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H A Dauth-rhosts.c55 check_rhosts_file(const char *filename, const char *hostname, in check_rhosts_file() argument
151 if (!innetgr(host + 1, hostname, NULL, NULL) && in check_rhosts_file()
154 } else if (strcasecmp(host, hostname) && in check_rhosts_file()
189 auth_rhosts2(struct passwd *pw, const char *client_user, const char *hostname, in auth_rhosts2() argument
198 client_user, hostname, ipaddr); in auth_rhosts2()
237 if (check_rhosts_file(_PATH_RHOSTS_EQUIV, hostname, ipaddr, in auth_rhosts2()
240 "/etc/hosts.equiv.", hostname, ipaddr); in auth_rhosts2()
243 if (check_rhosts_file(_PATH_SSH_HOSTS_EQUIV, hostname, ipaddr, in auth_rhosts2()
246 "%.100s.", hostname, ipaddr, _PATH_SSH_HOSTS_EQUIV); in auth_rhosts2()
309 if (check_rhosts_file(buf, hostname, ipaddr, in auth_rhosts2()
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H A Dsshlogin.c81 strlcpy(buf, li.hostname, bufsize); in get_last_login_time()
94 char hostname[HOST_NAME_MAX+1] = ""; in store_lastlog_message() local
112 last_login_time = get_last_login_time(uid, user, hostname, in store_lastlog_message()
113 sizeof(hostname)); in store_lastlog_message()
118 if (strcmp(hostname, "") == 0) in store_lastlog_message()
123 time_string, hostname); in store_lastlog_message()
H A Ddns.c177 is_numeric_hostname(const char *hostname) in is_numeric_hostname() argument
185 if (hostname == NULL) { in is_numeric_hostname()
194 if (getaddrinfo(hostname, NULL, &hints, &ai) == 0) { in is_numeric_hostname()
207 verify_host_key_dns(const char *hostname, struct sockaddr *address, in verify_host_key_dns() argument
230 if (is_numeric_hostname(hostname)) { in verify_host_key_dns()
235 result = getrrsetbyname(hostname, DNS_RDATACLASS_IN, in verify_host_key_dns()
318 export_dns_rr(const char *hostname, struct sshkey *key, FILE *f, int generic) in export_dns_rr() argument
333 hostname, DNS_RDATATYPE_SSHFP, in export_dns_rr()
337 fprintf(f, "%s IN SSHFP %d %d ", hostname, in export_dns_rr()
H A Dloginrec.c395 if (hostname) in login_init_entry()
396 strlcpy(li->hostname, hostname, sizeof(li->hostname)); in login_init_entry()
696 strncpy(ut->ut_host, li->hostname, in construct_utmp()
778 strncpy(utx->ut_host, li->hostname, in construct_utmpx()
1233 strlcpy(li->hostname, ut.ut_host, in wtmp_get_entry()
1395 strlcpy(li->hostname, utx.ut_host, in wtmpx_get_entry()
1546 strlcpy(last.ll_host, li->hostname, in lastlog_write_entry()
1581 strlcpy(li->hostname, ll->ll_host, in lastlog_get_entry()
1582 MIN_SIZEOF(li->hostname, ll->ll_host)); in lastlog_get_entry()
1606 strlcpy(li->hostname, last.ll_host, in lastlog_get_entry()
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H A Daudit-linux.c42 linux_audit_record_event(int uid, const char *username, const char *hostname, in linux_audit_record_event() argument
56 username == NULL ? uid : -1, hostname, ip, ttyn, success); in linux_audit_record_event()
88 if (linux_audit_record_event(li->uid, NULL, li->hostname, NULL, in audit_session_open()
H A Dloginrec.h72 char hostname[LINFO_HOSTSIZE]; /* remote hostname */ member
92 const char *hostname, const char *line);
97 const char *hostname, const char *line);
H A Dlogintest.c77 li->username, li->hostname, li->exit, in dump_logininfo()
123 strlcpy(li1->hostname, "localhost", sizeof(li1->hostname)); in testAPI()
H A Dauth.c104 const char *hostname = NULL, *ipaddr = NULL, *passwd = NULL; in allowed_user() local
189 hostname = auth_get_canonical_hostname(ssh, options.use_dns); in allowed_user()
196 r = match_user(pw->pw_name, hostname, ipaddr, in allowed_user()
204 pw->pw_name, hostname); in allowed_user()
212 r = match_user(pw->pw_name, hostname, ipaddr, in allowed_user()
223 "not listed in AllowUsers", pw->pw_name, hostname); in allowed_user()
231 "not in any group", pw->pw_name, hostname); in allowed_user()
