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COPYING.LIBH A D22-Dec-201625.8 KiB

ChangeLogH A D22-Dec-2016261.5 KiB7,8425,515

Makefile.inH A D22-Dec-201641.8 KiB1,196945

READMEH A D22-Dec-20162.6 KiB6750

_doprnt.cH A D22-Dec-20167.4 KiB297239

aclocal.m4H A D22-Dec-20166.4 KiB224207

alloca.cH A D22-Dec-201613.7 KiB484271

argv.cH A D22-Dec-201612.5 KiB514310

asprintf.cH A D22-Dec-20161.8 KiB5717

at-file.texiH A D22-Dec-2016732 1613

atexit.cH A D22-Dec-2016488 289

basename.cH A D22-Dec-20161.3 KiB6339

bcmp.cH A D22-Dec-2016643 287

bcopy.cH A D22-Dec-2016694 3219

bsearch.cH A D22-Dec-20163.7 KiB9024

bzero.cH A D22-Dec-2016435 247

calloc.cH A D22-Dec-2016714 3514

choose-temp.cH A D22-Dec-20162 KiB7228

clock.cH A D22-Dec-20162.6 KiB10455

concat.cH A D22-Dec-20165.7 KiB233127

config.h-vmsH A D22-Dec-2016201 1412

config.inH A D22-Dec-201612 KiB451307

configureH A D22-Dec-2016289.2 KiB10,6719,170

configure.acH A D22-Dec-201620.1 KiB715617

copying-lib.texiH A D22-Dec-201626.2 KiB566479

copysign.cH A D22-Dec-20162.6 KiB155136

cp-demangle.cH A D22-Dec-2016128.3 KiB5,0423,621

cp-demangle.hH A D22-Dec-20165.4 KiB16971

cp-demint.cH A D22-Dec-20166.8 KiB235162

cplus-dem.cH A D22-Dec-2016115.8 KiB4,7263,417

dyn-string.cH A D22-Dec-201611 KiB398214

fdmatch.cH A D22-Dec-20162.1 KiB6923

ffs.cH A D22-Dec-2016465 2710

fibheap.cH A D22-Dec-201610.5 KiB479341

filename_cmp.cH A D22-Dec-20162.1 KiB7931

floatformat.cH A D22-Dec-201621.2 KiB760555

fnmatch.cH A D22-Dec-20165.3 KiB221139

fnmatch.txhH A D22-Dec-20161.9 KiB4938

fopen_unlocked.cH A D22-Dec-20163.4 KiB12749

functions.texiH A D22-Dec-201657.6 KiB1,5851,163

gather-docsH A D22-Dec-20163.3 KiB12970

getcwd.cH A D22-Dec-20161.2 KiB6338

getopt.cH A D22-Dec-201629.6 KiB1,053632

getopt1.cH A D22-Dec-20164.3 KiB181113

getpagesize.cH A D22-Dec-20162 KiB9158

getpwd.cH A D22-Dec-20162.5 KiB12984

getruntime.cH A D22-Dec-20163 KiB11764

gettimeofday.cH A D22-Dec-2016543 3118

hashtab.cH A D22-Dec-201627.3 KiB956607

hex.cH A D22-Dec-20166.8 KiB193113

index.cH A D22-Dec-2016448 226

insque.cH A D22-Dec-20161.1 KiB5118

lbasename.cH A D22-Dec-20162 KiB6520

libiberty.texiH A D22-Dec-201610.9 KiB325240

lrealpath.cH A D22-Dec-20164.7 KiB15886

maint-toolH A D22-Dec-20166.3 KiB297229

make-relative-prefix.cH A D22-Dec-201610.3 KiB413271

make-temp-file.cH A D22-Dec-20165.1 KiB207124

makefile.vmsH A D22-Dec-2016813 3419

md5.cH A D22-Dec-201613.7 KiB432269

memchr.cH A D22-Dec-2016811 3314

memcmp.cH A D22-Dec-2016872 3514

memcpy.cH A D22-Dec-2016498 269

memmove.cH A D22-Dec-2016529 269

mempcpy.cH A D22-Dec-20161.3 KiB428

memset.cH A D22-Dec-2016496 2610

mkstemps.cH A D22-Dec-20163.7 KiB14885

msdos.cH A D22-Dec-2016177 1612

objalloc.cH A D22-Dec-20167 KiB292171

obstack.cH A D22-Dec-201615.9 KiB511307

obstacks.texiH A D22-Dec-201629.6 KiB759621

partition.cH A D22-Dec-20164.8 KiB184108

pex-common.cH A D22-Dec-201614.7 KiB644477

pex-common.hH A D22-Dec-20166.1 KiB15459

pex-djgpp.cH A D22-Dec-20166.7 KiB295226

pex-msdos.cH A D22-Dec-20167.3 KiB320222

pex-one.cH A D22-Dec-20161.4 KiB4422

pex-unix.cH A D22-Dec-201612.5 KiB539412

pex-win32.cH A D22-Dec-201624.1 KiB923657

pexecute.cH A D22-Dec-20163.2 KiB12577

pexecute.txhH A D22-Dec-201611.6 KiB299221

physmem.cH A D22-Dec-20167.2 KiB306224

putenv.cH A D22-Dec-20162.2 KiB8540

random.cH A D22-Dec-201614 KiB404193

regex.cH A D22-Dec-2016252.9 KiB8,2035,352

rename.cH A D22-Dec-2016633 3721

rindex.cH A D22-Dec-2016460 226

safe-ctype.cH A D22-Dec-201610.1 KiB256110

setenv.cH A D22-Dec-20164.5 KiB184114

sha1.cH A D22-Dec-201612.3 KiB417278

sigsetmask.cH A D22-Dec-2016924 4119

snprintf.cH A D22-Dec-20162.1 KiB6116

sort.cH A D22-Dec-20164.8 KiB187101

spaces.cH A D22-Dec-20161.8 KiB7336

splay-tree.cH A D22-Dec-201612.9 KiB527340

