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4fa399a031-Jul-2020 jconejero

Update to PixInsight core 1.8.8-6 / PCL 2.4.0

4ce89e9124-Jan-2020 Juan Conejero

Update README.md

5ea770a824-Jan-2020 Juan Conejero

Update README.md

dbdde73024-Jan-2020 Juan Conejero

Update README.md

4bb81fc024-Jan-2020 jconejero

Create src/3rdparty/libraw/README.md

04e70d0d08-Nov-2019 jconejero

PCL version 2.1.19 / Core version 1.8.8

c80ff0e330-Sep-2019 jconejero

PCL version 2.1.16 / Core version 1.8.7

c5d5a74f01-May-2019 jconejero

PCL version

b60a09e524-Jan-2019 jconejero

Update to core version

1993496d26-Dec-2018 jconejero

Update to LibRaw version 0.19.2

7358ec9001-Dec-2018 jconejero

Integration of LibRaw 0.19.1-Release.

4046824201-Nov-2018 jconejero

PCL version

28cc030707-Feb-2018 jconejero

RAW module version

6579065a02-Feb-2018 jconejero

LibRaw 0.19-Snapshot-20170812