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Revision tags: 20150806, 20150709, 20150514, 20150430, 20141211, 20140807, 20140320, 20131128, 20131017, 20130321, 20121129, 20121101, 20120906, 20121004, 20120823, 20120626, 20120528, 20120517
# 2a9ff8dc 09-Aug-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-585 Make sure copyright notices are up to date on all files in kvm repo

# 82096aec 01-Jul-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-466 Finish hdrchk cleanup

# 6a628cf7 29-Jun-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-445 kvm_lapic.h should be cstyle clean

# c6d744a0 27-Jun-2011 Max Bruning

HVM-418 kvm_lapic_set_vapic_addr incorrect prototype in kvm_lapic.h

# f0083bc5 06-Jun-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-312 Cleanup extern functions in kvm.c

# 9f278f28 03-Jun-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-281 kvm_lapic_t should be defined in kvm_lapic.h
HVM-282 kvm_lapic_set_vapic_addr definition should match Linux
HVM-283 qemu build is broken

# c2961b13 03-Jun-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-280 timer should be defined in kvm_timer.h

# 2a5f4abd 22-May-2011 Bryan Cantrill

HVM-221 move local APIC functionality to kvm_lapic.c

# 98bf1f0d 28-Apr-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-143 kvm C files should all have the kvm_ prefix on them