0755 root sys
769f kernel/drv/amd64/sgen 0755 root sys
770f kernel/drv/amd64/si3124 0755 root sys
771f kernel/drv/amd64/simnet 0755 root sys
772f kernel/drv/amd64/skd 0755 root sys
773f kernel/drv/amd64/smbios 0755 root sys
774f kernel/drv/amd64/smntemp 0755 root sys
775f kernel/drv/amd64/smp 0755 root sys
776f kernel/drv/amd64/smrt 0755 root sys
777f kernel/drv/amd64/softmac 0755 root sys
778f kernel/drv/amd64/spdsock 0755 root sys
779f kernel/drv/amd64/srn 0755 root sys
780f kernel/drv/amd64/st 0755 root sys
781f kernel/drv/amd64/stmf 0755 root sys
782f kernel/drv/amd64/stmf_sbd 0755 root sys
783f kernel/drv/amd64/sy 0755 root sys
784f kernel/drv/amd64/sysevent 0755 root sys
785f kernel/drv/amd64/sysmsg 0755 root sys
786f kernel/drv/amd64/systrace 0755 root sys
787f kernel/drv/amd64/t4nex 0755 root sys
788f kernel/drv/amd64/tcp 0755 root sys
789f kernel/drv/amd64/tcp6 0755 root sys
790f kernel/drv/amd64/tl 0755 root sys
791f kernel/drv/amd64/tzmon 0755 root sys
792f kernel/drv/amd64/ucode 0755 root sys
793f kernel/drv/amd64/udmf 0755 root sys
794f kernel/drv/amd64/udp 0755 root sys
795f kernel/drv/amd64/udp6 0755 root sys
796f kernel/drv/amd64/ufm 0755 root sys
797f kernel/drv/amd64/ugen 0755 root sys
798f kernel/drv/amd64/uhci 0755 root sys
799f kernel/drv/amd64/upf 0755 root sys
800f kernel/drv/amd64/urf 0755 root sys
801f kernel/drv/amd64/usb_ac 0755 root sys
802f kernel/drv/amd64/usb_as 0755 root sys
803f kernel/drv/amd64/usb_ia 0755 root sys
804f kernel/drv/amd64/usb_mid 0755 root sys
805f kernel/drv/amd64/usbecm 0755 root sys
806f kernel/drv/amd64/usbftdi 0755 root sys
807f kernel/drv/amd64/usbsacm 0755 root sys
808f kernel/drv/amd64/usbser_edge 0755 root sys
809f kernel/drv/amd64/usbskel 0755 root sys
810f kernel/drv/amd64/usbsksp 0755 root sys
811f kernel/drv/amd64/usbsprl 0755 root sys
812f kernel/drv/amd64/vgatext 0755 root sys
813f kernel/drv/amd64/vioblk 0755 root sys
814f kernel/drv/amd64/vioif 0755 root sys
815f kernel/drv/amd64/vmxnet 0755 root sys
816f kernel/drv/amd64/vmxnet3s 0755 root sys
817f kernel/drv/amd64/vnd 0755 root sys
818f kernel/drv/amd64/vnic 0755 root sys
819f kernel/drv/amd64/vr 0755 root sys
820f kernel/drv/amd64/vscan 0755 root sys
821f kernel/drv/amd64/wc 0755 root sys
822f kernel/drv/amd64/xge 0755 root sys
823f kernel/drv/amd64/xhci 0755 root sys
824f kernel/drv/amd64/yge 0755 root sys
825f kernel/drv/amd64/zfs 0755 root sys
826f kernel/drv/amr.conf 0644 root sys
827f kernel/drv/arcmsr.conf 0644 root sys
828f kernel/drv/arp.conf 0644 root sys
829f kernel/drv/asy.conf 0644 root sys
830f kernel/drv/ata.conf 0644 root sys
831f kernel/drv/audio.conf 0644 root sys
832f kernel/drv/bge.conf 0644 root sys
833f kernel/drv/bl.conf 0644 root sys
834f kernel/drv/bnx.conf 0644 root sys
835f kernel/drv/bnxe.conf 0644 root sys
836f kernel/drv/bridge.conf 0644 root sys
837f kernel/drv/clone.conf 0644 root sys
838f kernel/drv/cmdk.conf 0644 root sys
839f kernel/drv/cn.conf 0644 root sys
840f kernel/drv/conskbd.conf 0644 root sys
841f kernel/drv/consms.conf 0644 root sys
842f kernel/drv/coretemp.conf 0644 root sys
843f kernel/drv/cpqary3.conf 0644 root sys
844f kernel/drv/cpuid.conf 0644 root sys
845f kernel/drv/crypto.conf 0644 root sys
846f kernel/drv/cryptoadm.conf 0644 root sys
847f kernel/drv/dcpc.conf 0644 root sys
848f kernel/drv/devinfo.conf 0644 root sys
849f kernel/drv/dld.conf 0644 root sys
850f kernel/drv/dlpistub.conf 0644 root sys
851f kernel/drv/dprov.conf 0644 root sys
852f kernel/drv/dr_sas.conf 0644 root sys
853f kernel/drv/dtrace.conf 0644 root sys
854f kernel/drv/e1000g.conf 0644 root sys
855f kernel/drv/ehci.conf 0644 root sys
856f kernel/drv/eibnx.conf 0644 root sys
857f kernel/drv/fasttrap.conf 0644 root sys
858f kernel/drv/fbt.conf 0644 root sys
859f kernel/drv/fcp.conf 0644 root sys
860f kernel/drv/fcsm.conf 0644 root sys
861f kernel/drv/fm.conf 0644 root sys
862f kernel/drv/fp.conf 0644 root sys
863f kernel/drv/hxge.conf 0644 root sys
864f kernel/drv/i40e.conf 0644 root sys
865f kernel/drv/icmp.conf 0644 root sys
866f kernel/drv/icmp6.conf 0644 root sys
867f kernel/drv/igb.conf 0644 root sys
868f kernel/drv/intel_nb5000.conf 0644 root sys
869f kernel/drv/intel_nhm.conf 0644 root sys
870f kernel/drv/intel_nhmex.conf 0644 root sys
871f kernel/drv/ip.conf 0644 root sys
872f kernel/drv/ip6.conf 0644 root sys
873f kernel/drv/ipd.conf 0644 root sys
874f kernel/drv/ipnet.conf 0644 root sys
875f kernel/drv/ippctl.conf 0644 root sys
876f kernel/drv/ipsecah.conf 0644 root sys
877f kernel/drv/ipsecesp.conf 0644 root sys
878f kernel/drv/iptun.conf 0644 root sys
879f kernel/drv/iscsi.conf 0644 root sys
880f kernel/drv/iscsit.conf 0644 root sys
881f kernel/drv/iwscn.conf 0644 root sys
882f kernel/drv/ixgbe.conf 0644 root sys
883f kernel/drv/keysock.conf 0644 root sys
884f kernel/drv/kmdb.conf 0644 root sys
885f kernel/drv/ksensor.conf 0644 root sys
886f kernel/drv/kssl.conf 0644 root sys
887f kernel/drv/llc1.conf 0644 root sys
888f kernel/drv/lockstat.conf 0644 root sys
889f kernel/drv/lofi.conf 0644 root sys
890f kernel/drv/log.conf 0644 root sys
891f kernel/drv/lsimega.conf 0644 root sys
892f kernel/drv/mega_sas.conf 0644 root sys
893f kernel/drv/mlxcx.conf 0644 root sys
894f kernel/drv/mm.conf 0644 root sys
895f kernel/drv/mpt.conf 0644 root sys
896f kernel/drv/mpt_sas.conf 0644 root sys
897f kernel/drv/mr_sas.conf 0644 root sys
898f kernel/drv/nge.conf 0644 root sys
899f kernel/drv/ntxn.conf 0644 root sys
900f kernel/drv/nv_sata.conf 0644 root sys
901f kernel/drv/nvme.conf 0644 root sys
902f kernel/drv/nxge.conf 0644 root sys
903f kernel/drv/ohci.conf 0644 root sys
904f kernel/drv/openeepr.conf 0644 root sys
905f kernel/drv/options.conf 0644 root sys
906f kernel/drv/overlay.conf 0644 root sys
907f kernel/drv/pcieb.conf 0644 root sys
908f kernel/drv/physmem.conf 0644 root sys
909f kernel/drv/pmcs.conf 0644 root sys
910f kernel/drv/poll.conf 0644 root sys
911f kernel/drv/power.conf 0644 root sys
912f kernel/drv/profile.conf 0644 root sys
913f kernel/drv/pseudo.conf 0644 root sys
914f kernel/drv/ptc.conf 0644 root sys
915f kernel/drv/ptsl.conf 0644 root sys
916f kernel/drv/qede.conf 0644 root sys
917f kernel/drv/qlc.conf 0644 root sys
918f kernel/drv/ramdisk.conf 0644 root sys
919f kernel/drv/random.conf 0644 root sys
920f kernel/drv/sad.conf 0644 root sys
921f kernel/drv/scsa2usb.conf 0644 root sys
922f kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf 0644 root sys
923f kernel/drv/sd.conf 0644 root sys
924f kernel/drv/sdt.conf 0644 root sys
925f kernel/drv/ses.conf 0644 root sys
926f kernel/drv/sgen.conf 0644 root sys
927f kernel/drv/simnet.conf 0644 root sys
928f kernel/drv/skd.conf 0644 root sys
929f kernel/drv/smbios.conf 0644 root sys
930f kernel/drv/smp.conf 0644 root sys
931f kernel/drv/smrt.conf 0644 root sys
932f kernel/drv/softmac.conf 0644 root sys
933f kernel/drv/spdsock.conf 0644 root sys
934f kernel/drv/srn.conf 0644 root sys
935f kernel/drv/st.conf 0644 root sys
936f kernel/drv/stmf.conf 0644 root sys
937f kernel/drv/stmf_sbd.conf 0644 root sys
938f kernel/drv/sy.conf 0644 root sys
939f kernel/drv/sysevent.conf 0644 root sys
940f kernel/drv/sysmsg.conf 0644 root sys
941f kernel/drv/systrace.conf 0644 root sys
942f kernel/drv/tcp.conf 0644 root sys
943f kernel/drv/tcp6.conf 0644 root sys
944f kernel/drv/tl.conf 0644 root sys
945f kernel/drv/tzmon.conf 0644 root sys
946f kernel/drv/ucode.conf 0644 root sys
947f kernel/drv/udp.conf 0644 root sys
948f kernel/drv/udp6.conf 0644 root sys
949f kernel/drv/ufm.conf 0644 root sys
950f kernel/drv/uhci.conf 0644 root sys
951f kernel/drv/usbftdi.conf 0644 root sys
952f kernel/drv/usbser_edge.conf 0644 root sys
953f kernel/drv/usbskel.conf 0644 root sys
954f kernel/drv/vmxnet.conf 0644 root sys
955f kernel/drv/vmxnet3s.conf 0644 root sys
956f kernel/drv/vnd.conf 0644 root sys
957f kernel/drv/vnic.conf 0644 root sys
958f kernel/drv/vscan.conf 0644 root sys
959f kernel/drv/wc.conf 0644 root sys
960f kernel/drv/xhci.conf 0644 root sys
961f kernel/drv/zfs.conf 0644 root sys
962d kernel/dtrace 0755 root sys
963d kernel/dtrace/amd64 0755 root sys
964f kernel/dtrace/amd64/dcpc 0755 root sys
965f kernel/dtrace/amd64/fasttrap 0755 root sys
966f kernel/dtrace/amd64/fbt 0755 root sys
967f kernel/dtrace/amd64/lockstat 0755 root sys
968f kernel/dtrace/amd64/profile 0755 root sys
969f kernel/dtrace/amd64/sdt 0755 root sys
970f kernel/dtrace/amd64/systrace 0755 root sys
971d kernel/exec 0755 root sys
972d kernel/exec/amd64 0755 root sys
973f kernel/exec/amd64/elfexec 0755 root sys
974f kernel/exec/amd64/intpexec 0755 root sys
975d kernel/firmware 0755 root sys
976d kernel/firmware/iwn 0755 root sys
977f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-100-5.ucode 0666 root sys
978f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-1000-3.ucode 0666 root sys
979f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-105-6.ucode 0666 root sys
980f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-135-6.ucode 0666 root sys
981f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-2000-6.ucode 0666 root sys
982f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-2030-6.ucode 0666 root sys
983f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode 0666 root sys
984f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-5000-2.ucode 0666 root sys
985f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-5150-2.ucode 0666 root sys
986f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode 0666 root sys
987f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-6000g2a-6.ucode 0666 root sys
988f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-6000g2b-6.ucode 0666 root sys
989f kernel/firmware/iwn/iwlwifi-6050-5.ucode 0666 root sys
990d kernel/fs 0755 root sys
991d kernel/fs/amd64 0755 root sys
992f kernel/fs/amd64/autofs 0755 root sys
993f kernel/fs/amd64/bootfs 0755 root sys
994f kernel/fs/amd64/ctfs 0755 root sys
995f kernel/fs/amd64/dcfs 0755 root sys
996f kernel/fs/amd64/dev 0755 root sys
997f kernel/fs/amd64/devfs 0755 root sys
998f kernel/fs/amd64/fifofs 0755 root sys
999f kernel/fs/amd64/hsfs 0755 root sys
1000f kernel/fs/amd64/hyprlofs 0755 root sys
1001f kernel/fs/amd64/lofs 0755 root sys
1002f kernel/fs/amd64/lxprocfs 0755 root sys
1003f kernel/fs/amd64/mntfs 0755 root sys
1004f kernel/fs/amd64/namefs 0755 root sys
1005f kernel/fs/amd64/nfs 0755 root sys
1006f kernel/fs/amd64/objfs 0755 root sys
1007f kernel/fs/amd64/procfs 0755 root sys
1008f kernel/fs/amd64/sharefs 0755 root sys
1009f kernel/fs/amd64/sockfs 0755 root sys
1010f kernel/fs/amd64/specfs 0755 root sys
1011f kernel/fs/amd64/tmpfs 0755 root sys
1012f kernel/fs/amd64/ufs 0755 root sys
1013h kernel/fs/amd64/zfs=kernel/drv/amd64/zfs
1014d kernel/ipp 0755 root sys
1015d kernel/ipp/amd64 0755 root sys
1016f kernel/ipp/amd64/dlcosmk 0755 root sys
1017f kernel/ipp/amd64/dscpmk 0755 root sys
1018f kernel/ipp/amd64/flowacct 0755 root sys
1019f kernel/ipp/amd64/ipgpc 0755 root sys
1020f kernel/ipp/amd64/tokenmt 0755 root sys
1021f kernel/ipp/amd64/tswtclmt 0755 root sys
1022d kernel/kiconv 0755 root sys
1023d kernel/kiconv/amd64 0755 root sys
1024f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_emea 0755 root sys
1025f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_ja 0755 root sys
1026f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_ko 0755 root sys
1027f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_sc 0755 root sys
1028f kernel/kiconv/amd64/kiconv_tc 0755 root sys
1029d kernel/kmdb 0755 root sys
1030d kernel/kmdb/amd64 0755 root sys
1031f kernel/kmdb/amd64/arp 0555 root sys
1032f kernel/kmdb/amd64/cpc 0555 root sys
1033f kernel/kmdb/amd64/cpu.generic 0555 root sys
1034f kernel/kmdb/amd64/cpu_ms.AuthenticAMD.15 0555 root sys
1035f kernel/kmdb/amd64/crypto 0555 root sys
1036f kernel/kmdb/amd64/emlxs 0555 root sys
1037f kernel/kmdb/amd64/fcp 0555 root sys
1038f kernel/kmdb/amd64/fctl 0555 root sys
1039f kernel/kmdb/amd64/genunix 0555 root sys
1040f kernel/kmdb/amd64/hook 0555 root sys
1041f kernel/kmdb/amd64/i40e 0555 root sys
1042f kernel/kmdb/amd64/idm 0555 root sys
1043f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ip 0555 root sys
1044f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ipc 0555 root sys
1045f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ipp 0555 root sys
1046f kernel/kmdb/amd64/krtld 0555 root sys
1047f kernel/kmdb/amd64/lofs 0555 root sys
1048f kernel/kmdb/amd64/logindmux 0555 root sys
1049f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mac 0555 root sys
1050f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mdb_ds 0555 root sys
1051f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mm 0555 root sys
1052f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mpt 0555 root sys
1053f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mpt_sas 0555 root sys
1054f kernel/kmdb/amd64/mr_sas 0555 root sys
1055f kernel/kmdb/amd64/nca 0555 root sys
1056f kernel/kmdb/amd64/neti 0555 root sys
1057f kernel/kmdb/amd64/nfs 0555 root sys
1058f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ptm 0555 root sys
1059f kernel/kmdb/amd64/qlc 0555 root sys
1060f kernel/kmdb/amd64/random 0555 root sys
1061f kernel/kmdb/amd64/s1394 0555 root sys
1062f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sata 0555 root sys
1063f kernel/kmdb/amd64/scsi_vhci 0555 root sys
1064f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sctp 0555 root sys
1065f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sd 0555 root sys
1066f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sockfs 0555 root sys
1067f kernel/kmdb/amd64/specfs 0555 root sys
1068f kernel/kmdb/amd64/sppp 0555 root sys
1069f kernel/kmdb/amd64/srpt 0555 root sys
1070f kernel/kmdb/amd64/stmf 0555 root sys
1071f kernel/kmdb/amd64/stmf_sbd 0555 root sys
1072f kernel/kmdb/amd64/ufs 0555 root sys
1073f kernel/kmdb/amd64/uhci 0555 root sys
1074f kernel/kmdb/amd64/usba 0555 root sys
1075f kernel/kmdb/amd64/xhci 0555 root sys
1076f kernel/kmdb/amd64/zfs 0555 root sys
1077d kernel/mac 0755 root sys
1078d kernel/mac/amd64 0755 root sys
1079f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_6to4 0755 root sys
1080f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_ether 0755 root sys
1081f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_ib 0755 root sys
1082f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_ipv4 0755 root sys
1083f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_ipv6 0755 root sys
1084f kernel/mac/amd64/mac_wifi 0755 root sys
1085d kernel/misc 0755 root sys
1086d kernel/misc/amd64 0755 root sys
1087f kernel/misc/amd64/ac97 0755 root sys
1088f kernel/misc/amd64/acpica 0755 root sys
1089f kernel/misc/amd64/bignum 0755 root sys
1090f kernel/misc/amd64/bootdev 0755 root sys
1091f kernel/misc/amd64/busra 0755 root sys
1092f kernel/misc/amd64/cc 0755 root sys
1093f kernel/misc/amd64/cmlb 0755 root sys
1094f kernel/misc/amd64/consconfig 0755 root sys
1095f kernel/misc/amd64/ctf 0755 root sys
1096f kernel/misc/amd64/dadk 0755 root sys
1097f kernel/misc/amd64/dcopy 0755 root sys
1098s kernel/misc/amd64/des=../../../kernel/crypto/amd64/des
1099f kernel/misc/amd64/dls 0755 root sys
1100f kernel/misc/amd64/edonr 0755 root sys
1101f kernel/misc/amd64/fctl 0755 root sys
1102f kernel/misc/amd64/fssnap_if 0755 root sys
1103f kernel/misc/amd64/gda 0755 root sys
1104f kernel/misc/amd64/gld 0755 root sys
1105f kernel/misc/amd64/gsqueue 0755 root sys
1106f kernel/misc/amd64/hidparser 0755 root sys
1107f kernel/misc/amd64/hook 0755 root sys
1108f kernel/misc/amd64/hpcsvc 0755 root sys
1109f kernel/misc/amd64/idm 0755 root sys
1110f kernel/misc/amd64/idmap 0755 root sys
1111f kernel/misc/amd64/iommulib 0755 root sys
1112f kernel/misc/amd64/ipc 0755 root sys
1113f kernel/misc/amd64/kbtrans 0755 root sys
1114f kernel/misc/amd64/kcf 0755 root sys
1115f kernel/misc/amd64/kgssapi 0755 root sys
1116f kernel/misc/amd64/klmmod 0755 root sys
1117f kernel/misc/amd64/klmops 0755 root sys
1118f kernel/misc/amd64/kmdbmod 0755 root sys
1119f kernel/misc/amd64/ksocket 0755 root sys
1120f kernel/misc/amd64/mac 0755 root sys
1121f kernel/misc/amd64/md5 0755 root sys
1122f kernel/misc/amd64/mii 0755 root sys
1123f kernel/misc/amd64/mwlfw 0755 root sys
1124f kernel/misc/amd64/net80211 0755 root sys
1125f kernel/misc/amd64/neti 0755 root sys
1126f kernel/misc/amd64/nfs_dlboot 0755 root sys
1127f kernel/misc/amd64/nfssrv 0755 root sys
1128f kernel/misc/amd64/pci_autoconfig 0755 root sys
1129f kernel/misc/amd64/pcicfg 0755 root sys
1130f kernel/misc/amd64/pcie 0755 root sys
1131f kernel/misc/amd64/pcihp 0755 root sys
1132f kernel/misc/amd64/pcmcia 0755 root sys
1133f kernel/misc/amd64/rpcsec 0755 root sys
1134f kernel/misc/amd64/rpcsec_gss 0755 root sys
1135f kernel/misc/amd64/rsmops 0755 root sys
1136f kernel/misc/amd64/s1394 0755 root sys
1137f kernel/misc/amd64/sata 0755 root sys
1138f kernel/misc/amd64/sbp2 0755 root sys
1139f kernel/misc/amd64/scsi 0755 root sys
1140f kernel/misc/amd64/sda 0755 root sys
1141f kernel/misc/amd64/sha1 0755 root sys
1142f kernel/misc/amd64/sha2 0755 root sys
1143f kernel/misc/amd64/skein 0755 root sys
1144f kernel/misc/amd64/strategy 0755 root sys
1145f kernel/misc/amd64/strplumb 0755 root sys
1146f kernel/misc/amd64/tem 0755 root sys
1147f kernel/misc/amd64/tlimod 0755 root sys
1148f kernel/misc/amd64/usba 0755 root sys
1149f kernel/misc/amd64/usba10 0755 root sys
1150f kernel/misc/amd64/usbgem 0755 root sys
1151f kernel/misc/amd64/usbs49_fw 0755 root sys
1152f kernel/misc/amd64/usbser 0755 root sys
1153f kernel/misc/amd64/virtio 0755 root sys
1154d kernel/misc/kgss 0755 root sys
1155d kernel/misc/kgss/amd64 0755 root sys
1156f kernel/misc/kgss/amd64/kmech_krb5 0755 root sys
1157d kernel/misc/pmcs 0755 root sys
1158d kernel/misc/pmcs/amd64 0755 root sys
1159f kernel/misc/pmcs/amd64/pmcs8001fw 0755 root sys
1160d kernel/misc/qlc 0755 root sys
1161d kernel/misc/qlc/amd64 0755 root sys
1162f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_2200 0755 root sys
1163f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_2300 0755 root sys
1164f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_2400 0755 root sys
1165f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_2500 0755 root sys
1166f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_6322 0755 root sys
1167f kernel/misc/qlc/amd64/qlc_fw_8100 0755 root sys
1168d kernel/misc/scsi_vhci 0755 root sys
1169d kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64 0755 root sys
1170f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_asym_emc 0755 root sys
1171f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_asym_lsi 0755 root sys
1172f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_sym 0755 root sys
1173f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_sym_emc 0755 root sys
1174f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_sym_hds 0755 root sys
1175f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_tape 0755 root sys
1176f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_tpgs 0755 root sys
1177f kernel/misc/scsi_vhci/amd64/scsi_vhci_f_tpgs_tape 0755 root sys
1178d kernel/overlay 0755 root sys
1179d kernel/overlay/amd64 0755 root sys
1180f kernel/overlay/amd64/vxlan 0755 root sys
1181d kernel/sched 0755 root sys
1182d kernel/sched/amd64 0755 root sys
1183f kernel/sched/amd64/SDC 0755 root sys
1184f kernel/sched/amd64/TS 0755 root sys
1185f kernel/sched/amd64/TS_DPTBL 0755 root sys
1186d kernel/socketmod 0755 root sys
1187d kernel/socketmod/amd64 0755 root sys
1188f kernel/socketmod/amd64/datafilt 0755 root sys
1189h kernel/socketmod/amd64/icmp=kernel/drv/amd64/icmp
1190f kernel/socketmod/amd64/ksslf 0755 root sys
1191f kernel/socketmod/amd64/lx_netlink 0755 root sys
1192f kernel/socketmod/amd64/rts 0755 root sys
1193f kernel/socketmod/amd64/sockrds 0755 root sys
1194f kernel/socketmod/amd64/socksctp 0755 root sys
1195f kernel/socketmod/amd64/socksdp 0755 root sys
1196h kernel/socketmod/amd64/tcp=kernel/drv/amd64/tcp
1197f kernel/socketmod/amd64/trill 0755 root sys
1198h kernel/socketmod/amd64/udp=kernel/drv/amd64/udp
1199d kernel/strmod 0755 root sys
1200d kernel/strmod/amd64 0755 root sys
1201f kernel/strmod/amd64/arp 0755 root sys
1202f kernel/strmod/amd64/bufmod 0755 root sys
1203f kernel/strmod/amd64/connld 0755 root sys
1204f kernel/strmod/amd64/dedump 0755 root sys
1205f kernel/strmod/amd64/drcompat 0755 root sys
1206h kernel/strmod/amd64/icmp=kernel/drv/amd64/icmp
1207f kernel/strmod/amd64/ip 0755 root sys
1208f kernel/strmod/amd64/ipsecah 0755 root sys
1209f kernel/strmod/amd64/ipsecesp 0755 root sys
1210f kernel/strmod/amd64/keysock 0755 root sys
1211f kernel/strmod/amd64/ldterm 0755 root sys
1212f kernel/strmod/amd64/nca 0755 root sys
1213f kernel/strmod/amd64/pckt 0755 root sys
1214f kernel/strmod/amd64/pfmod 0755 root sys
1215f kernel/strmod/amd64/pipemod 0755 root sys
1216f kernel/strmod/amd64/ptem 0755 root sys
1217f kernel/strmod/amd64/redirmod 0755 root sys
1218f kernel/strmod/amd64/rpcmod 0755 root sys
1219f kernel/strmod/amd64/sdpib 0755 root sys
1220h kernel/strmod/amd64/tcp=kernel/drv/amd64/tcp
1221f kernel/strmod/amd64/timod 0755 root sys
1222f kernel/strmod/amd64/tirdwr 0755 root sys
1223f kernel/strmod/amd64/ttcompat 0755 root sys
1224h kernel/strmod/amd64/udp=kernel/drv/amd64/udp
1225f kernel/strmod/amd64/usb_ah 0755 root sys
1226f kernel/strmod/amd64/usbkbm 0755 root sys
1227f kernel/strmod/amd64/usbms 0755 root sys
1228f kernel/strmod/amd64/usbwcm 0755 root sys
1229f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuid2ps2 0755 root sys
1230f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuid3ps2 0755 root sys
1231f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuidm3p 0755 root sys
1232f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuidm4p 0755 root sys
1233f kernel/strmod/amd64/vuidm5p 0755 root sys
1234d kernel/sys 0755 root sys
1235d kernel/sys/amd64 0755 root sys
1236f kernel/sys/amd64/autofs 0755 root sys
1237f kernel/sys/amd64/c2audit 0755 root sys
1238f kernel/sys/amd64/doorfs 0755 root sys
1239f kernel/sys/amd64/inst_sync 0755 root sys
1240f kernel/sys/amd64/kaio 0755 root sys
1241f kernel/sys/amd64/msgsys 0755 root sys
1242f kernel/sys/amd64/nfs 0755 root sys
1243f kernel/sys/amd64/pipe 0755 root sys
1244f kernel/sys/amd64/portfs 0755 root sys
1245f kernel/sys/amd64/pset 0755 root sys
1246f kernel/sys/amd64/rpcmod 0755 root sys
1247f kernel/sys/amd64/semsys 0755 root sys
1248f kernel/sys/amd64/shmsys 0755 root sys
1249d lib 0755 root bin
1250s lib/32=.
1251s lib/64=amd64
1252d lib/amd64 0755 root bin
1253f lib/amd64/c_synonyms.so.1 0755 root bin
1254f lib/amd64/ld.so.1 0755 root bin
1255f lib/amd64/libMPAPI.so.1 0755 root bin
1256s lib/amd64/libMPAPI.so=libMPAPI.so.1
1257f lib/amd64/libadm.so.1 0755 root bin
1258s lib/amd64/libadm.so=libadm.so.1
1259f lib/amd64/libaio.so.1 0755 root bin
1260s lib/amd64/libaio.so=libaio.so.1
1261f lib/amd64/libavl.so.1 0755 root bin
1262s lib/amd64/libavl.so=libavl.so.1
1263f lib/amd64/libbsm.so.1 0755 root bin
1264s lib/amd64/libbsm.so=libbsm.so.1
1265f lib/amd64/libc.so.1 0755 root bin
1266s lib/amd64/libc.so=libc.so.1
1267f lib/amd64/libc_db.so.1 0755 root bin
1268s lib/amd64/libc_db.so=libc_db.so.1
1269f lib/amd64/libcmdutils.so.1 0755 root bin
1270s lib/amd64/libcmdutils.so=libcmdutils.so.1
1271f lib/amd64/libcontract.so.1 0755 root bin
1272s lib/amd64/libcontract.so=libcontract.so.1
1273f lib/amd64/libcryptoutil.so.1 0755 root bin
1274s lib/amd64/libcryptoutil.so=libcryptoutil.so.1
1275f lib/amd64/libctf.so.1 0755 root bin
1276s lib/amd64/libctf.so=libctf.so.1
1277f lib/amd64/libcurses.so.1 0755 root bin
1278s lib/amd64/libcurses.so=libcurses.so.1
1279f lib/amd64/libcustr.so.1 0755 root bin
1280f lib/amd64/libdevice.so.1 0755 root bin
1281s lib/amd64/libdevice.so=libdevice.so.1
1282f lib/amd64/libdevid.so.1 0755 root bin
1283s lib/amd64/libdevid.so=libdevid.so.1
1284f lib/amd64/libdevinfo.so.1 0755 root bin
1285s lib/amd64/libdevinfo.so=libdevinfo.so.1
1286f lib/amd64/libdhcpagent.so.1 0755 root bin
1287s lib/amd64/libdhcpagent.so=libdhcpagent.so.1
1288f lib/amd64/libdl.so.1 0755 root bin
1289s lib/amd64/libdl.so=libdl.so.1
1290f lib/amd64/libdladm.so.1 0755 root bin
1291s lib/amd64/libdladm.so=libdladm.so.1
1292f lib/amd64/libdlpi.so.1 0755 root bin
1293s lib/amd64/libdlpi.so=libdlpi.so.1
1294f lib/amd64/libdoor.so.1 0755 root bin
1295s lib/amd64/libdoor.so=libdoor.so.1
1296f lib/amd64/libdwarf.so.1 0755 root bin
1297f lib/amd64/libefi.so.1 0755 root bin
1298s lib/amd64/libefi.so=libefi.so.1
1299f lib/amd64/libelf.so.1 0755 root bin
1300s lib/amd64/libelf.so=libelf.so.1
1301f lib/amd64/libfakekernel.so.1 0755 root bin
1302f lib/amd64/libfdisk.so.1 0755 root bin
1303s lib/amd64/libfdisk.so=libfdisk.so.1
1304f lib/amd64/libgen.so.1 0755 root bin
1305s lib/amd64/libgen.so=libgen.so.1
1306f lib/amd64/libinetutil.so.1 0755 root bin
1307s lib/amd64/libinetutil.so=libinetutil.so.1
1308f lib/amd64/libintl.so.1 0755 root bin
1309s lib/amd64/libintl.so=libintl.so.1
1310f lib/amd64/libkmf.so.1 0755 root bin
1311s lib/amd64/libkmf.so=libkmf.so.1
1312f lib/amd64/libkmfberder.so.1 0755 root bin
1313s lib/amd64/libkmfberder.so=libkmfberder.so.1
1314f lib/amd64/libkstat.so.1 0755 root bin
1315s lib/amd64/libkstat.so=libkstat.so.1
1316f lib/amd64/libld.so.4 0755 root bin
1317f lib/amd64/liblddbg.so.4 0755 root bin
1318f lib/amd64/libm.so.1 0755 root bin
1319f lib/amd64/libm.so.2 0755 root bin
1320s lib/amd64/libm.so=libm.so.2
1321f lib/amd64/libmd.so.1 0755 root bin
1322s lib/amd64/libmd.so=libmd.so.1
1323f lib/amd64/libmd5.so.1 0755 root bin
1324s lib/amd64/libmd5.so=libmd5.so.1
1325f lib/amd64/libmp.so.2 0755 root bin
1326s lib/amd64/libmp.so=libmp.so.2
1327f lib/amd64/libmpscsi_vhci.so.1 0755 root bin
1328s lib/amd64/libmpscsi_vhci.so=libmpscsi_vhci.so.1
1329f lib/amd64/libmvec.so.1 0755 root bin
1330s lib/amd64/libmvec.so=libmvec.so.1
1331f lib/amd64/libnsl.so.1 0755 root bin
1332s lib/amd64/libnsl.so=libnsl.so.1
1333f lib/amd64/libnvpair.so.1 0755 root bin
1334s lib/amd64/libnvpair.so=libnvpair.so.1
1335f lib/amd64/libofmt.so.1 0755 root bin
1336s lib/amd64/libofmt.so=libofmt.so.1
1337f lib/amd64/libpam.so.1 0755 root bin
1338s lib/amd64/libpam.so=libpam.so.1
1339s lib/amd64/libposix4.so.1=librt.so.1
1340s lib/amd64/libposix4.so=libposix4.so.1
1341f lib/amd64/libproc.so.1 0755 root bin
1342s lib/amd64/libproc.so=libproc.so.1
1343f lib/amd64/libpthread.so.1 0755 root bin
1344s lib/amd64/libpthread.so=libpthread.so.1
1345f lib/amd64/librcm.so.1 0755 root bin
1346s lib/amd64/librcm.so=librcm.so.1
1347f lib/amd64/libresolv.so.2 0755 root bin
1348s lib/amd64/libresolv.so=libresolv.so.2
1349f lib/amd64/libresolv_joy.so.2 0755 root bin
1350f lib/amd64/librestart.so.1 0755 root bin
1351s lib/amd64/librestart.so=librestart.so.1
1352f lib/amd64/librpcsvc.so.1 0755 root bin
1353s lib/amd64/librpcsvc.so=librpcsvc.so.1
1354f lib/amd64/librt.so.1 0755 root bin
1355s lib/amd64/librt.so=librt.so.1
1356f lib/amd64/librtld.so.1 0755 root bin
1357f lib/amd64/librtld_db.so.1 0755 root bin
1358s lib/amd64/librtld_db.so=librtld_db.so.1
1359f lib/amd64/libscf.so.1 0755 root bin
1360s lib/amd64/libscf.so=libscf.so.1
1361f lib/amd64/libsec.so.1 0755 root bin
1362s lib/amd64/libsec.so=libsec.so.1
1363f lib/amd64/libsecdb.so.1 0755 root bin
1364s lib/amd64/libsecdb.so=libsecdb.so.1
1365f lib/amd64/libsendfile.so.1 0755 root bin
1366s lib/amd64/libsendfile.so=libsendfile.so.1
1367f lib/amd64/libsmartsshd.so.1 0755 root bin
1368s lib/amd64/libsmartsshd.so=libsmartsshd.so.1
1369f lib/amd64/libsocket.so.1 0755 root bin
1370s lib/amd64/libsocket.so=libsocket.so.1
1371f lib/amd64/libsysevent.so.1 0755 root bin
1372s lib/amd64/libsysevent.so=libsysevent.so.1
1373f lib/amd64/libtermcap.so.1 0755 root bin
1374s lib/amd64/libtermcap.so=libtermcap.so.1
1375s lib/amd64/libtermlib.so.1=libcurses.so.1
1376s lib/amd64/libtermlib.so=libtermlib.so.1
1377f lib/amd64/libthread.so.1 0755 root bin
1378s lib/amd64/libthread.so=libthread.so.1
1379s lib/amd64/libthread_db.so.1=libc_db.so.1
1380s lib/amd64/libthread_db.so=libc_db.so.1
1381f lib/amd64/libtsnet.so.1 0755 root bin
1382s lib/amd64/libtsnet.so=libtsnet.so.1
1383f lib/amd64/libtsol.so.2 0755 root bin
1384s lib/amd64/libtsol.so=libtsol.so.2
1385f lib/amd64/libumem.so.1 0755 root bin
1386s lib/amd64/libumem.so=libumem.so.1
1387f lib/amd64/libuuid.so.1 0755 root bin
1388s lib/amd64/libuuid.so=libuuid.so.1
1389f lib/amd64/libuutil.so.1 0755 root bin
1390s lib/amd64/libuutil.so=libuutil.so.1
1391f lib/amd64/libvmm.so.1 0755 root bin
1392f lib/amd64/libvmmapi.so.1 0755 root bin
1393f lib/amd64/libw.so.1 0755 root bin
1394s lib/amd64/libw.so=libw.so.1
1395f lib/amd64/libxnet.so.1 0755 root bin
1396s lib/amd64/libxnet.so=libxnet.so.1
1397f lib/amd64/libzdoor.so.1 0755 root bin
1398s lib/amd64/libzdoor.so=libzdoor.so.1
1399f lib/amd64/libzfs.so.1 0755 root bin
1400s lib/amd64/libzfs.so=libzfs.so.1
1401s lib/amd64/libzfs_core.so.1=../../usr/lib/amd64/libzfs_core.so.1
1402s lib/amd64/libzfs_core.so=../../usr/lib/amd64/libzfs_core.so
1403f lib/amd64/libzutil.so.1 0755 root bin
1404s lib/amd64/libzutil.so=libzutil.so.1
1405f lib/amd64/nss_compat.so.1 0755 root bin
1406f lib/amd64/nss_dns.so.1 0755 root bin
1407f lib/amd64/nss_files.so.1 0755 root bin
1408f lib/amd64/nss_nis.so.1 0755 root bin
1409f lib/amd64/nss_user.so.1 0755 root bin
1410f lib/c_synonyms.so.1 0755 root bin
1411d lib/crypto 0755 root bin
1412s lib/crypto/32=.
