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H A Dmd5.h26 u_int64_t count; /* number of bits, mod 2^64 */ member
H A Dsha1.h20 u_int64_t count; member
H A Dbcrypt_pbkdf.c122 uint32_t count; in bcrypt_pbkdf() local
H A Dgetrrsetbyname.c448 parse_dns_qsection(const u_char *answer, int size, const u_char **cp, int count) in parse_dns_qsection()
495 int count) in parse_dns_rrsection()
H A Dbsd-snprintf.c862 vsnprintf (char *str, size_t count, const char *fmt, va_list args) in vsnprintf()
870 snprintf(char *str, size_t count, SNPRINTF_CONST char *fmt, ...) in snprintf()
H A Dmd5.c109 u_int8_t count[8]; in MD5Pad() local
H A Dsnprintftest.c35 int x_snprintf(char *str, size_t count, const char *fmt, ...) in x_snprintf()
H A Dsrclimit.c70 int i, bits, first_unused, count = 0; in srclimit_check_allow() local
H A Dsftp-common.c136 u_int i, count; in decode_attrib() local
H A Dreadconf.c3008 dump_cfg_strarray(OpCodes code, u_int count, char **vals) in dump_cfg_strarray()
3017 dump_cfg_strarray_oneline(OpCodes code, u_int count, char **vals) in dump_cfg_strarray_oneline()
3028 dump_cfg_forwards(OpCodes code, u_int count, const struct Forward *fwds) in dump_cfg_forwards()
H A Dmoduli.c500 unsigned long count = 0; in count_lines() local
H A Dsftp.c1796 complete_ambiguous(const char *word, char **list, size_t count) in complete_ambiguous()
1831 u_int y, count = 0, cmdlen, tmplen; in complete_cmd_parse() local
2211 int count = 0; in interactive_loop() local
H A Dsftp-client.c629 u_int count, id, i, expected_id, ents = 0; in do_lsreaddir() local
921 u_int expected_id, count, id; in do_realpath() local
1122 u_int expected_id, count, id; in do_readlink() local
H A Dssh-add.c831 int count = 0; in main() local
H A Dservconf.c2745 dump_cfg_strarray(ServerOpCodes code, u_int count, char **vals) in dump_cfg_strarray()
2754 dump_cfg_strarray_oneline(ServerOpCodes code, u_int count, char **vals) in dump_cfg_strarray_oneline()
H A Dsftp-server.c593 send_names(u_int32_t id, int count, const Stat *stats) in send_names()
1122 int nstats = 10, count = 0, i; in process_readdir() local
H A Dscp.c1243 size_t j, count; local
H A Dssh-agent.c855 int r, i, count = 0, success = 0, confirm = 0; in process_add_smartcard_key() local
H A Dpacket.c330 ssh_packet_set_timeout(struct ssh *ssh, int timeout, int count) in ssh_packet_set_timeout()