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# b348997f 23-Jul-2019 sungo

upgrade the dockerfiles to use postgres 10 which ships with ubuntu:bionic

Revision tags: v2.31.1, v2.31.0, v3.0.0-a2, v2.29.1, v2.29.0, v3.0.0-a1, v2.30.0, v2.27.3, v2.27.2, v2.28.0, v2.27.1, v2.26.2, v2.26.1, v2.26.0, v2.25.4, v2.25.3, v2.25.2, v2.25.1, v2.24.5, v2.24.4, v2.24.3, v2.24.2, v2.23.5, v2.25.0, v2.24.0, v2.23.4, v2.23.3, v2.22.6, v2.22.5, v2.22.4, v2.23.1, v2.22.3, v2.21.5, v2.22.1, v2.23.0, v2.22.0, v2.21.4, v2.20.11
# 41ac65be 26-Nov-2018 Karen Etheridge

whitespace changes ONLY

- remove spurious blank lines
- tabs to spaces
- remove extra whitespace around tokens

...and add vim modelines

# f373cbe0 18-Mar-2019 sungo

add perl-doc to the docker images so that things like `conch-db --help` work

# ecc50656 28-Jan-2019 sungo

rework the main dockerfile to get better build steps and to shrink the image by 300MB

# 7a69c68b 29-Nov-2018 sungo

switch the production dockerfile over to use hypnotoad

Revision tags: v2.21.1, v2.20.9
# 2577fb6c 02-Nov-2018 sungo

update the dockerfiles to have proper entrypoints and cmds

# 5141ad1d 01-Nov-2018 sungo

update Dockerfiles to use postgres 9.6, just like our current production environment

Revision tags: v2.20.7, v2.20.10, v2.20.6, v2.20.8
# 711a1249 17-Oct-2018 sungo

Provide infrastructure to build and test with Docker, including scripts for buildbot