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Revision tags: 20150806, 20150709, 20150514, 20150430, 20141211, 20140807, 20140320, 20131128, 20131017, 20130321, 20121129, 20121101, 20120906, 20121004, 20120823, 20120626, 20120528, 20120517
3cb4c3ca02-Aug-2011 Bryan Cantrill

HVM-549 kvm-xxx should only "make clean" on SmartOS

18f7c4f502-Aug-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-544 kvm-xxx should use make instead of gmake

50e7288325-Jul-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-515 ./tools/kvm-xxx doesn't work if repo is built
HVM-516 add kvm to the gitignore

be4035d301-Jul-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-463 Want tool to check header files

5aad745308-Jun-2011 Bryan Cantrill

HVM-324 kvm-xxx doesn't generate correct gnuplot control file

db7e39c631-May-2011 Bryan Cantrill

HVM-251 would like a tool to graph number of XXXs in native KVM over time

5a75313d10-May-2011 Bryan Cantrill

HVM-173 convert KVM ioctls to reflect HVM-170 (final phase)

16f7baa802-May-2011 Bryan Cantrill

HVM-147 add D scripts to trace /dev/kvm ioctls

d23e3c1d19-Apr-2011 Bryan Cantrill

HVM-77 add vmregs[] variable to DTrace

be07bee218-Apr-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-78 Add probe for modifications to Control Registers

01ce994f15-Apr-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-72 want second xxx probe for synchronization issues

819d86f805-Apr-2011 Bryan Cantrill

HVM-21 kvm.c needs to be xxxcheck-clean

1520843e05-Apr-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-15 Want exit reason in D probe

0ec69c2e03-Apr-2011 Bryan Cantrill

#else clauses of XXX's should have DTrace SDT probes