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# eaa4565a 29-Apr-2019 Stefan B

Merged in feature/localemanager (pull request #195)


* Initial Prototype

* Basic prototype

* Bugfixes

* Polish

* sort by key

Merged in feature/localemanager (pull request #195)


* Initial Prototype

* Basic prototype

* Bugfixes

* Polish

* sort by keys on load

* Logo reference

* a simple missing key detection

* Locale fix window

* basic Orphan check

* Multiline editing texts.

* Sort labels alphabetically using localemanager

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Revision tags: v.1.8-HF1
# c2924ffc 17-Feb-2019 Isbeorn

Updated RELEASE_NOTES.html

# 44817c33 15-Feb-2019 Isbeorn

Added common assembly info to share across solution.

# daf5ce9f 27-Jan-2019 Isbeorn

Reworked VersionCheckView to include Changelog of upcoming version.

# a880113e 02-Jan-2019 Isbeorn

Updated copyright for new year.

# fef0a246 23-Dec-2018 darkarchon

Add RELEASE_NOTES.md as solution file
Mark .md files as text, not binary

# 3331c940 16-Dec-2018 Isbeorn

Removed NINASetup_x86 project. NINASetup will now consider build configuration and adjust accordingly.

# ba5b9320 15-Dec-2018 Isbeorn

Fiddling around with a setup bootstrapper.
Show RELEASE_NOTES when installing via bootstrapper.
Check for DOTNET 4.7.2. in order to be able to install project.
Todo: x86

Revision tags: v.1.8, v1.6.0.2, v1.6.0.1-rc2, v1.6.0.0-rc1
# 92d99162 22-May-2018 Isbeorn

Make internals only visible on debug

# 582d7f0a 18-May-2018 Isbeorn

Split WiX Setup into x64 and x86 projects

# 39e1744f 17-May-2018 Isbeorn

Basic setup for WiX

Revision tags: v1.5.1.1-rc7, v1.5.1.0-rc6
# ed33d659 11-May-2018 Isbeorn

Refactored RMS calculation into own object. added unit tests for same.

Revision tags: v1.5.0.3-rc5, v1.5.0.2-rc4, v1.5.0.1-rc3, v1.5.0.0-rc2, v1.5.0.0-rc1, v1.7.0.0
# ce52ae01 24-Nov-2017 Isbeorn

Upgrade sqlite package. added x86 setup; added locks in notification

# ba252f31 15-Oct-2017 Isbeorn

Nikon Support first experimental version.

# 04d6e055 10-Sep-2017 Isbeorn

Revert "Include customized Avalondock source"

This reverts commit e2c96575c8c6eb09932f543a2bdaa3d5594febab.

# e2c96575 10-Sep-2017 Isbeorn

Include customized Avalondock source

# 5cb1fab8 23-Aug-2017 Isbeorn

Moved custom controls into separate library.

# 3c3befce 13-Aug-2017 Isbeorn

fixed project

# cf785c25 13-Aug-2017 Isbeorn

Fixed permissions and rebase

# 59453690 09-Jul-2017 Isbeorn

Adapted UTs

# 0970fd9f 21-Apr-2017 Isbeorn

Include cygwin in installer and index file download in app;

# 908dc07d 18-Jan-2017 Isbeorn

Prototpyes: Calculate HFR for focus aid; Star Catalogue database;

# f9b9449e 17-Dec-2016 Isbeorn

Changed Projectname to N.I.N.A.