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H A Dacl.c116 const char *match) in qemu_acl_append()
133 const char *match, in qemu_acl_insert()
163 const char *match) in qemu_acl_remove()
H A Dacl.h34 char *match; member
H A Dm68k-dis.c224 unsigned long match; member
1979 unsigned long match = opc->match; in print_insn_m68k() local
H A Dhppa-dis.c577 unsigned long int match; /* Bits that must be set... */ member
H A Dusb-linux.c145 struct USBAutoFilter match; member
H A Dsparc-dis.c101 unsigned long match; /* Bits that must be set. */ member
H A Dmonitor.c2686 const char *match = qdict_get_str(qdict, "match"); in do_acl_add() local
2717 const char *match = qdict_get_str(qdict, "match"); in do_acl_remove() local
H A Dmips-dis.c264 unsigned long match; member
H A Dbt-sdp.c27 int match; member
32 int match; member
H A Domap_gptimer.c32 QEMUTimer *match; member
H A Detraxfs_eth.c463 int match; in eth_match_groupaddr() local
H A Dstellaris.c54 uint32_t match[2]; member
126 uint32_t match; in gptm_tick() local
H A Dqdev.c523 int match = 1; in qbus_find_recursive() local
H A Dusb-uhci.c278 UHCIAsync *match = NULL; in uhci_async_find_td() local
H A Dfdc.c243 int i, first_match, match; in fd_revalidate() local
H A Dmmu.c146 int set, match = 0; in cris_mmu_translate_page() local
H A Dopcode-cris.h300 unsigned int match; member
H A Dhelper.c247 int match = MMU_DTLB_MISS; in find_tlb_entry() local
H A Dtranslate_init.c9690 int i, best, match, best_match, max; in ppc_find_by_pvr() local

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