1413s lib/crypto/64=amd64
1414d lib/crypto/amd64 0755 root bin
1415f lib/crypto/amd64/kmf_mapper_cn.so.1 0755 root bin
1416f lib/crypto/amd64/kmf_nss.so.1 0755 root bin
1417f lib/crypto/amd64/kmf_openssl.so.1 0755 root bin
1418f lib/crypto/amd64/kmf_pkcs11.so.1 0755 root bin
1419f lib/crypto/kmf_mapper_cn.so.1 0755 root bin
1420f lib/crypto/kmf_nss.so.1 0755 root bin
1421f lib/crypto/kmf_openssl.so.1 0755 root bin
1422f lib/crypto/kmf_pkcs11.so.1 0755 root bin
1423d lib/fm 0755 root bin
1424d lib/fm/amd64 0755 root bin
1425f lib/fm/amd64/libfmevent.so.1 0755 root bin
1426s lib/fm/amd64/libfmevent.so=libfmevent.so.1
1427f lib/fm/libfmevent.so.1 0755 root bin
1428s lib/fm/libfmevent.so=libfmevent.so.1
1429d lib/fs 0755 root sys
1430d lib/fs/dev 0755 root sys
1431h lib/fs/dev/mount=etc/fs/dev/mount
1432d lib/fs/hsfs 0755 root sys
1433h lib/fs/hsfs/mount=etc/fs/hsfs/mount
1434d lib/fs/nfs 0755 root sys
1435h lib/fs/nfs/mount=etc/fs/nfs/mount
1436d lib/fs/ufs 0755 root sys
1437h lib/fs/ufs/mount=etc/fs/ufs/mount
1438d lib/fs/zfs 0755 root sys
1439h lib/fs/zfs/mount=etc/fs/zfs/mount
1440h lib/fs/zfs/umount=etc/fs/zfs/umount
1441d lib/inet 0755 root bin
1442f lib/inet/in.mpathd 0555 root bin
1443f lib/inet/ipmgmtd 0555 root bin
1444f lib/inet/netcfgd 0555 root bin
1445f lib/inet/nwamd 0555 root bin
1446f lib/ld.so.1 0755 root bin
1447f lib/libMPAPI.so.1 0755 root bin
1448s lib/libMPAPI.so=libMPAPI.so.1
1449f lib/libadm.so.1 0755 root bin
1450s lib/libadm.so=libadm.so.1
1451f lib/libaio.so.1 0755 root bin
1452s lib/libaio.so=libaio.so.1
1453f lib/libavl.so.1 0755 root bin
1454s lib/libavl.so=libavl.so.1
1455f lib/libbsm.so.1 0755 root bin
1456s lib/libbsm.so=libbsm.so.1
1457f lib/libc.so.1 0755 root bin
1458s lib/libc.so=libc.so.1
1459f lib/libc_db.so.1 0755 root bin
1460s lib/libc_db.so=libc_db.so.1
1461f lib/libcmdutils.so.1 0755 root bin
1462s lib/libcmdutils.so=libcmdutils.so.1
1463f lib/libcontract.so.1 0755 root bin
1464s lib/libcontract.so=libcontract.so.1
1465f lib/libcryptoutil.so.1 0755 root bin
1466s lib/libcryptoutil.so=libcryptoutil.so.1
1467f lib/libctf.so.1 0755 root bin
1468s lib/libctf.so=libctf.so.1
1469f lib/libcurses.so.1 0755 root bin
1470s lib/libcurses.so=libcurses.so.1
1471f lib/libcustr.so.1 0755 root bin
1472f lib/libdevice.so.1 0755 root bin
1473s lib/libdevice.so=libdevice.so.1
1474f lib/libdevid.so.1 0755 root bin
1475s lib/libdevid.so=libdevid.so.1
1476f lib/libdevinfo.so.1 0755 root bin
1477s lib/libdevinfo.so=libdevinfo.so.1
1478f lib/libdhcpagent.so.1 0755 root bin
1479f lib/libdhcputil.so.1 0755 root bin
1480f lib/libdl.so.1 0755 root bin
1481s lib/libdl.so=libdl.so.1
1482f lib/libdladm.so.1 0755 root bin
1483s lib/libdladm.so=libdladm.so.1
1484f lib/libdlpi.so.1 0755 root bin
1485s lib/libdlpi.so=libdlpi.so.1
1486f lib/libdoor.so.1 0755 root bin
1487s lib/libdoor.so=libdoor.so.1
1488f lib/libdwarf.so.1 0755 root bin
1489f lib/libefi.so.1 0755 root bin
1490s lib/libefi.so=libefi.so.1
1491f lib/libelf.so.1 0755 root bin
1492s lib/libelf.so=libelf.so.1
1493f lib/libelfsign.so.1 0755 root bin
1494s lib/libelfsign.so=libelfsign.so.1
1495f lib/libfakekernel.so.1 0755 root bin
1496f lib/libfdisk.so.1 0755 root bin
1497s lib/libfdisk.so=libfdisk.so.1
1498f lib/libgen.so.1 0755 root bin
1499s lib/libgen.so=libgen.so.1
1500f lib/libgrubmgmt.so.1 0755 root bin
1501s lib/libgrubmgmt.so=libgrubmgmt.so.1
1502f lib/libinetutil.so.1 0755 root bin
1503s lib/libinetutil.so=libinetutil.so.1
1504f lib/libintl.so.1 0755 root bin
1505s lib/libintl.so=libintl.so.1
1506f lib/libipadm.so.1 0755 root bin
1507s lib/libipadm.so=libipadm.so.1
1508f lib/libipmp.so.1 0755 root bin
1509s lib/libipmp.so=libipmp.so.1
1510f lib/libkcfd.so.1 0755 root bin
1511s lib/libkcfd.so=libkcfd.so.1
1512f lib/libkmf.so.1 0755 root bin
1513s lib/libkmf.so=libkmf.so.1
1514f lib/libkmfberder.so.1 0755 root bin
1515s lib/libkmfberder.so=libkmfberder.so.1
1516f lib/libkstat.so.1 0755 root bin
1517s lib/libkstat.so=libkstat.so.1
1518f lib/libld.so.4 0755 root bin
1519f lib/liblddbg.so.4 0755 root bin
1520f lib/libm.so.1 0755 root bin
1521f lib/libm.so.2 0755 root bin
1522s lib/libm.so=libm.so.2
1523f lib/libmd.so.1 0755 root bin
1524s lib/libmd.so=libmd.so.1
1525f lib/libmd5.so.1 0755 root bin
1526s lib/libmd5.so=libmd5.so.1
1527f lib/libmp.so.1 0755 root bin
1528f lib/libmp.so.2 0755 root bin
1529s lib/libmp.so=libmp.so.2
1530f lib/libmpscsi_vhci.so.1 0755 root bin
1531s lib/libmpscsi_vhci.so=libmpscsi_vhci.so.1
1532d lib/libmvec 0755 root bin
1533f lib/libmvec.so.1 0755 root bin
1534s lib/libmvec.so=libmvec.so.1
1535f lib/libmvec/libmvec_hwcap1.so.1 0755 root bin
1536f lib/libnsl.so.1 0755 root bin
1537s lib/libnsl.so=libnsl.so.1
1538f lib/libnvpair.so.1 0755 root bin
1539s lib/libnvpair.so=libnvpair.so.1
1540f lib/libnwam.so.1 0755 root bin
1541s lib/libnwam.so=libnwam.so.1
1542f lib/libofmt.so.1 0755 root bin
1543s lib/libofmt.so=libofmt.so.1
1544f lib/libpam.so.1 0755 root bin
1545s lib/libpam.so=libpam.so.1
1546s lib/libposix4.so.1=librt.so.1
1547s lib/libposix4.so=libposix4.so.1
1548f lib/libproc.so.1 0755 root bin
1549s lib/libproc.so=libproc.so.1
1550f lib/libpthread.so.1 0755 root bin
1551s lib/libpthread.so=libpthread.so.1
1552f lib/librcm.so.1 0755 root bin
1553s lib/librcm.so=librcm.so.1
1554f lib/libresolv.so.1 0755 root bin
1555f lib/libresolv.so.2 0755 root bin
1556s lib/libresolv.so=libresolv.so.2
1557f lib/libresolv_joy.so.2 0755 root bin
1558f lib/librestart.so.1 0755 root bin
1559s lib/librestart.so=librestart.so.1
1560f lib/librpcsvc.so.1 0755 root bin
1561s lib/librpcsvc.so=librpcsvc.so.1
1562f lib/librt.so.1 0755 root bin
1563s lib/librt.so=librt.so.1
1564f lib/librtld.so.1 0755 root bin
1565f lib/librtld_db.so.1 0755 root bin
1566s lib/librtld_db.so=librtld_db.so.1
1567f lib/libscf.so.1 0755 root bin
1568s lib/libscf.so=libscf.so.1
1569f lib/libsec.so.1 0755 root bin
1570s lib/libsec.so=libsec.so.1
1571f lib/libsecdb.so.1 0755 root bin
1572s lib/libsecdb.so=libsecdb.so.1
1573f lib/libsendfile.so.1 0755 root bin
1574s lib/libsendfile.so=libsendfile.so.1
1575f lib/libsmartsshd.so.1 0755 root bin
1576s lib/libsmartsshd.so=libsmartsshd.so.1
1577f lib/libsocket.so.1 0755 root bin
1578s lib/libsocket.so=libsocket.so.1
1579f lib/libsqlite-sys.so.2.8.15 0755 root bin
1580f lib/libsysevent.so.1 0755 root bin
1581s lib/libsysevent.so=libsysevent.so.1
1582f lib/libtermcap.so.1 0755 root bin
1583s lib/libtermcap.so=libtermcap.so.1
1584s lib/libtermlib.so.1=libcurses.so.1
1585s lib/libtermlib.so=libtermlib.so.1
1586f lib/libthread.so.1 0755 root bin
1587s lib/libthread.so=libthread.so.1
1588s lib/libthread_db.so.1=libc_db.so.1
1589s lib/libthread_db.so=libc_db.so.1
1590f lib/libtsnet.so.1 0755 root bin
1591s lib/libtsnet.so=libtsnet.so.1
1592f lib/libtsol.so.2 0755 root bin
1593s lib/libtsol.so=libtsol.so.2
1594f lib/libumem.so.1 0755 root bin
1595s lib/libumem.so=libumem.so.1
1596f lib/libuuid.so.1 0755 root bin
1597s lib/libuuid.so=libuuid.so.1
1598f lib/libuutil.so.1 0755 root bin
1599s lib/libuutil.so=libuutil.so.1
1600f lib/libw.so.1 0755 root bin
1601s lib/libw.so=libw.so.1
1602f lib/libxnet.so.1 0755 root bin
1603s lib/libxnet.so=libxnet.so.1
1604f lib/libzdoor.so.1 0755 root bin
1605s lib/libzdoor.so=libzdoor.so.1
1606f lib/libzfs.so.1 0755 root bin
1607s lib/libzfs.so=libzfs.so.1
1608s lib/libzfs_core.so.1=../usr/lib/libzfs_core.so
1609s lib/libzfs_core.so=../usr/lib/libzfs_core.so
1610f lib/libzutil.so.1 0755 root bin
1611s lib/libzutil.so=libzutil.so.1
1612d lib/mpxio 0755 root bin
1613f lib/mpxio/stmsboot_util 0555 root bin
1614f lib/nss_compat.so.1 0755 root bin
1615f lib/nss_dns.so.1 0755 root bin
1616f lib/nss_files.so.1 0755 root bin
1617f lib/nss_nis.so.1 0755 root bin
1618f lib/nss_user.so.1 0755 root bin
1619d lib/secure 0755 root bin
1620s lib/secure/32=.
1621s lib/secure/64=amd64
1622d lib/secure/amd64 0755 root bin
1623d lib/svc 0755 root bin
1624d lib/svc/bin 0755 root bin
1625f lib/svc/bin/lsvcrun 0555 root sys
1626f lib/svc/bin/mfstscan 0555 root sys
1627f lib/svc/bin/restore_repository 0555 root sys
1628f lib/svc/bin/sqlite 0555 root sys
1629f lib/svc/bin/svc.configd 0555 root sys
1630f lib/svc/bin/svc.ipfd 0555 root sys
1631f lib/svc/bin/svc.startd 0555 root sys
1632d lib/svc/capture 0755 root bin
1633d lib/svc/manifest 0755 root sys
1634d lib/svc/manifest/application 0755 root sys
1635d lib/svc/manifest/application/security 0755 root sys
1636d lib/svc/manifest/device 0755 root sys
1637d lib/svc/manifest/milestone 0755 root sys
1638f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/multi-user-server.xml 0444 root sys
1639f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/multi-user.xml 0444 root sys
1640f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/name-services.xml 0444 root sys
1641f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/network.xml 0444 root sys
1642f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/single-user.xml 0444 root sys
1643f lib/svc/manifest/milestone/sysconfig.xml 0444 root sys
1644d lib/svc/manifest/network 0755 root sys
1645f lib/svc/manifest/network/bridge.xml 0444 root sys
1646f lib/svc/manifest/network/dlmgmt.xml 0444 root sys
1647d lib/svc/manifest/network/dns 0755 root sys
1648f lib/svc/manifest/network/dns/client.xml 0444 root sys
1649f lib/svc/manifest/network/dns/install.xml 0444 root sys
1650f lib/svc/manifest/network/dns/multicast.xml 0444 root sys
1651f lib/svc/manifest/network/forwarding.xml 0444 root sys
1652f lib/svc/manifest/network/ibd-post-upgrade.xml 0444 root sys
1653f lib/svc/manifest/network/inetd-upgrade.xml 0444 root sys
1654f lib/svc/manifest/network/inetd.xml 0444 root sys
1655f lib/svc/manifest/network/ipfilter.xml 0444 root sys
1656d lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec 0755 root sys
1657f lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec/ike.xml 0444 root sys
1658f lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec/ipsecalgs.xml 0444 root sys
1659f lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec/manual-key.xml 0444 root sys
1660f lib/svc/manifest/network/ipsec/policy.xml 0444 root sys
1661d lib/svc/manifest/network/iscsi 0755 root sys
1662f lib/svc/manifest/network/iscsi/iscsi-initiator.xml 0444 root sys
1663f lib/svc/manifest/network/iscsi/iscsi-target.xml 0444 root sys
1664f lib/svc/manifest/network/isns_server.xml 0444 root sys
1665d lib/svc/manifest/network/ldap 0755 root sys
1666f lib/svc/manifest/network/ldap/client.xml 0444 root sys
1667d lib/svc/manifest/network/loadbalancer 0755 root sys
1668f lib/svc/manifest/network/loadbalancer/ilbd.xml 0444 root sys
1669f lib/svc/manifest/network/login.xml 0444 root sys
1670f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-early-admin.xml 0444 root sys
1671f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-initial.xml 0444 root sys
1672f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-install.xml 0444 root sys
1673f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-ipmgmt.xml 0444 root sys
1674f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-ipqos.xml 0444 root sys
1675f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-iptun.xml 0444 root sys
1676f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-location.xml 0444 root sys
1677f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-loopback.xml 0444 root sys
1678f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-netmask.xml 0444 root sys
1679f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-physical.xml 0444 root sys
1680f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-routing-setup.xml 0444 root sys
1681f lib/svc/manifest/network/network-service.xml 0444 root sys
1682d lib/svc/manifest/network/nfs 0755 root sys
1683f lib/svc/manifest/network/nfs/client.xml 0444 root sys
1684f lib/svc/manifest/network/nfs/mapid.xml 0444 root sys
1685f lib/svc/manifest/network/nfs/nlockmgr.xml 0444 root sys
1686f lib/svc/manifest/network/nfs/server.xml 0444 root sys
1687f lib/svc/manifest/network/nfs/status.xml 0444 root sys
1688d lib/svc/manifest/network/nis 0755 root sys
1689f lib/svc/manifest/network/nis/client.xml 0444 root sys
1690f lib/svc/manifest/network/npiv_config.xml 0444 root sys
1691f lib/svc/manifest/network/rarp.xml 0444 root sys
1692f lib/svc/manifest/network/rexec.xml 0444 root sys
1693d lib/svc/manifest/network/routing 0755 root sys
1694f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/legacy-routing.xml 0444 root sys
1695f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/ndp.xml 0444 root sys
1696f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/rdisc.xml 0444 root sys
1697f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/ripng.xml 0444 root sys
1698f lib/svc/manifest/network/routing/route.xml 0444 root sys
1699d lib/svc/manifest/network/rpc 0755 root sys
1700f lib/svc/manifest/network/rpc/bind.xml 0444 root sys
1701f lib/svc/manifest/network/rpc/gss.xml 0444 root sys
1702d lib/svc/manifest/network/security 0755 root sys
1703f lib/svc/manifest/network/sendmail-client.xml 0444 root sys
1704d lib/svc/manifest/network/shares 0755 root sys
1705f lib/svc/manifest/network/shares/group.xml 0444 root sys
1706f lib/svc/manifest/network/shares/reparsed.xml 0444 root sys
1707f lib/svc/manifest/network/shell.xml 0444 root sys
1708f lib/svc/manifest/network/slp.xml 0444 root sys
1709d lib/svc/manifest/network/smb 0755 root sys
1710f lib/svc/manifest/network/smb/client.xml 0444 root sys
1711f lib/svc/manifest/network/smb/server.xml 0444 root sys
1712f lib/svc/manifest/network/smtp-sendmail.xml 0444 root sys
1713f lib/svc/manifest/network/tftp-udp6.xml 0444 root sys
1714f lib/svc/manifest/network/time.xml 0444 root sys
1715f lib/svc/manifest/network/varpd.xml 0444 root sys
1716f lib/svc/manifest/network/vrrp.xml 0444 root sys
1717d lib/svc/manifest/platform 0755 root sys
1718d lib/svc/manifest/platform/i86pc 0755 root sys
1719f lib/svc/manifest/platform/i86pc/acpihpd.xml 0444 root sys
1720d lib/svc/manifest/platform/sun4u 0755 root sys
1721d lib/svc/manifest/platform/sun4v 0755 root sys
1722d lib/svc/manifest/site 0755 root sys
1723d lib/svc/manifest/system 0755 root sys
1724f lib/svc/manifest/system/auditd.xml 0444 root sys
1725f lib/svc/manifest/system/auditset.xml 0444 root sys
1726f lib/svc/manifest/system/boot-archive-update.xml 0444 root sys
1727f lib/svc/manifest/system/boot-archive.xml 0444 root sys
1728f lib/svc/manifest/system/boot-config.xml 0444 root sys
1729f lib/svc/manifest/system/consadm.xml 0444 root sys
1730f lib/svc/manifest/system/console-login.xml 0444 root sys
1731f lib/svc/manifest/system/coreadm.xml 0444 root sys
1732f lib/svc/manifest/system/cron.xml 0444 root sys
1733f lib/svc/manifest/system/cryptosvc.xml 0444 root sys
1734d lib/svc/manifest/system/device 0755 root sys
1735f lib/svc/manifest/system/device/allocate.xml 0444 root sys
1736f lib/svc/manifest/system/device/devices-local.xml 0444 root sys
1737f lib/svc/manifest/system/device/mpxio-upgrade.xml 0444 root sys
1738f lib/svc/manifest/system/dumpadm.xml 0444 root sys
1739f lib/svc/manifest/system/early-manifest-import.xml 0444 root sys
1740f lib/svc/manifest/system/extended-accounting.xml 0444 root sys
1741d lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem 0755 root sys
1742f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/autofs.xml 0444 root sys
1743f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/joyent-fs.xml 0444 root sys
1744f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/local-fs.xml 0444 root sys
1745f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/minimal-fs.xml 0444 root sys
1746f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/root-fs.xml 0444 root sys
1747f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/usr-fs.xml 0444 root sys
1748f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/vscan.xml 0444 root sys
1749d lib/svc/manifest/system/fm 0755 root sys
1750f lib/svc/manifest/system/fm/notify-params.xml 0444 root sys
1751f lib/svc/manifest/system/fm/smtp-notify.xml 0444 root sys
1752f lib/svc/manifest/system/fmd.xml 0444 root sys
1753f lib/svc/manifest/system/hostid.xml 0444 root sys
1754f lib/svc/manifest/system/hotplug.xml 0444 root sys
1755d lib/svc/manifest/system/ibsrp 0755 root sys
1756f lib/svc/manifest/system/ibsrp/target.xml 0444 root sys
1757f lib/svc/manifest/system/identity.xml 0444 root sys
1758f lib/svc/manifest/system/idmap.xml 0444 root sys
1759f lib/svc/manifest/system/intrd.xml 0444 root sys
1760f lib/svc/manifest/system/keymap.xml 0444 root sys
1761f lib/svc/manifest/system/labeld.xml 0444 root sys
1762f lib/svc/manifest/system/logadm-upgrade.xml 0444 root sys
1763f lib/svc/manifest/system/manifest-import.xml 0444 root sys
1764f lib/svc/manifest/system/mdata.xml 0444 root sys
1765f lib/svc/manifest/system/name-service-cache.xml 0444 root sys
1766f lib/svc/manifest/system/ndmp.xml 0444 root sys
1767f lib/svc/manifest/system/pfexecd.xml 0444 root sys
1768f lib/svc/manifest/system/picl.xml 0444 root sys
1769f lib/svc/manifest/system/power.xml 0444 root sys
1770f lib/svc/manifest/system/process-security.xml 0444 root sys
1771f lib/svc/manifest/system/rbac.xml 0444 root sys
1772f lib/svc/manifest/system/rcap.xml 0444 root sys
1773f lib/svc/manifest/system/resource-mgmt.xml 0444 root sys
1774f lib/svc/manifest/system/rmtmpfiles.xml 0444 root sys
1775f lib/svc/manifest/system/sac.xml 0444 root sys
1776f lib/svc/manifest/system/sar.xml 0444 root sys
1777f lib/svc/manifest/system/scheduler.xml 0444 root sys
1778d lib/svc/manifest/system/security 0755 root sys
1779f lib/svc/manifest/system/smartdc-config.xml 0444 root sys
1780f lib/svc/manifest/system/smartdc-init.xml 0444 root sys
1781f lib/svc/manifest/system/smartdc-ur.xml 0444 root sys
1782f lib/svc/manifest/system/stmf.xml 0444 root sys
1783d lib/svc/manifest/system/svc 0755 root sys
1784f lib/svc/manifest/system/svc/global.xml 0444 root sys
1785f lib/svc/manifest/system/svc/restarter.xml 0444 root sys
1786f lib/svc/manifest/system/sysevent.xml 0444 root sys
1787f lib/svc/manifest/system/system-log.xml 0444 root sys
1788f lib/svc/manifest/system/update-man-index.xml 0444 root sys
1789f lib/svc/manifest/system/utmp.xml 0444 root sys
1790f lib/svc/manifest/system/vtdaemon.xml 0444 root sys
1791f lib/svc/manifest/system/zones.xml 0444 root sys
1792d lib/svc/method 0755 root bin
1793f lib/svc/method/boot-archive 0555 root bin
1794f lib/svc/method/boot-archive-update 0555 root bin
1795f lib/svc/method/console-login 0555 root bin
1796f lib/svc/method/devices-audio 0555 root bin
1797f lib/svc/method/devices-local 0555 root bin
1798f lib/svc/method/dns-install 0555 root bin
1799f lib/svc/method/fc-fabric 0555 root sys
1800f lib/svc/method/fs-joyent 0555 root sys
1801f lib/svc/method/fs-local 0555 root bin
1802f lib/svc/method/fs-minimal 0555 root bin
1803f lib/svc/method/fs-root 0555 root bin
1804f lib/svc/method/fs-usr 0555 root bin
1805f lib/svc/method/ibd-post-upgrade 0555 root sys
1806f lib/svc/method/identity-domain 0555 root bin
1807f lib/svc/method/identity-node 0555 root bin
1808f lib/svc/method/inetd-upgrade 0555 root bin
1809f lib/svc/method/ipfilter 0555 root sys
1810f lib/svc/method/iscsi-initiator 0555 root sys
1811f lib/svc/method/iscsi-target 0555 root sys
1812f lib/svc/method/iscsid 0555 root sys
1813f lib/svc/method/keymap 0555 root bin
1814f lib/svc/method/ldap-client 0555 root bin
1815f lib/svc/method/logadm-upgrade 0555 root bin
1816f lib/svc/method/manifest-import 0555 root bin
1817f lib/svc/method/mdata-execute 0555 root bin
1818f lib/svc/method/mdata-fetch 0555 root bin
1819f lib/svc/method/mpxio-upgrade 0555 root bin
1820f lib/svc/method/net-early-admin 0555 root bin
1821f lib/svc/method/net-init 0555 root bin
1822f lib/svc/method/net-install 0555 root bin
1823f lib/svc/method/net-ipmgmt 0555 root bin
1824f lib/svc/method/net-ipqos 0555 root bin
1825f lib/svc/method/net-iptun 0555 root bin
1826f lib/svc/method/net-loc 0555 root bin
1827f lib/svc/method/net-loopback 0555 root bin
1828f lib/svc/method/net-netmask 0555 root bin
1829f lib/svc/method/net-physical 0555 root sys
1830f lib/svc/method/net-routing-setup 0555 root bin
1831f lib/svc/method/net-svc 0555 root bin
1832f lib/svc/method/nfs-client 0555 root bin
1833f lib/svc/method/nfs-server 0555 root sys
1834f lib/svc/method/nlockmgr 0555 root bin
1835f lib/svc/method/npivconfig 0555 root sys
1836f lib/svc/method/rmtmpfiles 0555 root bin
1837f lib/svc/method/rpc-bind 0555 root bin
1838f lib/svc/method/sendmail-client 0555 root sys
1839f lib/svc/method/slp 0555 root sys
1840f lib/svc/method/smartdc-config 0555 root bin
1841f lib/svc/method/smartdc-init 0555 root sys
1842f lib/svc/method/smartdc-ur 0555 root bin
1843f lib/svc/method/smb-client 0555 root sys
1844f lib/svc/method/smtp-sendmail 0555 root sys
1845f lib/svc/method/sshd 0555 root bin
1846f lib/svc/method/svc-acpihpd 0555 root sys
1847f lib/svc/method/svc-allocate 0555 root bin
1848f lib/svc/method/svc-auditd 0555 root bin
1849f lib/svc/method/svc-auditset 0555 root bin
1850f lib/svc/method/svc-autofs 0555 root bin
1851f lib/svc/method/svc-boot-config 0555 root bin
1852f lib/svc/method/svc-consadm 0555 root bin
1853f lib/svc/method/svc-cron 0555 root bin
1854f lib/svc/method/svc-dlmgmtd 0555 root bin
1855f lib/svc/method/svc-dumpadm 0555 root sys
1856f lib/svc/method/svc-fcoei 0555 root sys
1857f lib/svc/method/svc-fcoet 0555 root sys
1858f lib/svc/method/svc-forwarding 0555 root bin
1859f lib/svc/method/svc-hostid 0555 root bin
1860f lib/svc/method/svc-hotplug 0555 root bin
1861f lib/svc/method/svc-intrd 0555 root sys
1862f lib/svc/method/svc-labeld 0555 root sys
1863f lib/svc/method/svc-legacy-routing 0555 root bin
1864f lib/svc/method/svc-ndmp 0555 root sys
1865f lib/svc/method/svc-ndp 0555 root bin
1866f lib/svc/method/svc-nscd 0555 root bin
1867f lib/svc/method/svc-power 0555 root sys
1868f lib/svc/method/svc-rbac 0555 root bin
1869f lib/svc/method/svc-rdisc 0555 root bin
1870f lib/svc/method/svc-resource-mgmt 0555 root sys
1871f lib/svc/method/svc-ripng 0555 root bin
1872f lib/svc/method/svc-route 0555 root bin
1873f lib/svc/method/svc-scheduler 0555 root sys
1874f lib/svc/method/svc-sockfilter 0555 root bin
1875f lib/svc/method/svc-srpt 0555 root sys
1876f lib/svc/method/svc-stmf 0555 root sys
1877f lib/svc/method/svc-syseventd 0555 root sys
1878f lib/svc/method/svc-tnd 0555 root sys
1879f lib/svc/method/svc-utmpd 0555 root bin
1880f lib/svc/method/svc-vrrp 0555 root sys
1881f lib/svc/method/svc-zones 0555 root sys
1882f lib/svc/method/sysidtool-net 0555 root bin
1883f lib/svc/method/sysidtool-system 0555 root bin
1884f lib/svc/method/system-log 0555 root bin
1885f lib/svc/method/update-man-index 0555 root bin
1886f lib/svc/method/vtdaemon 0555 root bin
1887f lib/svc/method/yp 0555 root bin
1888d lib/svc/monitor 0755 root bin
1889d lib/svc/share 0755 root bin
1890f lib/svc/share/README 0444 root bin
1891f lib/svc/share/fs_include.sh 0444 root bin
1892f lib/svc/share/ipf_include.sh 0444 root bin
1893f lib/svc/share/mfsthistory 0444 root bin
1894f lib/svc/share/net_include.sh 0444 root bin
1895f lib/svc/share/routing_include.sh 0444 root bin
1896f lib/svc/share/sendmail_include.sh 0444 root sys
1897f lib/svc/share/smf_include.sh 0444 root bin
1898d mnt 0755 root sys
1899d opt 0755 root sys
1900d platform 0755 root sys
1901d platform/i86pc 0755 root sys
1902d platform/i86pc/amd64 0755 root sys
1903d platform/i86pc/kernel 0755 root sys
1904d platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64 0755 root sys
1905f platform/i86pc/kernel/amd64/unix 0755 root sys
1906d platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu 0755 root sys
1907d platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64 0755 root sys
1908f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu.generic 0755 root sys
1909f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.AuthenticAMD 0755 root sys
1910f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.AuthenticAMD.15 0755 root sys
1911f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel 0755 root sys
1912f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.46 0755 root sys
1913f platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.47 0755 root sys
1914d platform/i86pc/kernel/dacf 0755 root sys
1915d platform/i86pc/kernel/dacf/amd64 0755 root sys
1916f platform/i86pc/kernel/dacf/amd64/consconfig_dacf 0755 root sys
1917d platform/i86pc/kernel/drv 0755 root sys
1918f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/acpippm.conf 0644 root sys
1919d platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64 0755 root sys
1920f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/acpinex 0755 root sys
1921f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/acpippm 0755 root sys
1922f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/amd_iommu 0755 root sys
1923f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/cpc 0755 root sys
1924f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/cpudrv 0755 root sys
1925f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/dr 0755 root sys
1926f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/fipe 0755 root sys
1927f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/imc 0755 root sys
1928f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/imcstub 0755 root sys
1929f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/ioat 0755 root sys
1930f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/isa 0755 root sys
1931f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/npe 0755 root sys
1932f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/pci 0755 root sys
1933f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/pci-ide 0755 root sys
1934f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/pit_beep 0755 root sys
1935f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/ppm 0755 root sys
1936f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/rootnex 0755 root sys
1937f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd64/xsvc 0755 root sys
1938f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/amd_iommu.conf 0644 root sys
1939f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/cpc.conf 0644 root sys
1940f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/dr.conf 0644 root sys
1941f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/fipe.conf 0644 root sys
1942f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/imc.conf 0644 root sys
1943f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/ioat.conf 0644 root sys
1944f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/pci-ide.conf 0644 root sys
1945f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/pit_beep.conf 0644 root sys
1946f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/ppm.conf 0644 root sys
1947f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/rootnex.conf 0644 root sys
1948f platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/xsvc.conf 0644 root sys
1949d platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb 0755 root sys
1950d platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64 0755 root sys
1951f platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64/apix 0555 root sys
1952f platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64/pcplusmp 0555 root sys
1953f platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64/unix 0555 root sys
1954f platform/i86pc/kernel/kmdb/amd64/uppc 0555 root sys
1955d platform/i86pc/kernel/mach 0755 root sys
1956d platform/i86pc/kernel/mach/amd64 0755 root sys
1957f platform/i86pc/kernel/mach/amd64/apix 0755 root sys
1958f platform/i86pc/kernel/mach/amd64/pcplusmp 0755 root sys
1959f platform/i86pc/kernel/mach/amd64/uppc 0755 root sys
1960d platform/i86pc/kernel/misc 0755 root sys
1961d platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64 0755 root sys
1962f platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64/acpidev 0755 root sys
1963f platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64/cpr 0755 root sys
1964f platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64/drmach_acpi 0755 root sys
1965f platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64/gfx_private 0755 root sys
1966d platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe 0755 root sys
1967d platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64 0755 root sys
1968f platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.AuthenticAMD 0755 root sys
1969f platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.15 0755 root sys
1970s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.122=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1971s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.142=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1972f platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15 0755 root sys
1973s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.158=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1974s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.23=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1975s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.26=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1976s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.28=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1977s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.29=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1978s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.30=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1979s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.31=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1980s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.37=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1981s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.38=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1982s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.39=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1983s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.42=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1984s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.44=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1985s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.45=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1986s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.46=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1987s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.47=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1988s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.53=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1989s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.54=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1990s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.55=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1991s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.58=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1992s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.60=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1993s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.61=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1994s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.62=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1995s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.63=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1996s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.69=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1997s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.70=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1998s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.71=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
1999s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.76=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
2000s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.77=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
2001s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.78=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
2002s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.79=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
2003s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.85=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
2004s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.86=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
2005s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.92=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
2006s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.94=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
2007s platform/i86pc/kernel/pcbe/amd64/pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.95=pcbe.GenuineIntel.6.15
2008d platform/i86pc/kernel/sys 0755 root sys
2009d platform/i86pc/kernel/sys/amd64 0755 root sys
2010f platform/i86pc/kernel/sys/amd64/cpc 0755 root sys
2011d platform/i86pc/ucode 0755 root sys
2012d platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD 0755 root sys
2013f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/1020-00 0444 root sys
2014f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/1022-00 0444 root sys
2015f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/1041-00 0444 root sys
2016f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/1043-00 0444 root sys
2017f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/1062-00 0444 root sys
2018f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/1080-00 0444 root sys
2019f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/1081-00 0444 root sys
2020f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/10A0-00 0444 root sys
2021f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/3010-00 0444 root sys
2022f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/5010-00 0444 root sys
2023f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/5020-00 0444 root sys
2024f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/6012-00 0444 root sys
2025f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/container 0444 root sys
2026f platform/i86pc/ucode/AuthenticAMD/equivalence-table 0444 root sys
2027d platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel 0755 root sys
2028f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000650-01 0444 root sys
2029f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000650-02 0444 root sys
2030f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000650-08 0444 root sys
2031f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000651-01 0444 root sys
2032f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000652-01 0444 root sys
2033f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000652-02 0444 root sys
2034f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000652-04 0444 root sys
2035f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000653-01 0444 root sys
2036f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000653-02 0444 root sys
2037f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000653-04 0444 root sys
2038f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000653-08 0444 root sys
2039f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000660-01 0444 root sys
2040f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000665-10 0444 root sys
2041f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0000066A-02 0444 root sys
2042f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0000066A-08 0444 root sys
2043f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0000066A-20 0444 root sys
2044f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0000066D-02 0444 root sys
2045f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0000066D-08 0444 root sys
2046f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0000066D-20 0444 root sys
2047f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000671-04 0444 root sys
2048f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000672-04 0444 root sys
2049f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000673-04 0444 root sys
2050f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000681-01 0444 root sys
2051f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000681-04 0444 root sys
2052f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000681-08 0444 root sys
2053f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000681-10 0444 root sys
2054f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000681-20 0444 root sys
2055f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000683-08 0444 root sys
2056f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000683-20 0444 root sys
2057f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000686-01 0444 root sys
2058f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000686-02 0444 root sys
2059f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000686-04 0444 root sys
2060f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000686-10 0444 root sys
2061f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000686-80 0444 root sys
2062f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0000068A-10 0444 root sys
2063f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0000068A-20 0444 root sys
2064f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0000068A-80 0444 root sys
2065f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000695-10 0444 root sys
2066f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000695-20 0444 root sys
2067f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000695-80 0444 root sys
2068f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006A0-04 0444 root sys
2069f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006A1-04 0444 root sys
2070f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006B1-10 0444 root sys
2071f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006B1-20 0444 root sys
2072f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006B4-10 0444 root sys
2073f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006B4-20 0444 root sys
2074f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006D6-20 0444 root sys
2075f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006E8-20 0444 root sys
