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# 8e32e97e 01-May-2021 Darren Tucker

Add obsd69 test target.

# 40b59024 27-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add obsdsnap (OpenBSD snapshot) test target.

# b16082aa 25-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add fbsd10 test target.

# 6a5d3930 24-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add nbsd3, nbsd4 and nbsd9 test targets.

# d1aed05b 24-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Comment out nbsd2 test target for now.

# a116b6f5 23-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add nbsd2 test target.

# 196bf2a9 23-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add obsd68 test target.

# db1f9ab8 23-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add obsd67 test target.

# a6db3a47 22-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add openindiana test target.

# 3fe7e73b 22-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Test krb5 on Solaris 11 too.

# f57fbfe5 22-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Don't always set SUDO.

Rely on sourcing configs to set as appropriate.

# cb4ff640 20-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add win10 test target.

# 44578372 20-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add nbsd8 test target.

# bd4fba22 16-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add obsd51 target.

# 9403d0e8 16-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Add fbsd13 target.

Revision tags: V_8_6_P1
# 7cd262c1 03-Apr-2021 Darren Tucker

Save config.h and config.log on failure too.

# 867a7dcf 12-Mar-2021 Darren Tucker

Don't install moduli during tests.

Now that we have TEST_SSH_MODULI_FILE pointing to the moduli in the
soure directory we don't need to install the file to prevent warnings
about it being missing.

Revision tags: V_8_5_P1
# de386638 01-Mar-2021 Darren Tucker

Only upload config logs if configure fails.

# f186a020 23-Feb-2021 Darren Tucker

Add a couple more test VMs.

# bb0b9bf4 19-Feb-2021 Darren Tucker

Upload valgrind logs on failure.

# ebb3b75e 19-Feb-2021 Darren Tucker

Rename "vm" to "os" in selfhosted to match c-cpp.

Should make it easier to share code or maybe merge at some point.

# 8751b6c3 19-Feb-2021 Darren Tucker

Comment out Solaris 64bit PAM build...

until I can figure out why it's failing.

# e6528d91 18-Feb-2021 Darren Tucker

Add fbsd12 test target.

# 65085740 17-Feb-2021 Darren Tucker

Add bbone test target (arm32).

# d0763c8d 17-Feb-2021 Darren Tucker

Fixing quoting for installing moduli on target guest.