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H A DHttp1ServerSession.h125 static sockaddr const *key_of(self_type const *ssn);
140 static CryptoHash const &key_of(self_type *ssn);
187 Http1ServerSession::IPLinkage::next_ptr(self_type *ssn) in next_ptr() argument
189 return ssn->_ip_link._next; in next_ptr()
193 Http1ServerSession::IPLinkage::prev_ptr(self_type *ssn) in prev_ptr() argument
195 return ssn->_ip_link._prev; in prev_ptr()
207 return &ssn->get_server_ip().sa; in key_of()
231 return ssn->_fqdn_link._next; in next_ptr()
237 return ssn->_fqdn_link._prev; in prev_ptr()
247 Http1ServerSession::FQDNLinkage::key_of(self_type *ssn) in key_of() argument
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H A DHttpSessionManager.cc60 m_ip_pool.apply([](Http1ServerSession *ssn) -> void { ssn->do_io_close(); }); in purge() argument
H A Dtest_hooks.cc105 auto ssn = static_cast<TSHttpSsn>(eventData); in sessionContFunc() local
108 ALWAYS_ASSERT((ssn == activeSsn) or !activeSsn) in sessionContFunc()
110 TSHttpSsnReenable(ssn, TS_EVENT_HTTP_CONTINUE); in sessionContFunc()
209 auto ssn = static_cast<TSHttpSsn>(eventData); in globalContFunc()
211 activeSsn = ssn; in globalContFunc()
214 TSHttpSsnHookAdd(ssn, TS_HTTP_SSN_CLOSE_HOOK, sCont); in globalContFunc()
215 TSHttpSsnHookAdd(ssn, TS_HTTP_TXN_START_HOOK, sCont); in globalContFunc()
218 TSHttpSsnReenable(ssn, TS_EVENT_HTTP_CONTINUE); in globalContFunc()
222 auto ssn = static_cast<TSHttpSsn>(eventData); in globalContFunc() local
224 ALWAYS_ASSERT(ssn == activeSsn) in globalContFunc()
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H A Dhook-trace.cc40 TSHttpSsn ssn; in HttpHookTracer() member
49 TSDebug(PLUGIN_NAME, "Received SSN_START on session %p", ev.ssn); in HttpHookTracer()
50 TSHttpSsnReenable(ev.ssn, TS_EVENT_HTTP_CONTINUE); in HttpHookTracer()
54 TSDebug(PLUGIN_NAME, "Received SSN_CLOSE on session %p", ev.ssn); in HttpHookTracer()
55 TSHttpSsnReenable(ev.ssn, TS_EVENT_HTTP_CONTINUE); in HttpHookTracer()
H A DProxySession.h41 #define SsnDebug(ssn, tag, ...) SpecificDebug((ssn)->debug(), tag, __VA_ARGS__) argument
H A DInkAPIInternal.h345 …void init(TSHttpHookID id, HttpAPIHooks const *global, HttpAPIHooks const *ssn = nullptr, HttpAPIH…
H A DTSHttpSsnClientFdGet.en.rst33 Get the socket descriptor for the client socket in :arg:`fdp` for the transaction :arg:`ssn`.
H A DTSDebug.en.rst40 .. function:: void TSHttpSsnDebugSet(TSHttpSsn ssn, int on)
42 .. function:: int TSHttpSsnDebugGet(TSHttpSsn ssn)
H A Dconditions.cc593 TSHttpSsn ssn = TSHttpTxnSsnGet(res.txnp); in eval() local
595 if (ssn) { in eval()
596 int n = TSHttpSsnTransactionCount(ssn); in eval()
609 TSHttpSsn ssn = TSHttpTxnSsnGet(res.txnp); in append_value() local
611 if (ssn) { in append_value()
613 int count = TSHttpSsnTransactionCount(ssn); in append_value()
H A Dstub.cc69 HttpHookState::init(TSHttpHookID id, HttpAPIHooks const *global, HttpAPIHooks const *ssn, HttpAPIHo… in init() argument
H A Dtraffic_quic.cc220 HttpHookState::init(TSHttpHookID id, HttpAPIHooks const *global, HttpAPIHooks const *ssn, HttpAPIHo… in init() argument
H A Dts_lua_http.c777 TSHttpSsn ssn = TSHttpTxnSsnGet(http_ctx->txnp); in ts_lua_http_transaction_count() local
778 if (ssn) { in ts_lua_http_transaction_count()
779 int n = TSHttpSsnTransactionCount(ssn); in ts_lua_http_transaction_count()
H A DInkAPI.cc1380 if (ssn) { in init()
1381 _ssn.init(ssn, id); in init()
5681 Http1ServerSession *ssn = sm->get_server_session(); in TSHttpTxnOutgoingAddrGet() local
5682 if (ssn == nullptr) { in TSHttpTxnOutgoingAddrGet()
5686 NetVConnection *vc = ssn->get_netvc(); in TSHttpTxnOutgoingAddrGet()
5817 if (nullptr != ssn) { in TSHttpTxnServerPacketMarkSet()
5818 NetVConnection *vc = ssn->get_netvc(); in TSHttpTxnServerPacketMarkSet()
5859 if (nullptr != ssn) { in TSHttpTxnServerPacketTosSet()
5860 NetVConnection *vc = ssn->get_netvc(); in TSHttpTxnServerPacketTosSet()
5901 if (nullptr != ssn) { in TSHttpTxnServerPacketDscpSet()
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H A DLogAccess.cc1280 auto ssn = txn->get_proxy_ssn(); in marshal_client_sni_server_name() local
1281 if (ssn) { in marshal_client_sni_server_name()
1282 auto ssl = ssn->ssl(); in marshal_client_sni_server_name()

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