2076f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006EC-20 0444 root sys
2077f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006EC-80 0444 root sys
2078f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006F2-01 0444 root sys
2079f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006F2-20 0444 root sys
2080f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006F6-01 0444 root sys
2081f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006F6-04 0444 root sys
2082f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006F6-20 0444 root sys
2083f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006F7-10 0444 root sys
2084f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006F7-40 0444 root sys
2085f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FA-80 0444 root sys
2086f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FB-01 0444 root sys
2087f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FB-04 0444 root sys
2088f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FB-08 0444 root sys
2089f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FB-10 0444 root sys
2090f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FB-20 0444 root sys
2091f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FB-40 0444 root sys
2092f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FB-80 0444 root sys
2093f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FD-01 0444 root sys
2094f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FD-20 0444 root sys
2095f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000006FD-80 0444 root sys
2096f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F07-01 0444 root sys
2097f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F07-02 0444 root sys
2098f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F0A-01 0444 root sys
2099f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F0A-02 0444 root sys
2100f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F0A-04 0444 root sys
2101f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F12-04 0444 root sys
2102f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F24-02 0444 root sys
2103f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F24-04 0444 root sys
2104f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F24-10 0444 root sys
2105f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F25-01 0444 root sys
2106f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F25-02 0444 root sys
2107f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F25-04 0444 root sys
2108f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F25-10 0444 root sys
2109f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F26-02 0444 root sys
2110f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F27-02 0444 root sys
2111f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F27-04 0444 root sys
2112f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F27-08 0444 root sys
2113f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F29-02 0444 root sys
2114f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F29-04 0444 root sys
2115f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F29-08 0444 root sys
2116f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F32-01 0444 root sys
2117h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F32-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F32-01
2118h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F32-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F32-01
2119f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F33-01 0444 root sys
2120h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F33-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F33-01
2121h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F33-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F33-01
2122f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F34-01 0444 root sys
2123h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F34-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F34-01
2124h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F34-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F34-01
2125h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F34-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F34-01
2126f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-01 0444 root sys
2127f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-02 0444 root sys
2128h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-01
2129h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-01
2130h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-01
2131h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-01
2132h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F41-01
2133f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F43-01 0444 root sys
2134h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F43-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F43-01
2135h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F43-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F43-01
2136h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F43-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F43-01
2137h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F43-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F43-01
2138f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F44-01 0444 root sys
2139h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F44-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F44-01
2140h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F44-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F44-01
2141h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F44-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F44-01
2142h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F44-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F44-01
2143f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F47-01 0444 root sys
2144h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F47-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F47-01
2145h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F47-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F47-01
2146h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F47-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F47-01
2147h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F47-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F47-01
2148f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F48-01 0444 root sys
2149f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F48-02 0444 root sys
2150f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F48-04 0444 root sys
2151h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F48-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F48-04
2152h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F48-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F48-04
2153h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F48-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F48-04
2154f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-01 0444 root sys
2155h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-01
2156h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-01
2157h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-01
2158h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-01
2159h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F49-01
2160f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F4A-01 0444 root sys
2161f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F4A-04 0444 root sys
2162h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F4A-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F4A-04
2163h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F4A-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F4A-04
2164h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F4A-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F4A-04
2165f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F62-04 0444 root sys
2166f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F64-01 0444 root sys
2167f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F64-04 0444 root sys
2168h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F64-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F64-04
2169h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F64-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F64-04
2170f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F65-01 0444 root sys
2171f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F68-02 0444 root sys
2172h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F68-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00000F68-02
2173f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00001632-00 0444 root sys
2174f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00010661-01 0444 root sys
2175f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00010661-02 0444 root sys
2176f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00010661-80 0444 root sys
2177f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00010676-01 0444 root sys
2178f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00010676-04 0444 root sys
2179f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00010676-10 0444 root sys
2180f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00010676-40 0444 root sys
2181f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00010676-80 0444 root sys
2182f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00010677-10 0444 root sys
2183f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0001067A-01 0444 root sys
2184f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0001067A-04 0444 root sys
2185h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0001067A-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0001067A-01
2186f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0001067A-20 0444 root sys
2187h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0001067A-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0001067A-04
2188h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0001067A-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0001067A-20
2189f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106A4-01 0444 root sys
2190h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106A4-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106A4-01
2191f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106A5-01 0444 root sys
2192h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106A5-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106A5-01
2193f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106C2-01 0444 root sys
2194f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106C2-04 0444 root sys
2195f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106C2-08 0444 root sys
2196f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106CA-01 0444 root sys
2197f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106CA-04 0444 root sys
2198f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106CA-08 0444 root sys
2199f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106CA-10 0444 root sys
2200f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106D1-08 0444 root sys
2201f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106E5-01 0444 root sys
2202h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106E5-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106E5-01
2203h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106E5-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000106E5-01
2204f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020652-02 0444 root sys
2205h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020652-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020652-02
2206f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020655-02 0444 root sys
2207h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020655-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020655-02
2208h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020655-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020655-02
2209f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020661-01 0444 root sys
2210f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00020661-02 0444 root sys
2211f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206A7-02 0444 root sys
2212h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206A7-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206A7-02
2213f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206C2-01 0444 root sys
2214h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206C2-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206C2-01
2215f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D6-01 0444 root sys
2216h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D6-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D6-01
2217h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D6-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D6-01
2218h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D6-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D6-01
2219h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D6-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D6-01
2220f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D7-01 0444 root sys
2221h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D7-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D7-01
2222h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D7-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D7-01
2223h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D7-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D7-01
2224h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D7-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206D7-01
2225f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206E6-04 0444 root sys
2226f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206F2-01 0444 root sys
2227h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206F2-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000206F2-01
2228f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030678-02 0444 root sys
2229f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030678-04 0444 root sys
2230h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030678-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030678-04
2231f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030679-01 0444 root sys
2232h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030679-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030679-01
2233h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030679-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030679-01
2234h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030679-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00030679-01
2235f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306A9-02 0444 root sys
2236h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306A9-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306A9-02
2237f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306C3-02 0444 root sys
2238h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306C3-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306C3-02
2239h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306C3-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306C3-02
2240f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306D4-40 0444 root sys
2241h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306D4-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306D4-40
2242f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-01 0444 root sys
2243h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-01
2244h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-01
2245h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-01
2246h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-01
2247h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E4-01
2248f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-01 0444 root sys
2249h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-01
2250h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-01
2251h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-01
2252h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-01
2253h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E6-01
2254f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-01 0444 root sys
2255h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-01
2256h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-01
2257h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-01
2258h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-01
2259h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306E7-01
2260f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-01 0444 root sys
2261h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-01
2262h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-01
2263h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-01
2264h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-01
2265h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F2-01
2266f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000306F4-80 0444 root sys
2267f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040651-02 0444 root sys
2268h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040651-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040651-02
2269h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040651-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040651-02
2270h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040651-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040651-02
2271f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040661-02 0444 root sys
2272h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040661-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040661-02
2273h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040661-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040661-02
2274f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040671-02 0444 root sys
2275h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040671-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00040671-02
2276f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406C3-01 0444 root sys
2277f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406C4-01 0444 root sys
2278f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406D8-01 0444 root sys
2279f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406E3-40 0444 root sys
2280h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406E3-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406E3-40
2281f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-01 0444 root sys
2282h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-01
2283h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-01
2284h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-01
2285h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-01
2286h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-01
2287h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000406F1-01
2288f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050653-01 0444 root sys
2289h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050653-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050653-01
2290h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050653-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050653-01
2291h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050653-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050653-01
2292h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050653-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050653-01
2293f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-01 0444 root sys
2294h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-01
2295h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-01
2296h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-01
2297h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-01
2298h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050654-01
2299f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-01 0444 root sys
2300h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-01
2301h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-01
2302h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-01
2303h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-01
2304h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-01
2305h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050656-01
2306f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-01 0444 root sys
2307h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-01
2308h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-01
2309h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-01
2310h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-01
2311h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-01
2312h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050657-01
2313f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-01 0444 root sys
2314h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-01
2315h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-01
2316h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-01
2317h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-01
2318h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-01
2319h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/0005065B-01
2320f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050662-10 0444 root sys
2321f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050663-10 0444 root sys
2322f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00060663-80 0444 root sys
2323f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050664-10 0444 root sys
2324f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/00050665-10 0444 root sys
2325f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506C2-01 0444 root sys
2326f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506C9-01 0444 root sys
2327h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506C9-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506C9-01
2328f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506CA-01 0444 root sys
2329h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506CA-02=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506CA-01
2330f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506E3-02 0444 root sys
2331h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506E3-04=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506E3-02
2332h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506E3-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506E3-02
2333h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506E3-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506E3-02
2334f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000506F1-01 0444 root sys
2335f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000706A1-01 0444 root sys
2336f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000706A8-01 0444 root sys
2337f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000706E5-80 0444 root sys
2338f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806A1-10 0444 root sys
2339f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806C1-80 0444 root sys
2340f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806E9-10 0444 root sys
2341f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806E9-40 0444 root sys
2342h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806E9-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806E9-40
2343f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EA-40 0444 root sys
2344h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EA-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EA-40
2345f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EB-10 0444 root sys
2346h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EB-40=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EB-10
2347h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EB-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EB-10
2348f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EC-04 0444 root sys
2349h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EC-10=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EC-04
2350h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EC-80=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000806EC-04
2351f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906E9-02 0444 root sys
2352h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906E9-08=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906E9-02
2353h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906E9-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906E9-02
2354f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906EA-02 0444 root sys
2355h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906EA-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906EA-02
2356f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906EB-02 0444 root sys
2357f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906EC-02 0444 root sys
2358h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906EC-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906EC-02
2359f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906ED-02 0444 root sys
2360h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906ED-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000906ED-02
2361f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000A0652-20 0444 root sys
2362f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000A0653-02 0444 root sys
2363h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000A0653-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000A0653-02
2364f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000A0655-02 0444 root sys
2365h platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000A0655-20=platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000A0653-02
2366f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000A0660-80 0444 root sys
2367f platform/i86pc/ucode/GenuineIntel/000A0661-80 0444 root sys
2368d proc 0755 root root
2369d root 0755 root root
2370f root/.bash_profile 0644 root root
2371f root/.bashrc 0644 root root
2372f root/.profile 0644 root root
2373d sbin 0755 root sys
2374f sbin/autopush 0555 root bin
2375f sbin/biosdev 0555 root bin
2376f sbin/bootadm 0555 root bin
2377f sbin/cryptoadm 0555 root bin
2378f sbin/devprop 0555 root bin
2379f sbin/dhcpagent 0555 root bin
2380f sbin/dhcpinfo 0555 root bin
2381f sbin/dladm 0555 root bin
2382f sbin/dlmgmtd 0555 root bin
2383f sbin/dlstat 0555 root bin
2384f sbin/fdisk 0555 root bin
2385f sbin/fiocompress 0555 root bin
2386f sbin/flowadm 0555 root bin
2387f sbin/flowstat 0555 root bin
2388f sbin/hostconfig 0555 root bin
2389f sbin/ibd_delete_link 0555 root bin
2390f sbin/ibd_upgrade 0555 root bin
2391f sbin/ifconfig 0555 root bin
2392f sbin/ifparse 0555 root bin
2393s sbin/in.mpathd=../lib/inet/in.mpathd
2394f sbin/init 0555 root sys
2395f sbin/installgrub 0555 root sys
2396f sbin/ipadm 0555 root bin
2397f sbin/ipmpstat 0555 root bin
2398s sbin/jsh=../usr/bin/ksh93
2399f sbin/mount 0555 root bin
2400f sbin/mountall 0555 root sys
2401f sbin/netstrategy 0555 root bin
2402s sbin/pfsh=../usr/bin/pfexec
2403f sbin/rc0 0744 root sys
2404f sbin/rc1 0744 root sys
2405f sbin/rc2 0744 root sys
2406f sbin/rc3 0744 root sys
2407h sbin/rc5=sbin/rc0
2408h sbin/rc6=sbin/rc0
2409f sbin/rcS 0744 root sys
2410f sbin/route 0555 root bin
2411f sbin/routeadm 0555 root bin
2412s sbin/sh=../usr/bin/i86/ksh93
2413f sbin/soconfig 0555 root bin
2414f sbin/su.static 0555 root sys
2415s sbin/su=../usr/bin/su
2416f sbin/sulogin 0555 root bin
2417f sbin/svcadm 0555 root bin
2418f sbin/swapadd 0744 root sys
2419f sbin/sync 0555 root bin
2420f sbin/tzreload 0555 root bin
2421f sbin/uadmin 0555 root sys
2422f sbin/umount 0555 root bin
2423f sbin/umountall 0555 root sys
2424f sbin/uname 0555 root bin
2425f sbin/zfs 0555 root bin
2426f sbin/zonename 0555 root bin
2427f sbin/zpool 0555 root bin
2428d system 0755 root root
2429d system/boot 0755 root root
2430d system/contract 0555 root root
2431d system/object 0555 root root
2432d tmp 1777 root root
2433d usr 0755 root sys
2434s usr/adm=../var/adm
2435d usr/bin 0755 root bin
2436h usr/bin/[=usr/bin/alias
2437f usr/bin/addbadsec 0555 root bin
2438f usr/bin/alias 0555 root bin
2439d usr/bin/amd64 0755 root bin
2440f usr/bin/amd64/amt 0555 root bin
2441f usr/bin/amd64/cputrack 0555 root bin
2442f usr/bin/amd64/crle 0555 root bin
2443h usr/bin/amd64/decrypt=usr/bin/amd64/encrypt
2444h usr/bin/amd64/digest=usr/bin/amd64/mac
2445f usr/bin/amd64/elfdump 0555 root bin
2446f usr/bin/amd64/elfedit 0555 root bin
2447f usr/bin/amd64/elfwrap 0555 root bin
2448f usr/bin/amd64/encrypt 0555 root bin
2449f usr/bin/amd64/ficl-sys 0555 root bin
2450f usr/bin/amd64/gcore 0555 root bin
2451f usr/bin/amd64/ksh93 0555 root bin
2452h usr/bin/amd64/ksh=usr/bin/amd64/ksh93
2453f usr/bin/amd64/ld 0755 root bin
2454f usr/bin/amd64/ldd 0555 root bin
2455f usr/bin/amd64/ls 0555 root bin
2456f usr/bin/amd64/mac 0555 root bin
2457f usr/bin/amd64/mcs 0555 root bin
2458f usr/bin/amd64/mdb 0555 root bin
2459f usr/bin/amd64/moe 0555 root bin
2460f usr/bin/amd64/newtask 4555 root sys
2461f usr/bin/amd64/nohup 0555 root bin
2462f usr/bin/amd64/pargs 0555 root bin
2463h usr/bin/amd64/pauxv=usr/bin/amd64/pargs
2464f usr/bin/amd64/pcred 0555 root bin
2465h usr/bin/amd64/penv=usr/bin/amd64/pargs
2466f usr/bin/amd64/pfiles 0555 root bin
2467f usr/bin/amd64/pflags 0555 root bin
2468f usr/bin/amd64/pldd 0555 root bin
2469f usr/bin/amd64/plgrp 0555 root bin
2470f usr/bin/amd64/plimit 0555 root bin
2471f usr/bin/amd64/pmadvise 0555 root bin
2472f usr/bin/amd64/pmap 0555 root bin
2473f usr/bin/amd64/ppgsz 0555 root bin
2474f usr/bin/amd64/ppriv 0555 root bin
2475f usr/bin/amd64/prctl 0555 root bin
2476f usr/bin/amd64/preap 0555 root bin
2477f usr/bin/amd64/prstat 0555 root bin
2478f usr/bin/amd64/prun 0555 root bin
2479f usr/bin/amd64/ps 0555 root bin
2480f usr/bin/amd64/psecflags 0555 root bin
2481f usr/bin/amd64/psig 0555 root bin
2482f usr/bin/amd64/pstack 0555 root bin
2483f usr/bin/amd64/pstop 0555 root bin
2484f usr/bin/amd64/ptime 0555 root bin
2485f usr/bin/amd64/ptree 0555 root bin
2486f usr/bin/amd64/pvs 0555 root bin
2487f usr/bin/amd64/pwait 0555 root bin
2488f usr/bin/amd64/pwdx 0555 root bin
2489h usr/bin/amd64/rksh93=usr/bin/amd64/ksh93
2490h usr/bin/amd64/rksh=usr/bin/amd64/ksh93
2491f usr/bin/amd64/savecore 0555 root bin
2492f usr/bin/amd64/setuname 0555 root bin
2493f usr/bin/amd64/sort 0555 root bin
2494f usr/bin/amd64/strings 0555 root bin
2495f usr/bin/amd64/truss 0555 root bin
2496h usr/bin/amd64/uptime=usr/bin/amd64/w
2497f usr/bin/amd64/w 4555 root bin
2498f usr/bin/amd64/ztest 4555 root bin
2499f usr/bin/amt 0555 root bin
2500h usr/bin/apropos=usr/bin/man
2501f usr/bin/ar 0555 root bin
2502f usr/bin/arch 0555 root bin
2503f usr/bin/arcstat 0555 root bin
2504f usr/bin/asa 0555 root bin
2505f usr/bin/at 4755 root sys
2506f usr/bin/atq 4755 root sys
2507f usr/bin/atrm 4755 root sys
2508f usr/bin/auths 0555 root bin
2509h usr/bin/awk=usr/bin/nawk
2510f usr/bin/banner 0555 root bin
2511f usr/bin/bart 0555 root bin
2512f usr/bin/basename 0555 root bin
2513f usr/bin/batch 0555 root bin
2514f usr/bin/bc 0555 root bin
2515f usr/bin/bdiff 0755 root bin
2516h usr/bin/bg=usr/bin/alias
2517f usr/bin/busstat 0555 root bin
2518f usr/bin/cal 0555 root bin
2519f usr/bin/captoinfo 0555 root bin
2520f usr/bin/cat 0555 root bin
2521h usr/bin/catman=usr/bin/man
2522h usr/bin/cd=usr/bin/alias
2523f usr/bin/checkeq 0555 root bin
2524f usr/bin/checknr 0555 root bin
2525f usr/bin/chgrp 0555 root bin
2526f usr/bin/chkey 4555 root sys
2527f usr/bin/chmod 0555 root bin
2528f usr/bin/chown 0555 root bin
2529f usr/bin/ckdate 0555 root bin
2530f usr/bin/ckgid 0555 root bin
2531f usr/bin/ckint 0555 root bin
2532f usr/bin/ckitem 0555 root bin
2533f usr/bin/ckkeywd 0555 root bin
2534f usr/bin/ckpath 0555 root bin
2535f usr/bin/ckrange 0555 root bin
2536f usr/bin/ckstr 0555 root bin
2537h usr/bin/cksum=usr/bin/alias
2538f usr/bin/cktime 0555 root bin
2539f usr/bin/ckuid 0555 root bin
2540f usr/bin/ckyorn 0555 root bin
2541f usr/bin/clear 0555 root bin
2542h usr/bin/cmp=usr/bin/alias
2543f usr/bin/col 0555 root bin
2544f usr/bin/column 0555 root bin
2545h usr/bin/comm=usr/bin/alias
2546h usr/bin/command=usr/bin/alias
2547f usr/bin/compress 0555 root bin
2548f usr/bin/connstat 0555 root bin
2549f usr/bin/coreadm 0555 root bin
2550f usr/bin/cp 0555 root bin
2551f usr/bin/cpio 0555 root bin
2552h usr/bin/cputrack=usr/lib/isaexec
2553f usr/bin/crle 0555 root bin
2554f usr/bin/crontab 4555 root bin
2555f usr/bin/crypt 0555 root bin
2556f usr/bin/csh 0555 root bin
2557f usr/bin/csplit 0555 root bin
2558f usr/bin/ctags 0555 root bin
2559f usr/bin/ctfdiff 0555 root bin
2560f usr/bin/ctfdump 0555 root bin
2561f usr/bin/ctrun 0555 root bin
2562f usr/bin/ctstat 0555 root bin
2563f usr/bin/ctwatch 0555 root bin
2564h usr/bin/cut=usr/bin/alias
2565f usr/bin/date 0555 root bin
2566f usr/bin/dc 0555 root bin
2567f usr/bin/dd 0555 root bin
2568h usr/bin/decrypt=usr/lib/isaexec
2569f usr/bin/demangle 0555 root bin
2570f usr/bin/deroff 0555 root bin
2571f usr/bin/devattr 0555 root bin
2572f usr/bin/devfree 0555 root bin
2573f usr/bin/devreserv 0555 root bin
2574s usr/bin/df=../sbin/df
2575f usr/bin/diff 0555 root bin
2576f usr/bin/diff3 0555 root bin
2577f usr/bin/diffmk 0555 root bin
2578h usr/bin/digest=usr/lib/isaexec
2579f usr/bin/dircmp 0555 root bin
2580f usr/bin/dirname 0555 root bin
2581f usr/bin/dis 0555 root bin
2582f usr/bin/diskinfo 0555 root bin
2583f usr/bin/diskscan 0555 root bin
2584h usr/bin/dispgid=usr/bin/ckgid
2585h usr/bin/dispuid=usr/bin/ckuid
2586s usr/bin/dmesg=../sbin/dmesg
2587f usr/bin/dns-sd 0555 root bin
2588f usr/bin/domainname 0555 root bin
2589f usr/bin/dos2unix 0555 root bin
2590f usr/bin/du 0555 root bin
2591f usr/bin/dump 0555 root bin
2592f usr/bin/dumpcs 0555 root bin
2593f usr/bin/dumpkeys 0555 root bin
2594f usr/bin/echo 0555 root bin
2595f usr/bin/ed 0555 root bin
2596f usr/bin/edit 0555 root bin
2597h usr/bin/egrep=usr/bin/grep
2598f usr/bin/eject 0555 root bin
2599h usr/bin/elfdump=usr/lib/isaexec
2600f usr/bin/elfedit 0555 root bin
2601f usr/bin/elfsign 0555 root bin
2602f usr/bin/elfwrap 0555 root bin
2603h usr/bin/encrypt=usr/lib/isaexec
2604f usr/bin/enhance 0555 root bin
2605f usr/bin/env 0555 root bin
2606f usr/bin/eqn 0555 root bin
2607f usr/bin/etdump 0555 root bin
2608f usr/bin/expand 0555 root bin
2609f usr/bin/expr 0555 root bin
2610f usr/bin/exstr 0555 root bin
2611f usr/bin/factor 0555 root bin
2612f usr/bin/false 0555 root bin
2613h usr/bin/fc=usr/bin/alias
2614f usr/bin/fdetach 0555 root bin
2615f usr/bin/fdformat 4555 root bin
2616h usr/bin/fg=usr/bin/alias
2617h usr/bin/fgrep=usr/bin/grep
2618h usr/bin/ficl-sys=usr/lib/isaexec
2619f usr/bin/file 0555 root bin
2620f usr/bin/filesync 0555 root bin
2621f usr/bin/find 0555 root bin
2622f usr/bin/fmt 0555 root bin
2623f usr/bin/fmtmsg 0555 root bin
2624f usr/bin/fold 0555 root bin
2625f usr/bin/fsstat 0555 root bin
2626f usr/bin/ftp 0555 root bin
2627h usr/bin/gcore=usr/lib/isaexec
2628f usr/bin/gencat 0555 root bin
2629f usr/bin/geniconvtbl 0555 root bin
2630f usr/bin/genmsg 0555 root bin
2631f usr/bin/getconf 0555 root bin
2632f usr/bin/getdev 0555 root bin
2633f usr/bin/getdgrp 0555 root bin
2634f usr/bin/getent 0555 root bin
2635f usr/bin/getfacl 0555 root bin
2636f usr/bin/getopt 0555 root bin
2637h usr/bin/getopts=usr/bin/alias
2638f usr/bin/gettext 0555 root bin
2639f usr/bin/gettxt 0555 root bin
2640f usr/bin/getvol 0555 root bin
2641f usr/bin/grep 0555 root bin
2642f usr/bin/groups 0555 root bin
2643h usr/bin/hash=usr/bin/alias
2644f usr/bin/head 0555 root bin
2645f usr/bin/hostid 0555 root bin
2646f usr/bin/hostname 0555 root bin
2647h usr/bin/i286=usr/bin/sun
2648h usr/bin/i386=usr/bin/sun
2649h usr/bin/i486=usr/bin/sun
2650d usr/bin/i86 0755 root bin
2651f usr/bin/i86/ksh93 0555 root bin
2652f usr/bin/i86/mdb 0555 root bin
2653h usr/bin/i86pc=usr/bin/sun
2654f usr/bin/iconv 0555 root bin
2655f usr/bin/id 0555 root bin
2656f usr/bin/infocmp 0555 root bin
2657f usr/bin/iostat 0555 root bin
2658f usr/bin/ipcrm 0555 root bin
2659f usr/bin/ipcs 0555 root bin
2660f usr/bin/isainfo 0555 root bin
2661f usr/bin/isalist 0555 root bin
2662h usr/bin/jobs=usr/bin/alias
2663h usr/bin/join=usr/bin/alias
2664s usr/bin/jsh=ksh93
2665f usr/bin/kbd 0555 root bin
2666f usr/bin/kdestroy 0555 root bin
2667f usr/bin/keylogin 0555 root bin
2668f usr/bin/keylogout 0555 root bin
2669h usr/bin/kill=usr/bin/alias
2670f usr/bin/kinit 0555 root bin
2671f usr/bin/klist 0555 root bin
2672f usr/bin/kmfcfg 0555 root bin
2673f usr/bin/kpasswd 0555 root bin
2674f usr/bin/krb5-config 0555 root bin
2675h usr/bin/ksh93=usr/lib/isaexec
2676h usr/bin/ksh=usr/lib/isaexec
2677f usr/bin/kstat 0555 root bin
2678f usr/bin/ktutil 0555 root bin
2679f usr/bin/kvmstat 0555 root bin
2680f usr/bin/last 0555 root bin
2681f usr/bin/lastcomm 0555 root bin
2682f usr/bin/ld 0755 root bin
2683f usr/bin/ldapadd 0555 root bin
2684f usr/bin/ldapdelete 0555 root bin
2685f usr/bin/ldaplist 0555 root bin
2686h usr/bin/ldapmodify=usr/bin/ldapadd
2687f usr/bin/ldapmodrdn 0555 root bin
2688f usr/bin/ldapsearch 0555 root bin
2689f usr/bin/ldd 0555 root bin
2690f usr/bin/lgrpinfo 0555 root bin
2691f usr/bin/line 0555 root bin
2692f usr/bin/listdgrp 0555 root bin
2693f usr/bin/listusers 0555 root bin
2694h usr/bin/ln=usr/bin/cp
2695f usr/bin/loadkeys 0555 root bin
2696f usr/bin/locale 0555 root bin
2697f usr/bin/logger 0555 root bin
2698f usr/bin/login 4555 root bin
2699f usr/bin/logins 0750 root bin
2700f usr/bin/logname 0555 root bin
2701f usr/bin/look 0755 root bin
2702f usr/bin/lorder 0555 root bin
2703# We want ls to be the 32bit binary (not a link to isaexec) so we don't blow
2704# out memory sorting entries - we just die if we need too much memory.  This
2705# also matches the setup on a stock solaris box.
