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H A Dpcmcia.h19 int (*attach)(void *state); member
H A Dpxa2xx_pcmcia.c183 s->card->attach(s->card->state); in pxa2xx_pcmcia_attach()
H A Dusb.c38 port->ops->attach(port); in usb_attach()
H A Dusb.h235 void (*attach)(USBPort *port); member
H A Dusb-hub.c524 .attach = usb_hub_attach,
H A Dusb-uhci.c1115 .attach = uhci_attach,
H A Dusb-musb.c266 .attach = musb_attach,
H A Dusb-ohci.c1668 .attach = ohci_attach,
H A Dmicrodrive.c537 md->card.attach = dscm1xxxx_attach; in dscm1xxxx_init()
H A Dqemu-options.hx2013 DEF("xen-attach", 0, QEMU_OPTION_xen_attach,
2014 "-xen-attach attach to existing xen domain\n"
2025 @item -xen-attach
2026 @findex -xen-attach

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