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35 Select the emulated @var{machine} (@code{-M ?} for list)
356 Use keyboard layout @var{language} (for example @code{fr} for
369 The default is @code{en-us}.
449 @code{format=raw} to avoid interpreting an untrusted format header.
459 Serial converter to host character device @var{dev}, see @code{-serial} for the
484 possible drivers and properties, use @code{-device ?} and
485 @code{-device @var{driver},?}.
831 VNC is initialized but not started. The monitor @code{change} command
845 connections (@var{host}:@var{d},@code{reverse}), the @var{d} argument
851 The password must be set separately using the @code{change} command in the
903 @code{C=GB,O=ACME,L=Boston,CN=bob}. For SASL party, the ACL check is
905 include a realm component, eg @code{bob} or @code{bob@@EXAMPLE.COM}.
907 empty, with a @code{deny} policy. Thus no one will be allowed to
909 achieved using the @code{acl} monitor command.
1109 @code{virtio}, @code{i82551}, @code{i82557b}, @code{i82559er},
1110 @code{ne2k_pci}, @code{ne2k_isa}, @code{pcnet}, @code{rtl8139},
1111 @code{e1000}, @code{smc91c111}, @code{lance} and @code{mcf_fec}.
1156 @code{bin} of the Unix TFTP client).
1214 Then when you use on the host @code{telnet localhost 5555}, you
1441 optional for listening sockets. If not specified it defaults to @code{}.
1470 defaults to @code{localhost}.
1476 defaults to @code{}.
1615 the first @code{-bt hci[...]} option is valid and defines the HCI's
1617 the machines @code{n800} and @code{n810} have one HCI and all other
1629 (@code{bluez} only) The corresponding HCI passes commands / events
1631 @code{hci0}) on the computer running QEMU. Only available on @code{bluez}
1636 scatternet @var{n} (default @code{0}). Similarly to @option{-net}
1645 and communicate. Requires the Linux @code{vhci} driver installed. Can
1654 (default @code{0}). QEMU can only emulate one type of bluetooth devices
1727 @var{dev}. The default device is @code{vc} in graphical mode and
1728 @code{stdio} in non graphical mode.
1733 Use @code{-serial none} to disable all serial ports.
1769 they default to @code{}.
1772 If you just want a simple readonly console you can use @code{netcat} or
1773 @code{nc}, by starting qemu with: @code{-serial udp::4555} and nc as:
1774 @code{nc -u -l -p 4555}. Any time qemu writes something to that port it
1779 source port each time by using something like @code{-serial
1786 @table @code
1800 to connect to the port before continuing, unless the @code{nowait}
1801 option was specified. The @code{nodelay} option disables the Nagle buffering
1803 one TCP connection at a time is accepted. You can use @code{telnet} to
1805 @table @code
1816 work the same as if you had specified @code{-serial tcp}. The
1825 same as if you had specified @code{-serial tcp} except the unix domain socket
1836 @table @code
1863 Use @code{-parallel none} to disable all parallel ports.
1874 The default device is @code{vc} in graphical mode and @code{stdio} in
1903 The default device is @code{vc} in graphical mode and @code{stdio} in
2056 Start right away with a saved state (@code{loadvm} in monitor)
2106 Specify @option{base} as @code{utc} or @code{localtime} to let the RTC start at the current
2107 UTC or local time, respectively. @code{localtime} is required for correct date in
2109 format @code{2006-06-17T16:01:21} or @code{2006-06-17}. The default base is UTC.
2115 progressing during suspension, you can set @option{clock} to @code{vm} instead.
2131 instruction every 2^@var{N} ns of virtual time. If @code{auto} is specified
2153 for model are: @code{ib700} (iBASE 700) which is a very simple ISA
2154 watchdog with a single timer, or @code{i6300esb} (Intel 6300ESB I/O
2158 Use @code{-watchdog ?} to list available hardware models. Only one
2172 @code{reset} (forcefully reset the guest).
2174 @code{shutdown} (attempt to gracefully shutdown the guest),
2175 @code{poweroff} (forcefully poweroff the guest),
2176 @code{pause} (pause the guest),
2177 @code{debug} (print a debug message and continue), or
2178 @code{none} (do nothing).
2180 Note that the @code{shutdown} action requires that the guest responds
2183 @code{-watchdog-action shutdown} is not recommended for production use.
2187 @table @code
2201 monitor and serial sharing. The default is @code{0x01} when using the
2202 @code{-nographic} option. @code{0x01} is equal to pressing
2203 @code{Control-a}. You can select a different character from the ascii
2207 @table @code
2223 Please use @code{-device virtconsole} for the new way of invocation.
2330 @var{sysconfdir}/target-@var{ARCH}.conf on startup. The @code{-nodefconfig}