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Revision tags: V_8_6_P1, V_8_5_P1, V_8_4_P1, V_8_3_P1, V_8_2_P1, V_8_1_P1, V_8_0_P1, V_7_9_P1, V_7_8_P1, V_7_7_P1, V_7_6_P1, V_7_5_P1, V_7_4_P1, V_7_3_P1, V_7_2_P2, V_7_2_P1, V_7_1_P2, V_7_1_P1, V_7_0_P1, V_6_9_P1, V_6_8_P1, V_6_7_P1, V_6_6_P1, V_6_5_P1, V_6_4_P1, V_6_3_P1, V_6_2_P2, V_6_2_P1, V_6_1_P1, V_6_0_P1, V_5_9_P1, V_5_8_P2, V_5_8_P1, V_5_7_P1, V_5_6_P1, V_5_5_P1, V_5_4_P1, V_5_3_P1, V_5_2_P1, V_5_1_P1, V_5_0_P1, V_4_9_P1, V_4_7_P1, V_4_6_P1, V_4_5_P1, V_4_4_P1, V_4_3_P2, V_4_3_P1
# 5a0bdf77 11-Nov-2005 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/{realpath.c,stroll.c,rresvport.c}] $OpenBSD tag.

# f976e6f8 10-Nov-2005 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/strtoll.c] Update from OpenBSD 1.4 -> 1.5.
Removal of rcsid.

# 7f24a0e6 10-Nov-2005 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/{LOTS}] Move the "OPENBSD ORIGINAL" markers to
after the copyright notices. Having them at the top next to the CVSIDs
guarantees a conflict for each and every sync.

Revision tags: V_4_2_P1
# 81eb5d5e 01-Jun-2005 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [configure.ac openbsd-compat/Makefile.in openbsd-compat/strtoll.c]
Add strtoll to the compat library, from OpenBSD.