2706f usr/bin/ls 0555 root bin
2707f usr/bin/m4 0555 root bin
2708h usr/bin/mac=usr/lib/isaexec
2709f usr/bin/mach 0555 root bin
2710f usr/bin/mail 2511 root mail
2711s usr/bin/mailq=../lib/mailwrapper
2712f usr/bin/mailx 2511 root mail
2713f usr/bin/makedev 0555 root bin
2714f usr/bin/man 0555 root bin
2715f usr/bin/mandoc 0555 root bin
2716f usr/bin/mcs 0555 root bin
2717h usr/bin/mdb=usr/lib/isaexec
2718f usr/bin/mesg 0555 root bin
2719f usr/bin/mkdir 0555 root bin
2720f usr/bin/mkfifo 0555 root bin
2721f usr/bin/mkmsgs 0555 root root
2722f usr/bin/mkpwdict 0555 root bin
2723f usr/bin/mktemp 0555 root bin
2724f usr/bin/moe 0555 root bin
2725f usr/bin/more 0555 root bin
2726f usr/bin/mpstat 0555 root bin
2727f usr/bin/msgfmt 0555 root bin
2728f usr/bin/mt 0555 root bin
2729h usr/bin/mv=usr/bin/cp
2730f usr/bin/nawk 0555 root bin
2731f usr/bin/nc 0555 root bin
2732f usr/bin/neqn 0555 root bin
2733f usr/bin/netstat 0555 root bin
2734f usr/bin/newform 0555 root bin
2735f usr/bin/newgrp 4755 root sys
2736f usr/bin/news 0555 root bin
2737h usr/bin/newtask=usr/lib/isaexec
2738f usr/bin/nfsstat 0555 root bin
2739f usr/bin/nice 0555 root bin
2740f usr/bin/nicstat 0555 root bin
2741f usr/bin/nl 0555 root bin
2742f usr/bin/nm 0555 root bin
2743h usr/bin/nohup=usr/lib/isaexec
2744f usr/bin/nroff 0555 root bin
2745f usr/bin/od 0555 root bin
2746f usr/bin/optisa 0555 root bin
2747f usr/bin/pack 0555 root bin
2748h usr/bin/page=usr/bin/more
2749f usr/bin/pagesize 0555 root bin
2750h usr/bin/pargs=usr/lib/isaexec
2751f usr/bin/passwd 6555 root sys
2752h usr/bin/paste=usr/bin/alias
2753f usr/bin/pathchk 0555 root bin
2754h usr/bin/pauxv=usr/lib/isaexec
2755f usr/bin/pax 0555 root bin
2756s usr/bin/pcat=unpack
2757h usr/bin/pcred=usr/lib/isaexec
2758h usr/bin/penv=usr/lib/isaexec
2759s usr/bin/perl=/opt/local/bin/perl
2760h usr/bin/pfbash=usr/bin/pfexec
2761h usr/bin/pfcsh=usr/bin/pfexec
2762f usr/bin/pfexec 0555 root bin
2763h usr/bin/pfiles=usr/lib/isaexec
2764h usr/bin/pfksh93=usr/bin/pfexec
2765h usr/bin/pfksh=usr/bin/pfexec
2766h usr/bin/pflags=usr/lib/isaexec
2767h usr/bin/pfrksh93=usr/bin/pfexec
2768h usr/bin/pfrksh=usr/bin/pfexec
2769h usr/bin/pfsh=usr/bin/pfexec
2770h usr/bin/pftcsh=usr/bin/pfexec
2771h usr/bin/pfzsh=usr/bin/pfexec
2772f usr/bin/pg 0555 root bin
2773f usr/bin/pginfo 0555 root bin
2774f usr/bin/pgrep 0555 root bin
2775f usr/bin/pgstat 0555 root bin
2776f usr/bin/pkgtrans 0555 root bin
2777h usr/bin/pkill=usr/bin/pgrep
2778f usr/bin/pktool 0555 root bin
2779h usr/bin/pldd=usr/lib/isaexec
2780h usr/bin/plgrp=usr/lib/isaexec
2781h usr/bin/plimit=usr/lib/isaexec
2782h usr/bin/pmadvise=usr/lib/isaexec
2783h usr/bin/pmap=usr/lib/isaexec
2784h usr/bin/ppgsz=usr/lib/isaexec
2785h usr/bin/ppriv=usr/lib/isaexec
2786f usr/bin/pr 0555 root bin
2787h usr/bin/prctl=usr/lib/isaexec
2788h usr/bin/preap=usr/lib/isaexec
2789h usr/bin/print=usr/bin/alias
2790f usr/bin/printf 0555 root bin
2791f usr/bin/priocntl 0555 root bin
2792f usr/bin/profiles 0555 root bin
2793f usr/bin/projects 0555 root bin
2794h usr/bin/prstat=usr/lib/isaexec
2795h usr/bin/prun=usr/lib/isaexec
2796h usr/bin/ps=usr/lib/isaexec
2797h usr/bin/psecflags=usr/lib/isaexec
2798h usr/bin/psig=usr/lib/isaexec
2799h usr/bin/pstack=usr/lib/isaexec
2800h usr/bin/pstop=usr/lib/isaexec
2801h usr/bin/ptime=usr/lib/isaexec
2802h usr/bin/ptree=usr/lib/isaexec
2803f usr/bin/putdev 0555 root bin
2804f usr/bin/putdgrp 0555 root bin
2805f usr/bin/pvs 0555 root bin
2806h usr/bin/pwait=usr/lib/isaexec
2807s usr/bin/pwconv=../sbin/pwconv
2808f usr/bin/pwd 0555 root bin
2809h usr/bin/pwdx=usr/lib/isaexec
2810f usr/bin/rcapstat 0555 root bin
2811f usr/bin/rcp 4555 root bin
2812f usr/bin/rdate 0555 root bin
2813f usr/bin/rdist 4555 root bin
2814h usr/bin/read=usr/bin/alias
2815f usr/bin/red 0555 root bin
2816f usr/bin/refer 0555 root bin
2817f usr/bin/regcmp 0555 root bin
2818s usr/bin/remsh=rsh
2819f usr/bin/renice 0555 root bin
2820h usr/bin/rev=usr/bin/alias
2821h usr/bin/rksh93=usr/lib/isaexec
2822h usr/bin/rksh=usr/lib/isaexec
2823f usr/bin/rlogin 4555 root bin
2824f usr/bin/rm 0555 root bin
2825s usr/bin/rmail=mail
2826f usr/bin/rmdir 0555 root bin
2827f usr/bin/rmformat 0555 root bin
2828f usr/bin/roles 0555 root bin
2829f usr/bin/rpcinfo 0555 root bin
2830f usr/bin/rsh 4555 root bin
2831f usr/bin/runat 0555 root bin
2832f usr/bin/rup 0555 root bin
2833f usr/bin/ruptime 0555 root bin
2834f usr/bin/rusers 0555 root bin
2835h usr/bin/savecore=usr/lib/isaexec
2836f usr/bin/scp 0555 root bin
2837f usr/bin/script 0555 root bin
2838f usr/bin/sdiff 0555 root bin
2839f usr/bin/sed 0555 root bin
2840f usr/bin/setfacl 0555 root bin
2841f usr/bin/setpgrp 0555 root sys
2842h usr/bin/settime=usr/bin/touch
2843h usr/bin/setuname=usr/lib/isaexec
2844s usr/bin/sh=ksh93
2845f usr/bin/shcomp 0555 root bin
2846f usr/bin/size 0555 root bin
2847f usr/bin/sleep 0555 root bin
2848f usr/bin/smbutil 0555 root bin
2849f usr/bin/soelim 0555 root bin
2850h usr/bin/sort=usr/lib/isaexec
2851f usr/bin/sotruss 0755 root bin
2852h usr/bin/sparc=usr/bin/sun
2853f usr/bin/spell 0555 root bin
2854f usr/bin/split 0555 root bin
2855f usr/bin/srchtxt 0555 root bin
2856f usr/bin/strchg 0555 root root
2857s usr/bin/strclean=../sbin/strclean
2858f usr/bin/strconf 0555 root root
2859s usr/bin/strerr=../sbin/strerr
2860h usr/bin/strings=usr/lib/isaexec
2861f usr/bin/strip 0555 root bin
2862f usr/bin/stty 0555 root bin
2863f usr/bin/su 4555 root sys
2864h usr/bin/sum=usr/bin/alias
2865f usr/bin/sun 0555 root bin
2866h usr/bin/sun2=usr/bin/sun
2867h usr/bin/sun3=usr/bin/sun
2868h usr/bin/sun3x=usr/bin/sun
2869h usr/bin/sun4=usr/bin/sun
2870h usr/bin/sun4c=usr/bin/sun
2871h usr/bin/sun4d=usr/bin/sun
2872h usr/bin/sun4e=usr/bin/sun
2873h usr/bin/sun4m=usr/bin/sun
2874f usr/bin/svcprop 0555 root bin
2875f usr/bin/svcs 0555 root bin
2876s usr/bin/sync=../../sbin/sync
2877f usr/bin/ta 0555 root bin
2878f usr/bin/tabs 0555 root bin
2879f usr/bin/tail 0555 root bin
2880s usr/bin/tar=../sbin/tar
2881f usr/bin/tbl 0555 root bin
2882f usr/bin/tcopy 0555 root bin
2883h usr/bin/tee=usr/bin/alias
2884f usr/bin/telnet 0555 root bin
2885h usr/bin/test=usr/bin/alias
2886f usr/bin/tic 0555 root bin
2887f usr/bin/time 0555 root bin
2888f usr/bin/timex 0555 root bin
2889f usr/bin/tip 4511 uucp bin
2890f usr/bin/touch 0555 root bin
2891f usr/bin/tput 0555 root bin
2892f usr/bin/tr 0555 root bin
2893f usr/bin/troff 0555 root bin
2894f usr/bin/true 0555 root bin
2895h usr/bin/truss=usr/lib/isaexec
2896f usr/bin/tsort 0555 root bin
2897f usr/bin/tty 0555 root bin
2898h usr/bin/type=usr/bin/alias
2899f usr/bin/tzselect 0555 root bin
2900f usr/bin/ul 0555 root bin
2901h usr/bin/ulimit=usr/bin/alias
2902h usr/bin/umask=usr/bin/alias
2903h usr/bin/unalias=usr/bin/alias
2904s usr/bin/uname=../../sbin/uname
2905f usr/bin/uncompress 0555 root bin
2906f usr/bin/unexpand 0555 root bin
2907h usr/bin/uniq=usr/bin/alias
2908f usr/bin/units 0555 root bin
2909f usr/bin/unix2dos 0555 root bin
2910f usr/bin/unpack 0555 root bin
2911h usr/bin/uptime=usr/lib/isaexec
2912f usr/bin/userattr 0555 root bin
2913f usr/bin/uudecode 0555 root uucp
2914f usr/bin/uuencode 0555 root uucp
2915f usr/bin/uuidgen 0555 root bin
2916h usr/bin/vedit=usr/bin/edit
2917f usr/bin/vfsstat 0555 root bin
2918f usr/bin/vgrind 0555 root bin
2919f usr/bin/vmstat 0555 root bin
2920f usr/bin/vndstat 0555 root bin
2921f usr/bin/vtfontcvt 0555 root bin
2922h usr/bin/w=usr/lib/isaexec
2923h usr/bin/wait=usr/bin/alias
2924h usr/bin/wc=usr/bin/alias
2925h usr/bin/whatis=usr/bin/man
2926f usr/bin/which 0555 root bin
2927f usr/bin/who 0555 root bin
2928f usr/bin/whocalls 0755 root bin
2929f usr/bin/whois 0555 root bin
2930f usr/bin/wracct 0555 root bin
2931f usr/bin/write 2555 root tty
2932s usr/bin/wtf=man
2933f usr/bin/xargs 0555 root bin
2934f usr/bin/xgettext 0555 root bin
2935f usr/bin/xstr 0555 root bin
2936f usr/bin/yes 0555 root bin
2937f usr/bin/ypcat 0555 root other
2938f usr/bin/ypmatch 0555 root other
2939f usr/bin/yppasswd 0555 root bin
2940f usr/bin/ypwhich 0555 root other
2941f usr/bin/zcat 0555 root bin
2942f usr/bin/ziostat 0555 root bin
2943s usr/bin/zonename=../../sbin/zonename
2944h usr/bin/ztest=usr/lib/isaexec
2945d usr/ccs 0755 root bin
2946d usr/ccs/bin 0755 root bin
2947d usr/ccs/bin/amd64 0755 root bin
2948s usr/ccs/bin/amd64/ld=../../../bin/amd64/ld
2949s usr/ccs/bin/ar=../../bin/ar
2950s usr/ccs/bin/dump=../../bin/dump
2951s usr/ccs/bin/ld=../../bin/ld
2952s usr/ccs/bin/m4=../../bin/m4
2953s usr/ccs/bin/regcmp=../../bin/regcmp
2954d usr/ccs/lib 0755 root bin
2955d usr/ccs/lib/amd64 0755 root bin
2956s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/libcurses.so.1=../../../../lib/amd64/libcurses.so.1
2957s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/libform.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libform.so.1
2958s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/libgen.so.1=../../../../lib/amd64/libgen.so.1
2959s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/libl.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libl.so.1
2960s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/libmalloc.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libmalloc.so.1
2961s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/libmenu.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libmenu.so.1
2962s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/libpanel.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libpanel.so.1
2963s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/libtermcap.so.1=../../../../lib/amd64/libtermcap.so.1
2964s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/libtermlib.so.1=../../../../lib/amd64/libcurses.so.1
2965s usr/ccs/lib/amd64/liby.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/liby.so.1
2966s usr/ccs/lib/libcurses.so.1=../../../lib/libcurses.so.1
2967s usr/ccs/lib/libform.so.1=../../lib/libform.so.1
2968s usr/ccs/lib/libgen.so.1=../../../lib/libgen.so.1
2969s usr/ccs/lib/libl.so.1=../../lib/libl.so.1
2970s usr/ccs/lib/libmalloc.so.1=../../lib/libmalloc.so.1
2971s usr/ccs/lib/libmenu.so.1=../../lib/libmenu.so.1
2972s usr/ccs/lib/libpanel.so.1=../../lib/libpanel.so.1
2973s usr/ccs/lib/libtermcap.so.1=../../../lib/libtermcap.so.1
2974s usr/ccs/lib/libtermlib.so.1=../../../lib/libcurses.so.1
2975s usr/ccs/lib/liby.so.1=../../lib/liby.so.1
2976s usr/ccs/lib/link_audit=../../lib/link_audit
2977s usr/dict=share/lib/dict
2978d usr/gnu 0755 root bin
2979d usr/gnu/bin 0755 root bin
2980d usr/gnu/lib 0755 root bin
2981d usr/gnu/share 0755 root sys
2982d usr/gnu/share/man 0755 root bin
2983d usr/gnu/share/man/man1 0755 root bin
2984d usr/gnu/share/man/man3 0755 root bin
2985d usr/gnu/share/man/man5 0755 root bin
2986d usr/gnu/share/man/man7 0755 root bin
2987d usr/has 0755 root bin
2988d usr/has/man 0755 root bin
2989d usr/has/man/man1has 0755 root bin
2990f usr/has/man/man1has/edit.1has 0444 root bin
2991f usr/has/man/man1has/vi.1has 0444 root bin
2992d usr/include 0755 root bin
2993f usr/include/aclutils.h 0644 root bin
2994d usr/include/ads 0755 root bin
2995f usr/include/ads/dsgetdc.h 0644 root bin
2996f usr/include/aio.h 0644 root bin
2997f usr/include/alloca.h 0644 root bin
2998d usr/include/amd64 0755 root bin
2999d usr/include/amd64/sys 0755 root bin
3000f usr/include/amd64/sys/kdi_regs.h 0644 root bin
3001f usr/include/amd64/sys/privmregs.h 0644 root bin
3002f usr/include/amd64/sys/privregs.h 0644 root bin
3003f usr/include/ar.h 0644 root bin
3004f usr/include/archives.h 0644 root bin
3005d usr/include/arpa 0755 root bin
3006f usr/include/arpa/ftp.h 0644 root bin
3007f usr/include/arpa/inet.h 0644 root bin
3008f usr/include/arpa/nameser.h 0644 root bin
3009f usr/include/arpa/nameser_compat.h 0644 root bin
3010f usr/include/arpa/telnet.h 0644 root bin
3011f usr/include/arpa/tftp.h 0644 root bin
3012d usr/include/asm 0755 root bin
3013f usr/include/asm/atomic.h 0644 root bin
3014f usr/include/asm/bitmap.h 0644 root bin
3015f usr/include/asm/byteorder.h 0644 root bin
3016f usr/include/asm/clock.h 0644 root bin
3017f usr/include/asm/cpu.h 0644 root bin
3018f usr/include/asm/cpuvar.h 0644 root bin
3019f usr/include/asm/htable.h 0644 root bin
3020f usr/include/asm/mmu.h 0644 root bin
3021f usr/include/asm/sunddi.h 0644 root bin
3022f usr/include/asm/thread.h 0644 root bin
3023f usr/include/assert.h 0644 root bin
3024d usr/include/ast 0755 root bin
3025f usr/include/ast/align.h 0644 root bin
3026f usr/include/ast/ast.h 0644 root bin
3027f usr/include/ast/ast_botch.h 0644 root bin
3028f usr/include/ast/ast_ccode.h 0644 root bin
3029f usr/include/ast/ast_common.h 0644 root bin
3030f usr/include/ast/ast_dir.h 0644 root bin
3031f usr/include/ast/ast_dirent.h 0644 root bin
3032f usr/include/ast/ast_fcntl.h 0644 root bin
3033f usr/include/ast/ast_float.h 0644 root bin
3034f usr/include/ast/ast_fs.h 0644 root bin
3035f usr/include/ast/ast_getopt.h 0644 root bin
3036f usr/include/ast/ast_iconv.h 0644 root bin
3037f usr/include/ast/ast_lib.h 0644 root bin
3038f usr/include/ast/ast_limits.h 0644 root bin
3039f usr/include/ast/ast_map.h 0644 root bin
3040f usr/include/ast/ast_mmap.h 0644 root bin
3041f usr/include/ast/ast_mode.h 0644 root bin
3042f usr/include/ast/ast_namval.h 0644 root bin
3043f usr/include/ast/ast_ndbm.h 0644 root bin
3044f usr/include/ast/ast_nl_types.h 0644 root bin
3045f usr/include/ast/ast_param.h 0644 root bin
3046f usr/include/ast/ast_standards.h 0644 root bin
3047f usr/include/ast/ast_std.h 0644 root bin
3048f usr/include/ast/ast_stdio.h 0644 root bin
3049f usr/include/ast/ast_sys.h 0644 root bin
3050f usr/include/ast/ast_time.h 0644 root bin
3051f usr/include/ast/ast_tty.h 0644 root bin
3052f usr/include/ast/ast_version.h 0644 root bin
3053f usr/include/ast/ast_vfork.h 0644 root bin
3054f usr/include/ast/ast_wait.h 0644 root bin
3055f usr/include/ast/ast_wchar.h 0644 root bin
3056f usr/include/ast/ast_windows.h 0644 root bin
3057f usr/include/ast/bytesex.h 0644 root bin
3058f usr/include/ast/ccode.h 0644 root bin
3059f usr/include/ast/cdt.h 0644 root bin
3060f usr/include/ast/cmd.h 0644 root bin
3061f usr/include/ast/cmdext.h 0644 root bin
3062f usr/include/ast/debug.h 0644 root bin
3063f usr/include/ast/dirent.h 0644 root bin
3064f usr/include/ast/dlldefs.h 0644 root bin
3065f usr/include/ast/dt.h 0644 root bin
3066f usr/include/ast/endian.h 0644 root bin
3067f usr/include/ast/error.h 0644 root bin
3068f usr/include/ast/find.h 0644 root bin
3069f usr/include/ast/fnmatch.h 0644 root bin
3070f usr/include/ast/fnv.h 0644 root bin
3071f usr/include/ast/fs3d.h 0644 root bin
3072f usr/include/ast/fts.h 0644 root bin
3073f usr/include/ast/ftw.h 0644 root bin
3074f usr/include/ast/ftwalk.h 0644 root bin
3075f usr/include/ast/getopt.h 0644 root bin
3076f usr/include/ast/glob.h 0644 root bin
3077f usr/include/ast/hash.h 0644 root bin
3078f usr/include/ast/hashkey.h 0644 root bin
3079f usr/include/ast/hashpart.h 0644 root bin
3080f usr/include/ast/history.h 0644 root bin
3081f usr/include/ast/iconv.h 0644 root bin
3082f usr/include/ast/ip6.h 0644 root bin
3083f usr/include/ast/lc.h 0644 root bin
3084f usr/include/ast/ls.h 0644 root bin
3085f usr/include/ast/magic.h 0644 root bin
3086f usr/include/ast/magicid.h 0644 root bin
3087f usr/include/ast/mc.h 0644 root bin
3088f usr/include/ast/mime.h 0644 root bin
3089f usr/include/ast/mnt.h 0644 root bin
3090f usr/include/ast/modecanon.h 0644 root bin
3091f usr/include/ast/modex.h 0644 root bin
3092f usr/include/ast/namval.h 0644 root bin
3093f usr/include/ast/nl_types.h 0644 root bin
3094f usr/include/ast/nval.h 0644 root bin
3095f usr/include/ast/option.h 0644 root bin
3096f usr/include/ast/pp.h 0644 root bin
3097f usr/include/ast/ppkey.h 0644 root bin
3098f usr/include/ast/preroot.h 0644 root bin
3099f usr/include/ast/proc.h 0644 root bin
3100f usr/include/ast/prototyped.h 0644 root bin
3101f usr/include/ast/re_comp.h 0644 root bin
3102f usr/include/ast/recfmt.h 0644 root bin
3103f usr/include/ast/regex.h 0644 root bin
3104f usr/include/ast/regexp.h 0644 root bin
3105f usr/include/ast/sfdisc.h 0644 root bin
3106f usr/include/ast/sfio.h 0644 root bin
3107f usr/include/ast/sfio_s.h 0644 root bin
3108f usr/include/ast/sfio_t.h 0644 root bin
3109f usr/include/ast/shcmd.h 0644 root bin
3110f usr/include/ast/shell.h 0644 root bin
3111f usr/include/ast/sig.h 0644 root bin
3112f usr/include/ast/stack.h 0644 root bin
3113f usr/include/ast/stak.h 0644 root bin
3114f usr/include/ast/stdio.h 0644 root bin
3115f usr/include/ast/stk.h 0644 root bin
3116f usr/include/ast/sum.h 0644 root bin
3117f usr/include/ast/swap.h 0644 root bin
3118f usr/include/ast/tar.h 0644 root bin
3119f usr/include/ast/times.h 0644 root bin
3120f usr/include/ast/tm.h 0644 root bin
3121f usr/include/ast/tmx.h 0644 root bin
3122f usr/include/ast/tok.h 0644 root bin
3123f usr/include/ast/tv.h 0644 root bin
3124f usr/include/ast/usage.h 0644 root bin
3125f usr/include/ast/vdb.h 0644 root bin
3126f usr/include/ast/vecargs.h 0644 root bin
3127f usr/include/ast/vmalloc.h 0644 root bin
3128f usr/include/ast/wait.h 0644 root bin
3129f usr/include/ast/wchar.h 0644 root bin
3130f usr/include/ast/wordexp.h 0644 root bin
3131f usr/include/atomic.h 0644 root bin
3132f usr/include/attr.h 0644 root bin
3133d usr/include/audio 0755 root bin
3134f usr/include/audio/au.h 0644 root bin
3135f usr/include/auth_attr.h 0644 root bin
3136f usr/include/auth_list.h 0644 root bin
3137d usr/include/bsm 0755 root bin
3138f usr/include/bsm/adt.h 0644 root bin
3139f usr/include/bsm/adt_event.h 0644 root bin
3140f usr/include/bsm/audit.h 0644 root bin
3141f usr/include/bsm/audit_door_infc.h 0644 root bin
3142f usr/include/bsm/audit_kernel.h 0644 root bin
3143f usr/include/bsm/audit_kevents.h 0644 root bin
3144f usr/include/bsm/audit_private.h 0644 root bin
3145f usr/include/bsm/audit_record.h 0644 root bin
3146f usr/include/bsm/audit_uevents.h 0644 root bin
3147f usr/include/bsm/devalloc.h 0644 root bin
3148f usr/include/bsm/devices.h 0644 root bin
3149f usr/include/bsm/libbsm.h 0644 root bin
3150f usr/include/complex.h 0644 root bin
3151f usr/include/config_admin.h 0644 root bin
3152f usr/include/cpio.h 0644 root bin
3153f usr/include/crypt.h 0644 root bin
3154f usr/include/cryptoutil.h 0644 root bin
3155f usr/include/ctype.h 0644 root bin
3156f usr/include/curses.h 0644 root bin
3157d usr/include/dat 0755 root bin
3158f usr/include/dat/dat.h 0644 root bin
3159f usr/include/dat/dat_error.h 0644 root bin
3160f usr/include/dat/dat_platform_specific.h 0644 root bin
3161f usr/include/dat/dat_redirection.h 0644 root bin
3162f usr/include/dat/dat_registry.h 0644 root bin
3163f usr/include/dat/dat_vendor_specific.h 0644 root bin
3164f usr/include/dat/udat.h 0644 root bin
3165f usr/include/dat/udat_config.h 0644 root bin
3166f usr/include/dat/udat_redirection.h 0644 root bin
3167f usr/include/dat/udat_vendor_specific.h 0644 root bin
3168f usr/include/deflt.h 0644 root bin
3169d usr/include/des 0755 root bin
3170f usr/include/des/des.h 0644 root bin
3171f usr/include/des/desdata.h 0644 root bin
3172f usr/include/des/softdes.h 0644 root bin
3173f usr/include/devfsadm.h 0644 root bin
3174f usr/include/device_info.h 0644 root bin
3175f usr/include/devid.h 0644 root bin
3176f usr/include/devmgmt.h 0644 root bin
3177f usr/include/devpoll.h 0644 root bin
3178f usr/include/dial.h 0644 root bin
3179f usr/include/directory.h 0644 root bin
3180f usr/include/dirent.h 0644 root bin
3181f usr/include/dlfcn.h 0644 root bin
3182f usr/include/dns_sd.h 0644 root bin
3183f usr/include/door.h 0644 root bin
3184f usr/include/dtrace.h 0644 root bin
3185f usr/include/elf.h 0644 root bin
3186f usr/include/endian.h 0644 root bin
3187f usr/include/err.h 0644 root bin
3188f usr/include/errfp.h 0644 root bin
3189f usr/include/errno.h 0644 root bin
3190f usr/include/eti.h 0644 root bin
3191f usr/include/euc.h 0644 root bin
3192f usr/include/exacct.h 0644 root bin
3193f usr/include/exacct_impl.h 0644 root bin
3194f usr/include/exec_attr.h 0644 root bin
3195f usr/include/execinfo.h 0644 root bin
3196f usr/include/fatal.h 0644 root bin
3197f usr/include/fcntl.h 0644 root bin
3198f usr/include/fenv.h 0644 root bin
3199f usr/include/float.h 0644 root bin
3200f usr/include/floatingpoint.h 0644 root bin
3201d usr/include/fm 0755 root bin
3202f usr/include/fm/diagcode.h 0644 root bin
3203f usr/include/fm/fmd_adm.h 0644 root bin
3204f usr/include/fm/fmd_agent.h 0644 root bin
3205f usr/include/fm/fmd_api.h 0644 root bin
3206f usr/include/fm/fmd_fmri.h 0644 root bin
3207f usr/include/fm/fmd_log.h 0644 root bin
3208f usr/include/fm/fmd_msg.h 0644 root bin
3209f usr/include/fm/fmd_snmp.h 0644 root bin
3210f usr/include/fm/libdiskstatus.h 0644 root bin
3211f usr/include/fm/libfmevent.h 0644 root bin
3212f usr/include/fm/libfmevent_ruleset.h 0644 root bin
3213f usr/include/fm/libseslog.h 0644 root bin
3214f usr/include/fm/libtopo.h 0644 root bin
3215f usr/include/fm/topo_hc.h 0644 root bin
3216f usr/include/fm/topo_list.h 0644 root bin
3217f usr/include/fm/topo_method.h 0644 root bin
3218f usr/include/fm/topo_mod.h 0644 root bin
3219f usr/include/fmtmsg.h 0644 root bin
3220f usr/include/fnmatch.h 0644 root bin
3221f usr/include/form.h 0644 root bin
3222f usr/include/fts.h 0644 root bin
3223f usr/include/ftw.h 0644 root bin
3224d usr/include/fwflash 0755 root bin
3225f usr/include/fwflash/fwflash.h 0644 root bin
3226f usr/include/gelf.h 0644 root bin
3227f usr/include/getopt.h 0644 root bin
3228f usr/include/getwidth.h 0644 root bin
3229f usr/include/getxby_door.h 0644 root bin
3230f usr/include/glob.h 0644 root bin
3231f usr/include/grp.h 0644 root bin
3232d usr/include/gssapi 0755 root bin
3233f usr/include/gssapi/gssapi.h 0644 root bin
3234f usr/include/gssapi/gssapi_ext.h 0644 root bin
3235f usr/include/hbaapi.h 0644 root bin
3236d usr/include/ia32 0755 root bin
3237d usr/include/ia32/sys 0755 root bin
3238f usr/include/ia32/sys/asm_linkage.h 0644 root bin
3239f usr/include/ia32/sys/kdi_regs.h 0644 root bin
3240f usr/include/ia32/sys/machtypes.h 0644 root bin
3241f usr/include/ia32/sys/privmregs.h 0644 root bin
3242f usr/include/ia32/sys/privregs.h 0644 root bin
3243f usr/include/ia32/sys/psw.h 0644 root bin
3244f usr/include/ia32/sys/pte.h 0644 root bin
3245f usr/include/ia32/sys/reg.h 0644 root bin
3246f usr/include/ia32/sys/stack.h 0644 root bin
3247f usr/include/ia32/sys/trap.h 0644 root bin
3248f usr/include/ia32/sys/traptrace.h 0644 root bin
3249f usr/include/iconv.h 0644 root bin
3250f usr/include/idmap.h 0644 root bin
3251f usr/include/ieeefp.h 0644 root bin
3252f usr/include/ifaddrs.h 0644 root bin
3253f usr/include/ikedoor.h 0644 root bin
3254f usr/include/ima.h 0644 root bin
3255d usr/include/inet 0755 root bin
3256f usr/include/inet/arp.h 0644 root bin
3257f usr/include/inet/cc.h 0644 root bin
3258f usr/include/inet/common.h 0644 root bin
3259f usr/include/inet/ip.h 0644 root bin
3260f usr/include/inet/ip2mac.h 0644 root bin
3261f usr/include/inet/ip2mac_impl.h 0644 root bin
3262f usr/include/inet/ip6.h 0644 root bin
3263f usr/include/inet/ip6_asp.h 0644 root bin
3264f usr/include/inet/ip_arp.h 0644 root bin
3265f usr/include/inet/ip_ftable.h 0644 root bin
3266f usr/include/inet/ip_if.h 0644 root bin
3267f usr/include/inet/ip_impl.h 0644 root bin
3268f usr/include/inet/ip_ire.h 0644 root bin
3269f usr/include/inet/ip_multi.h 0644 root bin
3270f usr/include/inet/ip_ndp.h 0644 root bin
3271f usr/include/inet/ip_netinfo.h 0644 root bin
3272f usr/include/inet/ip_rts.h 0644 root bin
3273f usr/include/inet/ip_stack.h 0644 root bin
3274f usr/include/inet/ipclassifier.h 0644 root bin
3275f usr/include/inet/ipdrop.h 0644 root bin
3276f usr/include/inet/ipnet.h 0644 root bin
3277f usr/include/inet/ipp_common.h 0644 root bin
3278f usr/include/inet/ipsec_impl.h 0644 root bin
3279f usr/include/inet/ipsec_info.h 0644 root bin
3280f usr/include/inet/ipsecah.h 0644 root bin
3281f usr/include/inet/ipsecesp.h 0644 root bin
3282f usr/include/inet/iptun.h 0644 root bin
3283f usr/include/inet/keysock.h 0644 root bin
3284d usr/include/inet/kssl 0755 root bin
3285f usr/include/inet/kssl/kssl.h 0644 root bin
3286f usr/include/inet/kssl/ksslapi.h 0644 root bin
3287f usr/include/inet/kssl/ksslimpl.h 0644 root bin
3288f usr/include/inet/kssl/ksslproto.h 0644 root bin
3289f usr/include/inet/led.h 0644 root bin
3290f usr/include/inet/mi.h 0644 root bin
3291f usr/include/inet/mib2.h 0644 root bin
3292d usr/include/inet/nca 0755 root bin
3293f usr/include/inet/nca/nca.h 0644 root bin
3294f usr/include/inet/nca/ncadoorhdr.h 0644 root bin
3295f usr/include/inet/nca/ncaio.h 0644 root bin
3296f usr/include/inet/nca/ncakmem.h 0644 root bin
3297f usr/include/inet/nca/ncalogd.h 0644 root bin
3298f usr/include/inet/nca/ncandd.h 0644 root bin
3299f usr/include/inet/nd.h 0644 root bin
3300f usr/include/inet/optcom.h 0644 root bin
3301f usr/include/inet/rawip_impl.h 0644 root bin
3302f usr/include/inet/sadb.h 0644 root bin
3303f usr/include/inet/sctp_itf.h 0644 root bin
3304f usr/include/inet/snmpcom.h 0644 root bin
3305f usr/include/inet/tcp.h 0644 root bin
3306f usr/include/inet/tcp_impl.h 0644 root bin
3307f usr/include/inet/tcp_sack.h 0644 root bin
3308f usr/include/inet/tcp_stack.h 0644 root bin
3309f usr/include/inet/tcp_stats.h 0644 root bin
3310f usr/include/inet/tunables.h 0644 root bin
3311f usr/include/inet/udp_impl.h 0644 root bin
3312f usr/include/inet/wifi_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
3313f usr/include/inetsvc.h 0644 root bin
3314f usr/include/instzones_api.h 0644 root bin
3315f usr/include/inttypes.h 0644 root bin
3316f usr/include/ipadm_ipmgmt.h 0644 root bin
3317f usr/include/ipadm_ndpd.h 0644 root bin
3318f usr/include/ipmp.h 0644 root bin
3319f usr/include/ipmp_admin.h 0644 root bin
3320f usr/include/ipmp_mpathd.h 0644 root bin
3321f usr/include/ipmp_query.h 0644 root bin
3322f usr/include/ipmp_query_impl.h 0644 root bin
3323d usr/include/ipp 0755 root bin
3324d usr/include/ipp/dlcosmk 0755 root bin
3325f usr/include/ipp/dlcosmk/dlcosmk.h 0644 root bin
3326d usr/include/ipp/dscpmk 0755 root bin
3327f usr/include/ipp/dscpmk/dscpmk.h 0644 root bin
3328d usr/include/ipp/flowacct 0755 root bin
3329f usr/include/ipp/flowacct/flowacct.h 0644 root bin
3330d usr/include/ipp/ipgpc 0755 root bin
3331f usr/include/ipp/ipgpc/ipgpc.h 0644 root bin
3332f usr/include/ipp/ipp.h 0644 root bin
3333f usr/include/ipp/ipp_config.h 0644 root bin
3334f usr/include/ipp/ipp_impl.h 0644 root bin
3335f usr/include/ipp/ippctl.h 0644 root bin
3336d usr/include/ipp/meters 0755 root bin
3337f usr/include/ipp/meters/meter.h 0644 root bin
3338f usr/include/ipsec_util.h 0644 root bin
3339d usr/include/iso 0755 root bin
3340s usr/include/iso/assert_iso.h=../assert.h
3341f usr/include/iso/ctype_iso.h 0644 root bin
3342s usr/include/iso/errno_iso.h=../errno.h
3343s usr/include/iso/float_iso.h=../float.h
3344s usr/include/iso/iso646_iso.h=../iso646.h
3345f usr/include/iso/limits_iso.h 0644 root bin
3346f usr/include/iso/locale_iso.h 0644 root bin
3347f usr/include/iso/math_c99.h 0644 root bin
3348f usr/include/iso/math_iso.h 0644 root bin
3349f usr/include/iso/setjmp_iso.h 0644 root bin
3350f usr/include/iso/signal_iso.h 0644 root bin
3351f usr/include/iso/stdarg_c99.h 0644 root bin
3352f usr/include/iso/stdarg_iso.h 0644 root bin
3353f usr/include/iso/stddef_iso.h 0644 root bin
3354f usr/include/iso/stdio_c99.h 0644 root bin
3355f usr/include/iso/stdio_iso.h 0644 root bin
3356f usr/include/iso/stdlib_c11.h 0644 root bin
3357f usr/include/iso/stdlib_c99.h 0644 root bin
3358f usr/include/iso/stdlib_iso.h 0644 root bin
3359f usr/include/iso/string_iso.h 0644 root bin
3360f usr/include/iso/time_iso.h 0644 root bin
3361f usr/include/iso/wchar_c99.h 0644 root bin
3362f usr/include/iso/wchar_iso.h 0644 root bin
3363f usr/include/iso/wctype_iso.h 0644 root bin
3364f usr/include/iso646.h 0644 root bin
3365d usr/include/kerberosv5 0755 root bin
3366f usr/include/kerberosv5/com_err.h 0644 root bin
3367f usr/include/kerberosv5/krb5.h 0644 root bin
3368f usr/include/kerberosv5/locate_plugin.h 0644 root bin
3369f usr/include/kerberosv5/mit-sipb-copyright.h 0644 root bin
3370f usr/include/kerberosv5/mit_copyright.h 0644 root bin
3371f usr/include/klpd.h 0644 root bin
3372f usr/include/kmfapi.h 0644 root bin
3373f usr/include/kmftypes.h 0644 root bin
3374f usr/include/kstat.h 0644 root bin
3375f usr/include/kvm.h 0644 root bin
3376f usr/include/langinfo.h 0644 root bin
3377f usr/include/lastlog.h 0644 root bin
3378f usr/include/lber.h 0644 root bin
3379f usr/include/ldap.h 0644 root bin
3380f usr/include/libbe.h 0644 root bin
3381f usr/include/libbe_priv.h 0644 root bin
3382f usr/include/libbrand.h 0644 root bin
