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H A DMakefile.in32 clean:
35 distclean: clean
H A Dupstream.yml27 run: vmrun "cd /usr/src/usr.bin/ssh && make obj && make clean && make"
31 run: vmrun "cd /usr/src/regress/usr.bin/ssh && make obj && make clean && SUDO=sudo make"
H A DMakefile.in114 clean:
117 distclean: clean
H A DMakefile21 clean: target
H A DMakefile51 clean: target
H A DMakefile16 clean: target
20 distclean: clean
H A DREADME13 reintroduced and many other clean-ups. OpenSSH has been created by
H A Dopenssh.spec172 %clean
H A Dopenssh.spec304 %clean