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7753260926-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Export CC and CFLAGS for c89 test.

33f62dfb26-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add c89 here too.

da9d59f526-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add test against OpenSSL w/out ECC.

29e194a726-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Ensure we can still build with C89.

a38016d326-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Interop test agains PuTTY.

095b030726-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Support testing against arbitary libcrytpo vers.

Add tests against various LibreSSL and OpenSSL versions.

b16082aa25-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add fbsd10 test target.

2c805f1625-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Disable compiler hardening on nbsd4.

The system compiler supports -fstack-protector-all, but using it will
result in an internal compiler error on some files.

6a5d393024-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add nbsd3, nbsd4 and nbsd9 test targets.

d1aed05b24-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Comment out nbsd2 test target for now.

a6b4ec9424-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker


3737c9f623-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Replace "==" (a bashism) with "=".

a116b6f523-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add nbsd2 test target.

196bf2a923-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add obsd68 test target.

e3ba657423-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Remove dependency on bash.

db1f9ab823-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add obsd67 test target.

c039a6bf22-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Re-add macos-11.0 test target.

a6db3a4722-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add openindiana test target.

3fe7e73b22-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Test krb5 on Solaris 11 too.

f57fbfe522-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Don't always set SUDO.

Rely on sourcing configs to set as appropriate.

e428f29422-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Remove now-unused 2nd arg to configs.

cb4ff64020-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add win10 test target.

4457837220-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add nbsd8 test target.

bd4fba2216-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add obsd51 target.

9403d0e816-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add fbsd13 target.