3383f usr/include/libcmdutils.h 0644 root bin
3384f usr/include/libcontract.h 0644 root bin
3385f usr/include/libcontract_priv.h 0644 root bin
3386f usr/include/libcpc.h 0644 root bin
3387f usr/include/libctf.h 0644 root bin
3388f usr/include/libdevice.h 0644 root bin
3389f usr/include/libdevinfo.h 0644 root bin
3390f usr/include/libdisasm.h 0644 root bin
3391f usr/include/libdiskmgt.h 0644 root bin
3392f usr/include/libdladm.h 0644 root bin
3393f usr/include/libdladm_impl.h 0644 root bin
3394f usr/include/libdlaggr.h 0644 root bin
3395f usr/include/libdlbridge.h 0644 root bin
3396f usr/include/libdlether.h 0644 root bin
3397f usr/include/libdlflow.h 0644 root bin
3398f usr/include/libdlflow_impl.h 0644 root bin
3399f usr/include/libdlib.h 0644 root bin
3400f usr/include/libdliptun.h 0644 root bin
3401f usr/include/libdllink.h 0644 root bin
3402f usr/include/libdlmgmt.h 0644 root bin
3403f usr/include/libdlpi.h 0644 root bin
3404f usr/include/libdlsim.h 0644 root bin
3405f usr/include/libdlstat.h 0644 root bin
3406f usr/include/libdlvlan.h 0644 root bin
3407f usr/include/libdlvnic.h 0644 root bin
3408f usr/include/libdlwlan.h 0644 root bin
3409f usr/include/libdlwlan_impl.h 0644 root bin
3410f usr/include/libelf.h 0644 root bin
3411f usr/include/libelfsign.h 0644 root bin
3412f usr/include/libfcoe.h 0644 root bin
3413f usr/include/libfdisk.h 0644 root bin
3414f usr/include/libfstyp.h 0644 root bin
3415f usr/include/libfstyp_module.h 0644 root bin
3416f usr/include/libgen.h 0644 root bin
3417f usr/include/libgrubmgmt.h 0644 root bin
3418f usr/include/libilb.h 0644 root bin
3419f usr/include/libinetutil.h 0644 root bin
3420f usr/include/libintl.h 0644 root bin
3421f usr/include/libipadm.h 0644 root bin
3422f usr/include/libipd.h 0644 root bin
3423f usr/include/libipmi.h 0644 root bin
3424f usr/include/libipp.h 0644 root bin
3425f usr/include/libiscsit.h 0644 root bin
3426f usr/include/libmail.h 0644 root bin
3427d usr/include/libmilter 0755 root bin
3428f usr/include/libmilter/README 0644 root bin
3429f usr/include/libmilter/mfapi.h 0644 root bin
3430f usr/include/libmilter/mfdef.h 0644 root bin
3431f usr/include/libndmp.h 0644 root bin
3432f usr/include/libnvpair.h 0644 root bin
3433f usr/include/libnwam.h 0644 root bin
3434f usr/include/libnwam_priv.h 0644 root bin
3435f usr/include/libpctx.h 0644 root bin
3436f usr/include/libproc.h 0644 root bin
3437f usr/include/librcm.h 0644 root bin
3438f usr/include/librcm_event.h 0644 root bin
3439f usr/include/librcm_impl.h 0644 root bin
3440f usr/include/librestart.h 0644 root bin
3441f usr/include/librestart_priv.h 0644 root bin
3442f usr/include/libscf.h 0644 root bin
3443f usr/include/libscf_priv.h 0644 root bin
3444f usr/include/libshare.h 0644 root bin
3445f usr/include/libshare_impl.h 0644 root bin
3446f usr/include/libsocket_priv.h 0644 root bin
3447f usr/include/libsrpt.h 0644 root bin
3448f usr/include/libstmf.h 0644 root bin
3449f usr/include/libstmfproxy.h 0644 root bin
3450f usr/include/libsun_ima.h 0644 root bin
3451f usr/include/libsysevent.h 0644 root bin
3452f usr/include/libsysevent_impl.h 0644 root bin
3453f usr/include/libtecla.h 0644 root bin
3454f usr/include/libuutil.h 0644 root bin
3455f usr/include/libuutil_impl.h 0644 root bin
3456f usr/include/libvnd.h 0644 root bin
3457f usr/include/libvrrpadm.h 0644 root bin
3458f usr/include/libvscan.h 0644 root bin
3459f usr/include/libw.h 0644 root bin
3460f usr/include/libzfs.h 0644 root bin
3461f usr/include/libzfs_core.h 0644 root bin
3462f usr/include/libzfs_jni_dataset.h 0644 root bin
3463f usr/include/libzfs_jni_disk.h 0644 root bin
3464f usr/include/libzfs_jni_diskmgt.h 0644 root bin
3465f usr/include/libzfs_jni_ipool.h 0644 root bin
3466f usr/include/libzfs_jni_main.h 0644 root bin
3467f usr/include/libzfs_jni_pool.h 0644 root bin
3468f usr/include/libzfs_jni_property.h 0644 root bin
3469f usr/include/libzfs_jni_util.h 0644 root bin
3470f usr/include/libzonecfg.h 0644 root bin
3471f usr/include/libzoneinfo.h 0644 root bin
3472f usr/include/limits.h 0644 root bin
3473f usr/include/linenum.h 0644 root bin
3474f usr/include/link.h 0644 root bin
3475f usr/include/listen.h 0644 root bin
3476f usr/include/locale.h 0644 root bin
3477f usr/include/macros.h 0644 root bin
3478f usr/include/maillock.h 0644 root bin
3479f usr/include/malloc.h 0644 root bin
3480f usr/include/math.h 0644 root bin
3481f usr/include/md4.h 0644 root bin
3482f usr/include/md5.h 0644 root bin
3483f usr/include/memory.h 0644 root bin
3484f usr/include/menu.h 0644 root bin
3485f usr/include/mon.h 0644 root bin
3486f usr/include/monetary.h 0644 root bin
3487f usr/include/mp.h 0644 root bin
3488f usr/include/mpapi-sun.h 0644 root bin
3489f usr/include/mpapi.h 0644 root bin
3490f usr/include/mqueue.h 0644 root bin
3491f usr/include/mtmalloc.h 0644 root bin
3492f usr/include/nan.h 0644 root bin
3493f usr/include/ndbm.h 0644 root bin
3494f usr/include/ndpd.h 0644 root bin
3495d usr/include/net 0755 root bin
3496f usr/include/net/af.h 0644 root bin
3497f usr/include/net/bpf.h 0644 root bin
3498f usr/include/net/bpfdesc.h 0644 root bin
3499f usr/include/net/bridge.h 0644 root bin
3500f usr/include/net/bridge_impl.h 0644 root bin
3501f usr/include/net/dlt.h 0644 root bin
3502f usr/include/net/if.h 0644 root bin
3503f usr/include/net/if_arp.h 0644 root bin
3504f usr/include/net/if_dl.h 0644 root bin
3505f usr/include/net/if_types.h 0644 root bin
3506f usr/include/net/pfkeyv2.h 0644 root bin
3507f usr/include/net/pfpolicy.h 0644 root bin
3508f usr/include/net/ppp-comp.h 0644 root bin
3509f usr/include/net/ppp_defs.h 0644 root bin
3510f usr/include/net/pppio.h 0644 root bin
3511f usr/include/net/pppoe.h 0644 root bin
3512f usr/include/net/radix.h 0644 root bin
3513f usr/include/net/route.h 0644 root bin
3514f usr/include/net/simnet.h 0644 root bin
3515f usr/include/net/sppptun.h 0644 root bin
3516f usr/include/net/trill.h 0644 root bin
3517f usr/include/net/vjcompress.h 0644 root bin
3518f usr/include/net/wpa.h 0644 root bin
3519f usr/include/netconfig.h 0644 root bin
3520f usr/include/netdb.h 0644 root bin
3521f usr/include/netdir.h 0644 root bin
3522d usr/include/netinet 0755 root bin
3523f usr/include/netinet/arp.h 0644 root bin
3524f usr/include/netinet/dhcp.h 0644 root bin
3525f usr/include/netinet/dhcp6.h 0644 root bin
3526f usr/include/netinet/icmp6.h 0644 root bin
3527f usr/include/netinet/icmp_var.h 0644 root bin
3528f usr/include/netinet/if_ether.h 0644 root bin
3529f usr/include/netinet/igmp.h 0644 root bin
3530f usr/include/netinet/igmp_var.h 0644 root bin
3531f usr/include/netinet/in.h 0644 root bin
3532f usr/include/netinet/in_pcb.h 0644 root bin
3533f usr/include/netinet/in_systm.h 0644 root bin
3534f usr/include/netinet/in_var.h 0644 root bin
3535f usr/include/netinet/inetutil.h 0644 root bin
3536f usr/include/netinet/ip.h 0644 root bin
3537f usr/include/netinet/ip6.h 0644 root bin
3538f usr/include/netinet/ip_auth.h 0644 root bin
3539f usr/include/netinet/ip_compat.h 0644 root bin
3540f usr/include/netinet/ip_fil.h 0644 root bin
3541f usr/include/netinet/ip_frag.h 0644 root bin
3542f usr/include/netinet/ip_htable.h 0644 root bin
3543f usr/include/netinet/ip_icmp.h 0644 root bin
3544f usr/include/netinet/ip_lookup.h 0644 root bin
3545f usr/include/netinet/ip_mroute.h 0644 root bin
3546f usr/include/netinet/ip_nat.h 0644 root bin
3547f usr/include/netinet/ip_pool.h 0644 root bin
3548f usr/include/netinet/ip_proxy.h 0644 root bin
3549f usr/include/netinet/ip_state.h 0644 root bin
3550f usr/include/netinet/ip_var.h 0644 root bin
3551f usr/include/netinet/ipf_stack.h 0644 root bin
3552f usr/include/netinet/ipl.h 0644 root bin
3553f usr/include/netinet/pim.h 0644 root bin
3554f usr/include/netinet/sctp.h 0644 root bin
3555f usr/include/netinet/tcp.h 0644 root bin
3556f usr/include/netinet/tcp_debug.h 0644 root bin
3557f usr/include/netinet/tcp_fsm.h 0644 root bin
3558f usr/include/netinet/tcp_seq.h 0644 root bin
3559f usr/include/netinet/tcp_timer.h 0644 root bin
3560f usr/include/netinet/tcp_var.h 0644 root bin
3561f usr/include/netinet/tcpip.h 0644 root bin
3562f usr/include/netinet/udp.h 0644 root bin
3563f usr/include/netinet/udp_var.h 0644 root bin
3564f usr/include/netinet/vrrp.h 0644 root bin
3565d usr/include/netpacket 0755 root bin
3566f usr/include/netpacket/packet.h 0644 root bin
3567d usr/include/netsmb 0755 root bin
3568f usr/include/netsmb/smbfs_acl.h 0644 root bin
3569f usr/include/netsmb/smbfs_api.h 0644 root bin
3570d usr/include/nfs 0755 root bin
3571f usr/include/nfs/auth.h 0644 root bin
3572f usr/include/nfs/export.h 0644 root bin
3573f usr/include/nfs/lm.h 0644 root bin
3574f usr/include/nfs/mapid.h 0644 root bin
3575f usr/include/nfs/mount.h 0644 root bin
3576f usr/include/nfs/nfs.h 0644 root bin
3577f usr/include/nfs/nfs4.h 0644 root bin
3578f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_attr.h 0644 root bin
3579f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_clnt.h 0644 root bin
3580f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_db_impl.h 0644 root bin
3581f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_idmap_impl.h 0644 root bin
3582f usr/include/nfs/nfs4_kprot.h 0644 root bin
3583f usr/include/nfs/nfs_acl.h 0644 root bin
3584f usr/include/nfs/nfs_clnt.h 0644 root bin
3585f usr/include/nfs/nfs_cmd.h 0644 root bin
3586f usr/include/nfs/nfs_log.h 0644 root bin
3587f usr/include/nfs/nfs_sec.h 0644 root bin
3588f usr/include/nfs/nfsid_map.h 0644 root bin
3589f usr/include/nfs/nfssys.h 0644 root bin
3590f usr/include/nfs/rnode.h 0644 root bin
3591f usr/include/nfs/rnode4.h 0644 root bin
3592f usr/include/nl_types.h 0644 root bin
3593f usr/include/nlist.h 0644 root bin
3594f usr/include/note.h 0644 root bin
3595f usr/include/nss.h 0644 root bin
3596f usr/include/nss_common.h 0644 root bin
3597f usr/include/nss_dbdefs.h 0644 root bin
3598f usr/include/nss_netdir.h 0644 root bin
3599f usr/include/nsswitch.h 0644 root bin
3600f usr/include/nvfru.h 0644 root bin
3601f usr/include/ofmt.h 0644 root bin
3602f usr/include/panel.h 0644 root bin
3603f usr/include/passwdutil.h 0644 root bin
3604f usr/include/paths.h 0644 root bin
3605f usr/include/pcsample.h 0644 root bin
3606f usr/include/pfmt.h 0644 root bin
3607f usr/include/picl.h 0644 root bin
3608f usr/include/picltree.h 0644 root bin
3609f usr/include/pkgdev.h 0644 root bin
3610f usr/include/pkginfo.h 0644 root bin
3611f usr/include/pkglocs.h 0644 root bin
3612f usr/include/pkgstrct.h 0644 root bin
3613f usr/include/pkgtrans.h 0644 root bin
3614f usr/include/poll.h 0644 root bin
3615f usr/include/pool.h 0644 root bin
3616f usr/include/port.h 0644 root bin
3617f usr/include/priv.h 0644 root bin
3618f usr/include/priv_utils.h 0644 root bin
3619f usr/include/proc_service.h 0644 root bin
3620f usr/include/procfs.h 0644 root bin
3621f usr/include/prof.h 0644 root bin
3622f usr/include/prof_attr.h 0644 root bin
3623f usr/include/project.h 0644 root bin
3624d usr/include/protocols 0755 root bin
3625f usr/include/protocols/dumprestore.h 0644 root bin
3626f usr/include/protocols/ripngd.h 0644 root bin
3627f usr/include/protocols/routed.h 0644 root bin
3628f usr/include/protocols/rwhod.h 0644 root bin
3629f usr/include/protocols/timed.h 0644 root bin
3630f usr/include/pthread.h 0644 root bin
3631f usr/include/pw.h 0644 root bin
3632f usr/include/pwd.h 0644 root bin
3633f usr/include/raidcfg.h 0644 root bin
3634f usr/include/raidcfg_spi.h 0644 root bin
3635f usr/include/rcm_module.h 0644 root bin
3636f usr/include/rctl.h 0644 root bin
3637f usr/include/re_comp.h 0644 root bin
3638f usr/include/regex.h 0644 root bin
3639f usr/include/regexp.h 0644 root bin
3640f usr/include/regexpr.h 0644 root bin
3641f usr/include/resolv.h 0644 root bin
3642f usr/include/rje.h 0644 root bin
3643f usr/include/rp_plugin.h 0644 root bin
3644d usr/include/rpc 0755 root bin
3645f usr/include/rpc/auth.h 0644 root bin
3646f usr/include/rpc/auth_des.h 0644 root bin
3647f usr/include/rpc/auth_sys.h 0644 root bin
3648f usr/include/rpc/auth_unix.h 0644 root bin
3649f usr/include/rpc/bootparam.h 0644 root bin
3650f usr/include/rpc/clnt.h 0644 root bin
3651f usr/include/rpc/clnt_soc.h 0644 root bin
3652f usr/include/rpc/clnt_stat.h 0644 root bin
3653f usr/include/rpc/des_crypt.h 0644 root bin
3654f usr/include/rpc/key_prot.h 0644 root bin
3655f usr/include/rpc/nettype.h 0644 root bin
3656f usr/include/rpc/pmap_clnt.h 0644 root bin
3657f usr/include/rpc/pmap_prot.h 0644 root bin
3658f usr/include/rpc/pmap_prot.x 0644 root bin
3659f usr/include/rpc/pmap_rmt.h 0644 root bin
3660f usr/include/rpc/rpc.h 0644 root bin
3661f usr/include/rpc/rpc_com.h 0644 root bin
3662f usr/include/rpc/rpc_msg.h 0644 root bin
3663f usr/include/rpc/rpc_rdma.h 0644 root bin
3664f usr/include/rpc/rpc_sztypes.h 0644 root bin
3665f usr/include/rpc/rpcb_clnt.h 0644 root bin
3666f usr/include/rpc/rpcb_prot.h 0644 root bin
3667f usr/include/rpc/rpcb_prot.x 0644 root bin
3668f usr/include/rpc/rpcent.h 0644 root bin
3669f usr/include/rpc/rpcsec_gss.h 0644 root bin
3670f usr/include/rpc/rpcsys.h 0644 root bin
3671f usr/include/rpc/svc.h 0644 root bin
3672f usr/include/rpc/svc_auth.h 0644 root bin
3673f usr/include/rpc/svc_mt.h 0644 root bin
3674f usr/include/rpc/svc_soc.h 0644 root bin
3675f usr/include/rpc/types.h 0644 root bin
3676f usr/include/rpc/xdr.h 0644 root bin
3677d usr/include/rpcsvc 0755 root bin
3678f usr/include/rpcsvc/autofs_prot.h 0644 root bin
3679f usr/include/rpcsvc/autofs_prot.x 0644 root bin
3680f usr/include/rpcsvc/bootparam.h 0644 root bin
3681f usr/include/rpcsvc/bootparam_prot.h 0644 root bin
3682f usr/include/rpcsvc/bootparam_prot.x 0644 root bin
3683f usr/include/rpcsvc/daemon_utils.h 0644 root bin
3684f usr/include/rpcsvc/dbm.h 0644 root bin
3685f usr/include/rpcsvc/idmap_prot.h 0644 root bin
3686f usr/include/rpcsvc/idmap_prot.x 0644 root bin
3687f usr/include/rpcsvc/key_prot.x 0644 root bin
3688f usr/include/rpcsvc/mount.h 0644 root bin
3689f usr/include/rpcsvc/mount.x 0644 root bin
3690f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs4_prot.h 0644 root bin
3691f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs4_prot.x 0644 root bin
3692f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs_acl.h 0644 root bin
3693f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs_acl.x 0644 root bin
3694f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs_prot.h 0644 root bin
3695f usr/include/rpcsvc/nfs_prot.x 0644 root bin
3696f usr/include/rpcsvc/nis.h 0644 root bin
3697f usr/include/rpcsvc/nis.x 0644 root bin
3698f usr/include/rpcsvc/nis_db.h 0644 root bin
3699f usr/include/rpcsvc/nis_object.x 0644 root bin
3700f usr/include/rpcsvc/nislib.h 0644 root bin
3701f usr/include/rpcsvc/nlm_prot.h 0644 root bin
3702f usr/include/rpcsvc/nlm_prot.x 0644 root bin
3703f usr/include/rpcsvc/nsm_addr.h 0644 root bin
3704f usr/include/rpcsvc/nsm_addr.x 0644 root bin
3705f usr/include/rpcsvc/rpc_sztypes.h 0644 root bin
3706f usr/include/rpcsvc/rpc_sztypes.x 0644 root bin
3707f usr/include/rpcsvc/rquota.h 0644 root bin
3708f usr/include/rpcsvc/rquota.x 0644 root bin
3709f usr/include/rpcsvc/rstat.h 0644 root bin
3710f usr/include/rpcsvc/rstat.x 0644 root bin
3711f usr/include/rpcsvc/rusers.h 0644 root bin
3712f usr/include/rpcsvc/rusers.x 0644 root bin
3713f usr/include/rpcsvc/rwall.h 0644 root bin
3714f usr/include/rpcsvc/rwall.x 0644 root bin
3715f usr/include/rpcsvc/sm_inter.h 0644 root bin
3716f usr/include/rpcsvc/sm_inter.x 0644 root bin
3717f usr/include/rpcsvc/spray.h 0644 root bin
3718f usr/include/rpcsvc/spray.x 0644 root bin
3719f usr/include/rpcsvc/svc_dg_priv.h 0644 root bin
3720f usr/include/rpcsvc/ufs_prot.h 0644 root bin
3721f usr/include/rpcsvc/ufs_prot.x 0644 root bin
3722f usr/include/rpcsvc/yp.x 0644 root bin
3723f usr/include/rpcsvc/yp_prot.h 0644 root bin
3724f usr/include/rpcsvc/ypclnt.h 0644 root bin
3725f usr/include/rpcsvc/yppasswd.h 0644 root bin
3726f usr/include/rpcsvc/ypupd.h 0644 root bin
3727f usr/include/rsmapi.h 0644 root bin
3728f usr/include/rtld_db.h 0644 root bin
3729f usr/include/s_string.h 0644 root bin
3730f usr/include/sac.h 0644 root bin
3731d usr/include/sasl 0755 root bin
3732f usr/include/sasl/prop.h 0644 root bin
3733f usr/include/sasl/sasl.h 0644 root bin
3734f usr/include/sasl/saslplug.h 0644 root bin
3735f usr/include/sasl/saslutil.h 0644 root bin
3736f usr/include/scfutil.h 0644 root bin
3737f usr/include/sched.h 0644 root bin
3738f usr/include/schedctl.h 0644 root bin
3739d usr/include/scsi 0755 root bin
3740f usr/include/scsi/libscsi.h 0644 root bin
3741f usr/include/scsi/libses.h 0644 root bin
3742f usr/include/scsi/libses_plugin.h 0644 root bin
3743f usr/include/scsi/libsmp.h 0644 root bin
3744f usr/include/scsi/libsmp_plugin.h 0644 root bin
3745d usr/include/scsi/plugins 0755 root bin
3746d usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses 0755 root bin
3747d usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/framework 0755 root bin
3748f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/framework/libses.h 0644 root bin
3749f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/framework/ses2.h 0644 root bin
3750f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/framework/ses2_impl.h 0644 root bin
3751d usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/vendor 0755 root bin
3752f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/vendor/sun.h 0644 root bin
3753f usr/include/scsi/plugins/ses/vendor/sun_impl.h 0644 root bin
3754d usr/include/scsi/plugins/smp 0755 root bin
3755d usr/include/scsi/plugins/smp/engine 0755 root bin
3756d usr/include/scsi/plugins/smp/framework 0755 root bin
3757f usr/include/sdp.h 0644 root bin
3758f usr/include/search.h 0644 root bin
3759f usr/include/secdb.h 0644 root bin
3760d usr/include/security 0755 root bin
3761f usr/include/security/auditd.h 0644 root bin
3762f usr/include/security/cryptoki.h 0644 root bin
3763f usr/include/security/pam_appl.h 0644 root bin
3764f usr/include/security/pam_impl.h 0644 root bin
3765f usr/include/security/pam_modules.h 0644 root bin
3766f usr/include/security/pkcs11.h 0644 root bin
3767f usr/include/security/pkcs11f.h 0644 root bin
3768f usr/include/security/pkcs11t.h 0644 root bin
3769f usr/include/semaphore.h 0644 root bin
3770f usr/include/setjmp.h 0644 root bin
3771f usr/include/sgtty.h 0644 root bin
3772f usr/include/sha1.h 0644 root bin
3773f usr/include/sha2.h 0644 root bin
3774f usr/include/shadow.h 0644 root bin
3775d usr/include/sharefs 0755 root bin
3776f usr/include/sharefs/share.h 0644 root bin
3777f usr/include/sharefs/sharefs.h 0644 root bin
3778f usr/include/sharefs/sharetab.h 0644 root bin
3779f usr/include/siginfo.h 0644 root bin
3780f usr/include/signal.h 0644 root bin
3781f usr/include/sip.h 0644 root bin
3782f usr/include/skein.h 0644 root bin
3783f usr/include/slp.h 0644 root bin
3784d usr/include/smb 0755 root bin
3785f usr/include/smb/doserror.h 0644 root bin
3786f usr/include/smb/lmerr.h 0644 root bin
3787f usr/include/smb/nterror.h 0644 root bin
3788f usr/include/smb/ntstatus.h 0644 root bin
3789f usr/include/smbios.h 0644 root bin
3790d usr/include/smbsrv 0755 root bin
3791f usr/include/smbsrv/alloc.h 0644 root bin
3792f usr/include/smbsrv/cp_unicode.h 0644 root bin
3793f usr/include/smbsrv/cp_usascii.h 0644 root bin
3794f usr/include/smbsrv/hash_table.h 0644 root bin
3795f usr/include/smbsrv/libmlsvc.h 0644 root bin
3796f usr/include/smbsrv/libsmb.h 0644 root bin
3797f usr/include/smbsrv/libsmbns.h 0644 root bin
3798f usr/include/smbsrv/mac_cifs.h 0644 root bin
3799f usr/include/smbsrv/mailslot.h 0644 root bin
3800f usr/include/smbsrv/mbuf.h 0644 root bin
3801f usr/include/smbsrv/msgbuf.h 0644 root bin
3802d usr/include/smbsrv/ndl 0755 root bin
3803f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/dssetup.ndl 0644 root bin
3804f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/eventlog.ndl 0644 root bin
3805f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/llsrpc.ndl 0644 root bin
3806f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/lsarpc.ndl 0644 root bin
3807f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/msgsvc.ndl 0644 root bin
3808f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/netdfs.ndl 0644 root bin
3809f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/netlogon.ndl 0644 root bin
3810f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/samrpc.ndl 0644 root bin
3811f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/security.ndl 0644 root bin
3812f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/spoolss.ndl 0644 root bin
3813f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/srvsvc.ndl 0644 root bin
3814f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/svcctl.ndl 0644 root bin
3815f usr/include/smbsrv/ndl/winreg.ndl 0644 root bin
3816f usr/include/smbsrv/netbios.h 0644 root bin
3817f usr/include/smbsrv/netrauth.h 0644 root bin
3818f usr/include/smbsrv/nmpipes.h 0644 root bin
3819f usr/include/smbsrv/ntifs.h 0644 root bin
3820f usr/include/smbsrv/ntlocale.h 0644 root bin
3821f usr/include/smbsrv/smb.h 0644 root bin
3822f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_dfs.h 0644 root bin
3823f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_door.h 0644 root bin
3824f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_fsops.h 0644 root bin
3825f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_idmap.h 0644 root bin
3826f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_inet.h 0644 root bin
3827f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
3828f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_kproto.h 0644 root bin
3829f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_kstat.h 0644 root bin
3830f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_ktypes.h 0644 root bin
3831f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_privilege.h 0644 root bin
3832f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_share.h 0644 root bin
3833f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_sid.h 0644 root bin
3834f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_token.h 0644 root bin
3835f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_vops.h 0644 root bin
3836f usr/include/smbsrv/smb_xdr.h 0644 root bin
3837f usr/include/smbsrv/smbinfo.h 0644 root bin
3838f usr/include/smbsrv/string.h 0644 root bin
3839f usr/include/smbsrv/svrapi.h 0644 root bin
3840f usr/include/smbsrv/winsvc.h 0644 root bin
3841f usr/include/smhbaapi.h 0644 root bin
3842f usr/include/spawn.h 0644 root bin
3843f usr/include/stack_unwind.h 0644 root bin
3844f usr/include/stdalign.h 0644 root bin
3845f usr/include/stdarg.h 0644 root bin
3846f usr/include/stdbool.h 0644 root bin
3847f usr/include/stddef.h 0644 root bin
3848f usr/include/stdint.h 0644 root bin
3849f usr/include/stdio.h 0644 root bin
3850f usr/include/stdio_ext.h 0644 root bin
3851f usr/include/stdio_impl.h 0644 root bin
3852f usr/include/stdio_tag.h 0644 root bin
3853f usr/include/stdlib.h 0644 root bin
3854f usr/include/stdnoreturn.h 0644 root bin
3855f usr/include/storclass.h 0644 root bin
3856f usr/include/stp_bpdu.h 0644 root bin
3857f usr/include/stp_in.h 0644 root bin
3858f usr/include/stp_vectors.h 0644 root bin
3859f usr/include/string.h 0644 root bin
3860f usr/include/strings.h 0644 root bin
3861f usr/include/stropts.h 0644 root bin
3862f usr/include/syms.h 0644 root bin
3863f usr/include/synch.h 0644 root bin
3864d usr/include/sys 0755 root bin
3865d usr/include/sys/1394 0755 root bin
3866f usr/include/sys/1394/cmd1394.h 0644 root bin
3867f usr/include/sys/1394/id1394.h 0644 root bin
3868f usr/include/sys/1394/ieee1212.h 0644 root bin
3869f usr/include/sys/1394/ieee1394.h 0644 root bin
3870f usr/include/sys/1394/ixl1394.h 0644 root bin
3871f usr/include/sys/1394/s1394_impl.h 0644 root bin
3872f usr/include/sys/1394/t1394.h 0644 root bin
3873f usr/include/sys/acct.h 0644 root bin
3874f usr/include/sys/acctctl.h 0644 root bin
3875f usr/include/sys/acl.h 0644 root bin
3876f usr/include/sys/acl_impl.h 0644 root bin
3877f usr/include/sys/acpi_drv.h 0644 root bin
3878f usr/include/sys/aggr.h 0644 root bin
3879f usr/include/sys/aggr_impl.h 0644 root bin
3880f usr/include/sys/aio.h 0644 root bin
3881f usr/include/sys/aio_impl.h 0644 root bin
3882f usr/include/sys/aio_req.h 0644 root bin
3883f usr/include/sys/aiocb.h 0644 root bin
3884f usr/include/sys/archsystm.h 0644 root bin
3885f usr/include/sys/ascii.h 0644 root bin
3886f usr/include/sys/asm_linkage.h 0644 root bin
3887f usr/include/sys/asy.h 0644 root bin
3888f usr/include/sys/asynch.h 0644 root bin
3889f usr/include/sys/atomic.h 0644 root bin
3890f usr/include/sys/attr.h 0644 root bin
3891d usr/include/sys/audio 0755 root bin
3892f usr/include/sys/audio.h 0644 root bin
3893f usr/include/sys/audio/ac97.h 0644 root bin
3894f usr/include/sys/audio/audio_common.h 0644 root bin
3895f usr/include/sys/audio/audio_driver.h 0644 root bin
3896f usr/include/sys/audio/audio_oss.h 0644 root bin
3897f usr/include/sys/audio/g711.h 0644 root bin
3898f usr/include/sys/audioio.h 0644 root bin
3899f usr/include/sys/autoconf.h 0644 root bin
3900f usr/include/sys/auxv.h 0644 root bin
3901f usr/include/sys/auxv_386.h 0644 root bin
3902f usr/include/sys/auxv_SPARC.h 0644 root bin
3903d usr/include/sys/av 0755 root bin
3904f usr/include/sys/av/iec61883.h 0644 root bin
3905f usr/include/sys/avintr.h 0644 root bin
3906f usr/include/sys/avl.h 0644 root bin
3907f usr/include/sys/avl_impl.h 0644 root bin
3908f usr/include/sys/bitmap.h 0644 root bin
3909f usr/include/sys/bitset.h 0644 root bin
3910f usr/include/sys/bl.h 0644 root bin
3911f usr/include/sys/blkdev.h 0644 root bin
3912f usr/include/sys/bofi.h 0644 root bin
3913f usr/include/sys/bofi_impl.h 0644 root bin
3914f usr/include/sys/bootconf.h 0644 root bin
3915f usr/include/sys/bootregs.h 0644 root bin
3916f usr/include/sys/bootstat.h 0644 root bin
3917f usr/include/sys/bootsvcs.h 0644 root bin
3918f usr/include/sys/bpp_io.h 0644 root bin
3919f usr/include/sys/brand.h 0644 root bin
3920f usr/include/sys/buf.h 0644 root bin
3921f usr/include/sys/bufmod.h 0644 root bin
3922f usr/include/sys/bustypes.h 0644 root bin
3923f usr/include/sys/byteorder.h 0644 root bin
3924f usr/include/sys/callb.h 0644 root bin
3925f usr/include/sys/callo.h 0644 root bin
3926f usr/include/sys/cap_util.h 0644 root bin
3927f usr/include/sys/ccompile.h 0644 root bin
3928f usr/include/sys/cdio.h 0644 root bin
3929f usr/include/sys/cis.h 0644 root bin
3930f usr/include/sys/cis_handlers.h 0644 root bin
3931f usr/include/sys/cis_protos.h 0644 root bin
3932f usr/include/sys/cladm.h 0644 root bin
3933f usr/include/sys/class.h 0644 root bin
3934f usr/include/sys/clconf.h 0644 root bin
3935f usr/include/sys/clock_impl.h 0644 root bin
3936f usr/include/sys/cmlb.h 0644 root bin
3937f usr/include/sys/cmn_err.h 0644 root bin
3938f usr/include/sys/compress.h 0644 root bin
3939f usr/include/sys/condvar.h 0644 root bin
3940f usr/include/sys/condvar_impl.h 0644 root bin
3941f usr/include/sys/conf.h 0644 root bin
3942f usr/include/sys/consdev.h 0644 root bin
3943f usr/include/sys/console.h 0644 root bin
3944f usr/include/sys/consplat.h 0644 root bin
3945f usr/include/sys/containerof.h 0644 root bin
3946d usr/include/sys/contract 0755 root bin
3947f usr/include/sys/contract.h 0644 root bin
3948f usr/include/sys/contract/device.h 0644 root bin
3949f usr/include/sys/contract/device_impl.h 0644 root bin
3950f usr/include/sys/contract/process.h 0644 root bin
3951f usr/include/sys/contract/process_impl.h 0644 root bin
3952f usr/include/sys/contract_impl.h 0644 root bin
3953f usr/include/sys/controlregs.h 0644 root bin
3954f usr/include/sys/copyops.h 0644 root bin
3955f usr/include/sys/core.h 0644 root bin
3956f usr/include/sys/corectl.h 0644 root bin
3957f usr/include/sys/cpc_impl.h 0644 root bin
3958f usr/include/sys/cpc_pcbe.h 0644 root bin
3959f usr/include/sys/cpr.h 0644 root bin
3960f usr/include/sys/cpu.h 0644 root bin
3961f usr/include/sys/cpu_uarray.h 0644 root bin
3962f usr/include/sys/cpucaps.h 0644 root bin
3963f usr/include/sys/cpucaps_impl.h 0644 root bin
3964f usr/include/sys/cpupart.h 0644 root bin
3965f usr/include/sys/cpuvar.h 0644 root bin
3966f usr/include/sys/crc32.h 0644 root bin
3967f usr/include/sys/cred.h 0644 root bin
3968f usr/include/sys/cred_impl.h 0644 root bin
3969f usr/include/sys/crtctl.h 0644 root bin
3970f usr/include/sys/cryptmod.h 0644 root bin
3971d usr/include/sys/crypto 0755 root bin
3972f usr/include/sys/crypto/api.h 0644 root bin
3973f usr/include/sys/crypto/common.h 0644 root bin
3974f usr/include/sys/crypto/elfsign.h 0644 root bin
3975f usr/include/sys/crypto/impl.h 0644 root bin
3976f usr/include/sys/crypto/ioctl.h 0644 root bin
