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Revision tags: V_8_6_P1, V_8_5_P1, V_8_4_P1, V_8_3_P1, V_8_2_P1, V_8_1_P1, V_8_0_P1, V_7_9_P1, V_7_8_P1, V_7_7_P1
# 265d88d4 15-Feb-2018 Darren Tucker

Remove remaining now-obsolete cvs $Ids.

Revision tags: V_7_6_P1, V_7_5_P1, V_7_4_P1
# 8663e51c 27-Sep-2016 Damien Miller

fix mdoc2man.awk formatting for top-level lists

Reported by Glenn Golden
Diagnosis and fix from Ingo Schwarze

Revision tags: V_7_3_P1, V_7_2_P2, V_7_2_P1, V_7_1_P2, V_7_1_P1, V_7_0_P1, V_6_9_P1, V_6_8_P1, V_6_7_P1, V_6_6_P1, V_6_5_P1, V_6_4_P1, V_6_3_P1, V_6_2_P2, V_6_2_P1, V_6_1_P1, V_6_0_P1, V_5_9_P1, V_5_8_P2, V_5_8_P1, V_5_7_P1, V_5_6_P1, V_5_5_P1, V_5_4_P1
# 6ac91a7c 23-Oct-2009 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [mdoc2man.awk] Teach it to understand the .Ux macro.

Revision tags: V_5_3_P1, V_5_2_P1, V_5_1_P1, V_5_0_P1, V_4_9_P1, V_4_7_P1
# 0c0dc49b 05-Jun-2007 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [mdoc2man.awk] Add support for %R references, used for RFCs.

# 88bca064 05-Jun-2007 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [mdoc2man.awk] Remove trailing "$" from Mdocdate regex so
mindrot's cvs doesn't expand it on us.

# 51e5ab06 05-Jun-2007 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [mdoc2man.awk] Teach it to deal with $Mdocdate tags that
OpenBSD's cvs now adds.

Revision tags: V_4_6_P1, V_4_5_P1, V_4_4_P1, V_4_3_P2, V_4_3_P1, V_4_2_P1
# f5615962 31-May-2005 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [mdoc2man.awk] Teach it to understand .Ox.

Revision tags: V_4_1_P1, V_4_0_P1, V_3_9_P1
# d062da53 02-Jul-2004 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [mdoc2man.awk] Teach it to ignore .Bk -words, reported by
strube at physik3.gwdg.de a long time ago.

# 58cef1f0 28-Jun-2004 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [mdoc2man.awk] Bug #883: correctly recognise .Pa and .Ev macros.

Revision tags: V_3_8_1_P1, V_3_8_P1
# a8e06cef 21-Nov-2003 Damien Miller

- djm@cvs.openbsd.org 2003/11/21 11:57:03
unexpand and delete whitespace at EOL; ok markus@
(done locally and RCS IDs synced)

Revision tags: V_3_7_1_P2, V_3_7_1_P1, V_3_7_P1
# 167bd9cf 06-Sep-2003 Darren Tucker

- (dtucker) [CREDITS Makefile.in configure.ac mdoc2man.awk mdoc2man.pl]
Replace mdoc2man.pl with mdoc2man.awk, provided by Peter Stuge.