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Revision tags: V_8_6_P1, V_8_5_P1
# 7e96c877 29-Jan-2021 Damien Miller

move keys out of kex_fuzz.cc into separate header

add certificates and missing key types

# 1e660115 28-Jan-2021 Damien Miller

fuzz diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1 kex too

# be5f0048 28-Jan-2021 Damien Miller

support for running kex fuzzer with null cipher

# 1134a48c 27-Jan-2021 Damien Miller

correct kex name in disabled code

# 5c1953bf 28-Dec-2020 Damien Miller

adapt KEX fuzzer to PQ kex change

# a5ab499b 03-Dec-2020 Damien Miller

basic KEX fuzzer; adapted from Markus' unittest