History log of /openssh-portable/regress/misc/sk-dummy/fatal.c (Results 1 – 6 of 6)
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Revision tags: V_8_6_P1, V_8_5_P1
# 1050109b 11-Jan-2021 anatasluo

Remove duplicated declaration in fatal.c .

# 816036f1 18-Oct-2020 djm@openbsd.org

upstream: use the new variant log macros instead of prepending

__func__ and appending ssh_err(r) manually; ok markus@

OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 1f14b80bcfa85414b2a1a6ff714fb5362687ace8

# d55dfed3 17-Oct-2020 Damien Miller

missing header

# 999d7cb7 17-Oct-2020 Damien Miller

sync regress/misc/sk-dummy/fatal.c

# 0f938f99 16-Oct-2020 Damien Miller

adapt sk-dummy's fatal implementation to changes

Revision tags: V_8_4_P1, V_8_3_P1, V_8_2_P1
# ef3853bb 28-Nov-2019 Damien Miller

another attempt at sk-dummy.so working x-platform

include a fatal() implementation to satisfy libopenbsd-compat

clean up .lo and .so files

.gitignore .lo and .so files