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Revision tags: V_8_6_P1, V_8_5_P1, V_8_4_P1, V_8_3_P1, V_8_2_P1, V_8_1_P1, V_8_0_P1, V_7_9_P1, V_7_8_P1, V_7_7_P1, V_7_6_P1
# f5e917ab 26-Aug-2017 Darren Tucker

Add missing includes for bsd-err.c.

Patch from cjwatson at debian.org via bz#2767.

Revision tags: V_7_5_P1, V_7_4_P1, V_7_3_P1
# 6310ef27 13-Jul-2016 Darren Tucker

Move err.h replacements into compat lib.

Move implementations of err.h replacement functions into their own file
in the libopenbsd-compat so we can use them in kexfuzz.c too. ok djm@