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H A Dbsd-snprintf.c548 char convert[20]; in fmtint() local
574 convert[place++] = in fmtint()
580 convert[place] = 0; in fmtint()
619 DOPR_OUTCH(buffer, *currlen, maxlen, convert[place]); in fmtint()
H A DREADME.regress90 keygen-convert.sh: convert keys
H A DMakefile47 keygen-convert \
H A DINSTALL231 --with-4in6 Check for IPv4 in IPv6 mapped addresses and convert them to
H A Dconfigure.ac5095 AC_MSG_CHECKING([if we need to convert IPv4 in IPv6-mapped addresses])
5098 [ --with-4in6 Check for and convert IPv4 in IPv6 mapped addresses],