3977f usr/include/sys/crypto/ioctladmin.h 0644 root bin
3978f usr/include/sys/crypto/ops_impl.h 0644 root bin
3979f usr/include/sys/crypto/sched_impl.h 0644 root bin
3980f usr/include/sys/crypto/spi.h 0644 root bin
3981f usr/include/sys/cs.h 0644 root bin
3982f usr/include/sys/cs_priv.h 0644 root bin
3983f usr/include/sys/cs_strings.h 0644 root bin
3984f usr/include/sys/cs_stubs.h 0644 root bin
3985f usr/include/sys/cs_types.h 0644 root bin
3986f usr/include/sys/csiioctl.h 0644 root bin
3987f usr/include/sys/ctf.h 0644 root bin
3988f usr/include/sys/ctf_api.h 0644 root bin
3989f usr/include/sys/ctfs.h 0644 root bin
3990f usr/include/sys/ctfs_impl.h 0644 root bin
3991f usr/include/sys/ctype.h 0644 root bin
3992f usr/include/sys/cyclic.h 0644 root bin
3993f usr/include/sys/cyclic_impl.h 0644 root bin
3994f usr/include/sys/dacf.h 0644 root bin
3995f usr/include/sys/dacf_impl.h 0644 root bin
3996f usr/include/sys/damap.h 0644 root bin
3997f usr/include/sys/damap_impl.h 0644 root bin
3998f usr/include/sys/dc_ki.h 0644 root bin
3999d usr/include/sys/dcam 0755 root bin
4000f usr/include/sys/dcam/dcam1394_io.h 0644 root bin
4001f usr/include/sys/ddi.h 0644 root bin
4002f usr/include/sys/ddi_hp.h 0644 root bin
4003f usr/include/sys/ddi_hp_impl.h 0644 root bin
4004f usr/include/sys/ddi_impldefs.h 0644 root bin
4005f usr/include/sys/ddi_implfuncs.h 0644 root bin
4006f usr/include/sys/ddi_intr.h 0644 root bin
4007f usr/include/sys/ddi_intr_impl.h 0644 root bin
4008f usr/include/sys/ddi_isa.h 0644 root bin
4009f usr/include/sys/ddi_obsolete.h 0644 root bin
4010f usr/include/sys/ddi_periodic.h 0644 root bin
4011f usr/include/sys/ddi_ufm.h 0644 root bin
4012f usr/include/sys/ddi_ufm_impl.h 0644 root bin
4013f usr/include/sys/ddidevmap.h 0644 root bin
4014f usr/include/sys/ddidmareq.h 0644 root bin
4015f usr/include/sys/ddifm.h 0644 root bin
4016f usr/include/sys/ddifm_impl.h 0644 root bin
4017f usr/include/sys/ddimapreq.h 0644 root bin
4018f usr/include/sys/ddipropdefs.h 0644 root bin
4019f usr/include/sys/dditypes.h 0644 root bin
4020f usr/include/sys/debug.h 0644 root bin
4021f usr/include/sys/debugreg.h 0644 root bin
4022f usr/include/sys/des.h 0644 root bin
4023f usr/include/sys/devcache.h 0644 root bin
4024f usr/include/sys/devcache_impl.h 0644 root bin
4025f usr/include/sys/devctl.h 0644 root bin
4026f usr/include/sys/devfm.h 0644 root bin
4027f usr/include/sys/devid_cache.h 0644 root bin
4028f usr/include/sys/devinfo_impl.h 0644 root bin
4029f usr/include/sys/devops.h 0644 root bin
4030f usr/include/sys/devpolicy.h 0644 root bin
4031f usr/include/sys/devpoll.h 0644 root bin
4032f usr/include/sys/dirent.h 0644 root bin
4033f usr/include/sys/disp.h 0644 root bin
4034f usr/include/sys/dkbad.h 0644 root bin
4035f usr/include/sys/dkio.h 0644 root bin
4036f usr/include/sys/dklabel.h 0644 root bin
4037d usr/include/sys/dktp 0755 root bin
4038f usr/include/sys/dktp/altsctr.h 0644 root bin
4039f usr/include/sys/dktp/bbh.h 0644 root bin
4040f usr/include/sys/dktp/cm.h 0644 root bin
4041f usr/include/sys/dktp/cmdev.h 0644 root bin
4042f usr/include/sys/dktp/cmdk.h 0644 root bin
4043f usr/include/sys/dktp/cmpkt.h 0644 root bin
4044f usr/include/sys/dktp/controller.h 0644 root bin
4045f usr/include/sys/dktp/dadev.h 0644 root bin
4046f usr/include/sys/dktp/dadk.h 0644 root bin
4047f usr/include/sys/dktp/dadkio.h 0644 root bin
4048f usr/include/sys/dktp/fctypes.h 0644 root bin
4049f usr/include/sys/dktp/fdisk.h 0644 root bin
4050f usr/include/sys/dktp/flowctrl.h 0644 root bin
4051f usr/include/sys/dktp/gda.h 0644 root bin
4052f usr/include/sys/dktp/quetypes.h 0644 root bin
4053f usr/include/sys/dktp/queue.h 0644 root bin
4054f usr/include/sys/dktp/tgcom.h 0644 root bin
4055f usr/include/sys/dktp/tgdk.h 0644 root bin
4056f usr/include/sys/dl.h 0644 root bin
4057f usr/include/sys/dld.h 0644 root bin
4058f usr/include/sys/dld_impl.h 0644 root bin
4059f usr/include/sys/dld_ioc.h 0644 root bin
4060f usr/include/sys/dlpi.h 0644 root bin
4061f usr/include/sys/dls.h 0644 root bin
4062f usr/include/sys/dls_impl.h 0644 root bin
4063f usr/include/sys/dls_mgmt.h 0644 root bin
4064f usr/include/sys/dma_engine.h 0644 root bin
4065f usr/include/sys/dma_i8237A.h 0644 root bin
4066f usr/include/sys/dnlc.h 0644 root bin
4067f usr/include/sys/door.h 0644 root bin
4068f usr/include/sys/door_data.h 0644 root bin
4069f usr/include/sys/door_impl.h 0644 root bin
4070f usr/include/sys/dtrace.h 0644 root bin
4071f usr/include/sys/dtrace_impl.h 0644 root bin
4072f usr/include/sys/dumpadm.h 0644 root bin
4073f usr/include/sys/dumphdr.h 0644 root bin
4074f usr/include/sys/ecppio.h 0644 root bin
4075f usr/include/sys/ecppreg.h 0644 root bin
4076f usr/include/sys/ecppsys.h 0644 root bin
4077f usr/include/sys/ecppvar.h 0644 root bin
4078f usr/include/sys/edonr.h 0644 root bin
4079f usr/include/sys/efi_partition.h 0644 root bin
4080f usr/include/sys/elf.h 0644 root bin
4081f usr/include/sys/elf_386.h 0644 root bin
4082f usr/include/sys/elf_SPARC.h 0644 root bin
4083f usr/include/sys/elf_amd64.h 0644 root bin
4084f usr/include/sys/elf_notes.h 0644 root bin
4085f usr/include/sys/elftypes.h 0644 root bin
4086f usr/include/sys/emul64.h 0644 root bin
4087f usr/include/sys/emul64cmd.h 0644 root bin
4088f usr/include/sys/emul64var.h 0644 root bin
4089f usr/include/sys/epm.h 0644 root bin
4090f usr/include/sys/epoll.h 0644 root bin
4091f usr/include/sys/errno.h 0644 root bin
4092f usr/include/sys/errorq.h 0644 root bin
4093f usr/include/sys/errorq_impl.h 0644 root bin
4094f usr/include/sys/esunddi.h 0644 root bin
4095f usr/include/sys/ethernet.h 0644 root bin
4096f usr/include/sys/euc.h 0644 root bin
4097f usr/include/sys/eucioctl.h 0644 root bin
4098f usr/include/sys/eventfd.h 0644 root bin
4099f usr/include/sys/exacct.h 0644 root bin
4100f usr/include/sys/exacct_catalog.h 0644 root bin
4101f usr/include/sys/exacct_impl.h 0644 root bin
4102f usr/include/sys/exec.h 0644 root bin
4103f usr/include/sys/exechdr.h 0644 root bin
4104f usr/include/sys/extdirent.h 0644 root bin
4105f usr/include/sys/fasttrap.h 0644 root bin
4106f usr/include/sys/fasttrap_impl.h 0644 root bin
4107f usr/include/sys/fasttrap_isa.h 0644 root bin
4108f usr/include/sys/fault.h 0644 root bin
4109f usr/include/sys/fbio.h 0644 root bin
4110f usr/include/sys/fbuf.h 0644 root bin
4111d usr/include/sys/fc4 0755 root bin
4112f usr/include/sys/fc4/fc.h 0644 root bin
4113f usr/include/sys/fc4/fc_transport.h 0644 root bin
4114f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcal.h 0644 root bin
4115f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcal_linkapp.h 0644 root bin
4116f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcal_transport.h 0644 root bin
4117f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcio.h 0644 root bin
4118f usr/include/sys/fc4/fcp.h 0644 root bin
4119f usr/include/sys/fc4/linkapp.h 0644 root bin
4120f usr/include/sys/fcntl.h 0644 root bin
4121f usr/include/sys/fct.h 0644 root bin
4122f usr/include/sys/fct_defines.h 0644 root bin
4123f usr/include/sys/fctio.h 0644 root bin
4124f usr/include/sys/fd_debug.h 0644 root bin
4125f usr/include/sys/fdbuffer.h 0644 root bin
4126f usr/include/sys/fdc.h 0644 root bin
4127f usr/include/sys/fdio.h 0644 root bin
4128f usr/include/sys/fdmedia.h 0644 root bin
4129f usr/include/sys/feature_tests.h 0644 root bin
4130f usr/include/sys/fem.h 0644 root bin
4131d usr/include/sys/fibre-channel 0755 root bin
4132f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/fc.h 0644 root bin
4133f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/fc_appif.h 0644 root bin
4134f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/fc_types.h 0644 root bin
4135f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/fcio.h 0644 root bin
4136d usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/impl 0755 root bin
4137f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/impl/fc_error.h 0644 root bin
4138f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/impl/fcph.h 0644 root bin
4139d usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/ulp 0755 root bin
4140f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/ulp/fcp_util.h 0644 root bin
4141f usr/include/sys/fibre-channel/ulp/fcsm.h 0644 root bin
4142f usr/include/sys/file.h 0644 root bin
4143f usr/include/sys/filio.h 0644 root bin
4144f usr/include/sys/firmload.h 0644 root bin
4145f usr/include/sys/flock.h 0644 root bin
4146f usr/include/sys/flock_impl.h 0644 root bin
4147d usr/include/sys/fm 0755 root bin
4148d usr/include/sys/fm/cpu 0755 root bin
4149d usr/include/sys/fm/fs 0755 root bin
4150f usr/include/sys/fm/fs/zfs.h 0644 root bin
4151d usr/include/sys/fm/io 0755 root bin
4152f usr/include/sys/fm/io/ddi.h 0644 root bin
4153f usr/include/sys/fm/io/disk.h 0644 root bin
4154f usr/include/sys/fm/io/opl_mc_fm.h 0644 root bin
4155f usr/include/sys/fm/io/pci.h 0644 root bin
4156f usr/include/sys/fm/io/scsi.h 0644 root bin
4157f usr/include/sys/fm/io/sun4upci.h 0644 root bin
4158f usr/include/sys/fm/protocol.h 0644 root bin
4159f usr/include/sys/fm/util.h 0644 root bin
4160f usr/include/sys/fork.h 0644 root bin
4161f usr/include/sys/fp.h 0644 root bin
4162f usr/include/sys/frame.h 0644 root bin
4163f usr/include/sys/frameio.h 0644 root bin
4164d usr/include/sys/fs 0755 root bin
4165f usr/include/sys/fs/autofs.h 0644 root bin
4166f usr/include/sys/fs/decomp.h 0644 root bin
4167f usr/include/sys/fs/dv_node.h 0644 root bin
4168f usr/include/sys/fs/fifonode.h 0644 root bin
4169f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_isospec.h 0644 root bin
4170f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_node.h 0644 root bin
4171f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_rrip.h 0644 root bin
4172f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_spec.h 0644 root bin
4173f usr/include/sys/fs/hsfs_susp.h 0644 root bin
4174f usr/include/sys/fs/hyprlofs.h 0644 root bin
4175f usr/include/sys/fs/hyprlofs_info.h 0644 root bin
4176f usr/include/sys/fs/lofs_info.h 0644 root bin
4177f usr/include/sys/fs/lofs_node.h 0644 root bin
4178f usr/include/sys/fs/mntdata.h 0644 root bin
4179f usr/include/sys/fs/namenode.h 0644 root bin
4180f usr/include/sys/fs/pc_dir.h 0644 root bin
4181f usr/include/sys/fs/pc_fs.h 0644 root bin
4182f usr/include/sys/fs/pc_label.h 0644 root bin
4183f usr/include/sys/fs/pc_node.h 0644 root bin
4184f usr/include/sys/fs/pxfs_ki.h 0644 root bin
4185f usr/include/sys/fs/sdev_impl.h 0644 root bin
4186f usr/include/sys/fs/sdev_plugin.h 0644 root bin
4187f usr/include/sys/fs/snode.h 0644 root bin
4188f usr/include/sys/fs/swapnode.h 0644 root bin
4189f usr/include/sys/fs/tmp.h 0644 root bin
4190f usr/include/sys/fs/tmpnode.h 0644 root bin
4191f usr/include/sys/fs/udf_inode.h 0644 root bin
4192f usr/include/sys/fs/udf_volume.h 0644 root bin
4193f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_acl.h 0644 root bin
4194f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_bio.h 0644 root bin
4195f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_filio.h 0644 root bin
4196f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_fs.h 0644 root bin
4197f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_fsdir.h 0644 root bin
4198f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_inode.h 0644 root bin
4199f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_lockfs.h 0644 root bin
4200f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_log.h 0644 root bin
4201f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_mount.h 0644 root bin
4202f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_panic.h 0644 root bin
4203f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_prot.h 0644 root bin
4204f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_quota.h 0644 root bin
4205f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_snap.h 0644 root bin
4206f usr/include/sys/fs/ufs_trans.h 0644 root bin
4207f usr/include/sys/fs/zfs.h 0644 root bin
4208f usr/include/sys/fs/zut.h 0644 root bin
4209f usr/include/sys/fs_reparse.h 0644 root bin
4210f usr/include/sys/fs_subr.h 0644 root bin
4211f usr/include/sys/fsid.h 0644 root bin
4212f usr/include/sys/fss.h 0644 root bin
4213f usr/include/sys/fssnap.h 0644 root bin
4214f usr/include/sys/fssnap_if.h 0644 root bin
4215f usr/include/sys/fsspriocntl.h 0644 root bin
4216f usr/include/sys/fstyp.h 0644 root bin
4217f usr/include/sys/ftrace.h 0644 root bin
4218f usr/include/sys/fx.h 0644 root bin
4219f usr/include/sys/fxpriocntl.h 0644 root bin
4220f usr/include/sys/gfs.h 0644 root bin
4221f usr/include/sys/gfx_private.h 0644 root bin
4222f usr/include/sys/gld.h 0644 root bin
4223f usr/include/sys/gldpriv.h 0644 root bin
4224f usr/include/sys/group.h 0644 root bin
4225f usr/include/sys/hdio.h 0644 root bin
4226f usr/include/sys/hook.h 0644 root bin
4227f usr/include/sys/hook_event.h 0644 root bin
4228f usr/include/sys/hook_impl.h 0644 root bin
4229d usr/include/sys/hotplug 0755 root bin
4230f usr/include/sys/hotplug/hpcsvc.h 0644 root bin
4231f usr/include/sys/hotplug/hpctrl.h 0644 root bin
4232d usr/include/sys/hotplug/pci 0755 root bin
4233f usr/include/sys/hotplug/pci/pcicfg.h 0644 root bin
4234f usr/include/sys/hotplug/pci/pcihp.h 0644 root bin
4235f usr/include/sys/hwconf.h 0644 root bin
4236f usr/include/sys/hypervisor.h 0644 root bin
4237f usr/include/sys/i8272A.h 0644 root bin
4238f usr/include/sys/ia.h 0644 root bin
4239f usr/include/sys/iapriocntl.h 0644 root bin
4240d usr/include/sys/ib 0755 root bin
4241d usr/include/sys/ib/adapters 0755 root bin
4242d usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/hermon 0755 root bin
4243f usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/hermon/hermon_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
4244f usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/mlnx_umap.h 0644 root bin
4245d usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/tavor 0755 root bin
4246f usr/include/sys/ib/adapters/tavor/tavor_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
4247d usr/include/sys/ib/clients 0755 root bin
4248d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/ibd 0755 root bin
4249f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/ibd/ibd.h 0644 root bin
4250d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of 0755 root bin
4251f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/ofa_solaris.h 0644 root bin
4252f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/ofed_kernel.h 0644 root bin
4253d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma 0755 root bin
4254f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_addr.h 0644 root bin
4255f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_user_mad.h 0644 root bin
4256f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_user_sa.h 0644 root bin
4257f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_user_verbs.h 0644 root bin
4258f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/ib_verbs.h 0644 root bin
4259f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/rdma_cm.h 0644 root bin
4260f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/rdma/rdma_user_cm.h 0644 root bin
4261d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs 0755 root bin
4262f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs/sol_cma.h 0644 root bin
4263f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs/sol_ib_cma.h 0644 root bin
4264f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs/sol_kverb_impl.h 0644 root bin
4265f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ofs/sol_ofs_common.h 0644 root bin
4266d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ucma 0755 root bin
4267f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ucma/sol_rdma_user_cm.h 0644 root bin
4268f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_ucma/sol_ucma.h 0644 root bin
4269d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_umad 0755 root bin
4270f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_umad/sol_umad.h 0644 root bin
4271d usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs 0755 root bin
4272f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs.h 0644 root bin
4273f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs2ucma.h 0644 root bin
4274f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs_comp.h 0644 root bin
4275f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs_event.h 0644 root bin
4276f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs_hca.h 0644 root bin
4277f usr/include/sys/ib/clients/of/sol_uverbs/sol_uverbs_qp.h 0644 root bin
4278f usr/include/sys/ib/ib_pkt_hdrs.h 0644 root bin
4279f usr/include/sys/ib/ib_types.h 0644 root bin
4280d usr/include/sys/ib/ibnex 0755 root bin
4281f usr/include/sys/ib/ibnex/ibnex_devctl.h 0644 root bin
4282d usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl 0755 root bin
4283f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibci.h 0644 root bin
4284f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibti.h 0644 root bin
4285f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibti_cm.h 0644 root bin
4286f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibti_common.h 0644 root bin
4287f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibtl_ci_types.h 0644 root bin
4288f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibtl_status.h 0644 root bin
4289f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibtl_types.h 0644 root bin
4290f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/ibvti.h 0644 root bin
4291d usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/impl 0755 root bin
4292f usr/include/sys/ib/ibtl/impl/ibtl_util.h 0644 root bin
4293d usr/include/sys/ib/mgt 0755 root bin
4294f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ib_dm_attr.h 0644 root bin
4295f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ib_mad.h 0644 root bin
4296d usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf 0755 root bin
4297f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf/ibmf.h 0644 root bin
4298f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf/ibmf_msg.h 0644 root bin
4299f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf/ibmf_saa.h 0644 root bin
4300f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/ibmf/ibmf_utils.h 0644 root bin
4301f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/sa_recs.h 0644 root bin
4302f usr/include/sys/ib/mgt/sm_attr.h 0644 root bin
4303f usr/include/sys/ibpart.h 0644 root bin
4304f usr/include/sys/id32.h 0644 root bin
4305f usr/include/sys/id_space.h 0644 root bin
4306d usr/include/sys/idm 0755 root bin
4307f usr/include/sys/idm/idm.h 0644 root bin
4308f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_conn_sm.h 0644 root bin
4309f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_impl.h 0644 root bin
4310f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_so.h 0644 root bin
4311f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_text.h 0644 root bin
4312f usr/include/sys/idm/idm_transport.h 0644 root bin
4313f usr/include/sys/idmap.h 0644 root bin
4314f usr/include/sys/ieeefp.h 0644 root bin
4315f usr/include/sys/inline.h 0644 root bin
4316f usr/include/sys/inotify.h 0644 root bin
4317f usr/include/sys/instance.h 0644 root bin
4318f usr/include/sys/int_const.h 0644 root bin
4319f usr/include/sys/int_fmtio.h 0644 root bin
4320f usr/include/sys/int_limits.h 0644 root bin
4321f usr/include/sys/int_types.h 0644 root bin
4322f usr/include/sys/inttypes.h 0644 root bin
4323f usr/include/sys/ioccom.h 0644 root bin
4324f usr/include/sys/ioctl.h 0644 root bin
4325f usr/include/sys/iommulib.h 0644 root bin
4326f usr/include/sys/ipc.h 0644 root bin
4327f usr/include/sys/ipc_impl.h 0644 root bin
4328f usr/include/sys/ipc_rctl.h 0644 root bin
4329f usr/include/sys/ipmi.h 0644 root bin
4330f usr/include/sys/isa_defs.h 0644 root bin
4331f usr/include/sys/iscsi_authclient.h 0644 root bin
4332f usr/include/sys/iscsi_authclientglue.h 0644 root bin
4333f usr/include/sys/iscsi_protocol.h 0644 root bin
4334d usr/include/sys/iscsit 0755 root bin
4335f usr/include/sys/iscsit/chap.h 0644 root bin
4336f usr/include/sys/iscsit/iscsi_if.h 0644 root bin
4337f usr/include/sys/iscsit/iscsit_common.h 0644 root bin
4338f usr/include/sys/iscsit/isns_protocol.h 0644 root bin
4339f usr/include/sys/iscsit/radius_packet.h 0644 root bin
4340f usr/include/sys/iscsit/radius_protocol.h 0644 root bin
4341d usr/include/sys/iso 0755 root bin
4342f usr/include/sys/iso/signal_iso.h 0644 root bin
4343f usr/include/sys/jioctl.h 0644 root bin
4344f usr/include/sys/kbd.h 0644 root bin
4345f usr/include/sys/kbdreg.h 0644 root bin
4346f usr/include/sys/kbio.h 0644 root bin
4347f usr/include/sys/kcpc.h 0644 root bin
4348f usr/include/sys/kd.h 0644 root bin
4349f usr/include/sys/kdi.h 0644 root bin
4350f usr/include/sys/kdi_impl.h 0644 root bin
4351f usr/include/sys/kdi_machimpl.h 0644 root bin
4352f usr/include/sys/kdi_regs.h 0644 root bin
4353f usr/include/sys/kiconv.h 0644 root bin
4354f usr/include/sys/kiconv_big5_utf8.h 0644 root bin
4355f usr/include/sys/kiconv_cck_common.h 0644 root bin
4356f usr/include/sys/kiconv_cp950hkscs_utf8.h 0644 root bin
4357f usr/include/sys/kiconv_emea1.h 0644 root bin
4358f usr/include/sys/kiconv_emea2.h 0644 root bin
4359f usr/include/sys/kiconv_euckr_utf8.h 0644 root bin
4360f usr/include/sys/kiconv_euctw_utf8.h 0644 root bin
4361f usr/include/sys/kiconv_gb18030_utf8.h 0644 root bin
4362f usr/include/sys/kiconv_gb2312_utf8.h 0644 root bin
4363f usr/include/sys/kiconv_hkscs_utf8.h 0644 root bin
4364f usr/include/sys/kiconv_ja.h 0644 root bin
4365f usr/include/sys/kiconv_ja_jis_to_unicode.h 0644 root bin
4366f usr/include/sys/kiconv_ja_unicode_to_jis.h 0644 root bin
4367f usr/include/sys/kiconv_ko.h 0644 root bin
4368f usr/include/sys/kiconv_latin1.h 0644 root bin
4369f usr/include/sys/kiconv_sc.h 0644 root bin
4370f usr/include/sys/kiconv_tc.h 0644 root bin
4371f usr/include/sys/kiconv_uhc_utf8.h 0644 root bin
4372f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_big5.h 0644 root bin
4373f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_cp950hkscs.h 0644 root bin
4374f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_euckr.h 0644 root bin
4375f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_euctw.h 0644 root bin
4376f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_gb18030.h 0644 root bin
4377f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_gb2312.h 0644 root bin
4378f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_hkscs.h 0644 root bin
4379f usr/include/sys/kiconv_utf8_uhc.h 0644 root bin
4380f usr/include/sys/kidmap.h 0644 root bin
4381f usr/include/sys/klpd.h 0644 root bin
4382f usr/include/sys/klwp.h 0644 root bin
4383f usr/include/sys/kmdb.h 0644 root bin
4384f usr/include/sys/kmem.h 0644 root bin
4385f usr/include/sys/kmem_impl.h 0644 root bin
4386f usr/include/sys/kobj.h 0644 root bin
4387f usr/include/sys/kobj_impl.h 0644 root bin
4388f usr/include/sys/ksocket.h 0644 root bin
4389f usr/include/sys/kstat.h 0644 root bin
4390f usr/include/sys/kstr.h 0644 root bin
4391f usr/include/sys/ksyms.h 0644 root bin
4392f usr/include/sys/ksynch.h 0644 root bin
4393f usr/include/sys/lc_core.h 0644 root bin
4394f usr/include/sys/ldterm.h 0644 root bin
4395f usr/include/sys/lgrp.h 0644 root bin
4396f usr/include/sys/lgrp_user.h 0644 root bin
4397f usr/include/sys/libc_kernel.h 0644 root bin
4398f usr/include/sys/libdevid.h 0644 root bin
4399f usr/include/sys/limits.h 0644 root bin
4400f usr/include/sys/link.h 0644 root bin
4401f usr/include/sys/linker_set.h 0644 root bin
4402f usr/include/sys/list.h 0644 root bin
4403f usr/include/sys/list_impl.h 0644 root bin
4404f usr/include/sys/llc1.h 0644 root bin
4405f usr/include/sys/loadavg.h 0644 root bin
4406f usr/include/sys/localedef.h 0644 root bin
4407f usr/include/sys/lock.h 0644 root bin
4408f usr/include/sys/lockfs.h 0644 root bin
4409f usr/include/sys/lockstat.h 0644 root bin
4410f usr/include/sys/lofi.h 0644 root bin
4411f usr/include/sys/log.h 0644 root bin
4412f usr/include/sys/logindmux.h 0644 root bin
4413f usr/include/sys/logindmux_impl.h 0644 root bin
4414f usr/include/sys/lpif.h 0644 root bin
4415f usr/include/sys/lwp.h 0644 root bin
4416f usr/include/sys/lwp_timer_impl.h 0644 root bin
4417f usr/include/sys/lwp_upimutex_impl.h 0644 root bin
4418f usr/include/sys/mac.h 0644 root bin
4419f usr/include/sys/mac_client.h 0644 root bin
4420f usr/include/sys/mac_client_impl.h 0644 root bin
4421f usr/include/sys/mac_ether.h 0644 root bin
4422f usr/include/sys/mac_flow.h 0644 root bin
4423f usr/include/sys/mac_flow_impl.h 0644 root bin
4424f usr/include/sys/mac_impl.h 0644 root bin
4425f usr/include/sys/mac_provider.h 0644 root bin
4426f usr/include/sys/mac_soft_ring.h 0644 root bin
4427f usr/include/sys/mac_stat.h 0644 root bin
4428f usr/include/sys/machelf.h 0644 root bin
4429f usr/include/sys/machlock.h 0644 root bin
4430f usr/include/sys/machsig.h 0644 root bin
4431f usr/include/sys/machtypes.h 0644 root bin
4432f usr/include/sys/map.h 0644 root bin
4433f usr/include/sys/mc.h 0644 root bin
4434f usr/include/sys/mc_amd.h 0644 root bin
4435f usr/include/sys/mc_intel.h 0644 root bin
4436f usr/include/sys/mca_amd.h 0644 root bin
4437f usr/include/sys/mca_x86.h 0644 root bin
4438f usr/include/sys/mcontext.h 0644 root bin
4439f usr/include/sys/md4.h 0644 root bin
4440f usr/include/sys/md5.h 0644 root bin
4441f usr/include/sys/md5_consts.h 0644 root bin
4442f usr/include/sys/mdb_modapi.h 0644 root bin
4443f usr/include/sys/mdi_impldefs.h 0644 root bin
4444f usr/include/sys/mem.h 0644 root bin
4445f usr/include/sys/mem_config.h 0644 root bin
4446f usr/include/sys/memlist.h 0644 root bin
4447f usr/include/sys/mhd.h 0644 root bin
4448f usr/include/sys/mii.h 0644 root bin
4449f usr/include/sys/miiregs.h 0644 root bin
4450f usr/include/sys/mixer.h 0644 root bin
4451f usr/include/sys/mkdev.h 0644 root bin
4452f usr/include/sys/mman.h 0644 root bin
4453f usr/include/sys/mmapobj.h 0644 root bin
4454f usr/include/sys/mntent.h 0644 root bin
4455f usr/include/sys/mntio.h 0644 root bin
4456f usr/include/sys/mnttab.h 0644 root bin
4457f usr/include/sys/modctl.h 0644 root bin
4458f usr/include/sys/mode.h 0644 root bin
4459f usr/include/sys/model.h 0644 root bin
4460f usr/include/sys/modhash.h 0644 root bin
4461f usr/include/sys/modhash_impl.h 0644 root bin
4462f usr/include/sys/mount.h 0644 root bin
4463f usr/include/sys/mouse.h 0644 root bin
4464f usr/include/sys/msacct.h 0644 root bin
4465f usr/include/sys/msg.h 0644 root bin
4466f usr/include/sys/msg_impl.h 0644 root bin
4467f usr/include/sys/msio.h 0644 root bin
4468f usr/include/sys/msreg.h 0644 root bin
4469f usr/include/sys/mtio.h 0644 root bin
4470f usr/include/sys/multidata.h 0644 root bin
4471f usr/include/sys/multidata_impl.h 0644 root bin
4472f usr/include/sys/mutex.h 0644 root bin
4473f usr/include/sys/mutex_impl.h 0644 root bin
4474f usr/include/sys/nbmlock.h 0644 root bin
4475f usr/include/sys/ndi_impldefs.h 0644 root bin
4476f usr/include/sys/ndifm.h 0644 root bin
4477f usr/include/sys/net80211.h 0644 root bin
4478f usr/include/sys/net80211_crypto.h 0644 root bin
4479f usr/include/sys/net80211_ht.h 0644 root bin
4480f usr/include/sys/net80211_proto.h 0644 root bin
4481f usr/include/sys/netconfig.h 0644 root bin
4482f usr/include/sys/neti.h 0644 root bin
4483f usr/include/sys/netstack.h 0644 root bin
4484f usr/include/sys/nexusdefs.h 0644 root bin
4485f usr/include/sys/note.h 0644 root bin
4486f usr/include/sys/null.h 0644 root bin
4487f usr/include/sys/nvpair.h 0644 root bin
4488f usr/include/sys/nvpair_impl.h 0644 root bin
4489f usr/include/sys/objfs.h 0644 root bin
4490f usr/include/sys/objfs_impl.h 0644 root bin
4491f usr/include/sys/obpdefs.h 0644 root bin
4492f usr/include/sys/old_procfs.h 0644 root bin
4493f usr/include/sys/ontrap.h 0644 root bin
4494f usr/include/sys/open.h 0644 root bin
4495f usr/include/sys/openpromio.h 0644 root bin
4496f usr/include/sys/panic.h 0644 root bin
4497f usr/include/sys/param.h 0644 root bin
4498f usr/include/sys/pathconf.h 0644 root bin
4499f usr/include/sys/pathname.h 0644 root bin
4500f usr/include/sys/pattr.h 0644 root bin
4501f usr/include/sys/pbio.h 0644 root bin
4502f usr/include/sys/pcb.h 0644 root bin
4503f usr/include/sys/pccard.h 0644 root bin
4504f usr/include/sys/pci.h 0644 root bin
4505f usr/include/sys/pci_impl.h 0644 root bin
4506f usr/include/sys/pci_tools.h 0644 root bin
4507f usr/include/sys/pcic_reg.h 0644 root bin
4508f usr/include/sys/pcic_var.h 0644 root bin
4509f usr/include/sys/pcie.h 0644 root bin
4510f usr/include/sys/pcmcia.h 0644 root bin
4511f usr/include/sys/pctypes.h 0644 root bin
4512f usr/include/sys/pfmod.h 0644 root bin
4513f usr/include/sys/pg.h 0644 root bin
