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H A DAIO.cc274 aio_insert(AIOCallback *op, AIO_Reqs *req) in aio_insert()
308 aio_queue_req(AIOCallbackInternal *op, int fromAPI = 0) in aio_queue_req()
380 cache_op(AIOCallbackInternal *op) in cache_op()
409 ink_aio_read(AIOCallback *op, int fromAPI) in ink_aio_read()
418 ink_aio_write(AIOCallback *op, int fromAPI) in ink_aio_write()
443 AIOCallback *op = nullptr; in aio_thread_main() local
507 AIOCallback *op = nullptr; in mainAIOEvent() local
564 ink_aio_read(AIOCallback *op, int /* fromAPI ATS_UNUSED */) in ink_aio_read()
578 ink_aio_write(AIOCallback *op, int /* fromAPI ATS_UNUSED */) in ink_aio_write()
592 ink_aio_readv(AIOCallback *op, int /* fromAPI ATS_UNUSED */) in ink_aio_readv()
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H A Dregex_yaml.cpp6 RegEx::RegEx(REGEX_OP op) : m_op(op), m_a(0), m_z(0), m_params{} {} in RegEx()
13 RegEx::RegEx(const std::string& str, REGEX_OP op) in RegEx()
H A Dmatcher.h47 …explicit Matcher(const MatcherOps op) : _op(op) { TSDebug(PLUGIN_NAME_DBG, "Calling CTOR for Match… in Matcher()
130 debug_helper(const T &t, const char *op, bool r) const in debug_helper() argument
H A Dfactory.cc31 operator_factory(const std::string &op) in operator_factory()
H A DCoreAPIRemote.cc77 send_and_parse_list(OpType op, LLQ *list) in send_and_parse_list()
535 mgmt_record_get_reply(OpType op, TSRecordEle *rec_ele) in mgmt_record_get_reply()
1039 OpType op = OpType::HOST_STATUS_DOWN; in HostStatusSetDown() local
1052 OpType op = OpType::HOST_STATUS_UP; in HostStatusSetUp() local
1065 OpType op = OpType::STATS_RESET_NODE; in StatsReset() local
H A DNetworkMessage.cc181 MgmtMarshallInt op; in send_mgmt_request() local
H A DI_VIO.h191 int op = VIO::NONE; member in VIO
H A DP_UnixSocketManager.h385 SocketManager::epoll_ctl(int epfd, int op, int fd, struct epoll_event *event) in epoll_ctl()
H A Dfastlz.c180 flzuint8 *op = (flzuint8 *)output; in FASTLZ_COMPRESSOR() local
420 flzuint8 *op = (flzuint8 *)output; in FASTLZ_DECOMPRESSOR() local
H A Dink_res_mkquery.cc92 ink_res_mkquery(ink_res_state statp, int op, /*!< opcode of query */ in ink_res_mkquery()
H A DHostStatus.cc35 MgmtInt op; in mgmt_host_status_up_callback() local
68 MgmtInt op; in mgmt_host_status_down_callback() local
H A Dtraffic_server.cc2188 MgmtInt op; in mgmt_lifecycle_msg_callback() local
H A DIPAllow.cc328 AclOp op = ACL_OP_DENY; // "shut up", I explained to the compiler. local
504 AclOp op = ACL_OP_DENY; // "shut up", I explained to the compiler. local
H A Dtest_IntrusivePtr.cc93 ts::IntrusivePtr<Obscure> op{new Obscure}; variable
H A DExpression.cc171 Operator op = OP_EQ; // stupid initialized checking, make gcc happy in evaluate() local
H A Dcookie_remap.cc414 class op class
417 op() { TSDebug(MY_NAME, "op constructor called"); } in op() function in op
H A DCache.cc1310 AIOCallback *op; in handle_dir_clear() local
1340 AIOCallback *op = static_cast<AIOCallback *>(data); in handle_dir_read() local
1695 AIOCallback *op; in handle_header_read() local
H A Dcompress.cc340 …ta *data, const char *upstream_buffer, int64_t upstream_length, BrotliEncoderOperation op) in brotli_compress_operation()
H A Dcatch.hpp2205 BinaryExpr( bool comparisonResult, LhsT lhs, StringRef op, RhsT rhs ) in BinaryExpr()
10390 …void formatReconstructedExpression( std::ostream &os, std::string const& lhs, StringRef op, std::s… in formatReconstructedExpression()

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