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H A Dlibloader.c36 void *handle; member
74 void *handle = dlopen(lib, RTLD_GLOBAL | RTLD_NOW); in TSPluginInit() local
H A DPlugin.cc103 plugin_dso_load(const char *path, void *&handle, void *&init, std::string &error) in plugin_dso_load()
151 void *handle, *initptr = nullptr; in single_plugin_init() local
H A Dcache.cc44 Write::handle(TSCont c, TSEvent e, void *v) in handle() function in ats::cache::Write
H A Dcache.h69 handle(TSCont c, TSEvent e, void *d) in handle() function
H A Dfetcher.h197 handle(TSCont c, TSEvent e, void *d) in handle() function
H A Dtag.h29 std::string handle, value; member
H A Dparser.cpp106 const std::string& handle = token.params[0]; in HandleTagDirective() local
H A DP_UDPIOEvent.h96 void *handle = nullptr; // some extra data for the client handler member in UDPIOEvent
H A DP_UnixCompletionUtil.h62 completionUtil::setHandle(Event *e, void *handle) in setHandle()
H A Dfetcher.h176 handle(TSCont c, TSEvent e, void *data) in handle() function
H A DHTTP2.cc655 …TTPHdr *in, uint8_t *out, uint32_t out_len, uint32_t *len_written, HpackHandle &handle, in http2_encode_header_blocks()
681 …st uint8_t *buf_start, const uint32_t buf_len, uint32_t *len_read, HpackHandle &handle, in http2_decode_header_blocks()
H A DInkAPI.cc557 HdrHeapSDKHandle *handle = (HdrHeapSDKHandle *)bufp; in sdk_sanity_check_mbuffer() local
734 MIMEFieldSDKHandle *handle = mHandleAllocator.alloc(); in sdk_alloc_field_handle() local
2787 MIMEFieldSDKHandle *handle = (MIMEFieldSDKHandle *)field_obj; in TSMimeFieldValueGet() local
2799 MIMEFieldSDKHandle *handle = (MIMEFieldSDKHandle *)field_obj; in TSMimeFieldValueSet() local
3177 MIMEFieldSDKHandle *handle = (MIMEFieldSDKHandle *)field; in TSMimeHdrFieldNext() local
3231 MIMEFieldSDKHandle *handle = (MIMEFieldSDKHandle *)field; in TSMimeHdrFieldLengthGet() local
3267 MIMEFieldSDKHandle *handle = (MIMEFieldSDKHandle *)field; in TSMimeHdrFieldNameSet() local
3299 MIMEFieldSDKHandle *handle = (MIMEFieldSDKHandle *)field; in TSMimeHdrFieldValuesClear() local
3318 MIMEFieldSDKHandle *handle = (MIMEFieldSDKHandle *)field; in TSMimeHdrFieldValuesCount() local
3557 MIMEFieldSDKHandle *handle = (MIMEFieldSDKHandle *)field; in TSMimeHdrFieldValueAppend() local
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H A Dtraffic_server.cc973 void *handle, *initptr; in load_plugin() local
H A Desi.cc172 create(int handle) in create()
178 increment(int handle, int step = 1) in increment()
H A Dtest_PluginFactory.cc139 void *handle = dlopen(configPath.c_str(), RTLD_NOW | RTLD_LOCAL); in loadDso() local
H A Dapache-rat-0.13-SNAPSHOT.jarMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MF META-INF/ org/ org/apache/ org/apache/rat/ org/apache/rat/anttasks/ ...

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