4514f usr/include/sys/pghw.h 0644 root bin
4515f usr/include/sys/physmem.h 0644 root bin
4516f usr/include/sys/pic.h 0644 root bin
4517f usr/include/sys/pit.h 0644 root bin
4518f usr/include/sys/pkp_hash.h 0644 root bin
4519f usr/include/sys/pm.h 0644 root bin
4520f usr/include/sys/pmem.h 0644 root bin
4521f usr/include/sys/policy.h 0644 root bin
4522f usr/include/sys/poll.h 0644 root bin
4523f usr/include/sys/poll_impl.h 0644 root bin
4524f usr/include/sys/pool.h 0644 root bin
4525f usr/include/sys/pool_impl.h 0644 root bin
4526f usr/include/sys/pool_pset.h 0644 root bin
4527f usr/include/sys/port.h 0644 root bin
4528f usr/include/sys/port_impl.h 0644 root bin
4529f usr/include/sys/port_kernel.h 0644 root bin
4530f usr/include/sys/portif.h 0644 root bin
4531f usr/include/sys/ppmio.h 0644 root bin
4532f usr/include/sys/pppt_ic_if.h 0644 root bin
4533f usr/include/sys/pppt_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
4534f usr/include/sys/priocntl.h 0644 root bin
4535f usr/include/sys/priv.h 0644 root bin
4536f usr/include/sys/priv_const.h 0644 root bin
4537f usr/include/sys/priv_impl.h 0644 root bin
4538f usr/include/sys/priv_names.h 0644 root bin
4539f usr/include/sys/privmregs.h 0644 root bin
4540f usr/include/sys/privregs.h 0644 root bin
4541f usr/include/sys/prnio.h 0644 root bin
4542d usr/include/sys/proc 0755 root bin
4543f usr/include/sys/proc.h 0644 root bin
4544f usr/include/sys/proc/prdata.h 0644 root bin
4545f usr/include/sys/processor.h 0644 root bin
4546f usr/include/sys/procfs.h 0644 root bin
4547f usr/include/sys/procfs_isa.h 0644 root bin
4548f usr/include/sys/procset.h 0644 root bin
4549f usr/include/sys/project.h 0644 root bin
4550f usr/include/sys/prom_emul.h 0644 root bin
4551f usr/include/sys/prom_isa.h 0644 root bin
4552f usr/include/sys/prom_plat.h 0644 root bin
4553f usr/include/sys/promif.h 0644 root bin
4554f usr/include/sys/promimpl.h 0644 root bin
4555f usr/include/sys/protosw.h 0644 root bin
4556f usr/include/sys/prsystm.h 0644 root bin
4557f usr/include/sys/pset.h 0644 root bin
4558f usr/include/sys/pshot.h 0644 root bin
4559f usr/include/sys/psw.h 0644 root bin
4560f usr/include/sys/pte.h 0644 root bin
4561f usr/include/sys/ptem.h 0644 root bin
4562f usr/include/sys/ptms.h 0644 root bin
4563f usr/include/sys/ptyvar.h 0644 root bin
4564f usr/include/sys/queue.h 0644 root bin
4565f usr/include/sys/raidioctl.h 0644 root bin
4566f usr/include/sys/ramdisk.h 0644 root bin
4567f usr/include/sys/random.h 0644 root bin
4568f usr/include/sys/rctl.h 0644 root bin
4569f usr/include/sys/rctl_impl.h 0644 root bin
4570f usr/include/sys/rds.h 0644 root bin
4571f usr/include/sys/reboot.h 0644 root bin
4572f usr/include/sys/refstr.h 0644 root bin
4573f usr/include/sys/refstr_impl.h 0644 root bin
4574f usr/include/sys/reg.h 0644 root bin
4575f usr/include/sys/regset.h 0644 root bin
4576f usr/include/sys/resource.h 0644 root bin
4577f usr/include/sys/rlioctl.h 0644 root bin
4578d usr/include/sys/rsm 0755 root bin
4579f usr/include/sys/rsm/rsm.h 0644 root bin
4580f usr/include/sys/rsm/rsm_common.h 0644 root bin
4581f usr/include/sys/rsm/rsmapi_common.h 0644 root bin
4582f usr/include/sys/rsm/rsmka_path_int.h 0644 root bin
4583f usr/include/sys/rsm/rsmndi.h 0644 root bin
4584f usr/include/sys/rsm/rsmpi.h 0644 root bin
4585f usr/include/sys/rsm/rsmpi_driver.h 0644 root bin
4586f usr/include/sys/rt.h 0644 root bin
4587f usr/include/sys/rtc.h 0644 root bin
4588f usr/include/sys/rtpriocntl.h 0644 root bin
4589f usr/include/sys/rwlock.h 0644 root bin
4590f usr/include/sys/rwlock_impl.h 0644 root bin
4591f usr/include/sys/rwstlock.h 0644 root bin
4592f usr/include/sys/sad.h 0644 root bin
4593d usr/include/sys/sata 0755 root bin
4594f usr/include/sys/sata/sata_cfgadm.h 0644 root bin
4595f usr/include/sys/sata/sata_defs.h 0644 root bin
4596f usr/include/sys/sata/sata_hba.h 0644 root bin
4597f usr/include/sys/schedctl.h 0644 root bin
4598d usr/include/sys/scsi 0755 root bin
4599d usr/include/sys/scsi/adapters 0755 root bin
4600f usr/include/sys/scsi/adapters/iscsi_door.h 0644 root bin
4601f usr/include/sys/scsi/adapters/iscsi_if.h 0644 root bin
4602f usr/include/sys/scsi/adapters/mpapi_impl.h 0644 root bin
4603f usr/include/sys/scsi/adapters/mpapi_scsi_vhci.h 0644 root bin
4604f usr/include/sys/scsi/adapters/scsi_vhci.h 0644 root bin
4605d usr/include/sys/scsi/conf 0755 root bin
4606f usr/include/sys/scsi/conf/autoconf.h 0644 root bin
4607f usr/include/sys/scsi/conf/device.h 0644 root bin
4608d usr/include/sys/scsi/generic 0755 root bin
4609f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/commands.h 0644 root bin
4610f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/dad_mode.h 0644 root bin
4611f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/inquiry.h 0644 root bin
4612f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/message.h 0644 root bin
4613f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/mode.h 0644 root bin
4614f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/persist.h 0644 root bin
4615f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/sense.h 0644 root bin
4616f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/sff_frames.h 0644 root bin
4617f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/smp_frames.h 0644 root bin
4618f usr/include/sys/scsi/generic/status.h 0644 root bin
4619d usr/include/sys/scsi/impl 0755 root bin
4620f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/commands.h 0644 root bin
4621f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/inquiry.h 0644 root bin
4622f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/mode.h 0644 root bin
4623f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/scsi_reset_notify.h 0644 root bin
4624f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/scsi_sas.h 0644 root bin
4625f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/sense.h 0644 root bin
4626f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/services.h 0644 root bin
4627f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/smp_transport.h 0644 root bin
4628f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/spc3_types.h 0644 root bin
4629f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/status.h 0644 root bin
4630f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/transport.h 0644 root bin
4631f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/types.h 0644 root bin
4632f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/uscsi.h 0644 root bin
4633f usr/include/sys/scsi/impl/usmp.h 0644 root bin
4634f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi.h 0644 root bin
4635f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi_address.h 0644 root bin
4636f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi_ctl.h 0644 root bin
4637f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi_fm.h 0644 root bin
4638f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi_names.h 0644 root bin
4639f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi_params.h 0644 root bin
4640f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi_pkt.h 0644 root bin
4641f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi_resource.h 0644 root bin
4642f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi_types.h 0644 root bin
4643f usr/include/sys/scsi/scsi_watch.h 0644 root bin
4644d usr/include/sys/scsi/targets 0755 root bin
4645f usr/include/sys/scsi/targets/sddef.h 0644 root bin
4646f usr/include/sys/scsi/targets/ses.h 0644 root bin
4647f usr/include/sys/scsi/targets/sesio.h 0644 root bin
4648f usr/include/sys/scsi/targets/sgendef.h 0644 root bin
4649f usr/include/sys/scsi/targets/smp.h 0644 root bin
4650f usr/include/sys/scsi/targets/stdef.h 0644 root bin
4651d usr/include/sys/sdcard 0755 root bin
4652f usr/include/sys/sdcard/sda.h 0644 root bin
4653f usr/include/sys/sdcard/sda_impl.h 0644 root bin
4654f usr/include/sys/sdcard/sda_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
4655f usr/include/sys/sdt.h 0644 root bin
4656f usr/include/sys/secflags.h 0644 root bin
4657f usr/include/sys/segment.h 0644 root bin
4658f usr/include/sys/segments.h 0644 root bin
4659f usr/include/sys/select.h 0644 root bin
4660f usr/include/sys/sem.h 0644 root bin
4661f usr/include/sys/sem_impl.h 0644 root bin
4662f usr/include/sys/sema_impl.h 0644 root bin
4663f usr/include/sys/semaphore.h 0644 root bin
4664f usr/include/sys/sendfile.h 0644 root bin
4665f usr/include/sys/sensors.h 0644 root bin
4666f usr/include/sys/ser_sync.h 0644 root bin
4667f usr/include/sys/serializer.h 0644 root bin
4668f usr/include/sys/session.h 0644 root bin
4669f usr/include/sys/sha1.h 0644 root bin
4670f usr/include/sys/sha1_consts.h 0644 root bin
4671f usr/include/sys/sha2.h 0644 root bin
4672f usr/include/sys/sha2_consts.h 0644 root bin
4673f usr/include/sys/share.h 0644 root bin
4674f usr/include/sys/shm.h 0644 root bin
4675f usr/include/sys/shm_impl.h 0644 root bin
4676f usr/include/sys/sid.h 0644 root bin
4677f usr/include/sys/siginfo.h 0644 root bin
4678f usr/include/sys/signal.h 0644 root bin
4679f usr/include/sys/signalfd.h 0644 root bin
4680f usr/include/sys/skein.h 0644 root bin
4681f usr/include/sys/sleepq.h 0644 root bin
4682f usr/include/sys/smbios.h 0644 root bin
4683f usr/include/sys/smbios_impl.h 0644 root bin
4684f usr/include/sys/smedia.h 0644 root bin
4685f usr/include/sys/sobject.h 0644 root bin
4686f usr/include/sys/socket.h 0644 root bin
4687f usr/include/sys/socket_impl.h 0644 root bin
4688f usr/include/sys/socket_proto.h 0644 root bin
4689f usr/include/sys/socketvar.h 0644 root bin
4690f usr/include/sys/sockfilter.h 0644 root bin
4691f usr/include/sys/sockio.h 0644 root bin
4692f usr/include/sys/soundcard.h 0644 root bin
4693f usr/include/sys/spl.h 0644 root bin
4694f usr/include/sys/squeue.h 0644 root bin
4695f usr/include/sys/squeue_impl.h 0644 root bin
4696f usr/include/sys/srn.h 0644 root bin
4697f usr/include/sys/sservice.h 0644 root bin
4698f usr/include/sys/stack.h 0644 root bin
4699f usr/include/sys/stat.h 0644 root bin
4700f usr/include/sys/stat_impl.h 0644 root bin
4701f usr/include/sys/statfs.h 0644 root bin
4702f usr/include/sys/statvfs.h 0644 root bin
4703f usr/include/sys/stdbool.h 0644 root bin
4704f usr/include/sys/stddef.h 0644 root bin
4705f usr/include/sys/stdint.h 0644 root bin
4706f usr/include/sys/stermio.h 0644 root bin
4707f usr/include/sys/stmf.h 0644 root bin
4708f usr/include/sys/stmf_defines.h 0644 root bin
4709f usr/include/sys/stmf_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
4710f usr/include/sys/stmf_sbd_ioctl.h 0644 root bin
4711f usr/include/sys/stream.h 0644 root bin
4712f usr/include/sys/strft.h 0644 root bin
4713f usr/include/sys/strlog.h 0644 root bin
4714f usr/include/sys/strmdep.h 0644 root bin
4715f usr/include/sys/stropts.h 0644 root bin
4716f usr/include/sys/strredir.h 0644 root bin
4717f usr/include/sys/strstat.h 0644 root bin
4718f usr/include/sys/strsubr.h 0644 root bin
4719f usr/include/sys/strsun.h 0644 root bin
4720f usr/include/sys/strtty.h 0644 root bin
4721f usr/include/sys/sunddi.h 0644 root bin
4722f usr/include/sys/sunldi.h 0644 root bin
4723f usr/include/sys/sunldi_impl.h 0644 root bin
4724f usr/include/sys/sunmdi.h 0644 root bin
4725f usr/include/sys/sunndi.h 0644 root bin
4726f usr/include/sys/sunpm.h 0644 root bin
4727f usr/include/sys/suntpi.h 0644 root bin
4728f usr/include/sys/suntty.h 0644 root bin
4729f usr/include/sys/swap.h 0644 root bin
4730f usr/include/sys/synch.h 0644 root bin
4731f usr/include/sys/synch32.h 0644 root bin
4732f usr/include/sys/syscall.h 0644 root bin
4733f usr/include/sys/sysconf.h 0644 root bin
4734f usr/include/sys/sysconfig.h 0644 root bin
4735f usr/include/sys/sysconfig_impl.h 0644 root bin
4736f usr/include/sys/sysdc.h 0644 root bin
4737f usr/include/sys/sysdc_impl.h 0644 root bin
4738d usr/include/sys/sysevent 0755 root bin
4739f usr/include/sys/sysevent.h 0644 root bin
4740f usr/include/sys/sysevent/ap_driver.h 0644 root bin
4741f usr/include/sys/sysevent/datalink.h 0644 root bin
4742f usr/include/sys/sysevent/dev.h 0644 root bin
4743f usr/include/sys/sysevent/domain.h 0644 root bin
4744f usr/include/sys/sysevent/dr.h 0644 root bin
4745f usr/include/sys/sysevent/env.h 0644 root bin
4746f usr/include/sys/sysevent/eventdefs.h 0644 root bin
4747f usr/include/sys/sysevent/ipmp.h 0644 root bin
4748f usr/include/sys/sysevent/pwrctl.h 0644 root bin
4749f usr/include/sys/sysevent/vrrp.h 0644 root bin
4750f usr/include/sys/sysevent_impl.h 0644 root bin
4751f usr/include/sys/sysi86.h 0644 root bin
4752f usr/include/sys/sysinfo.h 0644 root bin
4753f usr/include/sys/syslog.h 0644 root bin
4754f usr/include/sys/sysmacros.h 0644 root bin
4755f usr/include/sys/sysmsg_impl.h 0644 root bin
4756f usr/include/sys/systeminfo.h 0644 root bin
4757f usr/include/sys/systm.h 0644 root bin
4758f usr/include/sys/t_kuser.h 0644 root bin
4759f usr/include/sys/t_lock.h 0644 root bin
4760f usr/include/sys/task.h 0644 root bin
4761f usr/include/sys/taskq.h 0644 root bin
4762f usr/include/sys/taskq_impl.h 0644 root bin
4763f usr/include/sys/telioctl.h 0644 root bin
4764f usr/include/sys/termio.h 0644 root bin
4765f usr/include/sys/termios.h 0644 root bin
4766f usr/include/sys/termiox.h 0644 root bin
4767f usr/include/sys/thread.h 0644 root bin
4768f usr/include/sys/ticlts.h 0644 root bin
4769f usr/include/sys/ticots.h 0644 root bin
4770f usr/include/sys/ticotsord.h 0644 root bin
4771f usr/include/sys/tihdr.h 0644 root bin
4772f usr/include/sys/time.h 0644 root bin
4773f usr/include/sys/time_impl.h 0644 root bin
4774f usr/include/sys/time_std_impl.h 0644 root bin
4775f usr/include/sys/timeb.h 0644 root bin
4776f usr/include/sys/timer.h 0644 root bin
4777f usr/include/sys/timerfd.h 0644 root bin
4778f usr/include/sys/times.h 0644 root bin
4779f usr/include/sys/timex.h 0644 root bin
4780f usr/include/sys/timod.h 0644 root bin
4781f usr/include/sys/tirdwr.h 0644 root bin
4782f usr/include/sys/tiuser.h 0644 root bin
4783f usr/include/sys/tl.h 0644 root bin
4784f usr/include/sys/tnf.h 0644 root bin
4785f usr/include/sys/tnf_com.h 0644 root bin
4786f usr/include/sys/tnf_probe.h 0644 root bin
4787f usr/include/sys/tnf_writer.h 0644 root bin
4788f usr/include/sys/todio.h 0644 root bin
4789f usr/include/sys/tpicommon.h 0644 root bin
4790f usr/include/sys/trap.h 0644 root bin
4791f usr/include/sys/traptrace.h 0644 root bin
4792f usr/include/sys/ts.h 0644 root bin
4793d usr/include/sys/tsol 0755 root bin
4794f usr/include/sys/tsol/label.h 0644 root bin
4795f usr/include/sys/tsol/label_macro.h 0644 root bin
4796f usr/include/sys/tsol/priv.h 0644 root bin
4797f usr/include/sys/tsol/tndb.h 0644 root bin
4798f usr/include/sys/tsol/tsyscall.h 0644 root bin
4799f usr/include/sys/tspriocntl.h 0644 root bin
4800f usr/include/sys/tss.h 0644 root bin
4801f usr/include/sys/ttcompat.h 0644 root bin
4802f usr/include/sys/ttold.h 0644 root bin
4803f usr/include/sys/tty.h 0644 root bin
4804f usr/include/sys/ttychars.h 0644 root bin
4805f usr/include/sys/ttydev.h 0644 root bin
4806f usr/include/sys/tuneable.h 0644 root bin
4807f usr/include/sys/turnstile.h 0644 root bin
4808f usr/include/sys/types.h 0644 root bin
4809f usr/include/sys/types32.h 0644 root bin
4810f usr/include/sys/tzfile.h 0644 root bin
4811f usr/include/sys/u8_textprep.h 0644 root bin
4812f usr/include/sys/u8_textprep_data.h 0644 root bin
4813f usr/include/sys/uadmin.h 0644 root bin
4814f usr/include/sys/ucode.h 0644 root bin
4815f usr/include/sys/ucontext.h 0644 root bin
4816f usr/include/sys/ucred.h 0644 root bin
4817f usr/include/sys/uio.h 0644 root bin
4818f usr/include/sys/ulimit.h 0644 root bin
4819f usr/include/sys/un.h 0644 root bin
4820f usr/include/sys/unistd.h 0644 root bin
4821d usr/include/sys/usb 0755 root bin
4822d usr/include/sys/usb/clients 0755 root bin
4823d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/audio 0755 root bin
4824f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/audio/usb_audio.h 0644 root bin
4825d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/ccid 0755 root bin
4826f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/ccid/ccid.h 0644 root bin
4827f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/ccid/uccid.h 0644 root bin
4828d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/hid 0755 root bin
4829f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/hid/hid.h 0644 root bin
4830d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/mass_storage 0755 root bin
4831f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/mass_storage/usb_bulkonly.h 0644 root bin
4832f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/mass_storage/usb_cbi.h 0644 root bin
4833d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/printer 0755 root bin
4834f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/printer/usb_printer.h 0644 root bin
4835d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/ugen 0755 root bin
4836f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/ugen/usb_ugen.h 0644 root bin
4837d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/usbcdc 0755 root bin
4838f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/usbcdc/usb_cdc.h 0644 root bin
4839d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/usbinput 0755 root bin
4840d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/usbinput/usbwcm 0755 root bin
4841f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/usbinput/usbwcm/usbwcm.h 0644 root bin
4842d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/video 0755 root bin
4843d usr/include/sys/usb/clients/video/usbvc 0755 root bin
4844f usr/include/sys/usb/clients/video/usbvc/usbvc.h 0644 root bin
4845d usr/include/sys/usb/hubd 0755 root bin
4846f usr/include/sys/usb/hubd/hub.h 0644 root bin
4847f usr/include/sys/usb/hubd/hubd_impl.h 0644 root bin
4848f usr/include/sys/usb/usba.h 0644 root bin
4849f usr/include/sys/usb/usbai.h 0644 root bin
4850f usr/include/sys/usb/usbdevs.h 0644 root bin
4851f usr/include/sys/user.h 0644 root bin
4852f usr/include/sys/ustat.h 0644 root bin
4853f usr/include/sys/utime.h 0644 root bin
4854f usr/include/sys/utrap.h 0644 root bin
4855f usr/include/sys/utsname.h 0644 root bin
4856f usr/include/sys/utssys.h 0644 root bin
4857f usr/include/sys/uuid.h 0644 root bin
4858f usr/include/sys/va_impl.h 0644 root bin
4859f usr/include/sys/va_list.h 0644 root bin
4860f usr/include/sys/var.h 0644 root bin
4861f usr/include/sys/varargs.h 0644 root bin
4862f usr/include/sys/vfs.h 0644 root bin
4863f usr/include/sys/vfs_opreg.h 0644 root bin
4864f usr/include/sys/vfstab.h 0644 root bin
4865f usr/include/sys/vgareg.h 0644 root bin
4866f usr/include/sys/videodev2.h 0644 root bin
4867f usr/include/sys/visual_io.h 0644 root bin
4868f usr/include/sys/vlan.h 0644 root bin
4869f usr/include/sys/vm.h 0644 root bin
4870f usr/include/sys/vm_usage.h 0644 root bin
4871f usr/include/sys/vmem.h 0644 root bin
4872f usr/include/sys/vmem_impl.h 0644 root bin
4873f usr/include/sys/vmem_impl_user.h 0644 root bin
4874f usr/include/sys/vmparam.h 0644 root bin
4875f usr/include/sys/vmsystm.h 0644 root bin
4876f usr/include/sys/vnd.h 0644 root bin
4877f usr/include/sys/vnd_errno.h 0644 root bin
4878f usr/include/sys/vnic.h 0644 root bin
4879f usr/include/sys/vnic_impl.h 0644 root bin
4880f usr/include/sys/vnode.h 0644 root bin
4881f usr/include/sys/vscan.h 0644 root bin
4882f usr/include/sys/vt.h 0644 root bin
4883f usr/include/sys/vtdaemon.h 0644 root bin
4884f usr/include/sys/vtoc.h 0644 root bin
4885f usr/include/sys/vtrace.h 0644 root bin
4886f usr/include/sys/vuid_event.h 0644 root bin
4887f usr/include/sys/vuid_queue.h 0644 root bin
4888f usr/include/sys/vuid_state.h 0644 root bin
4889f usr/include/sys/vuid_store.h 0644 root bin
4890f usr/include/sys/vuid_wheel.h 0644 root bin
4891f usr/include/sys/wait.h 0644 root bin
4892f usr/include/sys/waitq.h 0644 root bin
4893f usr/include/sys/watchpoint.h 0644 root bin
4894f usr/include/sys/winlockio.h 0644 root bin
4895f usr/include/sys/x86_archext.h 0644 root bin
4896f usr/include/sys/xen_errno.h 0644 root bin
4897f usr/include/sys/xti_inet.h 0644 root bin
4898f usr/include/sys/xti_osi.h 0644 root bin
4899f usr/include/sys/xti_xtiopt.h 0644 root bin
4900f usr/include/sys/zcons.h 0644 root bin
4901f usr/include/sys/zfd.h 0644 root bin
4902f usr/include/sys/zmod.h 0644 root bin
4903f usr/include/sys/zone.h 0644 root bin
4904f usr/include/sysexits.h 0644 root bin
4905f usr/include/syslog.h 0644 root bin
4906f usr/include/tar.h 0644 root bin
4907f usr/include/tcpd.h 0644 root bin
4908f usr/include/term.h 0644 root bin
4909f usr/include/termio.h 0644 root bin
4910f usr/include/termios.h 0644 root bin
4911f usr/include/tgmath.h 0644 root bin
4912f usr/include/thread.h 0644 root bin
4913f usr/include/thread_db.h 0644 root bin
4914f usr/include/threads.h 0644 root bin
4915f usr/include/time.h 0644 root bin
4916f usr/include/tiuser.h 0644 root bin
4917d usr/include/tnf 0755 root bin
4918f usr/include/tnf/com.h 0644 root bin
4919f usr/include/tnf/probe.h 0644 root bin
4920f usr/include/tnf/tnf.h 0644 root bin
4921f usr/include/tnf/tnfctl.h 0644 root bin
4922f usr/include/tnf/writer.h 0644 root bin
4923d usr/include/tsol 0755 root bin
4924f usr/include/tsol/label.h 0644 root bin
4925f usr/include/tzfile.h 0644 root bin
4926f usr/include/uchar.h 0644 root bin
4927f usr/include/ucontext.h 0644 root bin
4928f usr/include/ucred.h 0644 root bin
4929f usr/include/uid_stp.h 0644 root bin
4930f usr/include/ulimit.h 0644 root bin
4931f usr/include/umem.h 0644 root bin
4932f usr/include/umem_impl.h 0644 root bin
4933f usr/include/unctrl.h 0644 root bin
4934f usr/include/unistd.h 0644 root bin
4935f usr/include/user_attr.h 0644 root bin
4936f usr/include/userdefs.h 0644 root bin
4937f usr/include/ustat.h 0644 root bin
4938f usr/include/utempter.h 0644 root bin
4939f usr/include/utility.h 0644 root bin
4940f usr/include/utime.h 0644 root bin
4941f usr/include/utmp.h 0644 root bin
4942f usr/include/utmpx.h 0644 root bin
4943d usr/include/uuid 0755 root bin
4944f usr/include/uuid/uuid.h 0644 root bin
4945f usr/include/valtools.h 0644 root bin
4946f usr/include/values.h 0644 root bin
4947f usr/include/varargs.h 0644 root bin
4948d usr/include/vm 0755 root bin
4949f usr/include/vm/anon.h 0644 root bin
4950f usr/include/vm/as.h 0644 root bin
4951f usr/include/vm/faultcode.h 0644 root bin
4952f usr/include/vm/hat.h 0644 root bin
4953f usr/include/vm/kpm.h 0644 root bin
4954f usr/include/vm/page.h 0644 root bin
4955f usr/include/vm/pvn.h 0644 root bin
4956f usr/include/vm/rm.h 0644 root bin
4957f usr/include/vm/seg.h 0644 root bin
4958f usr/include/vm/seg_dev.h 0644 root bin
4959f usr/include/vm/seg_enum.h 0644 root bin
4960f usr/include/vm/seg_kmem.h 0644 root bin
4961f usr/include/vm/seg_kp.h 0644 root bin
4962f usr/include/vm/seg_kpm.h 0644 root bin
4963f usr/include/vm/seg_map.h 0644 root bin
4964f usr/include/vm/seg_spt.h 0644 root bin
4965f usr/include/vm/seg_vn.h 0644 root bin
4966f usr/include/vm/vpage.h 0644 root bin
4967f usr/include/vm/vpm.h 0644 root bin
4968f usr/include/volmgt.h 0644 root bin
4969f usr/include/wait.h 0644 root bin
4970f usr/include/wchar.h 0644 root bin
4971f usr/include/wchar_impl.h 0644 root bin
4972f usr/include/wctype.h 0644 root bin
4973f usr/include/widec.h 0644 root bin
4974f usr/include/winscard.h 0644 root bin
4975f usr/include/wintypes.h 0644 root bin
4976f usr/include/wordexp.h 0644 root bin
4977f usr/include/xlocale.h 0644 root bin
4978f usr/include/xti.h 0644 root bin
4979f usr/include/xti_inet.h 0644 root bin
4980f usr/include/zdoor.h 0644 root bin
4981f usr/include/zone.h 0644 root bin
4982d usr/kernel 0755 root sys
4983d usr/kernel/brand 0755 root sys
4984d usr/kernel/brand/amd64 0755 root sys
4985f usr/kernel/brand/amd64/lx_brand 0755 root sys
4986d usr/kernel/drv 0755 root sys
4987d usr/kernel/drv/amd64 0755 root sys
4988f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/bpf 0755 root sys
4989f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/dump 0755 root sys
4990f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/eventfd 0755 root sys
4991f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/fssnap 0755 root sys
4992f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/inotify 0755 root sys
4993f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/ipf 0755 root sys
4994f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/ipmi 0755 root sys
4995f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/kstat 0755 root sys
4996f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/ksyms 0755 root sys
4997f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/logindmux 0755 root sys
4998f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/lx_ptm 0755 root sys
4999f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/lx_systrace 0755 root sys
5000f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/lxautofs 0755 root sys
5001f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/nsmb 0755 root sys
5002f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/pm 0755 root sys
5003f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/pool 0755 root sys
5004f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/ppt 0755 root sys
5005f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/ptm 0755 root sys
5006f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/pts 0755 root sys
5007f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/signalfd 0755 root sys
5008f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/smbsrv 0755 root sys
5009f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/sppp 0755 root sys
5010f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/sppptun 0755 root sys
5011f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/timerfd 0755 root sys
5012f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/viona 0755 root sys
5013f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/vmm 0755 root sys
5014f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/zcons 0755 root sys
5015f usr/kernel/drv/amd64/zfd 0755 root sys
5016f usr/kernel/drv/bpf.conf 0644 root sys
5017f usr/kernel/drv/dump.conf 0644 root sys
5018f usr/kernel/drv/eventfd.conf 0644 root sys
5019f usr/kernel/drv/fssnap.conf 0644 root sys
5020f usr/kernel/drv/inotify.conf 0644 root sys
5021f usr/kernel/drv/ipf.conf 0644 root sys
5022f usr/kernel/drv/ipmi.conf 0644 root sys
5023f usr/kernel/drv/kstat.conf 0644 root sys
5024f usr/kernel/drv/ksyms.conf 0644 root sys
5025f usr/kernel/drv/logindmux.conf 0644 root sys
5026f usr/kernel/drv/lx_ptm.conf 0644 root sys
5027f usr/kernel/drv/lx_systrace.conf 0644 root sys
5028f usr/kernel/drv/lxautofs.conf 0644 root sys
5029f usr/kernel/drv/nsmb.conf 0644 root sys
5030f usr/kernel/drv/pm.conf 0644 root sys
5031f usr/kernel/drv/pool.conf 0644 root sys
5032f usr/kernel/drv/ppt.conf 0644 root sys
5033f usr/kernel/drv/ptm.conf 0644 root sys
5034f usr/kernel/drv/pts.conf 0644 root sys
5035f usr/kernel/drv/signalfd.conf 0644 root sys
5036f usr/kernel/drv/smbsrv.conf 0644 root sys
5037f usr/kernel/drv/sppp.conf 0644 root sys
5038f usr/kernel/drv/sppptun.conf 0644 root sys
5039f usr/kernel/drv/timerfd.conf 0644 root sys
5040f usr/kernel/drv/viona.conf 0644 root sys
5041f usr/kernel/drv/vmm.conf 0644 root sys
5042d usr/kernel/fs 0755 root sys
5043d usr/kernel/fs/amd64 0755 root sys
5044f usr/kernel/fs/amd64/fdfs 0755 root sys
5045f usr/kernel/fs/amd64/lx_cgroup 0755 root sys
5046f usr/kernel/fs/amd64/lx_devfs 0755 root sys
5047f usr/kernel/fs/amd64/lx_proc 0755 root sys
5048f usr/kernel/fs/amd64/lx_sysfs 0755 root sys
5049h usr/kernel/fs/amd64/lxautofs=usr/kernel/drv/amd64/lxautofs
5050f usr/kernel/fs/amd64/pcfs 0755 root sys
5051f usr/kernel/fs/amd64/smbfs 0755 root sys
5052d usr/kernel/kmdb 0755 root sys
5053d usr/kernel/kmdb/amd64 0755 root sys
5054f usr/kernel/kmdb/amd64/smbfs 0555 root sys
5055f usr/kernel/kmdb/amd64/smbsrv 0555 root sys
5056d usr/kernel/sched 0755 root sys
5057d usr/kernel/sched/amd64 0755 root sys
5058f usr/kernel/sched/amd64/FSS 0755 root sys
5059f usr/kernel/sched/amd64/FX 0755 root sys
5060f usr/kernel/sched/amd64/FX_DPTBL 0755 root sys
5061f usr/kernel/sched/amd64/RT 0755 root sys
5062f usr/kernel/sched/amd64/RT_DPTBL 0755 root sys
5063d usr/kernel/socketmod 0755 root sys
5064d usr/kernel/socketmod/amd64 0755 root sys
5065f usr/kernel/socketmod/amd64/sockpfp 0755 root sys
5066d usr/kernel/sys 0755 root sys
5067d usr/kernel/sys/amd64 0755 root sys
5068f usr/kernel/sys/amd64/acctctl 0755 root sys
5069f usr/kernel/sys/amd64/exacctsys 0755 root sys
5070f usr/kernel/sys/amd64/sysacct 0755 root sys
5071d usr/kvm 0755 root bin
5072f usr/kvm/README 0644 root sys
5073d usr/lib 0755 root bin
5074f usr/lib/0@0.so.1 0755 root bin
5075s usr/lib/32=.
