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H A Dtracetool351 names="$names $name"
361 for name in $names; do
H A Dscsi-bus.c400 static const char *names[] = { in scsi_command_name() local
487 if (cmd >= ARRAY_SIZE(names) || names[cmd] == NULL) in scsi_command_name()
489 return names[cmd]; in scsi_command_name()
H A Dqxl.c1024 static const char *names[] = { in qxl_map() local
1033 region_num, names[region_num], addr, size); in qxl_map()
H A Dsdl.c282 if (desc && desc->names) { in check_for_evdev()
283 keycodes = XGetAtomName(info.info.x11.display, desc->names->keycodes); in check_for_evdev()
H A Di386-dis.c6198 const char * const *names = (address_mode == mode_64bit in PNI_Fixup() local
6220 strcpy (op_out[0], names[0]); in PNI_Fixup()
6231 ? names16 : names); in PNI_Fixup()
6239 strcpy (op_out[2], names[2]); in PNI_Fixup()
6244 strcpy (op_out[1], names[1]); in PNI_Fixup()
H A Dm68k-dis.c1162 static const struct { const char *name; int value; } names[] in print_insn_arg() local
1176 for (regno = sizeof names / sizeof names[0] - 1; regno >= 0; regno--) in print_insn_arg()
1177 if (names[regno].value == val) in print_insn_arg()
1179 (*info->fprintf_func) (info->stream, "%s", names[regno].name); in print_insn_arg()
H A Dmips-dis.c3455 lookup_mips_cp0sel_name (const struct mips_cp0sel_name *names, in lookup_mips_cp0sel_name() argument
3463 if (names[i].cp0reg == cp0reg && names[i].sel == sel) in lookup_mips_cp0sel_name()
3464 return &names[i]; in lookup_mips_cp0sel_name()
H A Dqmp-commands.hx917 names, arguments and responses can change or be removed at ANY time.
H A Dqemu-options.hx712 The x509 file names can also be configured individually.

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