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H A Dchacha.h16 u_int input[16]; member
H A Dxmss_wots.c88 static void base_w(int *output, const int out_len, const unsigned char *input, const wots_params *p… in base_w()
H A Dssh_api.c327 struct sshbuf *input = ssh_packet_get_input(ssh); in _ssh_read_banner() local
H A Dumac.c1046 static int uhash_update(uhash_ctx_t ctx, const u_char *input, long len) in uhash_update()
1254 int umac_update(struct umac_ctx *ctx, const u_char *input, long len) in umac_update()
H A Dchannels.h153 struct sshbuf *input; /* data read from socket, to be sent over member
H A Dauth-pam.c1120 char input[PAM_MAX_MSG_SIZE]; in sshpam_tty_conv() local
H A Dpacket.c141 struct sshbuf *input; member
2396 const u_char *input, *output; in ssh_packet_set_state() local
H A Dssh-agent.c114 struct sshbuf *input; member
H A Dchannels.c1273 channel_decode_socks4(Channel *c, struct sshbuf *input, struct sshbuf *output) in channel_decode_socks4()
1392 channel_decode_socks5(Channel *c, struct sshbuf *input, struct sshbuf *output) in channel_decode_socks5()
H A Dsshkey.c1176 int input; in fingerprint_randomart() local
H A Dbase64.c137 u_char input[3]; in b64_ntop() local
H A Dreadpassphrase.c57 int input, output, save_errno, i, need_restart; in readpassphrase() local
H A Dmd5.c69 MD5Update(MD5_CTX *ctx, const unsigned char *input, size_t len) in MD5Update()
H A Dchacha_private.h14 u32 input[16]; /* could be compressed */ member