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H A Dbindresvport.c58 struct sockaddr_in6 *in6; in bindresvport_sa() local
82 in6 = (struct sockaddr_in6 *)sa; in bindresvport_sa()
84 portp = &in6->sin6_port; in bindresvport_sa()
H A Daddrmatch.c84 struct sockaddr_in6 *in6 = (struct sockaddr_in6 *)sa; in addr_sa_to_xaddr() local
96 if (slen < (socklen_t)sizeof(*in6)) in addr_sa_to_xaddr()
99 memcpy(&xa->v6, &in6->sin6_addr, sizeof(xa->v6)); in addr_sa_to_xaddr()
101 xa->scope_id = in6->sin6_scope_id; in addr_sa_to_xaddr()
H A Daudit-bsm.c139 struct sockaddr_in6 *in6; in aug_get_machine() local
156 in6 = (struct sockaddr_in6 *)ai->ai_addr; in aug_get_machine()
158 memcpy(addr, &in6->sin6_addr, sizeof(struct in6_addr)); in aug_get_machine()
H A Dconfigure.ac5080 AC_ARG_WITH(4in6,
5081 [ --with-4in6 Check for and convert IPv4 in IPv6 mapped addresses],
H A Dnetcat.c1482 struct sockaddr_in6 *in6 = (struct sockaddr_in6 *)&addr; in socks_connect() local
1557 memcpy(buf + 4, &in6->sin6_addr, sizeof in6->sin6_addr); in socks_connect()
1558 memcpy(buf + 20, &in6->sin6_port, in socks_connect()
1559 sizeof in6->sin6_port); in socks_connect()

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