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H A DMakefile10 regress: all
H A DMakefile.in19 all: t-exec ${OTHERTESTS} target
H A Dkrl.sh118 $SSHKEYGEN $OPTS -kf $OBJ/krl-all $RKEYS $RCERTS \
184 check_krl $f $OBJ/krl-all $ALL_RESULT "$TAG"
210 for f in $OBJ/krl-keys $OBJ/krl-cert $OBJ/krl-all \
H A Dcfginclude.sh82 Match all
223 Match all
H A Dservcfginclude.sh79 Match all
H A DMakefile3 all: target
H A DMakefile27 CFLAGS+= -fstack-protector-all
H A DMakefile17 all: $(TARGETS) target
H A DMakefile.in104 all: libopenbsd-compat.a target
H A DMakefile20 all: target
H A Dopenssh.spec72 up to date in terms of security and features, as well as removing all
100 - Marked all manual pages as %doc(umentation)
H A Dkex.c225 kex_assemble_names(char **listp, const char *def, const char *all) in kex_assemble_names() argument
231 if (listp == NULL || def == NULL || all == NULL) in kex_assemble_names()
289 if ((matching = match_filter_allowlist(all, cp)) == NULL) { in kex_assemble_names()
H A Dconfigure.ac6 # copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies.
216 # -fstack-protector-all doesn't always work for some GCC versions
220 for t in -fstack-protector-strong -fstack-protector-all \
733 # first we define all of the options common to all HP-UX releases
747 # next, we define all of the options specific to major releases
2471 for the all-zeros IPv6 address])
5245 dnl lastlog and [uw]tmp are subject to a file search if all else fails
H A Dservconf.c226 #define ASSEMBLE(what, defaults, all) \ in assemble_algorithms() argument
228 if ((r = kex_assemble_names(&o->what, defaults, all)) != 0) \ in assemble_algorithms()
H A Dreadconf.c2483 #define ASSEMBLE(what, defaults, all) \ in fill_default_options() argument
2486 defaults, all)) != 0) { \ in fill_default_options()

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