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Revision tags: 20150806, 20150709, 20150514, 20150430, 20141211, 20140807, 20140320, 20131128, 20131017, 20130321, 20121129, 20121101, 20120906, 20121004, 20120823, 20120626, 20120528, 20120517
# 2a9ff8dc 09-Aug-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-585 Make sure copyright notices are up to date on all files in kvm repo

# c0cb8e8e 02-Aug-2011 Bryan Cantrill

HVM-543 clean-up some random XXXs

# 8d3d4a53 01-Aug-2011 Max Bruning

HVM-538 Implement smp_rmb/smp_wmb in kvm

# fc81a703 08-Jun-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-328 replace container_of with offsetof calculations

# 8ad39cb7 06-Jun-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-304 Clean up includes for kvm_coalesced_mmio.c
HVM-303 Clean up includes for kvm_cache_regs.c

# 8e9a7b5f 06-Jun-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-299 Add kvm_ prefix to apicdef.h and vmx.h

# 801bbc89 06-Jun-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-291 irq.h should be kvm_irq.h
HVM-292 kvm_irq.c shouldn't have extern declarations

# ef66b35f 03-Jun-2011 Robert Mustacchi

HVM-275 coalesced mmio code should be in separate file
HVM-274 kvm_i8259 should be in make check