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H A Dsftp-server.c784 int r, handle, fd, ret, status; in process_write() local
828 int r, status = SSH2_FX_FAILURE; in process_do_stat() local
915 int r, status = SSH2_FX_OK; in process_setstat() local
962 int status = SSH2_FX_OK; in process_fsetstat() local
1112 int r, status = SSH2_FX_FAILURE; in process_remove() local
1150 int r, status; in process_rmdir() local
1194 int r, status; in process_rename() local
1279 int r, status; in process_symlink() local
1299 int r, status; in process_extended_posix_rename() local
1357 int r, status; in process_extended_hardlink() local
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H A Dsftp-client.c221 u_int id, status; in get_status() local
251 u_int id, status; in get_handle() local
312 u_int status; in get_decode_stat() local
358 u_int status; in get_decode_statvfs() local
510 u_int id, status; in do_close() local
704 u_int status, id; in do_rm() local
719 u_int status, id; in do_mkdir() local
735 u_int status, id; in do_rmdir() local
800 u_int status, id; in do_setstat() local
857 u_int status; in do_realpath() local
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H A Dgss-serv.c100 OM_uint32 status; in ssh_gssapi_acquire_cred() local
179 OM_uint32 status; in ssh_gssapi_accept_ctx() local
H A Dreadpass.c56 int p[2], status; in ssh_askpass() local
H A Dsandbox-systrace.c127 int dev_systrace, i, j, found, status; in ssh_sandbox_parent() local
H A Dsftp-common.c184 fx2txt(int status) in fx2txt()
H A Dscp.c179 int status; in suspchild() local
194 int status; in do_local_cmd() local
323 int status; in do_cmd2() local
395 int ch, fflag, tflag, status, n; in main() local
H A Dhostfile.h86 u_int status; /* One of HKF_STATUS_* */ member
H A Dauth-pam.c226 int status; in pthread_join() local
392 u_char status; in sshpam_thread_conv() local
H A Dsshconnect2.c769 OM_uint32 status, ms, flags; in process_gssapi_token() local
880 OM_uint32 status; in input_gssapi_token() local
1835 int r, to[2], from[2], status; in ssh_keysign() local
H A Dsshd.c345 int status; in main_sigchld_handler() local
480 int status, r; in privsep_preauth() local
H A Dserverloop.c378 int status; in collect_children() local
H A Dsession.c2373 session_exit_message(struct ssh *ssh, Session *s, int status) in session_exit_message()
2457 session_close_by_pid(struct ssh *ssh, pid_t pid, int status) in session_close_by_pid()
H A Dssh.c2161 int status; in main_sigchld_handler() local
H A Dsshconnect.c1375 int status; in ssh_local_cmd() local
H A Dpacket.c733 int r, status; in compress_buffer() local
779 int r, status; in uncompress_buffer() local
H A Dmonitor.c1587 int res, status; in mm_answer_term() local
H A Dreadconf.c484 int devnull, status; in execute_in_shell() local
H A Dmisc.c1819 int status; in exited_cleanly() local
H A Dsftp.c315 int status; in local_do_shell() local
H A Dbsd-nextstep.c33 posix_wait(int *status) in posix_wait()
H A Dgnome-ssh-askpass2.c91 GdkGrabStatus status; in passphrase_dialog() local

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