5076s usr/lib/64=amd64
5077d usr/lib/acct 0755 root bin
5078f usr/lib/acct/acctcms 0555 root bin
5079f usr/lib/acct/acctcon 0555 root bin
5080f usr/lib/acct/acctcon1 0555 root bin
5081f usr/lib/acct/acctcon2 0555 root bin
5082f usr/lib/acct/acctdisk 0555 root bin
5083f usr/lib/acct/acctdusg 0555 root bin
5084f usr/lib/acct/acctmerg 0555 root bin
5085f usr/lib/acct/accton 4755 root bin
5086f usr/lib/acct/acctprc 0555 root bin
5087f usr/lib/acct/acctprc1 0555 root bin
5088f usr/lib/acct/acctprc2 0555 root bin
5089f usr/lib/acct/acctwtmp 0555 root bin
5090f usr/lib/acct/chargefee 0555 root bin
5091f usr/lib/acct/ckpacct 0555 root bin
5092f usr/lib/acct/closewtmp 0555 root bin
5093f usr/lib/acct/dodisk 0555 root bin
5094f usr/lib/acct/fwtmp 0555 root bin
5095f usr/lib/acct/lastlogin 0555 root bin
5096f usr/lib/acct/monacct 0555 root bin
5097f usr/lib/acct/nulladm 0555 root bin
5098f usr/lib/acct/prctmp 0555 root bin
5099f usr/lib/acct/prdaily 0555 root bin
5100f usr/lib/acct/prtacct 0555 root bin
5101f usr/lib/acct/ptecms.awk 0555 root bin
5102f usr/lib/acct/ptelus.awk 0555 root bin
5103f usr/lib/acct/remove 0555 root bin
5104f usr/lib/acct/runacct 0555 root bin
5105f usr/lib/acct/shutacct 0555 root bin
5106f usr/lib/acct/startup 0555 root bin
5107f usr/lib/acct/turnacct 0555 root bin
5108f usr/lib/acct/utmp2wtmp 0555 root bin
5109f usr/lib/acct/wtmpfix 0555 root bin
5110d usr/lib/adb 0755 root sys
5111f usr/lib/adb/adbgen 0755 root sys
5112f usr/lib/adb/adbgen1 0755 root sys
5113f usr/lib/adb/adbgen3 0755 root sys
5114f usr/lib/adb/adbgen4 0755 root sys
5115f usr/lib/adb/adbsub.o 0644 root sys
5116d usr/lib/adb/amd64 0755 root sys
5117f usr/lib/adb/amd64/adbsub.o 0644 root sys
5118d usr/lib/ahci 0755 root sys
5119f usr/lib/ahci/ahciem 0555 root bin
5120d usr/lib/amd64 0755 root bin
5121f usr/lib/amd64/0@0.so.1 0755 root bin
5122f usr/lib/amd64/crt1.o 0644 root bin
5123f usr/lib/amd64/crti.o 0644 root bin
5124f usr/lib/amd64/crtn.o 0644 root bin
5125h usr/lib/amd64/gcrt1.o=usr/lib/amd64/crt1.o
5126d usr/lib/amd64/gss 0755 root bin
5127f usr/lib/amd64/gss/dh1024-0.so.1 0755 root bin
5128s usr/lib/amd64/gss/dh1024-0.so=dh1024-0.so.1
5129f usr/lib/amd64/gss/dh640-0.so.1 0755 root bin
5130s usr/lib/amd64/gss/dh640-0.so=dh640-0.so.1
5131s usr/lib/amd64/gss/libmech_krb5.so=mech_krb5.so.1
5132f usr/lib/amd64/gss/mech_dh.so.1 0755 root bin
5133s usr/lib/amd64/gss/mech_dh.so=mech_dh.so.1
5134f usr/lib/amd64/gss/mech_krb5.so.1 0755 root bin
5135s usr/lib/amd64/gss/mech_krb5.so=mech_krb5.so.1
5136f usr/lib/amd64/gss/mech_spnego.so.1 0755 root bin
5137s usr/lib/amd64/ld.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/ld.so.1
5138f usr/lib/amd64/lddstub 0555 root bin
5139f usr/lib/amd64/libHBAAPI.so.1 0755 root bin
5140s usr/lib/amd64/libHBAAPI.so=libHBAAPI.so.1
5141s usr/lib/amd64/libMPAPI.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libMPAPI.so.1
5142s usr/lib/amd64/libMPAPI.so=../../../lib/amd64/libMPAPI.so.1
5143f usr/lib/amd64/libSMHBAAPI.so.1 0755 root bin
5144s usr/lib/amd64/libSMHBAAPI.so=libSMHBAAPI.so.1
5145s usr/lib/amd64/libadm.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libadm.so.1
5146s usr/lib/amd64/libadm.so=../../../lib/amd64/libadm.so.1
5147f usr/lib/amd64/libads.so.1 0755 root bin
5148s usr/lib/amd64/libads.so=libads.so.1
5149f usr/lib/amd64/libadt_jni.so.1 0755 root bin
5150s usr/lib/amd64/libadt_jni.so=libadt_jni.so.1
5151f usr/lib/amd64/libadutils.so.1 0755 root bin
5152s usr/lib/amd64/libadutils.so=libadutils.so.1
5153s usr/lib/amd64/libaio.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libaio.so.1
5154s usr/lib/amd64/libaio.so=../../../lib/amd64/libaio.so.1
5155f usr/lib/amd64/libast.so.1 0755 root bin
5156s usr/lib/amd64/libast.so=libast.so.1
5157s usr/lib/amd64/libavl.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libavl.so.1
5158s usr/lib/amd64/libavl.so=../../../lib/amd64/libavl.so.1
5159f usr/lib/amd64/libbrand.so.1 0755 root bin
5160s usr/lib/amd64/libbrand.so=libbrand.so.1
5161f usr/lib/amd64/libbsdmalloc.so.1 0755 root bin
5162s usr/lib/amd64/libbsdmalloc.so=libbsdmalloc.so.1
5163s usr/lib/amd64/libbsm.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libbsm.so.1
5164s usr/lib/amd64/libbsm.so=../../../lib/amd64/libbsm.so.1
5165f usr/lib/amd64/libbunyan.so.1 0755 root bin
5166s usr/lib/amd64/libc.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libc.so.1
5167s usr/lib/amd64/libc.so=../../../lib/amd64/libc.so.1
5168s usr/lib/amd64/libc_db.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libc_db.so.1
5169s usr/lib/amd64/libc_db.so=../../../lib/amd64/libc_db.so.1
5170f usr/lib/amd64/libcfgadm.so.1 0755 root bin
5171s usr/lib/amd64/libcfgadm.so=libcfgadm.so.1
5172f usr/lib/amd64/libcmd.so.1 0755 root bin
5173s usr/lib/amd64/libcmd.so=libcmd.so.1
5174s usr/lib/amd64/libcmdutils.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libcmdutils.so.1
5175s usr/lib/amd64/libcmdutils.so=../../../lib/amd64/libcmdutils.so.1
5176f usr/lib/amd64/libcommputil.so.1 0755 root bin
5177s usr/lib/amd64/libcommputil.so=libcommputil.so.1
5178s usr/lib/amd64/libcontract.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libcontract.so.1
5179s usr/lib/amd64/libcontract.so=../../../lib/amd64/libcontract.so.1
5180f usr/lib/amd64/libcpc.so.1 0755 root bin
5181s usr/lib/amd64/libcpc.so=libcpc.so.1
5182f usr/lib/amd64/libcrle.so.1 0755 root bin
5183f usr/lib/amd64/libcrypt.so.1 0755 root bin
5184s usr/lib/amd64/libcrypt.so=libcrypt.so.1
5185s usr/lib/amd64/libcrypt_d.so.1=libcrypt.so.1
5186s usr/lib/amd64/libcrypt_d.so=libcrypt.so
5187s usr/lib/amd64/libcrypt_i.so.1=libcrypt.so.1
5188s usr/lib/amd64/libcrypt_i.so=libcrypt.so
5189s usr/lib/amd64/libcryptoutil.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libcryptoutil.so.1
5190s usr/lib/amd64/libcryptoutil.so=../../../lib/amd64/libcryptoutil.so.1
5191s usr/lib/amd64/libctf.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libctf.so.1
5192s usr/lib/amd64/libctf.so=../../../lib/amd64/libctf.so.1
5193s usr/lib/amd64/libcurses.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libcurses.so.1
5194s usr/lib/amd64/libcurses.so=../../../lib/amd64/libcurses.so.1
5195f usr/lib/amd64/libdat.so.1 0755 root bin
5196s usr/lib/amd64/libdat.so=libdat.so.1
5197f usr/lib/amd64/libdemangle-sys.so.1 0755 root bin
5198s usr/lib/amd64/libdemangle-sys.so=libdemangle-sys.so.1
5199s usr/lib/amd64/libdevice.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libdevice.so.1
5200s usr/lib/amd64/libdevice.so=../../../lib/amd64/libdevice.so.1
5201s usr/lib/amd64/libdevid.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libdevid.so.1
5202s usr/lib/amd64/libdevid.so=../../../lib/amd64/libdevid.so.1
5203s usr/lib/amd64/libdevinfo.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libdevinfo.so.1
5204s usr/lib/amd64/libdevinfo.so=../../../lib/amd64/libdevinfo.so.1
5205f usr/lib/amd64/libdisasm.so.1 0755 root bin
5206s usr/lib/amd64/libdisasm.so=libdisasm.so.1
5207f usr/lib/amd64/libdiskmgt.so.1 0755 root bin
5208s usr/lib/amd64/libdiskmgt.so=libdiskmgt.so.1
5209s usr/lib/amd64/libdl.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libdl.so.1
5210s usr/lib/amd64/libdl.so=../../../lib/amd64/libdl.so.1
5211s usr/lib/amd64/libdladm.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libdladm.so.1
5212s usr/lib/amd64/libdladm.so=../../../lib/amd64/libdladm.so.1
5213f usr/lib/amd64/libdll.so.1 0755 root bin
5214s usr/lib/amd64/libdll.so=libdll.so.1
5215s usr/lib/amd64/libdlpi.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libdlpi.so.1
5216s usr/lib/amd64/libdlpi.so=../../../lib/amd64/libdlpi.so.1
5217f usr/lib/amd64/libdns_sd.so.1 0755 root bin
5218s usr/lib/amd64/libdns_sd.so=libdns_sd.so.1
5219s usr/lib/amd64/libdoor.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libdoor.so.1
5220s usr/lib/amd64/libdoor.so=../../../lib/amd64/libdoor.so.1
5221f usr/lib/amd64/libdtrace.so.1 0755 root bin
5222s usr/lib/amd64/libdtrace.so=libdtrace.so.1
5223f usr/lib/amd64/libdtrace_jni.so.1 0755 root bin
5224s usr/lib/amd64/libdtrace_jni.so=libdtrace_jni.so.1
5225s usr/lib/amd64/libdwarf.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libdwarf.so.1
5226s usr/lib/amd64/libefi.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libefi.so.1
5227s usr/lib/amd64/libefi.so=../../../lib/amd64/libefi.so.1
5228s usr/lib/amd64/libelf.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libelf.so.1
5229s usr/lib/amd64/libelf.so=../../../lib/amd64/libelf.so.1
5230f usr/lib/amd64/libexacct.so.1 0755 root bin
5231s usr/lib/amd64/libexacct.so=libexacct.so.1
5232s usr/lib/amd64/libfakekernel.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libfakekernel.so.1
5233f usr/lib/amd64/libfcoe.so.1 0755 root bin
5234s usr/lib/amd64/libfcoe.so=libfcoe.so.1
5235s usr/lib/amd64/libfdisk.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libfdisk.so.1
5236s usr/lib/amd64/libfdisk.so=../../../lib/amd64/libfdisk.so.1
5237f usr/lib/amd64/libficl-sys.so.4.1.0 0755 root bin
5238f usr/lib/amd64/libform.so.1 0755 root bin
5239s usr/lib/amd64/libform.so=libform.so.1
5240f usr/lib/amd64/libfru.so.1 0755 root bin
5241s usr/lib/amd64/libfru.so=libfru.so.1
5242f usr/lib/amd64/libfruraw.so.1 0755 root bin
5243s usr/lib/amd64/libfruraw.so=libfruraw.so.1
5244f usr/lib/amd64/libfrureg.so.1 0755 root bin
5245s usr/lib/amd64/libfrureg.so=libfrureg.so.1
5246f usr/lib/amd64/libfruutils.so.1 0755 root bin
5247s usr/lib/amd64/libfruutils.so=libfruutils.so.1
5248s usr/lib/amd64/libgen.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libgen.so.1
5249s usr/lib/amd64/libgen.so=../../../lib/amd64/libgen.so.1
5250f usr/lib/amd64/libgss.so.1 0755 root bin
5251s usr/lib/amd64/libgss.so=libgss.so.1
5252f usr/lib/amd64/libhotplug.so.1 0755 root bin
5253s usr/lib/amd64/libhotplug.so=libhotplug.so.1
5254f usr/lib/amd64/libidmap.so.1 0755 root bin
5255s usr/lib/amd64/libidmap.so=libidmap.so.1
5256f usr/lib/amd64/libidspace.so.1 0755 root bin
5257f usr/lib/amd64/libike.so.1 0755 root bin
5258s usr/lib/amd64/libike.so=libike.so.1
5259f usr/lib/amd64/libilb.so.1 0755 root bin
5260s usr/lib/amd64/libilb.so=libilb.so.1
5261f usr/lib/amd64/libima.so.1 0755 root bin
5262s usr/lib/amd64/libima.so=libima.so.1
5263s usr/lib/amd64/libinetutil.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libinetutil.so.1
5264s usr/lib/amd64/libinetutil.so=../../../lib/amd64/libinetutil.so.1
5265s usr/lib/amd64/libintl.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libintl.so.1
5266s usr/lib/amd64/libintl.so=../../../lib/amd64/libintl.so.1
5267f usr/lib/amd64/libipd.so.1 0755 root bin
5268s usr/lib/amd64/libipd.so=libipd.so.1
5269f usr/lib/amd64/libipmi.so.1 0755 root bin
5270s usr/lib/amd64/libipmi.so=libipmi.so.1
5271f usr/lib/amd64/libipp.so.1 0755 root bin
5272s usr/lib/amd64/libipp.so=libipp.so.1
5273f usr/lib/amd64/libipsecutil.so.1 0755 root bin
5274s usr/lib/amd64/libipsecutil.so=libipsecutil.so.1
5275f usr/lib/amd64/libiscsit.so.1 0755 root bin
5276s usr/lib/amd64/libiscsit.so=libiscsit.so.1
5277f usr/lib/amd64/libjedec.so.1 0755 root bin
5278s usr/lib/amd64/libkmfberder.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libkmfberder.so.1
5279s usr/lib/amd64/libkmfberder.so=../../../lib/amd64/libkmfberder.so.1
5280f usr/lib/amd64/libkrb5.so.1 0755 root bin
5281s usr/lib/amd64/libkrb5.so=libkrb5.so.1
5282s usr/lib/amd64/libkstat.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libkstat.so.1
5283s usr/lib/amd64/libkstat.so=../../../lib/amd64/libkstat.so.1
5284f usr/lib/amd64/libkvm.so.1 0755 root bin
5285s usr/lib/amd64/libkvm.so=libkvm.so.1
5286f usr/lib/amd64/libl.so.1 0755 root bin
5287s usr/lib/amd64/libl.so=libl.so.1
5288f usr/lib/amd64/libldap.so.5 0755 root bin
5289s usr/lib/amd64/libldap.so=libldap.so.5
5290s usr/lib/amd64/liblddbg.so.4=../../../lib/amd64/liblddbg.so.4
5291f usr/lib/amd64/libldstab.so.1 0755 root bin
5292f usr/lib/amd64/liblgrp.so.1 0755 root bin
5293s usr/lib/amd64/liblgrp.so=liblgrp.so.1
5294f usr/lib/amd64/liblm.so.1 0755 root bin
5295s usr/lib/amd64/liblm.so=liblm.so.1
5296s usr/lib/amd64/libm.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libm.so.1
5297s usr/lib/amd64/libm.so.2=../../../lib/amd64/libm.so.2
5298s usr/lib/amd64/libm.so=../../../lib/amd64/libm.so.2
5299f usr/lib/amd64/libmail.so.1 0755 root bin
5300s usr/lib/amd64/libmail.so=libmail.so.1
5301f usr/lib/amd64/libmalloc.so.1 0755 root bin
5302s usr/lib/amd64/libmalloc.so=libmalloc.so.1
5303f usr/lib/amd64/libmapmalloc.so.1 0755 root bin
5304s usr/lib/amd64/libmapmalloc.so=libmapmalloc.so.1
5305s usr/lib/amd64/libmd.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libmd.so.1
5306s usr/lib/amd64/libmd.so=../../../lib/amd64/libmd.so.1
5307s usr/lib/amd64/libmd5.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libmd5.so.1
5308s usr/lib/amd64/libmd5.so=../../../lib/amd64/libmd5.so.1
5309s usr/lib/amd64/libmech_krb5.so=gss/mech_krb5.so
5310f usr/lib/amd64/libmenu.so.1 0755 root bin
5311s usr/lib/amd64/libmenu.so=libmenu.so.1
5312s usr/lib/amd64/libmp.so.2=../../../lib/amd64/libmp.so.2
5313s usr/lib/amd64/libmp.so=../../../lib/amd64/libmp.so.2
5314s usr/lib/amd64/libmpscsi_vhci.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libmpscsi_vhci.so.1
5315s usr/lib/amd64/libmpscsi_vhci.so=../../../lib/amd64/libmpscsi_vhci.so.1
5316f usr/lib/amd64/libmtmalloc.so.1 0755 root bin
5317s usr/lib/amd64/libmtmalloc.so=libmtmalloc.so.1
5318s usr/lib/amd64/libmvec.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libmvec.so.1
5319s usr/lib/amd64/libmvec.so=../../../lib/amd64/libmvec.so.1
5320f usr/lib/amd64/libndmp.so.1 0755 root bin
5321s usr/lib/amd64/libndmp.so=libndmp.so.1
5322f usr/lib/amd64/libnls.so.1 0755 root bin
5323s usr/lib/amd64/libnls.so=libnls.so.1
5324s usr/lib/amd64/libnsl.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libnsl.so.1
5325s usr/lib/amd64/libnsl.so=../../../lib/amd64/libnsl.so.1
5326f usr/lib/amd64/libnvfru.so.1 0755 root bin
5327s usr/lib/amd64/libnvfru.so=libnvfru.so.1
5328s usr/lib/amd64/libnvpair.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libnvpair.so.1
5329s usr/lib/amd64/libnvpair.so=../../../lib/amd64/libnvpair.so.1
5330s usr/lib/amd64/libpam.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libpam.so.1
5331s usr/lib/amd64/libpam.so=../../../lib/amd64/libpam.so.1
5332f usr/lib/amd64/libpanel.so.1 0755 root bin
5333s usr/lib/amd64/libpanel.so=libpanel.so.1
5334f usr/lib/amd64/libpcidb.so.1 0755 root bin
5335f usr/lib/amd64/libpcsc.so.1 0755 root bin
5336s usr/lib/amd64/libpcsc.so=libpcsc.so.1
5337f usr/lib/amd64/libpctx.so.1 0755 root bin
5338s usr/lib/amd64/libpctx.so=libpctx.so.1
5339f usr/lib/amd64/libpicl.so.1 0755 root bin
5340s usr/lib/amd64/libpicl.so=libpicl.so.1
5341f usr/lib/amd64/libpkcs11.so.1 0755 root bin
5342s usr/lib/amd64/libpkcs11.so=libpkcs11.so.1
5343f usr/lib/amd64/libpool.so.1 0755 root bin
5344s usr/lib/amd64/libpool.so=libpool.so.1
5345s usr/lib/amd64/libposix4.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/librt.so.1
5346s usr/lib/amd64/libposix4.so=../../../lib/amd64/librt.so.1
5347f usr/lib/amd64/libppt.so.1 0755 root bin
5348s usr/lib/amd64/libproc.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libproc.so.1
5349s usr/lib/amd64/libproc.so=../../../lib/amd64/libproc.so.1
5350f usr/lib/amd64/libproject.so.1 0755 root bin
5351s usr/lib/amd64/libproject.so=libproject.so.1
5352s usr/lib/amd64/libpthread.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libpthread.so.1
5353s usr/lib/amd64/libpthread.so=../../../lib/amd64/libpthread.so.1
5354f usr/lib/amd64/libraidcfg.so.1 0755 root bin
5355s usr/lib/amd64/libraidcfg.so=libraidcfg.so.1
5356s usr/lib/amd64/librcm.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/librcm.so.1
5357s usr/lib/amd64/librcm.so=../../../lib/amd64/librcm.so.1
5358f usr/lib/amd64/librefhash.so.1 0755 root bin
5359f usr/lib/amd64/librename.so.1 0755 root bin
5360f usr/lib/amd64/libreparse.so.1 0755 root bin
5361s usr/lib/amd64/libreparse.so=libreparse.so.1
5362s usr/lib/amd64/libresolv.so.2=../../../lib/amd64/libresolv.so.2
5363s usr/lib/amd64/libresolv.so=../../../lib/amd64/libresolv.so.2
5364s usr/lib/amd64/libresolv_joy.so.2=../../../lib/amd64/libresolv_joy.so.2
5365s usr/lib/amd64/librestart.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/librestart.so.1
5366s usr/lib/amd64/librestart.so=../../../lib/amd64/librestart.so.1
5367s usr/lib/amd64/librpcsvc.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/librpcsvc.so.1
5368s usr/lib/amd64/librpcsvc.so=../../../lib/amd64/librpcsvc.so.1
5369f usr/lib/amd64/librsm.so.2 0755 root bin
5370s usr/lib/amd64/librsm.so=librsm.so.2
5371s usr/lib/amd64/librt.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/librt.so.1
5372s usr/lib/amd64/librt.so=../../../lib/amd64/librt.so.1
5373s usr/lib/amd64/librtld.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/librtld.so.1
5374s usr/lib/amd64/librtld_db.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/librtld_db.so.1
5375s usr/lib/amd64/librtld_db.so=../../../lib/amd64/librtld_db.so.1
5376f usr/lib/amd64/libsasl.so.1 0755 root bin
5377s usr/lib/amd64/libsasl.so=libsasl.so.1
5378f usr/lib/amd64/libsaveargs.so.1 0755 root bin
5379s usr/lib/amd64/libsaveargs.so=libsaveargs.so.1
5380s usr/lib/amd64/libscf.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libscf.so.1
5381s usr/lib/amd64/libscf.so=../../../lib/amd64/libscf.so.1
5382f usr/lib/amd64/libsched.so.1 0755 root bin
5383s usr/lib/amd64/libsched.so=libsched.so.1
5384f usr/lib/amd64/libsctp.so.1 0755 root bin
5385s usr/lib/amd64/libsctp.so=libsctp.so.1
5386s usr/lib/amd64/libsec.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libsec.so.1
5387s usr/lib/amd64/libsec.so=../../../lib/amd64/libsec.so.1
5388s usr/lib/amd64/libsecdb.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libsecdb.so.1
5389s usr/lib/amd64/libsecdb.so=../../../lib/amd64/libsecdb.so.1
5390s usr/lib/amd64/libsendfile.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libsendfile.so.1
5391s usr/lib/amd64/libsendfile.so=../../../lib/amd64/libsendfile.so.1
5392f usr/lib/amd64/libsff.so.1 0755 root bin
5393f usr/lib/amd64/libshare.so.1 0755 root bin
5394s usr/lib/amd64/libshare.so=libshare.so.1
5395f usr/lib/amd64/libshell.so.1 0755 root bin
5396s usr/lib/amd64/libshell.so=libshell.so.1
5397f usr/lib/amd64/libsip.so.1 0755 root bin
5398s usr/lib/amd64/libsip.so=libsip.so.1
5399f usr/lib/amd64/libsldap.so.1 0755 root bin
5400s usr/lib/amd64/libsldap.so=libsldap.so.1
5401f usr/lib/amd64/libslp.so.1 0755 root bin
5402s usr/lib/amd64/libslp.so=libslp.so.1
5403s usr/lib/amd64/libsmartsshd.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libsmartsshd.so.1
5404s usr/lib/amd64/libsmartsshd.so=../../../lib/amd64/libsmartsshd.so.1
5405f usr/lib/amd64/libsmbfs.so.1 0755 root bin
5406s usr/lib/amd64/libsmbfs.so=libsmbfs.so.1
5407f usr/lib/amd64/libsmbios.so.1 0755 root bin
5408s usr/lib/amd64/libsmbios.so=libsmbios.so.1
5409f usr/lib/amd64/libsmedia.so.1 0755 root bin
5410s usr/lib/amd64/libsmedia.so=libsmedia.so.1
5411s usr/lib/amd64/libsocket.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libsocket.so.1
5412s usr/lib/amd64/libsocket.so=../../../lib/amd64/libsocket.so.1
5413f usr/lib/amd64/libsoftcrypto.so.1 0755 root bin
5414s usr/lib/amd64/libsoftcrypto.so=libsoftcrypto.so.1
5415f usr/lib/amd64/libsrpt.so.1 0755 root bin
5416s usr/lib/amd64/libsrpt.so=libsrpt.so.1
5417f usr/lib/amd64/libssp_ns.a 0755 root bin
5418f usr/lib/amd64/libstmf.so.1 0755 root bin
5419s usr/lib/amd64/libstmf.so=libstmf.so.1
5420f usr/lib/amd64/libstmfproxy.so.1 0755 root bin
5421s usr/lib/amd64/libstmfproxy.so=libstmfproxy.so.1
5422f usr/lib/amd64/libsum.so.1 0755 root bin
5423s usr/lib/amd64/libsum.so=libsum.so.1
5424f usr/lib/amd64/libsun_fc.so.1 0755 root bin
5425s usr/lib/amd64/libsun_fc.so=libsun_fc.so.1
5426f usr/lib/amd64/libsun_ima.so.1 0755 root bin
5427s usr/lib/amd64/libsun_ima.so=libsun_ima.so.1
5428f usr/lib/amd64/libsun_sas.so.1 0755 root bin
5429s usr/lib/amd64/libsun_sas.so=libsun_sas.so.1
5430s usr/lib/amd64/libsysevent.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libsysevent.so.1
5431s usr/lib/amd64/libsysevent.so=../../../lib/amd64/libsysevent.so.1
5432f usr/lib/amd64/libtecla.so.1 0755 root bin
5433s usr/lib/amd64/libtecla.so=libtecla.so.1
5434s usr/lib/amd64/libtermcap.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libtermcap.so.1
5435s usr/lib/amd64/libtermcap.so=../../../lib/amd64/libtermcap.so.1
5436s usr/lib/amd64/libtermlib.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libcurses.so.1
5437s usr/lib/amd64/libtermlib.so=../../../lib/amd64/libcurses.so.1
5438s usr/lib/amd64/libthread.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libthread.so.1
5439s usr/lib/amd64/libthread.so=../../../lib/amd64/libthread.so.1
5440s usr/lib/amd64/libthread_db.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libc_db.so.1
5441s usr/lib/amd64/libthread_db.so=../../../lib/amd64/libc_db.so.1
5442f usr/lib/amd64/libtnfctl.so.1 0755 root bin
5443s usr/lib/amd64/libtnfctl.so=libtnfctl.so.1
5444f usr/lib/amd64/libtnfprobe.so.1 0755 root bin
5445s usr/lib/amd64/libtnfprobe.so=libtnfprobe.so.1
5446s usr/lib/amd64/libtsnet.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libtsnet.so.1
5447s usr/lib/amd64/libtsnet.so=../../../lib/amd64/libtsnet.so.1
5448s usr/lib/amd64/libtsol.so.2=../../../lib/amd64/libtsol.so.2
5449s usr/lib/amd64/libtsol.so=../../../lib/amd64/libtsol.so.2
5450s usr/lib/amd64/libumem.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libumem.so.1
5451s usr/lib/amd64/libumem.so=../../../lib/amd64/libumem.so.1
5452f usr/lib/amd64/libutempter.so.1 0755 root bin
5453s usr/lib/amd64/libutempter.so=libutempter.so.1
5454s usr/lib/amd64/libuuid.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libuuid.so.1
5455s usr/lib/amd64/libuuid.so=../../../lib/amd64/libuuid.so.1
5456s usr/lib/amd64/libuutil.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libuutil.so.1
5457s usr/lib/amd64/libuutil.so=../../../lib/amd64/libuutil.so.1
5458f usr/lib/amd64/libvarpd.so.1 0755 root bin
5459f usr/lib/amd64/libvnd.so.1 0755 root bin
5460s usr/lib/amd64/libvnd.so=libvnd.so.1
5461f usr/lib/amd64/libvolmgt.so.1 0755 root bin
5462s usr/lib/amd64/libvolmgt.so=libvolmgt.so.1
5463f usr/lib/amd64/libvrrpadm.so.1 0755 root bin
5464s usr/lib/amd64/libvrrpadm.so=libvrrpadm.so.1
5465s usr/lib/amd64/libw.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libw.so.1
5466s usr/lib/amd64/libw.so=../../../lib/amd64/libw.so.1
5467f usr/lib/amd64/libwrap.so.1.0 0755 root bin
5468s usr/lib/amd64/libwrap.so.1=libwrap.so.1.0
5469s usr/lib/amd64/libwrap.so=libwrap.so.1.0
5470s usr/lib/amd64/libxnet.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libxnet.so.1
5471s usr/lib/amd64/libxnet.so=../../../lib/amd64/libxnet.so.1
5472f usr/lib/amd64/liby.so.1 0755 root bin
5473s usr/lib/amd64/liby.so=liby.so.1
5474s usr/lib/amd64/libzdoor.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libzdoor.so.1
5475s usr/lib/amd64/libzdoor.so=../../../lib/amd64/libzdoor.so.1
5476s usr/lib/amd64/libzfs.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libzfs.so.1
5477s usr/lib/amd64/libzfs.so=../../../lib/amd64/libzfs.so.1
5478f usr/lib/amd64/libzfs_core.so.1 755 root bin
5479s usr/lib/amd64/libzfs_core.so=libzfs_core.so.1
5480f usr/lib/amd64/libzfs_jni.so.1 0755 root bin
5481s usr/lib/amd64/libzfs_jni.so=libzfs_jni.so.1
5482f usr/lib/amd64/libzonecfg.so.1 0755 root bin
5483s usr/lib/amd64/libzonecfg.so=libzonecfg.so.1
5484f usr/lib/amd64/libzpool.so.1 0755 root bin
5485s usr/lib/amd64/libzpool.so=libzpool.so.1
5486s usr/lib/amd64/libzutil.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/libzutil.so.1
5487s usr/lib/amd64/libzutil.so=../../../lib/amd64/libzutil.so.1
5488f usr/lib/amd64/lx_brand.so.1 0755 root sys
5489f usr/lib/amd64/madv.so.1 0755 root bin
5490f usr/lib/amd64/mpss.so.1 0755 root bin
5491f usr/lib/amd64/ncad_addr.so.1 0755 root bin
5492s usr/lib/amd64/ncad_addr.so=ncad_addr.so.1
5493f usr/lib/amd64/nss_ad.so.1 0755 root bin
5494s usr/lib/amd64/nss_compat.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/nss_compat.so.1
5495s usr/lib/amd64/nss_dns.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/nss_dns.so.1
5496s usr/lib/amd64/nss_files.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/nss_files.so.1
5497f usr/lib/amd64/nss_ldap.so.1 0755 root bin
5498f usr/lib/amd64/nss_mdns.so.1 0755 root bin
5499s usr/lib/amd64/nss_nis.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/nss_nis.so.1
5500s usr/lib/amd64/nss_user.so.1=../../../lib/amd64/nss_user.so.1
5501f usr/lib/amd64/passwdutil.so.1 0755 root bin
5502d usr/lib/amd64/pkgconfig 0755 root other
5503f usr/lib/amd64/rpcsec.so.1 0755 root bin
5504s usr/lib/amd64/rpcsec.so=rpcsec.so.1
5505f usr/lib/amd64/straddr.so.2 0755 root bin
5506s usr/lib/amd64/straddr.so=straddr.so.2
5507f usr/lib/amd64/udapl_tavor.so.1 0755 root bin
5508f usr/lib/amd64/values-Xa.o 0644 root bin
5509f usr/lib/amd64/values-Xc.o 0644 root bin
5510f usr/lib/amd64/values-Xs.o 0644 root bin
5511f usr/lib/amd64/values-Xt.o 0644 root bin
5512f usr/lib/amd64/values-xpg4.o 0644 root bin
5513f usr/lib/amd64/values-xpg6.o 0644 root bin
5514f usr/lib/amd64/watchmalloc.so.1 0755 root bin
5515d usr/lib/audit 0755 root bin
5516f usr/lib/audit/audit_record_attr 0444 root bin
5517d usr/lib/autofs 0755 root sys
5518f usr/lib/autofs/automountd 0555 root bin
5519d usr/lib/brand 0755 root bin
5520d usr/lib/brand/bhyve 0555 root sys
5521f usr/lib/brand/bhyve/attach 0555 root sys
5522f usr/lib/brand/bhyve/bhhwcompat 0555 root sys
5523f usr/lib/brand/bhyve/boot 0555 root sys
5524f usr/lib/brand/bhyve/config.xml 0444 root sys
5525f usr/lib/brand/bhyve/detach 0555 root sys
5526f usr/lib/brand/bhyve/platform.xml 0444 root sys
5527f usr/lib/brand/bhyve/statechange 0555 root sys
5528f usr/lib/brand/bhyve/uninstall 0555 root sys
5529f usr/lib/brand/bhyve/zhyve 0555 root sys
5530d usr/lib/brand/jcommon 0755 root bin
5531f usr/lib/brand/jcommon/cattach 0444 root root
5532f usr/lib/brand/jcommon/cdetach 0444 root root
5533f usr/lib/brand/jcommon/cinstall 0444 root root
5534f usr/lib/brand/jcommon/cuninstall 0444 root root
5535f usr/lib/brand/jcommon/libhooks.ksh 0444 root root
5536f usr/lib/brand/jcommon/poststate 0444 root root
5537f usr/lib/brand/jcommon/prestate 0444 root root
5538f usr/lib/brand/jcommon/query 0555 root root
5539f usr/lib/brand/jcommon/statechange 0444 root root
5540d usr/lib/brand/joyent 0755 root bin
5541d usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal 0755 root bin
5542f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/config.xml 0444 root root
5543f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/jattach 0555 root root
5544f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/jdetach 0555 root root
5545f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/jinstall 0555 root root
5546f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/juninstall 0555 root root
5547f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/manifests 0444 root root
5548f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/platform.xml 0444 root root
5549f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/poststate 0555 root root
5550f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/prestate 0555 root root
5551s usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/query=../jcommon/query
5552f usr/lib/brand/joyent-minimal/statechange 0555 root root
5553f usr/lib/brand/joyent/config.xml 0444 root root
5554f usr/lib/brand/joyent/jattach 0755 root root
5555f usr/lib/brand/joyent/jdetach 0755 root root
5556f usr/lib/brand/joyent/jinstall 0755 root root
5557f usr/lib/brand/joyent/juninstall 0755 root root
5558f usr/lib/brand/joyent/manifests 0444 root root
5559f usr/lib/brand/joyent/platform.xml 0444 root root
5560f usr/lib/brand/joyent/poststate 0755 root root
5561f usr/lib/brand/joyent/prestate 0755 root root
5562s usr/lib/brand/joyent/query=../jcommon/query
5563f usr/lib/brand/joyent/statechange 0755 root root
5564d usr/lib/brand/kvm 0755 root bin
5565f usr/lib/brand/kvm/config.xml 0444 root root
5566f usr/lib/brand/kvm/kattach 0755 root root
5567f usr/lib/brand/kvm/kdetach 0755 root root
5568f usr/lib/brand/kvm/kinstall 0755 root root
5569f usr/lib/brand/kvm/kuninstall 0755 root root
5570f usr/lib/brand/kvm/platform.xml 0444 root root
5571f usr/lib/brand/kvm/poststate 0755 root root
5572f usr/lib/brand/kvm/prestate 0755 root root
5573f usr/lib/brand/kvm/statechange 0755 root root
5574d usr/lib/brand/lx 0755 root bin
5575s usr/lib/brand/lx/64=amd64
5576d usr/lib/brand/lx/amd64 0755 root bin
5577f usr/lib/brand/lx/amd64/lx_librtld_db.so.1 0755 root root
5578f usr/lib/brand/lx/amd64/lx_vdso.so.1 0755 root root
5579f usr/lib/brand/lx/config.xml 0444 root root
5580f usr/lib/brand/lx/etc_default_nfs 0444 root root
5581d usr/lib/brand/lx/ld 0755 root root
5582d usr/lib/brand/lx/ld/64 0755 root root
5583f usr/lib/brand/lx/ld/64/ld.config 0755 root root
5584f usr/lib/brand/lx/ld/ld.config 0755 root root
5585f usr/lib/brand/lx/ltp_skiplist 0444 root root
5586f usr/lib/brand/lx/ltp_tests 0444 root root
5587f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_boot 0755 root root
5588f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_boot_zone_busybox 0755 root root
5589f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_boot_zone_debian 0755 root root
5590f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_boot_zone_docker 0755 root root
5591f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_boot_zone_redhat 0755 root root
5592f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_boot_zone_suse 0755 root root
5593f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_boot_zone_ubuntu 0755 root root
5594f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_boot_zone_void 0755 root root
5595f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_install 0755 root root
5596f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_librtld_db.so.1 0755 root root
5597f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_lockd 0755 root root
5598f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_support 0755 root root
5599f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_uninstall 0755 root root
5600f usr/lib/brand/lx/lx_vdso.so.1 0755 root root
5601f usr/lib/brand/lx/lxinit 0755 root root
5602f usr/lib/brand/lx/platform.xml 0444 root root
5603f usr/lib/brand/lx/poststate 0755 root root
5604f usr/lib/brand/lx/prestate 0755 root root
5605f usr/lib/brand/lx/pts_ignorelist 0444 root root
5606f usr/lib/brand/lx/statechange 0755 root root
5607d usr/lib/brand/shared 0755 root sys
5608f usr/lib/brand/shared/common.ksh 0444 root bin
5609f usr/lib/brand/shared/query 0755 root bin
5610f usr/lib/brand/shared/uninstall.ksh 0444 root bin
5611f usr/lib/bridged 0555 root bin
5612d usr/lib/ccid 0755 root bin
5613d usr/lib/cfgadm 0755 root bin
5614d usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64 0755 root bin
5615f usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/ccid.so.1 0755 root bin
5616s usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/ccid.so=ccid.so.1
5617f usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/fp.so.1 0755 root bin
5618s usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/fp.so=fp.so.1
5619f usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/ib.so.1 0755 root bin
5620s usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/ib.so=ib.so.1
5621f usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/pci.so.1 0755 root bin
5622s usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/pci.so=pci.so.1
5623f usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/sata.so.1 0755 root bin
5624s usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/sata.so=sata.so.1
5625f usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/scsi.so.1 0755 root bin
5626s usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/scsi.so=scsi.so.1
5627f usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/shp.so.1 0755 root bin
5628s usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/shp.so=shp.so.1
5629f usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/usb.so.1 0755 root bin
5630s usr/lib/cfgadm/amd64/usb.so=usb.so.1
5631f usr/lib/cfgadm/ccid.so.1 0755 root bin
5632s usr/lib/cfgadm/ccid.so=ccid.so.1
5633f usr/lib/cfgadm/fp.so.1 0755 root bin
5634s usr/lib/cfgadm/fp.so=fp.so.1
5635f usr/lib/cfgadm/ib.so.1 0755 root bin
5636s usr/lib/cfgadm/ib.so=ib.so.1
5637f usr/lib/cfgadm/pci.so.1 0755 root bin
5638s usr/lib/cfgadm/pci.so=pci.so.1
5639f usr/lib/cfgadm/sata.so.1 0755 root bin
5640s usr/lib/cfgadm/sata.so=sata.so.1
5641f usr/lib/cfgadm/scsi.so.1 0755 root bin
5642s usr/lib/cfgadm/scsi.so=scsi.so.1
5643f usr/lib/cfgadm/shp.so.1 0755 root bin
5644s usr/lib/cfgadm/shp.so=shp.so.1
5645f usr/lib/cfgadm/usb.so.1 0755 root bin
5646s usr/lib/cfgadm/usb.so=usb.so.1
5647d usr/lib/class 0755 root bin
5648d usr/lib/class/FSS 0755 root bin
5649f usr/lib/class/FSS/FSSdispadmin 0555 root bin
5650f usr/lib/class/FSS/FSSpriocntl 0555 root bin
5651d usr/lib/class/FX 0755 root bin
5652f usr/lib/class/FX/FXdispadmin 0555 root bin
5653f usr/lib/class/FX/FXpriocntl 0555 root bin
5654d usr/lib/class/IA 0755 root bin
5655f usr/lib/class/IA/IAdispadmin 0555 root bin
5656f usr/lib/class/IA/IApriocntl 0555 root bin
5657d usr/lib/class/RT 0755 root bin
5658f usr/lib/class/RT/RTdispadmin 0555 root bin
5659f usr/lib/class/RT/RTpriocntl 0555 root bin
5660d usr/lib/class/SDC 0755 root bin
5661f usr/lib/class/SDC/SDCdispadmin 0555 root bin
5662f usr/lib/class/SDC/SDCpriocntl 0555 root bin
5663d usr/lib/class/TS 0755 root bin
5664f usr/lib/class/TS/TSdispadmin 0555 root bin
5665f usr/lib/class/TS/TSpriocntl 0555 root bin
5666s usr/lib/cron=../../etc/cron.d
5667f usr/lib/crt1.o 0644 root bin
5668f usr/lib/crti.o 0644 root bin
5669f usr/lib/crtn.o 0644 root bin
5670d usr/lib/crypto 0755 root bin
5671d usr/lib/devfsadm 0755 root sys
5672s usr/lib/devfsadm/devfsadmd=../../sbin/devfsadm
5673d usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod 0755 root sys
5674f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_audio_link.so 0755 root sys
5675f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_cfg_link.so 0755 root sys
5676f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_dcam1394_link.so 0755 root sys
5677f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_disk_link.so 0755 root sys
5678f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_dtrace_link.so 0755 root sys
5679f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_fssnap_link.so 0755 root sys
5680f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_ieee1394_link.so 0755 root sys
5681f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_lofi_link.so 0755 root sys
5682f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_lx_link_i386.so 0755 root sys
5683f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_misc_link.so 0755 root sys
5684f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_misc_link_i386.so 0755 root sys
5685f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_port_link.so 0755 root sys
5686f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_ramdisk_link.so 0755 root sys
5687f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_sensor_link.so 0755 root sys
5688f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_sgen_link.so 0755 root sys
5689f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_smp_link.so 0755 root sys
5690f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_tape_link.so 0755 root sys
5691f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_usb_link.so 0755 root sys
5692f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_vscan_link.so 0755 root sys
5693f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_xen_link.so 0755 root sys
5694f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_zfs_link.so 0755 root sys
5695f usr/lib/devfsadm/linkmod/SUNW_zut_link.so 0755 root sys
5696f usr/lib/diff3prog 0555 root bin
5697f usr/lib/diffh 0555 root bin
5698d usr/lib/dl 0755 root sys
5699f usr/lib/dl/dlled 0555 root bin
5700f usr/lib/dl/dlrecv 0555 root bin
5701f usr/lib/dl/dlsend 0555 root bin
5702f usr/lib/dl/dltraninfo 0555 root bin