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H A DUnixNetVConnection.cc215 int64_t ntodo = s->vio.ntodo(); in read_from_net() local
408 int64_t ntodo = s->vio.ntodo(); in write_to_net_io() local
H A DSSLNetVConnection.cc552 int64_t ntodo = s->vio.ntodo(); in net_read_io() local
H A DInkAPITest.cc686 int64_t len, ndone, ntodo, towrite, avail; in synclient_txn_write_request() local
979 int64_t len, ndone, ntodo, towrite, avail; in synserver_txn_write_response() local
1623 int64_t ntodo, ndone, nbytes, towrite, avail, content_length; in cache_handler() local
H A DPluginVC.cc487 int64_t ntodo = write_state.vio.ntodo(); in process_write_side() local
613 int64_t ntodo = read_state.vio.ntodo(); in process_read_side() local
H A DCacheWrite.cc1405 int64_t ntodo = static_cast<int64_t>(vio.ntodo() + length); in openWriteMain() local
H A DCacheRead.cc486 int64_t ntodo = vio.ntodo(); in openReadFromWriterMain() local
647 int64_t ntodo = vio.ntodo(); in openReadMain() local
H A DHttpTunnel.h204 int64_t ntodo = 0; // what this vc needs to do member
H A Dstream_editor.cc675 int64_t ntodo, nbytes; in streamedit_process() local
H A Dmetalink.cc419 int ntodo = TSVIONTodoGet(input_viop); in vconn_write_ready() local
H A DP_VIO.h64 VIO::ntodo() const in ntodo() function in VIO
H A Dpsi.c476 int64_t len, ndone, ntodo; in psi_include() local
539 int ntodo; in wake_up_streams() local

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