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H A Dmigration.h78 int detach,
87 int detach,
96 int detach,
105 int detach,
H A Dmigration.c83 int detach = qdict_get_try_bool(qdict, "detach", 0); in do_migrate() local
99 s = tcp_start_outgoing_migration(mon, p, max_throttle, detach, in do_migrate()
103 s = exec_start_outgoing_migration(mon, p, max_throttle, detach, in do_migrate()
106 s = unix_start_outgoing_migration(mon, p, max_throttle, detach, in do_migrate()
109 s = fd_start_outgoing_migration(mon, p, max_throttle, detach, in do_migrate()
H A Dmigration-fd.c57 int detach, in fd_start_outgoing_migration() argument
90 if (!detach) { in fd_start_outgoing_migration()
H A Dmigration-exec.c68 int detach, in exec_start_outgoing_migration() argument
107 if (!detach) { in exec_start_outgoing_migration()
H A Dmigration-tcp.c82 int detach, in tcp_start_outgoing_migration() argument
116 if (!detach) { in tcp_start_outgoing_migration()
H A Dmigration-unix.c81 int detach, in unix_start_outgoing_migration() argument
129 if (!detach) { in unix_start_outgoing_migration()
H A Dqmp-commands.hx434 .args_type = "detach:-d,blk:-b,inc:-i,uri:s",
467 (3) The user Monitor's "detach" argument is invalid in QMP and should not
H A Dhmp-commands.hx757 .args_type = "detach:-d,blk:-b,inc:-i,uri:s",
H A Dqemu-options.hx2066 Daemonize the QEMU process after initialization. QEMU will not detach from
H A Dpcmcia.h20 int (*detach)(void *state); member
H A Dpxa2xx_pcmcia.c195 s->card->detach(s->card->state); in pxa2xx_pcmcia_dettach()
H A Dusb.c43 port->ops->detach(port); in usb_attach()
H A Dusb.h236 void (*detach)(USBPort *port); member
H A Dusb-hub.c525 .detach = usb_hub_detach,
H A Dusb-uhci.c1116 .detach = uhci_detach,
H A Dusb-musb.c267 .detach = musb_detach,
H A Dusb-ohci.c1669 .detach = ohci_detach,
H A Dmicrodrive.c538 md->card.detach = dscm1xxxx_detach; in dscm1xxxx_init()

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