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# 0eae1139 20-Jun-2019 Karen Etheridge

try to fix codeowners again

# 00ed43b7 13-Jun-2019 Karen Etheridge

more codeowners tweaks

# d6170c7c 12-Jun-2019 Karen Etheridge

update codeowners entry for perigrin

# 5373c4ac 07-Jun-2019 Karen Etheridge

add perigrin to reviewers for device report schema changes

# 30af64eb 07-Jun-2019 Karen Etheridge

sungo does not need to review every single PR

Revision tags: v2.29.1, v2.29.0, v2.30.0
# 33d5877f 16-May-2019 sungo

add myself as a fallthrough (I hope) to the CODEOWNERS so I get added if no one else did

# 622f4cd2 15-May-2019 sungo

add a codeowners file