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H A DQUICAckFrameCreator.cc133 QUICAckFrameManager::set_max_ack_delay(uint16_t delay) in set_max_ack_delay() argument
136 this->_ack_creator[i]->set_max_ack_delay(delay); in set_max_ack_delay()
313 uint64_t delay = this->_calculate_delay(); in _create_ack_frame() local
314 … ack_frame = QUICFrameFactory::create_ack_frame(buf, largest_ack_number, delay, length - 1, in _create_ack_frame()
326 uint64_t delay = this->_calculate_delay(); in _create_ack_frame() local
327 …ack_frame = QUICFrameFactory::create_ack_frame(buf, largest_ack_number, delay, length - 1, this->_… in _create_ack_frame()
339 uint64_t delay = (now - this->_largest_ack_received_time) / 1000; in _calculate_delay() local
344 return delay >> ack_delay_exponent; in _calculate_delay()
366 QUICAckFrameManager::QUICAckFrameCreator::set_max_ack_delay(uint16_t delay) in set_max_ack_delay() argument
368 this->_max_ack_delay = delay; in set_max_ack_delay()
H A DQUICAckFrameCreator.h53 void set_max_ack_delay(uint16_t delay);
90 void set_max_ack_delay(uint16_t delay);
H A DQUICLossDetector.cc225 ink_hrtime delay = HRTIME_USECONDS(ack_frame.ack_delay() << this->_ack_delay_exponent); in _on_ack_received() local
226 this->_rtt_measure->update_rtt(latest_rtt, delay); in _on_ack_received()
H A DTSContSchedule.en.rst36 Schedules :arg:`contp` to run :arg:`delay` milliseconds in the future. This is approximate. The del…
37 will be at least :arg:`delay` but possibly more. Resolutions finer than roughly 5 milliseconds will
H A Dgenerator.cc168 unsigned delay = 0; // Milliseconds to delay before sending a response. member
345 …grq->delay = GeneratorGetRequestHeader(grq->rqheader, "Generator-Delay", lengthof("Generator-Dela… in GeneratorParseRequest()
501 if (cdata.grq->delay > 0) { in GeneratorInterceptionHook()
502 VDEBUG("delaying response by %ums", cdata.grq->delay); in GeneratorInterceptionHook()
503 TSContScheduleOnPool(contp, cdata.grq->delay, TS_THREAD_POOL_NET); in GeneratorInterceptionHook()
H A Dcollapsed_forwarding.en.rst57 arguments for specifying the delay between successive retries and a max
63 @plugin=collapsed_forwarding.so @pparam=--delay=<delay> @pparam=--retries=<retries>
67 collapsed_forwarding.so --delay=<delay> --retries=<retries>
167 Retry can help to repeat (2) after a configured delay on 2.2, thereby
183 number of times with the configured amount of delay between consecutive
H A Dink_hrtime.h272 ink_hrtime_sleep(ink_hrtime delay) in ink_hrtime_sleep() argument
274 struct timespec ts = ink_hrtime_to_timespec(delay); in ink_hrtime_sleep()
H A Dtimeout.test.py22 server = Test.MakeOriginServer("server", delay=15)
H A Dinactive_timeout.test.py27 server = Test.MakeOriginServer("server", delay=8)
H A Dactive_timeout.test.py27 server = Test.MakeOriginServer("server", delay=8)
H A DInkAPIPrivateIOCore.h88 void retry(unsigned int delay);
H A Dstub.cc247 INKVConnInternal::retry(unsigned int delay) in retry() argument
H A Dblackbox-testing.en.rst143 - ``Test.MakeOriginServer(name, port, s_port, ip, delay, ssl, lookup_key, clientcert, clientkey)``
149 …- delay - option to have MicroServer delay for set amount of seconds before returning response. De…
H A DP_QUICNetVConnection.h265 void _schedule_packet_write_ready(bool delay = false);
H A DQUICNetVConnection.cc1809 QUICNetVConnection::_schedule_packet_write_ready(bool delay) in _schedule_packet_write_ready() argument
1813 if (delay) { in _schedule_packet_write_ready()
H A Dssl-hooks.en.rst102 It may be useful to delay the TLS handshake processing if other resources must be consulted to
H A Dindex.en.rst376 is the timeout for the actual connection attempt on a retry, not the delay
377 after which a retry will be performed (the delay is configured with
H A Dcache-basics.en.rst737 and :ts:cv:`proxy.config.cache.read_while_writer_retry.delay` allow to control the number
743 CONFIG proxy.config.cache.read_while_writer_retry.delay INT 50
785 allowed to go to origin without artificial delay. When enabled, you will try
H A Drecords.config.en.rst1461 maximum number of concurrent connections the transaction either rechecks after a delay or a 503
1467 How long to delay before rechecking
1510 …If there are less than this many waiting transactions, delay this transaction and try again. Other…
1516 …If a transaction is delayed due to too many connections in an upstream server group, delay this am…
1879 :ts:cv:`proxy.config.cache.read_while_writer_retry.delay`
1881 .. ts:cv:: CONFIG proxy.config.cache.read_while_writer_retry.delay INT 50
1884 Specifies the delay in msec, trafficserver waits to reattempt read_while_writer
1887 delay in reattempting, by doubling the configured duration from the third reattempt
3523 completes. A test crypto engine that inserts a 5 second delay on private key
H A DInkAPI.cc1267 INKVConnInternal::retry(unsigned int delay) in retry() argument
1272 mutex->thread_holding->schedule_in(this, HRTIME_MSECONDS(delay)); in retry()
H A Dapache-rat-0.13-SNAPSHOT.jarMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MF META-INF/ org/ org/apache/ org/apache/rat/ org/apache/rat/anttasks/ ...

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