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H A Dssh-keygen.c348 char comment[61], *b64; in do_convert_to_ssh2() local
810 char *comment = NULL; in do_print_public() local
918 char *comment = NULL; in fingerprint_private() local
946 char *comment = NULL, *cp, *ep, *line = NULL; in do_fingerprint() local
1063 char comment[1024], *prv_tmp, *pub_tmp, *prv_file, *pub_file; in do_gen_all_hostkeys() local
1400 char *comment; in do_change_passphrase() local
1481 char *comment = NULL; in do_print_resource_record() local
1506 char new_comment[1024], *comment, *passphrase; in do_change_comment() local
1743 char valid[64], *otmp, *tmp, *cp, *out, *comment; in do_ca_sign() local
2432 char *comment; in do_check_krl() local
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H A Dssh-add.c115 delete_one(int agent_fd, const struct sshkey *key, const char *comment, in delete_one()
166 char *certpath = NULL, *comment = NULL; in delete_file() local
237 char *comment = NULL; in add_file() local
H A Dauthfile.c69 const char *passphrase, const char *comment, in sshkey_save_private()
494 const char *comment) in sshkey_save_public()
H A Dauthfd.c239 char *comment = NULL; in deserialise_identity2() local
497 const char *comment, u_int life, u_int confirm, u_int maxsign, in ssh_add_identity_constrained()
H A Dhostfile.h102 const char *comment; /* Any comment following the key */ member
H A Dkrl.c98 char *comment; member
203 ssh_krl_set_comment(struct ssh_krl *krl, const char *comment) in ssh_krl_set_comment()
H A Dssh-agent.c125 char *comment; member
692 char *fp, *comment = NULL, *sk_provider = NULL; in process_add_identity() local
H A Dsshkey.c3884 const char *passphrase, const char *comment, const char *ciphername, in sshkey_private_to_blob2()
4262 char *comment = NULL; in sshkey_parse_private2() local
4372 int format, const char *_passphrase, const char *comment) in sshkey_private_to_blob_pem_pkcs8()
4464 const char *passphrase, const char *comment, in sshkey_private_to_fileblob()
H A Dsshconnect.c1686 const char *comment, const char *passphrase) in maybe_add_key_to_agent()
H A Dsshconnect2.c1522 char prompt[300], *passphrase, *comment; in load_identity_file() local