242 pw->pw_name, hostname); in allowed_user()
255 "in AllowGroups", pw->pw_name, hostname); in allowed_user()
H A Dsshconnect.c642 get_hostfile_hostname_ipaddr(char *hostname, struct sockaddr *hostaddr, in get_hostfile_hostname_ipaddr() argument
690 *hostfile_hostname = put_host_port(hostname, port); in get_hostfile_hostname_ipaddr()
876 check_host_key(char *hostname, struct sockaddr *hostaddr, u_short port, in check_host_key() argument
915 get_hostfile_hostname_ipaddr(hostname, hostaddr, port, &host, &ip); in check_host_key()
922 strcmp(hostname, ip) == 0 || options.proxy_command != NULL)) in check_host_key()
977 hostname : options.host_key_alias, host_key)) in check_host_key()
1022 if (check_host_key(hostname, hostaddr, 0, host_key, in check_host_key()
H A Dreadconf.h73 char *hostname; /* Real host to connect. */ member
H A Dssh.c1168 if (options.hostname != NULL) { in main()
1170 cp = percent_expand(options.hostname, in main()
1174 free(options.hostname); in main()
1175 options.hostname = xstrdup(host); in main()
1227 free(options.hostname); in main()
1228 options.hostname = xstrdup(host); in main()
H A Dsshconnect2.c122 char *alg = NULL, *hostname = NULL, *ret = NULL, *best = NULL; in order_hostkeyalgs() local
129 get_hostfile_hostname_ipaddr(host, hostaddr, port, &hostname, NULL); in order_hostkeyalgs()
132 load_hostkeys(hostkeys, hostname, options.user_hostfiles[i]); in order_hostkeyalgs()
134 load_hostkeys(hostkeys, hostname, options.system_hostfiles[i]); in order_hostkeyalgs()
202 free(hostname); in order_hostkeyalgs()
H A Dsession.c2569 char hostname[NI_MAXHOST]; in session_setup_x11fwd() local
2601 if (gethostname(hostname, sizeof(hostname)) == -1) in session_setup_x11fwd()
2620 he = gethostbyname(hostname); in session_setup_x11fwd()
2630 snprintf(display, sizeof display, "%.400s:%u.%u", hostname, in session_setup_x11fwd()
H A Dreadconf.c582 host = xstrdup(options->hostname); in match_cfg_line()
583 } else if (options->hostname != NULL) { in match_cfg_line()
585 host = percent_expand(options->hostname, in match_cfg_line()
1197 charptr = &options->hostname; in process_config_line_depth()
2002 options->hostname = NULL; in initialize_options()
H A Dssh-keygen.c172 static char hostname[NI_MAXHOST]; variable
362 pw->pw_name, hostname); in do_convert_to_ssh2()
1116 hostname); in do_gen_all_hostkeys()
3157 if (gethostname(hostname, sizeof(hostname)) == -1) in main()
3669 snprintf(comment, sizeof comment, "%s@%s", pw->pw_name, hostname); in main()
H A Dconfigure.ac4922 # Use ip address instead of hostname in $DISPLAY
4927 instead of hostname in $DISPLAY])
4931 [ --with-ipaddr-display Use ip address instead of hostname in $DISPLAY],
H A Dfake-rfc2553.c155 getaddrinfo(const char *hostname, const char *servname, in getaddrinfo() argument
183 if (hostname && inet_aton(hostname, &in) != 0) in getaddrinfo()
191 if (!hostname) { in getaddrinfo()
198 if (inet_aton(hostname, &in)) { in getaddrinfo()
209 hp = gethostbyname(hostname); in getaddrinfo()
H A Dport-aix.c316 record_failed_login(struct ssh *ssh, const char *user, const char *hostname, in record_failed_login() argument
324 loginfailed((char *)user, (char *)hostname, (char *)ttyname, in record_failed_login()
327 loginfailed((char *)user, (char *)hostname, (char *)ttyname); in record_failed_login()
H A Dgetrrsetbyname-ldns.c63 getrrsetbyname(const char *hostname, unsigned int rdclass, in getrrsetbyname() argument
98 domain = ldns_dname_new_frm_str(hostname); in getrrsetbyname()
H A Dgetrrsetbyname.c186 getrrsetbyname(const char *hostname, unsigned int rdclass, in getrrsetbyname() argument
235 length = res_query(hostname, (signed int) rdclass, (signed int) rdtype, in getrrsetbyname()
H A Dpercent.sh13 HOST=`hostname | cut -f1 -d.`
14 HOSTNAME=`hostname`

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