stpcpy.cH A D22-Dec-20161.3 KiB4410

stpncpy.cH A D22-Dec-20161.5 KiB4812

strcasecmp.cH A D22-Dec-20164.2 KiB8855

strchr.cH A D22-Dec-2016528 2912

strdup.cH A D22-Dec-2016562 2814

strerror.cH A D22-Dec-201620.8 KiB810593

strncasecmp.cH A D22-Dec-20163.4 KiB8755

strncmp.cH A D22-Dec-2016634 3417

strndup.cH A D22-Dec-20161.6 KiB5618

strrchr.cH A D22-Dec-2016548 2911

strsignal.cH A D22-Dec-201614.9 KiB611366

strstr.cH A D22-Dec-20161 KiB4216

strtod.cH A D22-Dec-20163.4 KiB13778

strtol.cH A D22-Dec-20165.3 KiB16476

strtoul.cH A D22-Dec-20163.2 KiB11673

strverscmp.cH A D22-Dec-20165.2 KiB15860

tmpnam.cH A D22-Dec-20161 KiB5328

unlink-if-ordinary.cH A D22-Dec-20162 KiB7328

vasprintf.cH A D22-Dec-20164.7 KiB197143

vfork.cH A D22-Dec-2016346 237

vfprintf.cH A D22-Dec-2016343 169

vmsbuild.comH A D22-Dec-20164.9 KiB166159

vprintf.cH A D22-Dec-2016848 279

vsnprintf.cH A D22-Dec-20164.1 KiB14684

vsprintf.cH A D22-Dec-20161.8 KiB5724

waitpid.cH A D22-Dec-2016777 3618

xatexit.cH A D22-Dec-20162.1 KiB10050

xexit.cH A D22-Dec-20161.5 KiB5316

xmalloc.cH A D22-Dec-20164.6 KiB18599

xmemdup.cH A D22-Dec-2016948 3919

xstrdup.cH A D22-Dec-2016720 3720

xstrerror.cH A D22-Dec-20162 KiB8045

xstrndup.cH A D22-Dec-20161.6 KiB6124


1This directory contains the -liberty library of free software.
2It is a collection of subroutines used by various GNU programs.
3Current members include:
5	getopt -- get options from command line
6	obstack -- stacks of arbitrarily-sized objects
7	strerror -- error message strings corresponding to errno
8	strtol -- string-to-long conversion
9	strtoul -- string-to-unsigned-long conversion
11We expect many of the GNU subroutines that are floating around to
12eventually arrive here.
14The library must be configured from the top source directory.  Don't
15try to run configure in this directory.  Follow the configuration
16instructions in ../README.
18Please report bugs to "" and send fixes to
19"".  Thank you.
24There are two sets of files:  Those that are "required" will be
25included in the library for all configurations, while those
26that are "optional" will be included in the library only if "needed."
28To add a new required file, edit Makefile to add the source file
29name to CFILES and the object file to REQUIRED_OFILES.
31To add a new optional file, it must provide a single function, and the
32name of the function must be the same as the name of the file.
34    * Add the source file name to CFILES.
36    * Add the function to name to the funcs shell variable in
39    * Add the function to the AC_CHECK_FUNCS lists just after the
40      setting of the funcs shell variable.  These AC_CHECK_FUNCS calls
41      are never executed; they are there to make autoheader work
42      better.
44    * Consider the special cases of building libiberty; as of this
45      writing, the special cases are newlib and VxWorks.  If a
46      particular special case provides the function, you do not need
47      to do anything.  If it does not provide the function, add the
48      object file to LIBOBJS, and add the function name to the case
49      controlling whether to define HAVE_func.
51The optional file you've added (e.g. getcwd.c) should compile and work
52on all hosts where it is needed.  It does not have to work or even
53compile on hosts where it is not needed.
58On most hosts you should be able to use the scheme for automatically
59figuring out which files are needed.  In that case, you probably
60don't need a special Makefile stub for that configuration.
62If the fully automatic scheme doesn't work, you may be able to get
63by with defining EXTRA_OFILES in your Makefile stub.  This is
64a list of object file names that should be treated as required
65for this configuration - they will be included in libiberty.a,
66regardless of whatever might be in the C library.