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# 4f8cb034 01-Nov-2019 Leif Hedstrom

Updated to clang-format v9.0.0

Revision tags: 8.0.5, 7.1.8, 8.0.4, 7.1.7, 7.1.7-rc0, 8.0.4-rc0
# 230c7bfb 01-May-2019 Alan M. Carroll

MemSpan: Update to templated style, fix gcc9 compile error.

# 774f55f1 25-Apr-2019 Randall Meyer

fixes spelling in include

# 7bef557a 23-Apr-2019 Alan M. Carroll

cppcheck: Removed problematic move operators for FixedBufferWriter.

Revision tags: 8.0.3, 7.1.6, 8.0.2
# acc47efd 25-Nov-2018 Alan M. Carroll

Issue #4637 - Clean up / unify hex conversions
Clean up port hex conversion in SSLAddressLookupKey.

# 10b3b7d2 18-Dec-2018 Alan M. Carroll

BWF: Fix handling of null char * - avoid string_view constructor.

Revision tags: 8.0.1, 7.1.5, 7.1.5-rc0, 8.0.1-rc0
# 2d263cd1 18-Oct-2018 Alan M. Carroll

YAML: move MemSpan to external C++ library.

Revision tags: 8.0.0, 8.0.0-rc3, 8.0.0-rc2, 8.0.0-rc1, 8.0.0-rc0
# 079a4027 30-Aug-2018 Susan Hinrichs

PR #3724: Restructure library headers to unify include paths.