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H A DURL.cc210 url_create(HdrHeap *heap) in url_create()
453 url_user_set(HdrHeap *heap, URLImpl *url, const char *value, int length, bool copy_string) in url_user_set()
466 url_password_set(HdrHeap *heap, URLImpl *url, const char *value, int length, bool copy_string) in url_password_set()
479 url_host_set(HdrHeap *heap, URLImpl *url, const char *value, int length, bool copy_string) in url_host_set()
492 url_port_set(HdrHeap *heap, URLImpl *url, const char *value, int length, bool copy_string) in url_port_set()
513 url_port_set(HdrHeap *heap, URLImpl *url, unsigned int port) in url_port_set()
532 url_path_set(HdrHeap *heap, URLImpl *url, const char *value, int length, bool copy_string) in url_path_set()
548 url_params_set(HdrHeap *heap, URLImpl *url, const char *value, int length, bool copy_string) in url_params_set()
558 url_query_set(HdrHeap *heap, URLImpl *url, const char *value, int length, bool copy_string) in url_query_set()
614 url_string_get_ref(HdrHeap *heap, URLImpl *url, int *length, bool normalized) in url_string_get_ref()
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H A DHTTP.cc281 http_hdr_create(HdrHeap *heap, HTTPType polarity) in http_hdr_create()
294 http_hdr_init(HdrHeap *heap, HTTPHdrImpl *hh, HTTPType polarity) in http_hdr_init()
408 http_hdr_print(HdrHeap *heap, HTTPHdrImpl *hdr, char *buf, int bufsize, int *bufindex, int *dumpoff… in http_hdr_print()
671 http_hdr_method_set(HdrHeap *heap, HTTPHdrImpl *hh, const char *method, int16_t method_wks_idx, int… in http_hdr_method_set()
683 http_hdr_url_set(HdrHeap *heap, HTTPHdrImpl *hh, URLImpl *url) in http_hdr_url_set()
731 http_hdr_reason_set(HdrHeap *heap, HTTPHdrImpl *hh, const char *value, int length, bool must_copy) in http_hdr_reason_set()
866 http_parser_parse_req(HTTPParser *parser, HdrHeap *heap, HTTPHdrImpl *hh, const char **start, const… in http_parser_parse_req()
1170 validate_hdr_content_length(HdrHeap *heap, HTTPHdrImpl *hh) in validate_hdr_content_length()
1221 http_parser_parse_resp(HTTPParser *parser, HdrHeap *heap, HTTPHdrImpl *hh, const char **start, cons… in http_parser_parse_resp()
2100 …HdrHeap *heap = reinterpret_cast<HdrHeap *>(alt->m_request_hdr.m_heap ? (buf + (intptr_t)alt->m_… in unmarshal() local
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H A DMIME.cc1004 mime_hdr_create(HdrHeap *heap) in mime_hdr_create()
1077 _mime_field_block_destroy(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEFieldBlockImpl *fblock) in _mime_field_block_destroy()
1083 mime_hdr_destroy_field_block_list(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEFieldBlockImpl *head) in mime_hdr_destroy_field_block_list()
1095 mime_hdr_destroy(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh) in mime_hdr_destroy()
1227 mime_hdr_fields_clear(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh) in mime_hdr_fields_clear()
1439 mime_field_create(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh) in mime_field_create()
1462 mime_field_create_named(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, const char *name, int length) in mime_field_create_named()
1895 mime_field_value_str_from_strlist(HdrHeap *heap, int *new_str_len_return, StrList *list) in mime_field_value_str_from_strlist()
2153 mime_field_value_set_int(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, MIMEField *field, int32_t value) in mime_field_value_set_int()
2161 mime_field_value_set_uint(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, MIMEField *field, uint32_t value) in mime_field_value_set_uint()
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H A DMIME.h821 MIMEField::name_set(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, const char *name, int length) in name_set()
896 MIMEField::value_set(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, const char *value, int length) in value_set()
902 MIMEField::value_set_int(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, int32_t value) in value_set_int()
908 MIMEField::value_set_uint(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, uint32_t value) in value_set_uint()
914 MIMEField::value_set_int64(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, int64_t value) in value_set_int64()
920 MIMEField::value_set_date(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, time_t value) in value_set_date()
929 MIMEField::value_clear(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh) in value_clear()
938 MIMEField::value_append(HdrHeap *heap, MIMEHdrImpl *mh, const char *value, int length, bool prepend… in value_append()
1119 MIMEHdr::create(HdrHeap *heap) in create()
H A DURL.h313 URL::create(HdrHeap *heap) in create()
H A DHTTP.h765 HTTPHdr::create(HTTPType polarity, HdrHeap *heap) in create()
H A Dtest_HdrUtils.cc50 HdrHeap *heap = new_HdrHeap(HdrHeap::DEFAULT_SIZE + 64); variable
138 HdrHeap *heap = new_HdrHeap(HdrHeap::DEFAULT_SIZE + 64); variable
180 HdrHeap *heap = new_HdrHeap(HdrHeap::DEFAULT_SIZE + 64); variable
H A Dtest_HdrHeap.cc40 HdrHeap *heap = new_HdrHeap(); variable
H A Dtest_Hdrs.cc71 HdrHeap *heap = new_HdrHeap(HdrHeap::DEFAULT_SIZE + 64); // extra to prevent proxy allocation. variable
H A DUrlMapping.h140 explicit UrlMappingContainer(HdrHeap *heap) : _heap(heap) {} in UrlMappingContainer()
168 set(HdrHeap *heap) in set()
H A Dnexthop_test_stubs.cc37 HdrHeap *heap = new_HdrHeap(HdrHeap::DEFAULT_SIZE + 64); in br() local
H A DCacheScan.cc308 …HdrHeap *heap = reinterpret_cast<HdrHeap *>(alt->m_request_hdr.m_heap ? (buf + (intptr_t)alt->m_… in unmarshal() local
H A DFetchSM.cc725 HdrHeapSDKHandle *heap; in resp_hdr_bufp() local
H A DInkAPI.cc2122 HdrHeap *heap = ((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap; in TSUrlCreate() local
2707 HdrHeap *heap = ((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap; in TSMimeHdrPrint() local
2803 HdrHeap *heap = ((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap; in TSMimeFieldValueSet() local
2820 HdrHeap *heap = ((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap; in TSMimeFieldValueInsert() local
2929 HdrHeap *heap = (HdrHeap *)(((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap); in TSMimeHdrFieldAppend() local
2998 HdrHeap *heap = (HdrHeap *)(((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap); in TSMimeHdrFieldDestroy() local
3271 HdrHeap *heap = ((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap; in TSMimeHdrFieldNameSet() local
3303 HdrHeap *heap = ((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap; in TSMimeHdrFieldValuesClear() local
3536 HdrHeap *heap = ((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap; in TSMimeHdrFieldValueAppend() local
3652 HdrHeap *heap = ((HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp)->m_heap; in TSMimeHdrFieldValueDelete() local
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H A DCoreUtils.cc458 HdrHeap *heap = (HdrHeap *)core_hdr->m_heap; in load_http_hdr() local
H A DHPACK.cc787 HdrHeap *heap = hdr->m_heap; in hpack_decode_header_block() local
H A Dapache-rat-0.13-SNAPSHOT.jarMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MF META-INF/ org/ org/apache/ org/apache/rat/ org/apache/rat/anttasks/ ...

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